August 2016

School News N°18| 2016 |August 26

2016 CAS mission bingo

By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Projects and Experiential Learning


We are very happy to inform you that on August 29th we held our traditional bingo, called “A mission that belongs to all”, which is part of the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) subject, a fundamental part of the IB Diploma programme.

The main purpose of this activity was to raise funds for our Year 11 pupils’ mission, which will take them for five days to low-income schools in rural areas. There, they will be working on different social, community, infrastructure, and educational support projects.

After several weeks of hard work and preparation we were able to see the results. Our pupils, as part of this learning process, put themselves at the service of others and managed to transform this activity into a huge event. They sold tickets, bingos and food, they waited at tables, and they helped during the prize-giving process.

A big thank-you to everyone who worked hard to make this bingo possible: pupils and parents for the prize donations, CAS advisors, teachers, CARE staff, the Primary Section choir directed by Miss Marcela Barrios, Mrs Alejandra Fosalba (a mother of the school) for hosting the event, the Music Department and, above all, all attending parents who participated with great enthusiasm and collaborated with this noble cause.

IB Diploma Music outing

By Francisco Carvajal, Head of the Music Department


On Friday 12th August, pupils who are taking the IB Music subject went on an outing as part of their extra-curricular academic activities.

They were pupils from Years 10 and 11 who visited the Universidad de Chile theatre for an educational concert played by the Chilean Symphony Orchestra, who are celebrating their 75th anniversary.

Our pupils had the opportunity to understand the symphonic context and listen to the orchestra directed by the German conductor Mr Thomas Sanderling, who gave his personal touch to the performance of W. A. Mozart’s Symphony No. 39.

After the concert, the group visited the university’s School of Art, where they had a chat with Percussion students, who shared their knowledge in terms of sound, nuances, colours and timbres, the main characteristics of the various instruments they study.

The 2016 UK English study trip has begun!

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


As is tradition, on August 28th pupils from Year 7 will begin their UK English study trip. The group, led by teachers Mrs Bernardita Petrowitsch, Mrs Carola Lewis, Mrs Clara Teeuwen, Mr Andrés Jeraldo, Mr Pablo Astete, and Mr Francisco Hurtado, will be attending Bell Institute for almost three weeks, until they return on September 17th.

If you would like to know more about their activities in the UK, you can check out the blog created as the communication channel for this trip:

We wish them every success on this trip, which we are certain will be an unforgettable experience.

Primary pupils showed solidarity with the cleaning staff

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


As a sample of solidarity taken to everyday life, pupils from the Primary Section had a lovely gesture that was greatly appreciated by our school’s cleaning staff.

On August 19th, when the Craighouse School community was closing Solidarity Week with all kinds of activities, the youngest pupils of the school made a big effort and left their classrooms as clean and tidy as possible, as a way of showing solidarity to the people who clean them every day.

They also drew hearts and wrote messages thanking them for their work, and left chocolates for them in each classroom.

The cleaning ladies were very touched. They took pictures and took home with them the cards and chocolates left by the children.

We are sure that actions like this one help our pupils to understand and “live” the values promoted by our school.

Craighouse School organises the first assessment workshop 2016

By Cecilia Nestler, Academic Coordinator – Primary Section


Between August 17th and 19th our school hosted the 2016 assessment workshop for teachers, lead by Ms Kathryn Rymarz, Head of Primary, Newton School, Perú. For two days, we explored the latest developments in the evaluation process and its applications. Participants learned more about the purpose of assessment, different assessment practices, how to keep records, and the communication and development of a school assessment policy.

With the participation of five Santiago College teachers, four subject coordinators from the Middle Section, fourteen Primary Section teachers, and two academic coordinators from Primary and Middle, we discovered what assessment has in common in the three sections and how it forms an integral part of the planning, teaching, and learning processes.

Expo Taller 2016: where teachers teach and learn new ways


On Saturday, August 20th the 2016 Expo Taller took place at Dunalastair in Las Condes. This year’s event was called “Where teachers teach and learn new ways”. As usual, the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) invited teachers to share learning experiences with colleagues from other institutions.

Craighouse School teachers Clara Teeuwen, Ji Yum Kim, Bárbara Atkinson, Margarita Parada, Bernardita Domínguez, Gabriela Garín and Constanza Labra attended the event as audience.

Cultural tip: Railway Museum


Now that the weather is improving, doing open-air activities with our families is more appealing. This week we recommend visiting the Railway Museum (Museo Ferroviario de Santiago), located in Quinta Normal.

In this museum you will find a number of historical pieces from the time of steam trains. One of the most interesting exhibits is the presidential carriage, used by Chilean presidents at the beginning of the 20th century.

Museo Ferroviario de Santiago

Quinta Normal park
Subway line 5, Quinta Normal station
Access by car via Avda. Portales.
Tel.: +56 2 26814627

From Tuesday to Friday / to 10.00 a.m. to 5.50 p.m.
From Saturday to Sunday / to 11.00 a.m. to 5.50 p.m.
Adults $800
Children $500

School News N°17| 2016 |August 19

IB results for 2016

By Michael Dumbell, Director of Academic Area


Congratulations to each and every one of our Year 12 pupils who took the IB Diploma. With dedication, commitment and a lot of hard work they finished their process in May 2016.

Craighouse School is the institution with the largest number of students in Chile who apply for and obtain the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The general results for 2016 are as follows:

* 78% of the generation were IB Diploma candidates (as opposed to 79% in 2015).

* 75% of those candidates obtained the IB Diploma (as opposed to 73% in 2015).

The IB Diploma is an international certificate with an excellent reputation due to its high academic level, recognised all over the world. The fact that so many of our pupils obtain the IB Diploma places Craighouse School at a ‘world-class’ level, something that the general community should recognise and celebrate.

These are the pupils who got outstanding results in this year’s diploma:

- Raúl Zilleruelo – 41 points (the highest score obtained by a Craighouse School pupil to date)

- Maureen Maremaa – 37 points

- Daniela Robino – 37 points

- Santiago Aitken – 36 points

Success in the Diploma results is also a result of our teachers’ constant dedication, their commitment to the learning process and progress of each member of this generation, and their commitment to our school’s Educational Project.

The travelling book bag is back!

By Katherine Vivar, Inquiry Centre – Primary Section


Last year, the inquiry centre of the Primary Section created a project called the “travelling book bag”, with the idea of promoting reading in our younger pupils, and involving their families in the love of reading.

The initiative was so successful that we decided to repeat it this year, and the bag will begin its journey in the homes of our Year 1 pupils.

The children have been very excited to learn who will be taking the travelling book bag full of books to read with all members of their families. When they take the bag home, the pupils should read the books and then tell their classmates how it all went and how they read with their families.

We invite you to join this initiative with enthusiasm when you receive the bag in your house.

Gareth Pugh music event

By Diana Brown, Music Teacher – Primary Section


As is traditional, the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) has organised the Gareth Pugh Music Event. This event has been celebrated for several years as a tribute to Mr Gareth Pugh, a deceased music teacher who arrived in Chile in the 90s to work as music instructor. He was a lover of the arts, particularly music and drama. Without a doubt, he made a huge contribution to British Schools.

This year The Grange School welcomed five schools from Santiago, all ABSCH members. Each institution was represented by a group of pupils from Year 3. Craighouse School representatives were Ema Cádiz, Ignacia Ledezma, Pedro Pablo Fuentes, Agustín Vivanco, and Tomás Parral (drama and design), as well as Olivia Boffito, Pedro Pichara, Nicolás Gárate, Antonia Caro, Lisandro Cavallaro, and Florencia Poli (music).

The purpose of this activity is to promote contact among students of the association, and to encourage an appreciation of music, drama, and art in all its forms. Year 3 pupils from Dunalastair, Redland, St Gabriel’s, Craighouse School and The Grange will attend the event.

Pupils were accompanied by Mrs Diana Brown and Mr Ben Adams. During the morning they worked in groups of their specialty, and in the afternoon they took part in a wonderful interdisciplinary presentation.

This year, the event was organised around Roald Dahl’s Cinderella and the pupils were able to experience the values of friendship, solidarity, responsibility, and collaborative work. Some of them were in charge of making the costumes for the show while others took on the acting and singing.

It was a fabulous day! Teachers and pupils spent time with their peers from other participating schools, and there were many parents who had the opportunity to enjoy a fun, lively, well-executed presentation.

A big thank-you to the hosting school for their hospitality, and congratulations to our pupils for their participation.

British pupils visit Craighouse School

By Daniel Romo, Acting Head of PE & Sports


Pupils from Watford Grammar School in the UK visited Craighouse in the context of their sports tour around Chile and Argentina.

Their visit included a rugby match with our senior team. It was a very intense, physical game, and after a lot of hard work Craighouse School ended up winning 22-5.

Pupils committed to recycling

By Edith Casas, Eco Community Coordinator – Middle Section


In July, pupils of Year 6 E and their tutor, Miss Blanca Hernández, were in charge of recycling. This consisted of collecting all recyclable materials and taking them to the mobile unit that the Lo Barnechea Municipality brings to our school on the last Wednesday of each month.

Many thanks to the tutor and her pupils for their commitment and hard work.

Psychology Teacher gives a talk to the Formative Council

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


On August 10th our school’s Formative Council met with Mr Thomas Hébert, Professor of Gifted and Talented Education at the University of South Carolina in the US.

Mr Hébert is a recognised expert in the field of gifted education, and has participated in important organisations such as the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC).

The purpose of this visit was to discuss the topic of talents and high abilities in regular classrooms, and to tell us about his research and experience in the United States. For over an hour, our heads, coordinators and other staff members of the Formative Area had the chance to expand their knowledge and ask questions about this important subject.

Professor Hébert was invited by Universidad de Los Andes to present his research on the socio-emotional development of talented children.

Environmental project is presented to our young pupils

By Gigliola Falconí, Eco Community Coordinator – Primary Section


On Thursday 11th August the Lo Barnechea Municipality and Eco Community presented “Renato y sus amigos van a reciclar”, an environmental project, to all pupils from Years 1 & 2.

The purpose of this project is to promote recycling in our community and support the reading process in Spanish. The first stage began with books being handed out to all the children, as well as a log book and a doll to work with their Spanish teachers.

The children were very happy to meet Renato, a very charming doll. Overall, the activity was a huge success!

Anglo Chilean Society highlights Craighouse School’s alliance with Plymouth University

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


Once again, Craighouse School was recognised by the Anglo Chilean Society for the alliance forged years ago with Plymouth University. You can read more about it here:

Cultural Tip:


School News N°16| 2016 |August 12

New issue of Ruta Literaria 2015

By Blanca Hernández, Spanish Teacher – Middle Section


For the third consecutive year, “Ruta Literaria” magazine will be launching its third issue. This publication allows members of our community to read and publish literary and non-literary texts such as short stories, poems, and articles. These texts come from the creative writing extracurricular activity dictated by Miss Blanca Hernández for pupils of the Middle Section.

Thanks to the help of Mr José Manzanares, Technology Advisor, the magazine is now available online. To view it, please click on this link:

Sports-cultural tour to Buenos Aires 2016

By Pablo Salvador, Deputy Head of Middle Section


The sports-cultural tour took place from June 29th to July 6th, and the group was received, as has been tradition over the last 36 years, by Florida Day School in Buenos Aires. 59 pupils took part in this tour, representing Craighouse School in three disciplines: hockey, rugby, and drama. Our pupils did very well in all three, and were received with great hospitality by the hosting schools.

As well as Florida Day School, we also visited St John’s, Northland, and St Mathew’s School, and achieved excellent results in sports as well as great drama performances. This delegation of Year 6 pupils travelled accompanied by teachers Ms Francisca Vargas, Ms Consuelo Brunner (hockey), Ms Claudia Rebolledo (drama), Mr Renzo Cremaschi, and Mr Pablo Salvador (rugby).

The success of the tour was the result of a great effort made by all members of the Craighouse School community, giving our pupils an opportunity that they will remember with pride and joy for the rest of their lives.

Members of administrative staff do CPR course

By Marta Vargas, Nursercp

With the purpose of helping our community to become more active and concerned about others, the school’s infirmary organised a course for all members of the administrative staff on basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). On Monday 18th July, when pupils had not yet returned from their winter holidays, two workshops were conducted where the staff learned what to do in case of cardiac arrest and practised using a defibrillator. The purpose of the course was to acquire basic knowledge about what to do in case of an emergency, since we never know when we may need to save someone’s life.

Hockey & rugby intercolour: a great event

By Daniel Romo, Acting Head of the PE & Sports Department


As is tradition, on 7th July the Middle and Senior Sections had their hockey and rugby intercolour. And it was a huge success!hky

The main novelty this year was that pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 would work as coaches for the younger children from Years 5 to 8.

The new “coaches” helped their schoolmates to organise their teams and kept the motivation levels high throughout the day.

A big thank-you to the pupils and their teachers rbyfor their participation and enthusiasm.

Pupils visit Quinta Normal

By Claudia González, Art Teacher – Middle Section


On Wednesday 6th July pupils from Year 6 were taken to Quinta Normal to visit the Natural History Museum, the Train Museum, and the Science and Technology Museum.

The children showed real interest in each one of these visits, and enjoyed everything they saw. They were accompanied by teachers Andrés Jeraldo, Paulina Saavedra, Carolina Lewis, Gerardo Hidalgo, Kenneth Mayne, and Claudia González.

Middle Section’s Student Council report on activities to date

By Joyce Bahamondes, Advisor – Middle Section’s Student Council


On Wednesday 6th July, the heads of the Middle Section’s Student Council, led by Fernanda Castillo and her team, conducted an assembly where they gave a full account of all their activities to date.

These are the activities carried out during the first semester:

- Celebration of International Women’s Day

- Easter activities (egg hunt)

- Eco-football tournament

- Collection of coal

The whole community took part in these activities. The turnouts were excellent and they were all a great success.

During the assembly the winning team of the eco-football tournament (sponsored by Ecocommunity) received their cup.

Finally, the Student Council heads described what they will be doing during the second semester. So, be prepared! There are more activities and events coming your way.

Culture tip: World Press Photo 2016 exhibition


Fundación Telefónica invites everyone to an exhibition of the best press photos of the world in the World Press Photo 2016.

From July 29th to August 31st visitors will be deeply moved by a selection of photographs.

More information:

Free of charge

Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday and holidays

(except mandatory ones) from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Providencia 127 - Providencia

School News N°15| 2016 |August 5

Pupils visited Escuela Naval

By Mark Cross, Deputy Head of Senior Section


Last Friday and Saturday, 27 pupils from Year 11 and Year 12 from the 1st XV rugby team and Senior were invited to travel to Valparaíso by the "Escuela Naval".

Accompanied by Mr Mark Cross and Mr Daniel Romo, upon arrival the boys were immediately inserted into a two-day programme, culminating in a rugby fixture on Saturday afternoon.

The opportunity to "navigate" warships in specially designed simulators, learning the importance of punctuality in all aspects of day-to-day life, being woken up by a trumpet early Saturday morning, Navy food, the cold "shower tunnel" and the opportunity to step on to a modern day warship were just some of the highlights of the weekend.

The underlying values of honesty, teamwork, leadership, character and sacrifice were clear for all to see and no doubt rubbed off on our students who represented their school and families with pride.

A fine display on the rugby field ended with a great result for Craighouse School and the opportunity to take part in the tercer tiempo and talk about different experiences was enjoyed by all.

A truly outstanding weekend for the group and one which will stay with us all for a long time, that hoping future generations of pupils, will have the chance to continue experiencing this opportunity in future years.

Lastly, many thanks to Mr Diego Salas for his enthusiasm and organisation in making this visit possible for Craighouse School.

Craighouse School is invited to a ceremony by América Solidaria

By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Projects and Experiential Learning


Craighouse School was invited by Mr Benito Baranda, Executive Chairman of Fundación América Solidaria, to celebrate the fact that Escuela República de Chile in Haiti is now operational. Our school contributed to this project.


Due to their outstanding participation and social commitment, pupils Daniela Benavides and Santiago Pérez (Year 10), and Macarena Castillo and Raúl Zilleruelo (Year 12) were chosen to represent Craighouse School and accompany our Headmaster, Mr Peter Lacey, and our Head of the Formative Area, Mrs María Paz Saumann, to the presentation of the documentary “Una escuela llamada Chile”.

The ceremony was held on Tuesday 26th July at 6 p.m. in the cineteca of Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda (in Plaza de la Ciudadanía) and where the President Michelle Bachelet was the main speaker.

Stand With Congo

By Matthew Jones, Head of the English Department3

At the end of last semester, Year 11 pupils watched the documentary Stand With Congo, part of the international campaign aimed at demanding transparency in mining contracts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These contracts, which are either illegal or exploitative, are used to extract the minerals found in our phones, computers and devices.

Since 2009, the government of the DRC has lost over 5 billion USD from corrupt and opaque mining contracts. This is the result of international mining companies and their representatives preying on a corrupt and mismanaged government and vulnerable populations. During that same period the state’s health, education, security, and legal infrastructures have continued to erode inflicting massive damage to the Congolese people and regional trade, security, and development indicators.

After watching the documentary, pupils spoke via Skype with the director, gaining valuable insights into what motivates people to dedicate their lives to charitable causes, and also learning about the process of charitable work and documentary film making.

Signing the online petition demanding transparency will help the Congo to invest the money currently being lost to corruption. That money can then be used to improve the lives of the Congolese people. As consumers, we have a responsibility to know where the products come from and the effects that making them has on those populations.

This project was part of the Language & Campaigns unit on the IB Language & Literature course, and also part of the Global Issues unit on the Language course.

Firefighters visit Prekinder

By Fabiola Andrade and Nicole Denham, Prekinder Teachers

4On July 6th, firefighters from the 14th company in Santiago visited the Prekinder pupils at the school, in the context of the inquiry unit “How we organise ourselves”.

The children were able to explore and learn more about their uniforms, tools and equipment, and they even had the chance to get into the fire truck. They learned about what firefighters do and why they are important for our community.

We would like to thank this group of firefighters for their willingness and time in kindly visiting our pupils.

Chess event at Colegio Alemán

By Gabriel Ugas, Teacher of the Chess extracurricular activity

5The children’s chess team of our school was really excited to win the chess event that took place on Thursday 7th July at Colegio Alemán de Santiago, in Vitacura.

The pupils who took part in this event had the opportunity to put into practice all their tactics and strategies, which would help them win in this sport-science.

With a total of 15 victories and 2 ties, they beat the hosting school’s team who only managed 7 victories and 2 ties. The competition consisted of two games (with black and white pieces) against one opponent. Both teams were arranged in a ranking based on players’ strength.

We are extremely happy with this achievement, and we take this opportunity to invite our players to get ready for the return game when the Colegio Alemán team visit us right after the holidays.


Florida Day School visits Craighouse

By Pablo Salvador, Deputy Head of Middle Section

6From June 15th to 22nd we received a group of pupils from Florida Day School, in Argentina, in our most recent sports-cultural exchange.

With this activity, we are able to give pupils a unique opportunity to exchange cultures and knowledge, and to take part in three disciplines: hockey, rugby, and drama.

This year we enjoyed exciting games and saw a beautiful play performed by our students, which was written around the famous “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles. The complete programme organised by Craighouse School also included the participation of other institutions belonging to the Association of British Schools in Chile, with hockey, rugby, and their own theatrical performances.

Many thanks to all the families who welcomed pupils from Argentina in their homes, making our guests feel welcome.

Culture tip: “Shakespearemanía”


William Shakespeare is still alive. His legacy is so important that his works continue to be performed in theatre, opera, ballet and in movies. This year, when we commemorate four hundred years of the death of the great writer and playwright, Pequeño Municipal is inviting families to a very special concert at Sala Arrau: “Shakespearemanía”.

This is an interactive performance, where little ones, led by a group of comedians (all Shakesepeare fans), are invited to a masked party. Through games and music, the children will be able to discover some of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies and comedies, such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Othello, and they will also get to know some of the most beautiful musical creations and the composers who, inspired by these touching stories, brought them to life.

More information:

Teatro Municipal de Santiago

Agustinas 794, Santiago

Tel.: +56 (2) 24631000

Shows from August 7th to 28th