April 2018

Reminder: Circulars on SchoolNet

SchoolNet is the platform where parents can find information about their children (marks, annotations, infirmary visits, library loans, tests, etc.). There, you can also access all circulars sent by the school. If for any reason you are not receiving circulars in your e-mail, please check SchoolNet under “Comunicaciones”.

The Diploma Programme exam process has begun

Through its academic curriculum, Craighouse School meets National Curriculum requirements augmented by the three International Baccalaureate programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP). The latter (DP) begins in Year 10 when pupils are required to choose their subjects, and ends in May of Year 12 with final exams.

This year’s generation will begin the 2018 exam session on April 27th, which will last until May 17th. 79% of pupils are IB Diploma candidates, and the rest will be taking exams which are designed and corrected internally, but which have the same high standards and value. Please note that all pupils of the generation will sit for the English exams in order to obtain their IB certificates.

All these exams follow very strict regulations and protocols, which range from formal aspects such as times, distance between chairs, use of electronic devices, etc., to personal appearance, attitude, behaviour, etc.

As a way to support pupils during this period, the inquiry centre is at their disposal for personal or group study sessions, and to talk to teachers.

Congratulations to our pupils for their great work and commitment, and we invite you to continue to play a leading role in your own learning. We have no doubt that the skills and knowledge that you have acquired during this process will be part of the baggage that will accompany throughout your whole lives.

Craighouse School Teacher is accepted for exchange programme

We want to congratulate and wish Miss Natalia Cancino (Year 2 B) every success in the cultural exchange educational programme where she was accepted, in North Carolina, US.

We are certain that this experience will be extremely beneficial for her personal and professional development.

Impressive turnout for Open Day 2018

On April 24th Craighouse School opened its doors to all families who are applying for a place in Prekinder 2019. The admission process includes a meeting at the school where families learn more about the Educational Project and take a look around the facilities, led by Prefects and representatives from the Middle and Senior Student Councils.

Many of the attending parents openly appreciated the fact that we showed them all areas and sections of the school. They also highlighted our family involvement and appreciation of diversity, and were very impressed by pupils’ self-confidence, knowledge of the school and standard of English.

Parents’ Association: Great Night with the Arts

The Parents’ Association would like to invite all members of the Craighouse School community to the Great Night with the Arts on Thursday 26th April. There will be a lyrical concert and an auction of works by renowned Chilean artists, to raise funds for the school murals project promoted by the association.

There will be free admission for this event. We look forward to seeing you all in the Middle/Senior dining hall.

Craighouse School Pupil wins second place in ABSCH creative writing competition

Congratulations to Nayantara Ranganatha of Year 11 D who was selected to represent our school in the Creative Writing Competition organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH), which took place on Monday, 9th April at The Mackay School in Viña del Mar.

After a long day’s work, Nayantara was awarded second place, after a brilliant performance.

Athletics intercolour 2018: four records broken

During the first school months, our pupils do athletics in physical education class in preparation for the inter-school activities organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile.

But before these competitions, Craighouse School celebrates its traditional intercolour, where Middle and Senior pupils are divided into house colours and compete in different athletic events. April 4th was the day when all teachers and pupils of these two sections got together in the sports fields to enjoy a sports day.

This year our girls broke three very important records: Florencia Poli (Year 5) ran 50 metres in 6 second and 13 milliseconds; Sofía Masheredjian (Year 7) did a 15.36 metre javelin throw and Catalina Zilleruelo (Year 8) did a 21.41 metre javelin throw.

The boys followed suit, with Nicolás Lobo (Year 7) who did a 21 metre javelin throw.

The winners this year were the white house (for girls) and the blue house (for boys).

The Physical Education and Sports Department would like to thank all teachers for their support, collaboration and commitment on this very special day. Another big thank-you goes to the pupils for their fantastic participation and good behaviour during the activities.

Self-regulation workshop for pupils

By Loreto Urrutia, Psychologist – Formative Area

On April 4th a group of Year 2 pupils began attending a workshop called “Accompanying the emotional development of our children: strategies that contribute to self-regulation”. This workshop is done together with parents, providing them with tools that allow them to work at home with their children. The parents took active parts in this workshop and were grateful for this new strategy offered by the school for the benefit of their children.

ABSCH Educational Conference

As is customary, the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) organised the 2018 Educational Conference, which was held on Saturday, 7th April at Universidad de Los Andes. The topic this year was the importance of the school environment.

The speakers discussed key aspects of school environment and its impact on different areas of school life, such as being a positive predictor of academic performance, a protective factor for the negative consequences of risk components, and a relevant factor to prevent situations of risk and violence.

Congratulations to the teachers and educational support staff who signed up and took part in this activity: Sachy Bravo, Nicola Bromley, Josefina Cood, Cecilia Costa, Karina Gabor, Karla Galán, María José Goles, Catalina González, Gillian Henry, Valentina Illanes, Matthew Jones, Jimena Manríquez, Kenneth Mayne, Analia Pérez, Constanza Rivera, Phillip Rovnak, Fernando Stevenson, Matías Stevens, Macarena Ureta, Loreto Urrutia, and Paola Urrutia.

Part of this conference was a smaller seminar held on Friday, 6th April, attended by Mrs María Paz Saumann, Mr Patrick Lyons, Mr Owain Jones, Mr Mark Cross, Mr Pablo Salvador, and Mr Gregory Lundin.

Yom Hashoah commemoration

By Lorena Sommerfeld, Jewish Religion Teacher

On Thursday, 12th April at 8.35 a.m. Middle and Senior Jewish pupils and their parents commemorated Yom Hashoah. This is a day dedicated to remembering the six million Jewish victims of Nazism.

We also commemorate the righteous citizens of many nations, who risked their lives to save thousands of men, women, and children of all ages.

In a simple ceremony led by pupils of Year 8 we prayed for the souls of all those people and we lit six candles, one for each million Jewish victims.

Intercolour Day: a day beyond sports

As is tradition, Intercolour Day brings together all pupils of the Middle and Senior Sections to compete in football, volleyball, hockey, and rugby, depending on the season.

This year was different, as a group of Middle teachers led by Miss Claudia Lyon (English teacher) decided to add a new dimension to this event, to raise awareness among pupils regarding recycling and solidarity.

For this purpose, they identified the materials that packed lunch containers are made of (plastic, metal, and cardboard), and placed several bins for each material all around the school. As well as a recycling solution, pupils were encouraged to help the ancillary staff to pick up all the rubbish after the activity had finished.

Additionally, the group organised a solidarity crusade to collect any leftover food which could be donated. Class tutors informed their pupils that this year there would be a special donation to Fundación Educacional de Lo Barnechea, a non-profit organisation that receives children between the ages of 4 months and 4 years for free, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The teachers closely supervised lunch that day and when everyone had finished they collected what could be donated.

Miss Claudia took the food herself and was thanked by Loreto Vial, Director of the Foundation, who later informed her that they were able to distribute the food among 128 children (3- and 4-year-olds) attending the nursery schools under her care.

Congratulations to the teachers who were involved in this initiative and especially to all the pupils who were motivated by this new activity recently included.

Decorating the CARE container

CARE organised on Tuesday, 10th April its first activity known as “container decoration” where the youngest of our school, guided by their teachers and our CARE delegates, used their creativity to decorate the containers where each month we collect food to take to our partner institutions. Congratulations to our pupils, teachers and delegates for their participation and commitment in this highly significant activity.

April: the month of responsibility

As we informed you in this year’s first issue of the School News, our school life is guided by values, which we see as principles that guide relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month Craighouse School is working with the value of responsibility, which involves complying with obligations – our own and those assigned to us by others – and facing the consequences of what we do. It also means taking on commitments with oneself, with others, with the national and educational context, and with the environment.

Ecumenical service: Passover and Holy Week

By Marcela Acuña, Head of the Religion Department

In an atmosphere of deep reflection, the three sections of our school held an interreligious ceremony to celebrate Passover and Holy Week on Thursday 29th March, with representatives from the three religions taught at Craighouse Schools: Protestant pastor Mr Samuel Lagos, Catholic Deacon Mr Samuel Meza, Focolarina Renata González, and Jewish Rabbi Mr Ari Sigal. In this ceremony our pupils had the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of Passover and Holy Week, the most important celebrations for the Jewish and Christian communities. We celebrated in a spirit of fraternity and unity that transcended each particular belief. We would like to highlight the participation of pupils of Year 9, who gave a musical presentation together with their Drama teacher, Mrs Alejandra Herrera, inviting us to reflect on the sense of freedom that Passover and Holy Week teach us in the context of our everyday lives. Finally, we want to thank pupil Rubén Zepeda, who performed several classical musical pieces, and the Music Department for their participation.

Middle Section pupils attend talk on “Santiago en Cien Palabras”

By Blanca Hernández, Spanish Teacher – Middle Section

On Monday 26th March, pupils from Years 6 D and 8 D received Mrs Javiera Astaburuaga of “Santiago en Cien Palabras”, who visited the inquiry centre to give a talk about literary creation based on significant elements and places which are typical of our Metropolitan Region. Congratulations to our pupils for their participation, and a big thank-you to Mrs Astaburuaga for her visit and for giving such a motivating talk on the topic of creative writing.

Craighouse School old boy is recognised for his personal and professional qualities

We are very proud to inform you that Dr Carlos Pilasi Menichetti, an old boy of the 1992 generation, has received a recognition from King’s College Hospital. This hospital played a vital role after last year’s attack in London, receiving a great number of injured people who were treated by a medical team that worked non-stop for four days in theatre. During the ceremony, the hospital director had special words for Dr Pilasi, for his great practice, his knowledge of trauma surgery, and for his broad humanitarian experience around the world with Doctors without Borders. If you wish to learn more about his story, please click on the following link: https://www.msf.org.ar/actualidad/desde-el-terreno/carlos-pilasi-menichetti.

Pupils from St George College Canada visit Craighouse School

On Monday 26th March we received a delegation of 47 pupils from St George College in Canada, who are on a rugby tour around South America. There were two games scheduled for their visit, with the First XV and the Second XV of our school. The games were played in our sports fields, with categorical results. The first team won 99-0 and the second won 36-5. We would like to thank the families who welcomed foreign pupils in their homes, and we want to congratulate our pupils for their behaviour and reception of our guests.

2018 application period for extracurricular activities has begun

As from Thursday, 5th April 5th until Thursday, 12th April, the application period for the extracurricular activities will take place. This year the process will be done through SchoolNet. Extracurricular activities contribute to pupils’ personal growth, by complementing and enriching the curriculum with multiple physical, intellectual, artistic and social benefits so that their development during school years is comprehensive and significant.