December 2016

School News N°28 | 2016 | 29 Diciembre

HL Mathematics pupils visit Universidad Católica

By Sergio Poblete, Head of the Maths Department maths On Wednesday 5th October the High Level Maths groups in Years 10 and 11 of the IB Diploma were invited to visit the Mathematics Engineering Department at Universidad Católica. The pupils were accompanied by the Deputy Head of Senior, Mrs Mónica Trejo, and the Head of the Maths Department, Mr Sergio Poblete.The purpose of this activity was to show the student the world of university-level maths based on updated applications, and to give them information about what is being done in this subject at Universidad Católica. For this visit, the university prepared a complete lesson programme which our pupils found highly motivating. The main focus of this visit was the education offered by the school to our pupils, since we were received by a very talented Craighouse School old girl and an old boy: Mrs Patricia Galilea, PhD candidate in Maths majoring in Traffic Engineering, and Mr Carlos Jerez, Head of the Mathematics Engineering Department at Universidad Católica. These two former pupils of our institution modelled the mathematical knowledge they had acquired at Craighouse School and were very happy to take part in this activity, sharing their fond memories of the IB which helped them to join the university and work better while they were students. For our pupils, this was a highly beneficial activity from every point of view. We want to take this opportunity to congratulate them since they showed their abilities and knowledge during one of Mr Jerez’s university lectures that they attended. When asked if they understood what he was explaining and writing on the board, our pupils answered correctly, which surprised the university students and the teacher himself. Well done!

Craighouse School pupils are selected for the national hockey under-12 team

By Simon Collins, COGS Development Coordinator SUB12 Congratulations to our under-12 category players Catalina Sáez (Year 5 A), Trinidad Fox (Year 6 F), Sofía Mahuzier (Year 6 B), Martina Lira (Year 6 A), and Monserrat Kozak (Year 6 A), for representing the Chilean team of their category on the weekend of October 29th in Mendoza, Argentina.Our players have been training all of this year together with girls of other clubs, and they are taking their first steps as members of the national team. Congratulations once again, and we hope that they continue to do their best.

Pupils’ Confirmation

By Marcela Acuña, Head of Religion Department CONFIRMACION On Saturday 29th October a group of Craighouse School pupils from Years 10, 11, and 12 were confirmed at Parroquia María Madre de Nuestra Misericordia. This sacrament becomes a true testimony of our students’ conviction in confirming their faith in the community.We have no doubt that they will commit themselves to the construction of a better world.

Pupils attend commemoration of “The night of broken glass”

By Lorena Sommerfeld, Jewish Religion Teacher ROTOS In the context of tolerance and respecting diversity, which we want to instil in our pupils, on Wednesday 9th November fourteen students from Years 8 to 10, both Catholic and Jewish, accompanied by our Communications Director, Mrs María Isabel Sánchez; our Catholic Religion Teacher, Miss Rosita Zapata; and our Jewish Religion Teacher, Miss Lorena Sommerfeld, visited Instituto Hebreo for another commemoration of what is known as “the night of broken glass”.Every year, Instituto Hebreo opens its doors to receive students from other schools who have the opportunity to visit an exhibition prepared by pupils of the Instituto and learn more about this date and the events that finally led to the Shoah (holocaust). The commemoration ceremony was attended by ambassadors of various countries, religious authorities and a few people who survived the Shoah. We were all shocked by the account of one of these survivors. Through her daughter, her granddaughter, her great-granddaughter and herself, we learned what she suffered that night, when she was only fifteen, and how she later fled Germany and arrived in our country.

CARE thanks everyone for their commitment

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer CARE The traditional breakfast offered by the CARE mums took place last Wednesday, 14th December, in order to celebrate the work carried out during the year and to thank the school for the support given to each of its activities. A special recognition was given to Mrs María José Cohen, who will no longer be the General Coordinator in order to join the Charles T. Darling Educational Foundation. Mrs Claudia Acevedo and Mrs Patricia Pizarro will now be the General Coordinators. We wish them all the best in this new challenge.

Pupils participate in First Lego League Chile 2016

By José Manzanares, Robotics Teacher LEGO On Saturday 5th November the regional tournament of the First Lego League (FLL) was held at DUOC Plaza Norte. This year, 185 teams and over 1,500 young people between the ages of 11 and 16 participated in the national tournament.The objectives of this tournament are: -To build an autonomous robot which can complete the largest number of pre-designed missions in just 2.5 minutes, in the “Robot game”. -To analyse, research, and invent an innovative solution for the challenge. -To create an original presentation about the solution that the team finds for the challenge and present it to a group of judges. -To show knowledge of the FLL values in practice and their team spirit. Our school participated with the Liontech Team, made up of the following pupils: Ian Campos Cressal (Year 7 E), Juan Ignacio Kuster Daroka (Year 7 C), Tomás Malfetano Vaneri (Year 6 C), Anirudh Ranganatha (Year 7 E), and James Williams (Year 7 E). Congratulations to the team for their great effort, creativity, and willingness to be part of this tournament.

Jeannette Toloza receives PhD degree

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer Jannette Congratulations to Mrs Jeannette Toloza, who has completed her PhD in Chemistry at the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Universidad de Chile.This degree has been awarded to Mrs Toloza for her thesis “Estudio fisioquímico y biológicos de una serie de complejos metálicos con ligandos bioactivos contra Trypanosoma cruzi y células neoplásicas”, which she completed under the direction of Dr Claudio Olea and Dr Juan Diego Moya.

Congratulations to the TeA tournament players

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer TEA The TeA tournament (Torneo entre amigas) is a competitive meeting for hockey players over the age of 35.According to Carola Cabezas, the captain, “at first we were four teams: VOGS, SMOG, CKS, and COGS. Now we are ten, and we expect to have eleven teams next year”. These players won third place in 2015 and second place in 2016. This year they received another award, which is one of the most important, says Carola. “We were the only team that finished unbeaten, and we also received an award for receiving fewer goals. This last award not only goes to the goalie, but to the whole team. Every player’s contribution is recognised.” Under the direction of Camila Cabargas they play hockey 7 once a month with every team of the tournament.

Special Edition N°4 | 2016 | 26 December

Special edition: 2016 closing ceremonies

We would like to thank all the families with whom we shared this year which brought new challenges and experiences to all of us. We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed with weekly articles and photos for the 2016 editions of our School News. This end-of-year edition includes information about all the closing activities of each section. We wish all of our families a very happy summer holidays! We are looking forward to see you all on February 2017.

Middle Section Achievements







4.ingles1 4.Ingles2


6.Lenguaje 6.Lenguaje2



10.Quimica 10.Quimica2

12.Tecnologia 12.Tecnologia2

14.Deportes OE 14.Deportes OE2

16.Deportes SW 16.Deportes SW2

17.Deportes SM 17.Deportes SM2

18.CAA s 18.CAA s2

19.CAA e 19.CAA e2

20.Citizen 20.Citizen2

23.68 23



Special Edition N°3 | 2016 | 16 December

Special edition: 2016 closing ceremonies

We would like to thank all the families with whom we shared this year which brought new challenges and experiences to all of us. We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed with weekly articles and photos for the 2016 editions of our School News. This end-of-year edition includes information about all the closing activities of each section. We wish all of our families a very happy summer holidays! Primary Section

By Andrea Yara, Deputy Head of Primary Section

Years 1, 2, & 3


As a way of ending this year’s activities in these three levels, our pupils shared with their parents what they have learned during the year in their “learning journey”. In each classroom, parents had the chance to listen to their children’s presentations and see what they had done during the last work units. Our pupils showed great communication, inquiry and teamwork skills during this journey. On 1st December Year 1 pupils made their presentation; on 9th December it was the turn of Year 2, and Year 3 presented their work on 7th December .

Year 4: the end of the first stage

pyp2 Pupils in Year 4 are finishing the International Baccalaureate’s PYP with an exhibition. This year, their work was based on a unit of inquiry called “Who we are”, and the central idea was “Actions speak louder than words about who we are.” Each group chose a topic and worked on it starting from three questions which were designed on the basis of PYP concepts. During the inquiry process, the pupils displayed many of the skills and attributes from the Craighouse School pupil profile such as self-management, communication skills, respect, responsibility, effort, risk-takers, etc. This six-week research work ended with a presentation made by each group to their families and members of the Senior Management Team on 13th December. At the end of the exhibition, the children’s parents participated assessing their work. To finish the process, the next day the pupils reflected on their own work and made a self-assessment. pyp


Playgroup, Prekinder and Kinder

play play2 The youngest pupils in our school had their own end of year activities. On Thursday, 24th November, the Playgroup pupils mad an exhibition of the ‘different jobs in the world’.Prekinder and Kinder worked on ‘Who we express ourselver’. On Friday 25th November Kinder presented the evolution of music throughout the years and on Wednesday 30th November, Prekinder pupils presented a special Broadway show. pre kinder

School News N°27 | 2016 | 5 December

Craighouse School old girl among 2016 the one hundred leading women


On ​Tuesday, ​29th November the award-giving ceremony for the 2016 100 Leading Women ​took place. This is an event organised by El Mercurio and Mujeres Empresarias. For the second consecutive year, Mrs Pilar Zabala ​a former Craighouse School pupil of the 1989 generation was recognized for her work in the business world. ​At present, she is the leader of ​the ​ Holding Pie de Monte, ​with participation in more than forty companies. ​A​s of this year, Mrs Zabala is a member of the ​Board of Directors of Educational Foundation Charles T. Darling. Congratulations to our former pupil ​B​oard ​M​ember.

A day of reflection: we all work together for the environment

By Gigliola Falconi, Eco Community Coordinator – Primary Section By Edith Casas, Eco Community Coordinator – Middle Section By Patricia Cruz, Eco Community Coordinator – Senior Section


On Thursday 6th October the Primary Section pupils watched a video about the flora and fauna of our school and its surroundings. Then, together with teachers and members of the administrative staff, they walked around the school and looked at plants, flowers, and insects. The youngest children took an observation chart and marked or drew what they saw. Meanwhile, Middle Section pupils used the inquiry methodology (from the MYP) to understand the function of flowers and learn about pollination. As well as outdoor resources, they got help from the Internet and from videos. Together with their teachers, the children got into groups and walked around different areas and observed all the things that they usually do not see during their everyday activities. Finally, pupils from Senior attended a lecture by ecologist Leonel Sierralta on “Biodiversity in the central area of our country”. Later they walked around the school and reflected on the flora and fauna that they saw there. Year 12 pupils worked as monitors, accompanying children from the Primary Section in their activity.

A day on a plane

By Galia Engel, Primary Section Teacher latam It all began when we were picked up by a bus with two monitors who handed each pupil from Year 4 a reflective jacket and a security helmet. As soon as we arrived, we hopped off the bus and walked through the airport apron until we reached the stairs that would finally take us to a Boeing 787, one of the most modern LATAM aircrafts. We got on the plane and sat down in business. There, they explained how everything worked in the airplane at each moment of the flight, and then they took us in groups to the cockpit. We were lucky because they let us go up to the pilots’ rest area on the second floor of the plane, which you can’t normally access unless you are part of the crew. After getting off the plane, we went to the hangar where Jorge, who has been working at LATAM for years, met us and answered all our questions about airplanes and aviation. He also told us about history, mechanics, physics, and engineering, as well as a few anecdotes. Finally, he did a quick quiz to see how much we had learned and several pupils won prizes. Thanks to everyone who made this experience possible.

Connecting with other schools

By Rocío Puig, Spanish Teacher – Primary Section connect This year, the Spanish teachers of Primary designed a new activity for Year 3. The purpose was for the children to write letters which they would later send to pupils of the same level from The Mayflower School, in order to establish a connection. The answers were published on the Year 3 notice board.

Middle Section pupils receive recognition for their participation in the Stanford talent search 2016

By Michael Arington, Academic Coordinator – Middle Section


2.1 On Wednesday 5th October the recognition ceremony of the Stanford talent search 2016 was held, where a Stanford University representative presented each pupil with a certificate of distinction and a letter with their result and their relative position in the ranking. This is a list of the pupils who were recognised for their performance in the Math and English writing tests.

Music Teacher participates in international contest in Spain

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer profe Mr Juan Pablo Del Despósito, Music Teacher of the Middle Section, has been chosen to take part in the 21st version of the National Flamenco Art Contest which will be held on November 11th to 26th in Córdoba, Spain. This contest, which first began in 1956 in the heart of Andalucía, is the most important of its kind worldwide, and the greatest flamenco dancers, singers and guitar players in Spain and in the world have taken part in it. 180 artists have signed up for this contest, 18 of which will be participating in the guitar section, including 8 foreigners. In each stage, Mr Juan Pablo Del Despósito will have to perform in the categories of soloist guitar, accompanying guitar for singing, and accompanying guitar for dancing. He will be joined by renowned Spanish artists in his team. Congratulations to Mr Del Despósito for taking part in this important event. We are certain that this will be an unforgettable experience for him. We wish him the best of luck!

Maths Young Event

By Carolina del Pedregal, Primary Section Teacher Maths The traditional Maths Young Event held at Dunalastair was a huge success. Our Craighouse School pupils behaved in an exemplary manner, respecting the other participants, learning from them and making new friends based on fair play. It was wonderful to see how they interacted with peers from other schools, and we felt very proud watching them represent our school, not only academically (solving maths problems), but also interacting with ease and respect. Congratulations to the children who attended this event, and thanks to everyone who allowed us to be there with them.

Infirmary gets makeover

By María Ignacia Vélez, Director of Human Resources enfer As from October, the school has a new infirmary to receive all pupils. With structural improvements made during the September holidays, the infirmary now has six attention stretchers, an area for pupils to wait for their parents, and a space for administrative work. Everyone has expressed their approval of this makeover, particularly our students.