“Un curso, un techo” campaign ends successfully

By Sofía Pastene, President of the Senior Section Student Council

On July 5th we were invited by other student councils to take part in a very challenging initiative. The purpose was to raise funds to change the roofs of family homes in encampments in Colina, which were in very poor condition due to this historic winter. Pupils of the Senior Section took on the challenge of raising enough money in each class to change one roof. We named our campaign “Un curso, un techo”, and each class president had to lead and motivate his/her class to meet this goal.

The Senior Section Student Council is extremely proud to report that pupils of the section managed to raise enough funds for 25 roofs, exceeding our goal. This is a remarkable achievement, considering that the campaign was fully led by students.

We are also very happy about having worked with other student councils for the first time, which allowed us to learn from each other. We also want to thank everyone who contributed to this campaign, especially the class presidents. We couldn’t have done this without them.

We are certain that the pupils of the section are capable of leading other activities and campaigns as important as this one, thus enhancing everyone’s spirit of solidarity.