August 2018

Ski Team Results

By Paulina Aracena, Ski Team

On August 5th the Association of School Ski Clubs (ARSKI) had their first skiing races of the season. Our school was represented by members of the Craighouse School ski team. The children ran the skiing and snowboarding events, with excellent results.

They also took the opportunity to celebrate Children’s Day, and all families were invited to come wearing costumes. The Sillano family won first place for best dressed family in the event.

Congratulations to all participants!

Winter Voluntary Work 2018

As is tradition, this year we had our winter voluntary work with Craighouse School pupils and teachers. Together with Fundación Sumate, belonging to Hogar de Cristo, they were the protagonists of this challenge.

This new edition of the winter work took place in Escuela Nuevo Futuro, in Lota (Bío Bío Region). There, we had crews working on infrastructure, repairing two houses belonging to pupils of Escuela Nuevo Futuro with damaged roofs, floors and paint; in culture, working with casa Filtro, a local culture centre, organising leisure activities and repairs in the playground, including a stage. Our pupils finished with a youth band concert and sports; with leisure workshops for more than 40 children aged 6 to 12.

We want to thank the Social Service and Experiential Learning team for organising these activities, all of which has become an unforgettable experience which leaves a its mark in every one of our pupils.

Alianzas launch in the Senior Section 2018

By Sylvia Lagos y Anita Cabrera, Student Council Advisors

On Wednesday, 8th August the Senior Section launched their Alianzas 2018, and pupils of Year 12 presented the topics that they will have to work on.

For this year they have chosen “decades”, which will enable them to learn more about other periods in terms of music, dances, important characters and landmarks.

We invite all Senior pupils to be a part of these fun activities, and to spend time together in a different context.

¿What can I read?

Laura Hurtado, Year 4N pupil, recommends; “Unicorn on a roll” by Dana Simpson.

I will recommend Unicorn on a roll, because it was very fun It is long but it is fun and it’s about Phoebe, a girl who has a lot of adventures with Mary-gold, her unicorn, they are best friends. I recommended this book for boys and girls because everyone can read it.They do funny things together and they go to the unicorn land where Mary-gold was born. If you read it, you will have a good time.

Interreligious Exhibition 2018

By Marcela Acuña, Head of Religion Department

In the context of our Educational Project, which seeks to open up to diversity, our interreligious exhibition is testimony of our appreciation for religious diversity in the school.

Held from August 7th to 9th, the exhibition comprised different religions with their representatives: Jewish, Protestant, and Catholic. This year, we also received visiting pupils and teachers from Colegio Adventista and Santiago College.

The theme was “food as an expression of different religions”, and the work displayed was the result of a team effort and an inquiry process, which led to the final product.

We want to thank our pupils and the school community for their effort and support.

Drama and Music presentation

On Friday August 3rd a group of pupils in Years 5 & 6 put on the Drama and Music performances in the Middle/Senior dining hall, which they had presented on their tour to Buenos Aires earlier this year.

In Drama, the children presented a pantomime play about a girl who wakes up in a different, fascinating world based on movies, and who becomes the protagonist of her own adventure, action, and science fiction film.

The music group, in turn, performed songs such as “Feels”, by Calvin Harris ft Pharrell & Katty Perry, “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, and “Shape of you” by Ed Sheeran.

This activity was directed by teachers Mr Matías Stevens (Drama) and Mr Andrés Jeraldo (Music).

Alianzas launch in the Middle Section 2018

By Blanca Hernández, Spanish Teacher Middle Section.

On Thursday 9th the Middle Section launched their Alianzas 2018, and this year’s topic will be movie studios like Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Fox, Marvel, and Universal. Don’t forget that this year’s alianzas will be celebrated on Thursday, 6th September.

Extracurricular activity: Astronomy

Eco tip

Craighouse School pupils are recognised for their drawings

Last year, with the purpose of having our pupils take part in the design of The Shield 2017, we had a contest for Year 5 students led by Art Teacher, Ms Nicoletta Unghiatti. The pupils were asked to draw places and situations that were significant for them.

Luciana Aymar run a hockey clinic at Craighouse School

On Monday, 6th August, Luciana Aymar, a former field hockey player from Argentina, visited our school to run for the first time in Chile a hockey clinic, where a group of players of our hockey team could share with the player and got to know her training techniques.

The clinic consisted of a brief warm up, followed by a match of approximately 15 minutes with the hockey player. Some members of the national hockey team "Las Diablas", were also present.

Luciana, better known as “Lucha”, has been nominated eight times for best player in the world, and in 2008 she was named best player in history by the International Hockey Federation.

Primary Section parents make donation to Lo Barnechea fire station

In our month of solidarity, we want to make a special mention of a group of Primary parents who donated a table football to the 19th fire station of Lo Barnechea, in appreciation of the time and resources that they generously give us each year for the activity with our Prekinder pupils.

What can I read?

Amira Dib, Year 4R pupil, recommends the Judy Moody books by Megan McDonalds.

“I recommend that you read Judy Moody because it’s great fun to read. It has a lot of different books like: “Judy Moody detective”, “Judy Moody Saves the world”, “Judy Moody was in a Mood” and many more. It’s also fun to read because it has adventures. You can also read Stink who is Judy’s little brother, or you can read Judy and Stink”.

Year 6 Sports-cultural trip to Buenos Aires 2018

By Pablo Salvador, Deputy Head of Middle Section

The Year 6 sports-cultural trip took place from June 20th to 27th, and the group was received, as has long been the tradition by Florida Day School in Buenos Aires. This year’s trip was special because it marked 40 years since Craighouse School began with this exchange, in 1978. We had 75 pupils take part in this year’s trip representing our school in four disciplines: hockey, rugby, drama, and for the first time, music band.

The pupils participated in all the activities with great commitment, and they were well received by the schools we visited. As well as the host schools, we visited St John’s School, Northland, and St Matthew’s College. Our delegation got excellent sport results and put on a great performance in four theatre presentations. The group made up of pupils from Year 6, was accompanied by teachers Ms Beatriz Wirth (hockey), Ms Rachel King (hockey), Mr Matías Stevens (drama), Mr Andrés Jeraldo (music), Mr Francisco Hurtado (rugby), Mr Patrick Lyons (Craighouse School Deputy Headmaster), and Mr Pablo Salvador (rugby and head of delegation).

The success of the tour was the result of a great effort made by all members of the Craighouse School community, giving our pupils an opportunity that they will remember with pride and joy for the rest of their lives.

Pupil in Year 12 puts in remarkable performance in skiing race

On 25th July in La Parva, our pupil Nicolás Maniu from Year 12 B won third place in the Freeride Chile Junior, a race where competitors ski down the ungroomed runs with natural obstacles. Assessment considers style, descent, smoothness in the descent, technique, and control of the skis.

We should note that Nicolás participated with over 30 young Chilean competitors in this first race of the championship.

Congratulations, Nicolás!

 Extracurricular activity: Robotics team takes part in ESO’s “Into Orbit” launch and challenge

Por Cristóbal Quijada, Technology Teacher.

On August 1st the Robotics Academy took part in the Into Orbit challenge launch, organised by First Lego League – FLL for teams which this year compete at regional and national levels.

Several schools in Santiago attended the event, which took place at the European Southern Observatory and where this year’s topic and challenge were presented: space. Our school was represented by pupils Sebastián Zuñiga (Year 7 D) and Tomás Malfetano (Year 8 D), together with their Robotics Teacher, Mr Cristóbal Quijada.

Our team now has eight weeks to get ready for the competition, where they will have to develop the project, design, and programming of a robot, as well as show teamwork abilities, to complete the challenge.

We want to thank Sebastián and Tomás for their participation in this event.

Craighouse School: committed to Madre Tierra school

Over a year ago, Craighouse School took on the commitment to help Colegio Diferencial Madre Tierra in Lo Barnechea. During this time, we have been offering our sports fields and facilities as an aid to the learning process and the quality of physical education for the children attending that school.

True to our policy of connecting with other communities, we have now delivered sports equipment to the school, which we hope are fun and motivating tools that can help them achieve their learning objectives as a more cohesive group.

Madre Tierra receives special-needs students with intellectual disability and severe communication disorders. A total of 115 pupils between the ages of 2 and 26 attend this school, in classes of no more than 15.

Eco Tip

August: the month of solidarity

Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff.

This month we are working with the value of solidarity, defined as a disposition which is translated into actions of support, help, cooperation, and generosity towards others, without expecting anything in return.

Solidarity means:

* Taking on responsibilities and tasks that benefit the general community, even if they are not our own responsibility.

* Providing support for whoever needs it, in a group, side in the class, and in and outside of the Craighouse School community.

* Putting one’s time, effort, and sacrifice at the service of others.

Some pupils of Year 12 have their last day of school

With a moving ceremony we said good-bye to a group of Year 12 pupils, who for different reasons had to finish their school year early: Valentina Encinas, María García, Francisco Casas, and Matías Kroiss, to whom we wish great success.

These pupils were accompanied by their classmates to the main gate of the school, and they received a rose, following the tradition of the Flower Ceremony. Mr Lacey ended the ceremony by opening the gate and the graduates’ parents received them outside.

Taekwondo graduation for Primary Section pupils

On Friday 29th June at 6 p.m. the Taekwondo extracurricular activity had its graduation ceremony for Primary pupils. There, the children received their new belts and a graduation certificate. The ceremony took place at the ATA academy in Lo Barnechea, and it was a special class where parents and children practiced this discipline together.

Some pupils of Year 11 debut online newspaper for Craighouse School pupils

Por René Jofré, Jefe de Tecnologías Educativas

The past 4th of July, pupils from Year 11 Nayantara Ranganatha, Pilar Gutiérrez and Elliot Zepeda debuted in an assembly for the Senior Section a project never seen before in Craighouse School: an online newspaper for Craighouse School students. The idea started after realising that the school lacked a space for students to show their ideas, passions and hobbies. The website currently does not have a name, so the community can decide in an online poll. This platform will benefit every single one in the Senior Section, since pupils will be able to post literally everything, so the only restriction would be their own imagination and creativity.

What’s new this week? An interview with the Head of the Senior Section, Mr Owain Jones.

The newspaper is only available for students and teachers because it can only be accessed through the institutional emails. However, we encourage all parents to visit the website with their children and contribute to their growth as critical thinkers.

We hope to see great things coming out of this newspaper!


Mr Eduardo Riquelme, Head of the Spanish Department, recommends the book “Lear Rey & Mendigo” by Nicanor Parra.

All of Nicanor Parra’s creativity, eloquence and genius are captured in this magnificent translation of the classic King Lear, by William Shakespeare. The book revolves around old King Lear, who has decided to share out his kingdom among his daughters. This starting point marks the beginning of a tragedy filled with situations and conflicts that envelop and involve the reader, who feels part of the story and takes sides for one of the parties.

The plot enables the dramatic forces in conflict to move between family relationships, the world view of Elizabethan theatre, power, and intrigue, always accompanied by Nicanor Parra’s unique choice of words and turns of phrase with which he skilfully updates, humanises and connects us with this work.

Lear Rey & Mendigo manages to fuse together the genius of the greatest exponent of English literature with the brilliance of a contemporary example of Spanish literature.

Outstanding performance of a Craighouse former pupil in Taekwondo World Expo

We are very happy to inform you that Craighouse School old boy Daniel Foot Tala won second place in the Taekwondo World Expo, which took place on July 10-15 in Arkansas, United States.

This is the first time that a Chilean has taken part in the black belt – special needs category, and he got second place in “Formula” and third place in “Combat”.

Danny joined our school in 2005 and graduated in 2015. He has stood out in several areas, such as theatre plays and sports activities, among others. Today he is one term away from graduating in Sports at Universidad Andrés Bello.

Once again, we see proof that integration at an early age is the best path to follow.

Firefighters visit our pupils

As is now traditional, our Primary Section pupils received a group of very special guests. On Tuesday 10 at 10 a.m. a very loud siren was heard. It was the fire truck of the 19th company in Lo Barnechea, visiting Prekinder to spend some time with the pupils.

The children were delighted with this activity, and they touched the firemen’s suits and got on and off the truck. They even tried to use the firefighters’ instruments.

The purpose of this activity is for pupils to learn more about how firefighters help the community, not only by putting out fires but also by helping rescue teams in car accidents.

Craighouse School teacher launches new book

We are very proud to inform you that María Eugenia Cabrejos Marín, Chemistry Teacher of the Senior Section, has launched the book “Salas + estrategias híbridas en ciencias: diversidad para el aprendizaje”.

María Eugenia has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Universidad de Chile, and has 25 years of experience in biochemistry and education. Her book is based on research for the implementation of the salas and estrategias híbridas project, by means of scientific thinking practices and active learning methodologies.

Congratulations to Mrs Cabrejos for her contribution to education.


On Wednesday 11th July at 7.30 p.m. our school filled with music, with a concert by the Lo Barnechea Youth Symphony Orchestra, offered by the municipality. They played pieces from their educational exhibit tour, Música Orquestal Chilena y Latinoamericana 2018.

The orchestra stands out for its diversity of string instruments, such as violins, violoncello, double bass, and viola.

This is one of the many activities organised by Craighouse School in cooperation with the municipality. We look forward to the support of all members of our community in upcoming events.

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