August 2017

Themed career week

By Constanza Rivera, Counselor – Senior Section SV From August 6th to 10th we had our career week with different activities aimed at helping Senior Section pupils explore options for their future by attending seminars and presentations in different professional areas. On this occasion the chosen areas where Physics and Maths, particularly renewable energies and biotechnology. The pupils also had the chance to visit an experiment fair with participants from several different university courses, such as Engineering (majoring in Chemistry, Biotechnology, Mining, and Robotics, among others), Astronomy, and Geology. Attendance was optional, but our pupils were highly motivated and took as active part in all the activities that had been organised for them. We look forward to continuing with this initiative, not only to contribute to our students’ vocational choices, but also to help them become autonomous young people who are well informed about what is going on in the world, and who actively seek solutions that contribute to society.

Craighouse School hosts Gareth Pugh event

GP As is now a tradition in the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) a “Gareth Pugh” music event was held. This year, Craighouse School hosted this event. This event has been held for several years now as tribute to the late teacher of English Gareth Pugh, who arrived to Chile in the 90s to work as a music teacher and who was a great lover of the arts, especially of Music and Drama. His work was a notable contribution to the British schools, which is why every year we commemorate his passing with a musical event. This activity is an opportunity for getting together where the children experience the values of friendship, solidarity and responsibility. The children spent the day preparing for a final production in front of their parents and teachers in the afternoon. Some of the children were making the costumes for the show, and others were dancing, singing and acting. It was a fabulous day and everyone enjoyed their activities with the other schools that attended.

Pupils participated in Public Speaking workshop

By Richard Cogley, English Coordinator – Middle Section JC At the end of July all Year 7 pupils took part in a Presentation Skills Workshop. The sessions, run by BBC broadcast journalist Jane Chambers, aimed to develop confidence in public speaking. They included tips on improving body language, projecting voice, and organizing an impromptu speech. Students presented on a range of topics. Some chose to focus on History, others shared information about famous places from around the world, and celebrities were another popular choice. At the end of each session a class winner was chosen from the best presenters. A big congratulation to the class winners Trinidad Fierro (Year 7-A), Martina Vazquez (Year 7-B), Catalina Lillo (Year 7-C), Tomás Malfetano & Santiago Blumel (Year 7-D), and Zolia Sarmiento (Year 7-E) for their effort!

Year 5 parents: How to handle the subject of sexuality with the children

By Gabriela Sierralta, Psychologist - Formative Area 7 On Friday 21st of July a talk was held on “How to talk about sexuality with our children at this stage in their lives”. The talk had the aim of recognising the leading role that the family has in the sexual education of their children. The presentation also focused on the importance of creating moments of meaningful understanding by way of listening and being available for your child when they raise concerns regarding this subject. Details were also given during the talk of the aims and methodologies on the subject of emotional development and sexuality in the Year 5 Formative Curriculum which started to be covered in class council hours during this semester.

Culture tip: Art workshop for families

99 The Art Museum in Universidad de Los Andes would like to invite you to “¡Enmárcate y dale vida al arte!” on Saturday 26th August from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. In a guided tour, children and their parents will be able to interact with activities designed specially for them. Practical workshop included. This activity is recommended for children aged 5 and over. Where: Museo de Artes Edificio del reloj, piso -1. Universidad de Los Andes. Mons. Álvaro del Portillo 12455, Las Condes. Contact information: 226181156

Congratulations to Sofía Filipek

2 We would like to congratulate the Chilean hockey team, particularly our old girl Sofía Filipek of the 2012 generation, for her outstanding participation in the Pan American Hockey Cup in Lancaster, US. Chile played the final game against Argentina, and won the silver medal. This is, without a doubt, a historic result for our country, and we are tremendously proud of having a Craighouse School old girl as part of this fantastic achievement. Congratulations, Sofía!

Pupils participated in Writing Competition

By Richard Cogley, English Coordinator – Middle Section WCom Every year, Craighouse Middle Section pupils take part in various events organised by the English Speaking Union (ESU), Chile. Last month saw the launch of the Persuasive Writing competition. Students were given a choice of four email topics to demonstrate their power of persuasion. The top 5 pupils would then represent Craighouse in the national competition. The topics included were: changing the school hours, increasing the amount of Science in school, an organ donor campaign, as well as suggestions to improve domestic travel opportunities for young people. After much deliberation, these 5 pupils were selected by the English Department panel to participate in the national finals: Nicolás Malfetano (Year 8-A), Laura Sainz (Year 8-B), Lola Yeomans (Year 8- C), Carla Bawlitza (Year 8-D), and Sara Mandiola (Year 8-E).

Middle Section Student Council launches 2017 “Alianzas

alia On August 9th, the Middle Section Student Council organised a special assembly for the 2017 Alianzas launch, where they told their schoolmates that the main topic would be “decades”, and proposed five groups: Red: 1920s Black: 1950s Blue: 1970s Yellow: 1980s Green: 1990s Other activities for the intercolour include traditional games such as gymkhana, a parade, king and queen dance, comilona, etc. This event is one of our pupils’ favourites, and the purpose is to integrate everyone in the section. With this in mind, all levels from Year 5 to 8 do the same work.

Year 6 pupils perform at Instituto de Estados Americanos

By Matías Stevens, Drama Teacher teatro A group of Year 6 pupils who take part in the Drama extracurricular activity visited Instituto de Estados Americanos to present two plays in English. The first play was “At the bus stop”, about a very special group of people waiting at the bus stop. Each one reveals a type of madness that has them all in constant conflict with each other. Emma is one of these people, but she doesn’t seem to belong in this group and tries to help them solve their social and mental issues. In the end, we are all left wondering who is really crazy: Emma or the others. This play was performed by pupils Eva Camacho (Year 6 B), Vicente Lazo (Year 6 A), Catalina Zúñiga (Year 6 B), Ivan Nechiporenko (Year 6 C), and Isa Gorchs (Year 6 B). The second play was “The Romanian uranium mystery”, about a group of five selfish people planning to rob a visiting count who wants to buy a uranium mine in Rome. Several kidnappings have happened and people from all over the world have been robbed, but inspector Clueless, a private investigator, is determined to solve the mystery before anyone gets hurt. They all have their own agenda and when the murder takes place, the real chaos begins. This play was performed by pupils Macarena Seminario (Year 6 C), Blanca Victorero (Year 6 E), Chiara Nicola (Year 6 D), Agustina Barros (Year 6 F), Tania Fernández (Year 6 E), Fernanda Pineda (Year 6 F), Luz María Escobar (Year 6 A), and Fernanda Donoso (Year 6 C).

An old boy’s story

By Fernanda Silva, Academic Coordinator – Senior Section exal On July 18th Benjamín Pérez, an old boy of the 2015 generation, came to visit us at Craighouse School. He was here to tell us about the time when he took the IB Diploma with pupils in Year 10 and a group from Year 11. Benjamín gave useful advice to the pupils just starting the programme, such as always trying to solve doubts in class and being proactive and committed with their own learning. He also stressed the importance of having a clear objective and aiming high. In Benjamín’s case, he decided to study abroad, however hard it seemed. He even had to change some of his IB elective subjects, and do independent work for a subject not offered by the school (Chemistry – high level) and find a scholarship to pay for his studies. He finally passed the Diploma with a good score (38 points), which allowed him to pursue his dream of reading Biochemistry in Australia, at Monash University, with a full scholarship. He is now doing really well in the programme and is grateful for the education he received at Craighouse School. Benjamín’s testimony undoubtedly served as motivation for our pupils who want to follow their ambitions, however hard they may seem.

Pupils are participating in the Stanford International Youth Program

By Michael Arington, Academic Coordinator - Middle Section stand The following pupils will take part in the Stanford International Youth Programme: Nicolás Cruz Mellado (Year 9-A) and Pedro Letelier Larraín (Year 9-D). These pupils were selected because of their participation in last year’s Honour Academy in Santiago and the Academic Talent search for 2016. Through the Talent search they were able to apply to participate in the Stanford International Youth Program. A limited group of young people will be received in the Stanford University Campus in Palo Alto, California, to experience university life in one of the world’s most prestigious institutions for a two-week residential program. They will not only live together with pupils from around the world, but they will also take part in advanced courses, lectures and visits to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The program will introduce them to academic and social life at American colleges via mini-courses, labs, workshops, field trips, and other recreational activities.

Pupils of the ski team had their first race of the year

ski On Sunday 30th July the schools belonging to ARSKI, the Association of School Ski Clubs, had their first skiing race. Our group of Craighouse pupils who are part of the team did a great job representing our school. Congratulations to the families who support their children week after week and encourage their passion for this winter sport. ski2

Rafael Lira wins 2nd place in the Columbia Snow Challenge

rafa On Sunday 6th August the Columbia Snow Challenge took place in Valle Nevado, where Rafael Lira of Year 12 A won 2nd place in the open men category (skiing and snowboarding together) for competitors over 14. This time-based competition is extremely tough and proceeds as follows. All competitors begun at the same time with their skis or snowboards in their backpacks or in their hands, from them same starting point, and they must go through each check point until they reach the top of the run. There, they must quickly put on their gear and race down to the finish at full speed. Congratulations to Rafael for his great performance.

Eco-tip 3

eco Light bulbs: Use energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs. Batteries: Try to avoid using them, but if you must, prefer the ones that you can recharge. Batteries take many years to decompose, and when in contact with the environment, metals pollute water and air. Cleaning rags: Save your old clothes to use as rags instead of buying new ones. You will be reducing their consumption and therefore, their production. Food: Always try and buy certified food – such as organic – to avoid the use of agrochemicals or genetically modified products. Waste:  Always divide what you throw away. Glass, tin cans and paper can be recycled. Organic waste can be used to make compost. Electrical appliances: Turn off devices like computers and microwave ovens when you are not using them and at night. You will be saving energy! Drying clothes: Try to leave them out in the sun. As well as saving resources and money, you will be protecting your clothes from discolouring and wrinkles. Paper: Replace paper napkins for cloth. Use both sides of the paper when you print, to avoid cutting down so many trees. Water: Choose showers instead of baths, which use up twice as much water and more energy to heat up. Also remember to keep the water tap closed when you clean your teeth. Source:

Rising Sun project

By Pablo Astete, Science Teacher – Senior Section rising A group of old boys – Lucas Besasso and Sebastián González of the 2010 generation, and Ignacio Navarrete of the 2005  generation – visited Craighouse School during a Senior assembly. They have been working for one year in their project Rising Sun Chile. The young men came to tell our Senior Section pupils about sustainability and alternative energies, particularly solar energy. They discussed the global energy situation, offering some important definitions and data, and invited the pupils to work with them on ideas and projects for the school. They also discussed what they had been doing since they graduated and told us about their company, which specialises in solar panels, using energy from the sun to create electricity. This presentation is part of a broader project which the section has been working on since last year, under the premise that using alternative energies is a global trend that the school should also adopt. This project also contemplates reinforcing our environmental education programme and implementing systems for optimising and reusing grey water in the section. A group of pupils and teachers is currently working on a project for the application of all these items to be applied in Senior.

Craighouse School pupil takes part in Santiago Cup Kids

cupkids Congratulations to our pupil Santiago Rodríguez De Freitas, of Year 5 G, who was chosen to participate in the international football championship for children Santiago Cup Kids, to compete against sports schools from Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil. From July 18th to 21st Santiago was part of this event, where he was recognised for his comradeship and fair play during the game. Congratulations to Santiago, and to his family for supporting their son in this sport.

Parents’ Association: talk about parties

cdp On Tuesday 25th July at 7.30 p.m. the Parents’ Association and the school’s Formative Area gave a talk about parties and carretes, and the protective role of parents. With the presence of Dr Daniel Martínez, Psychiatrist from Universidad de Chile, they discussed the importance of prevention, the concept of zero tolerance, the definition of rules, parents supporting each other, times, and transport to and from parties. Attending parents expressed their gratitude after the talk. Some of the comments received by Mrs Verónica Molina, President of the Parents’ Association, included parents’ commitment to respecting the agreed finishing times and the idea of agreeing on common criteria for a party protocol.

Culture tip: Art month in the world: master class on Thai cuisine

dato Corporación Cultural de Lo Barnechea would like to invite all neighbours to celebrate August as world Art month. On Friday 18th August we will be offering a lecture on Thai cuisine, which is highly appreciated around the world for its richness and variety of flavours, including different types of curry. Each dish combines the five essential flavours: sweet, spicy, sour, salty, and bitter. The lecture, offered in collaboration with the Thai Embassy, will give participants the chance to learn about this country’s most traditional dishes, using new techniques to prepare three different dishes: Kaeng Daeng, with red curry; Soam Tam, a fresh, exotic side dish salad; and Kluay Buat Chi, popular dessert made with banana. For more information visit: Cost: $10.000. /  $5.000 with Club Preferente card. Source:

August: the month of solidarity

valor Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month we are working with the value of solidarity, defined as a disposition which is translated into actions of support, help, cooperation, and generosity towards others, without expecting anything in return. Solidarity means: * Taking on responsibilities and tasks that benefit the general community, even if they are not our own responsibility. * Providing support for whoever needs it, in a group, in the class, and in and outside of the Craighouse School community. * Putting one’s time, effort, and sacrifice at the service of others.

Winter voluntary work 2017

tvi From July 9th to 12th, 35 Senior Section pupils and four teachers visited Escuela G345 in Rungue, Til Til, for their winter voluntary work 2017. This year’s student leaders were Valentina Encinas and Roberto Natho, who were determined to improve the school’s infrastructure and offer training workshops for the local students during their winter holidays. With this purpose and with the support of a work team, they designed different workshops for the children and organised the team in crews to work with the infrastructure. They arrived on a Sunday, which gave them time to visit the families in their homes, and invite the children to the workshops and to a big celebration bingo game. During the following days and after several chilly nights, they all worked on sports, crafts and games, and they painted the school walls and built tables and chairs for the plaza meeting place. On the last day over 30 families got together to celebrate with a big bingo game with sopaipillas. Our deepest thanks to the local community and the school for making us feel so welcome, and to the heads, the team, the volunteering pupils, and the accompanying teachers: Francisco Cifuentes, Constanza Rivera, Constanza Santelices and Soledad Valdés, for their support and participation.

The sharing tree

By Katherine Vivar, inquiry centre – Primary Section arbol With the purpose of encouraging sharing in the context of reading, the inquiry centre of the Primary Section created ‘The sharing tree’. As from July 3rd, all pupils were invited to write down the names of books that they have enjoyed on tree leaves, to share with their classmates. The pupil recommending a book must fill in a card with information about the book, including a section to explain why he/she enjoyed it. Then, a student looking for a good book to read can head to the tree and choose any title, to then look up the information in the file and read the comments made by the pupil that recommends it. This has been a wonderful experience where we all share our love of reading.

Hockey & rugby intercolour: a great event

inter As is tradition, on 6th July the Middle and Senior Sections had their hockey and rugby intercolour. And it was a huge success! A big thank-you to the pupils and their teachers for their participation and enthusiasm. Here are some pictures of that great day.

Eco-tip 2

eco Don’t wash vegetables under the tap. Instead, fill a bowl with water to wash them and save at least 7 thousand litres of water each year, which would be enough to water a vegetable garden for several months. When you clean your house, use two 10-litre buckets, one with soapy water and one with clean water to rinse. That way you can save up to 50 litres of water for house-cleaning. Source:

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme: Results 2017

7 As a school we are once again proud to inform you of the results of this year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma examinations. We congratulate each of our pupils in Year 12 who demonstrated their commitment and continual hard work from its start in Year 10 in 2015 until its culmination recently in May 2017. Craighouse School is the educational institution in Chile with the highest number of International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates and Diploma holders. This year the overall results are as follows:
  • 80% of the generation were IB Diploma candidates (compared to 78% in 2016)
  • 71 students achieved the IB Diploma (compared to 65 in 2016)
We are very pleased that so many of our pupils, together with their families, decide to face this academic challenge. The IB Diploma is an international qualification which enjoys an excellent reputation for its globally recognised high academic standard. The fact that so many of our pupils achieved the IB Diploma means that Craighouse is a ‘world class’ school. This is something the community at large should recognise and celebrate. We would therefore like to congratulate all our pupils who obtained the IB Diploma. But, in particular, we would like to highlight the following outstanding results: * Trinidad Tubino – 39 points * Javiera Araya – 37 points * Sofía Costantino – 37 points * Daniel Gutiérrez – 37 points * Josefina Plass – 37 points * Cristóbal Zilleruelo – 36 points Congratulations to all these pupils for their hard work and perseverance without which this personal achievement would not have been possible.

Green Day at Dunalastair Chicureo

By Lorena Fuentes, Teacher of Primary Section greenday Children from Kinder and Year 1 had an interesting morning. We were invited to Dunalastair Chicureo to spend a wonderful morning, learning about the 3 Rs: Reuse – Reduce – Recycle. Firstly, we were welcomed in their premises by teachers, members of staff and children from Kinder and Year 1. It definitely felt like home! After that, they projected an interesting story about recycling and made connections between the video and their previous knowledge, inquiring about different ways in which they could help and preserve our planet. Secondly, children were able to classify different objects made out of glass, plastic and paper, placing them in the appropriate container. They also did this with the waste material left from their snacks. Finally, after dancing, singing, sharing and learning, children put their hands to work. Reusing materials to design a pot in order to plant a lettuce, their faces showed how much they enjoyed spending time with their peers. Definitely an exciting experience that is worth repeating!

Recognition to the 2016 & 2017 Student Council

caa As a way to prove that when our pupils set their minds on something they can achieve it with perseverance and commitment, the Student Council directors of 2016 and 2017 were publicly recognised in the assembly held on Wednesday 5th July. Last year, pupils from the Senior Student Council made a formal request to replace the school uniform sweater with a fleece jacket. After several meetings with different areas of the school, they eventually met with the board of directors to present their proposal, which everyone accepted. Finally, in June 2017 the new garment was made official for all Middle and Senior pupils. In the assembly Mr Lacey gave a jacket to each member of the Student Council, and all the old girls and boys who graduated last year and who were part of that group were invited to participate.

Florida Day School visits Craighouse

By Pablo Salvador, Deputy Head of Middle Section florida From June 15th to 22nd we received a group of pupils from Florida Day School, in Argentina, as part of our most recent sports-cultural exchange programme. With this activity, we are able to give pupils a unique opportunity to exchange culture and knowledge, and to take part in three disciplines: hockey, rugby, and drama. This year we enjoyed exciting games and saw a beautiful play performed by our students, which was written around the famous agent 007, James Bond. The complete programme organised by Craighouse School also included the participation of other institutions belonging to the Association of British Schools in Chile, with hockey, rugby, and their own theatrical performances. However, due to the bad weather, the group spent the morning in the school quincho enjoying a bingo game. Many thanks to all the families who received pupils from Argentina in their homes, making our guests feel welcome.