April 2017

April: the month of responsibility

responsibility As we informed you in this year’s first issue of the School News, our school life is guided by values, which we see as principles that guide relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month Craighouse School is working with the value of responsibility, which involves complying with obligations – our own and those assigned to us by others – and facing the consequences of what we do. It also means taking on commitments with oneself, with others, with the national and educational context, and with the environment.

The ABSCH heads visit Craighouse School

absch On Tuesday 11th April our school hosted the heads meeting of the Association of British Schools in Chile. At 9 a.m. in the morning the highest authorities of the institutions belonging to this association arrived at our quincho. We welcomed heads from schools from Antofagasta, Punta Arenas, Concepción, Viña del Mar, and Santiago. The view from the quincho was spectaculary, with Paseo Pie Andino, the Andes as backdrop and our pupils playing in the sports fields.

Culture tip: 5th book fair

WEB_FERIADELLIBRO-01 As we approach World Book Day, the Corporación de Lo Barnechea would like to invite all neighbours to the fifth version of its book fair, which will take place on April 22nd and 23rd on the grounds where our old school used to be located. This year’s concept is “A new perspective”, and the purpose of the fair is to diversify ways of reading and widen the cultural experience of all attendants, offering new experiences such as reading a book with the technology of augmented reality and following tutorials for successful games, like “Catán”. There will also be conversation tables with interesting guests such as Alberto Fuguet, who will discuss “Literature and cinema in the time of Netflix”, and Arelis Uribe (from Observatorio contra el acoso callejero) with “Feminism, literature and feminism”, among others. Address: Av. El Rodeo 12525, Lo Barnechea Time: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Source: http://www.lobarnechea.cl/new/corporaciones/barnechea_cultura/

Athletics intercolour 2017 – two records broken

inter2 During the first school months, our pupils do athletics in PE class in preparation for the inter-school activities organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile. But before these competitions, Craighouse School celebrates its traditional intercolour, where Middle and Senior pupils are divided into house colours and compete in different athletics events. April 5th was the day when all teachers and pupils of these two sections got together in the sports fields to enjoy a sports day. This year our girls broke two very important records: the “red” pupils who took part in the Senior Section 4 x 100 relay race completed it in 54 seconds and 55 hundredths, beating a record that dated back to 1993, when the blue team achieved 55 seconds and 39 hundredths. The second record was broken by Isidora Cabargas of the white team, with 2 minutes, 34 seconds in the 800 metre race of the intermediate category. The previous record had been set by Macarena Boher in 1997 (of the 2000 generation) who had also belonged to the white team, with 2 minutes, 34 seconds and 0.6 hundredths. The Physical Education and Sports Department would like to thank all teachers for their support, collaboration and commitment on this very special day. Another big thank-you goes to the pupils for their fantastic participation and good behaviour during the activities.

Music teacher plays at Lollapalooza

aj On the weekend of April 1st and 2nd Santiago was filled with music, with over 160 thousand people enjoying this year’s edition of Lollapalooza. Our very own Andrés Jeraldo, Music teacher of the Middle Section, got on to the Lotus stage to accompany hip hop artist Zaturno with his guitar. Congratulations to Mr Jeraldo for this great performance!

2017 generation: The beginning of their final year

psu Once the school year starts, pupils in Year 12 divide their thoughts and efforts in two big events: the IB examinations and the preparation for the university entrance exam (PSU), which they will be sitting on November 27th and 28th. During the next few weeks, pupils will sit the International Baccaluareate examinations, a very important period of time for the pupils, which will end by mid-May. At the same time, the school is getting ready to begin the PSU preparation stage. With this in mind, all pupils were asked to sit a mock exam on for March 25th (Spanish and Science), and April 8th (Math and History). Sitting these tests is fundamental as they provide personal and group feedback in order for us to plan and prepare the PSU work for the rest of the year. Pupils must sit the mock exam with the same rigour and seriousness as in the official PSU in order to get used to the methodology.

Senior Section: looking for talents

show On Thursday, 23rd March, one of the Senior Section playgrounds was filled with music. It was after lunch, at around 1.25, when pupils from Years 9 to 12 got together to enjoy this year’s first talent show. The activity, organised by the Music Department, aims to showcase the musical talent of pupils in the section, as well as providing an opportunity to have a nice time together. The idea for this year is to repeat the show once a month.

Culture tip: “Barrio Italia”

tip During the last few years, Santiago has seen the rise of neighbourhoods with several different points of interest, ranging from restaurants, commerce and design of furniture and antiques. One of these places is “Barrio Italia”, a neighbourhood that goes from north-west Ñuñoa to south-west Providencia. This area is known for its old buildings that have become small shopping centres. But even bookworms have their own space in this neighbourhood, with all these bookstores close to each other: Miskatonic (Italia 1325) is a cult store for sci-fi, terror, and fantasy fans. Baobab and Ekaré Sur (Italia 2004) is ideal for young readers, with several activities related to children’s literature. MásKe Libros (Italia 1609) is the oldest children’s bookshop in the area. They have had to expand their offer due to the vast number of visitors, especially on weekends. Pánico Ediciones (Italia 1439 – 2nd floor) is a store that specialises in comics, graphic novels, and illustration. GatoPez (Italia 1334), a place dedicated to books on design and illustration. Qué Leo bookstore (Italia 1471), a branch of the Qué Leo chain where each office has its own particular focus. It is the biggest bookstore in the neighbourhood. It is clearly a place to visit with your family!

Pupils participate in solidarity relay run on the Santiago Marathon

By Cristián Glenz, old boy, 1987 generation posta Once again Craighouse School participated in the Solidarity Relay Run on the Santiago Marathon, that this year supported two non-profit Foundations: Fundación Nuestros Hijos that assists children with cancer and Pequeño Cottolengo that receives people that have been abandoned due to their severe mental disabilities. This is an initiative created by Gonzalo Muñoz (COBS ’89 generation) as a way to help people with special needs. In this 10th edition, there were nearly 100 children from ages 4 to 17 that covered the 42 km and finished in the 10th position with a total time of 2 hours, 26 minutes and 52 seconds, just a few minutes behind the overall winner. Special thanks to all the families that participated and to Anita Cabrera who encouraged several pupils to participate this year for the first time. The pupils that participated were: Year 2: Alicia Urenda. Year 5: Benjamín Pimentel, Tomás Prieto, Sofía Urenda and Gaspar Rodríguez. Year 6: Renata Mora, Amelia Mcintyre, Raffaella Villa and Francisca Glenz. Year 7: Cristóbal Besoain and Carlos Rodríguez. Year 8: Cristóbal De la Fuente. Year 9: Gabriel Besoain. Year 10: Vale Greiber, Isabel Viñuela, José Tomás Vildósola, Pablo Holmgrem, Matías Neut, Clemente Vives, Diego Besoain, Pablo Chappuzzeau, Tomás Rodríguez and Cristóbal Glenz. Year 11: Lucas Sandoval, Gaspar Dittborn, Raimundo Poblete and José Tomás Neut. Year 12: Lucas Witt and Martín Glenz.

Where to go

By Elliot Zepeda, pupil of Year 10 B MAVI In the heart of the Lastarria neighbourhood we can find the MAVI, Museum of Visual Arts, with three storeys of exhibitions, and also the Santiago’s Archaeological Museum. The current exhibition is called “La Oscuridad Visible”, with art work by Matías Movillo. This exhibition will be open until May 14th. The artist’s abstract pieces stand out because of the way he masking tape. You can find the museum in Juan Manuel Victorino Lastarria 307, and it is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Entry is free. Weekends are the best time to go because you will also get the chance to see an antiques market. I didn’t know this amazing place and I would love to have gone sooner, so now I want to recommend it to all members of the Craighouse School community, particularly to art and history lovers.