Student Council

Craighouse School has a Student Council in the Senior Section and one in the Middle Section, as well as Class Representatives in the Primary Section. Pupils’ organisation at Craighouse School has been growing steadily in terms of participation and leadership since 2004, when all pupils took part in the first elections with secret, direct voting.

As described in the 2004 charter, the mission of the Student Council is the following:

“The Student Council is an organisation that works in collaboration with the school, at the service of its pupils. Its mission is to represent all pupils, giving special attention to their concerns, needs, ideas, complaints or interests.”

In 2011 the Middle Section CCAA was created. Together with the Senior Section CCAA, it responds to pupils’ need to have their own organisation and leaders. The Primary Section joined this student leadership and organisation process in 2009 by means of a process of civic education and the election of class representatives. The two Student Councils work together with the Delegate Council, made up of class representatives. This student organisation has advisors in the Middle and Senior Sections, as well as training programmes in issues such as leadership, organisation and planning, under the guidance of the Formative Area.</p>