December 2018

CAS Mission 2018

By Consuelo Gutiérrez, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning

The CAS mission marks the end of CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), an integral part of the IB Diploma that seeks to create a bond between the community and the class, promoting teamwork, leadership, proactivity, and empathy. These values are an important ingredient in the profile for the Craighouse School pupils that we want to form, contributing to a more inclusive society.

During the mission, pupils develop all their skills in terms of talents, creativity, and autonomy, at the service of vulnerable communities, which enables them to develop a critical and reflective view of the active role they must play in society.

The mission took place between December 3rd and 7th, during which time each Year 11 class visited a rural school, where they organised workshops for children and/or did repair work.

Each class went to the mission with a CAS advisor and two accompanying teachers, who support and supervise the students’ work and help them with any problems that may arise. Every evening the groups reflected about what they had done and learned. Pupils of each class stay in the school that they are helping, and there they take turns with cooking, cleaning, and decorating, which involves adapting to everyday life as a group, in an atmosphere of respect and self-care after long days of work faced by these pupils and their teachers.

CAS team:

CAS general coordinator: Consuelo Gutiérrez

CAS advisors: Silvia Lagos, Sebastián Sanhueza, Jorge Bello, Ana María Cabrera, and Francisco Hurtado.

Participating team

CAS Mission 2018 – projects and workshops

The projects and workshops are distributed according to each school’s schedule. Mornings are left for working with children in recreational, pastoral, sports, and tutoring workshops, while afternoons focus on infrastructure and repair work in each school.

Recreational and academic workshops: from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. approx. (times can vary depending on each school’s schedule). Some of this year’s workshops were: experiments, body language, singing, drama, English, sports, crafts, etc.

Infrastructure projects: From 3 to 7.30 p.m. approx. Some of this year’s projects were: building and repairing greenhouses, making picnic tables, painting murals, weeding and cleaning up green areas, educational games, making a cement path, etc.

We would like to thank the accompanying teachers of each section, as well as all the pupils who participated, for having met the objectives of this great mission 2018.

Princess Anne visits Escuela Naval

By Patrick Lyons, Deputy Headmaster

I was delighted this past month to represent the school alongside three pupils Candelaria Figueroa (Year 8 D), Nicolás Greiber (Year 8 E) and Nicolás Malfetano (I Medio A) in two events involving Princess Anne, the Princess Royal. Her Highness visited Chile to join celebrations commemorating 200 years since the arrival of Lord Cochrane to Chile to take charge of the young nation's navy.

Firstly at the Prince of Wales Club and then at Escuela Naval in Valparaiso, we learned of the history that, through Lord Cochrane and others formed such a strong and lasting bond between our two nations and our two navies.

The Princess was very impressed with our pupils’ confidence while her husband, Vice Admiral, Sir Timothy Lawrence tried to recruit all three for the Naval Academy. Thankfully, our pupils all preferred to return to Craighouse School for now, but will have an experience to remember forever.

Sunset Music Festival 2018

A huge success: that was the result of the Sunset Music Festival, an event organised by our school’s Old Girls and Boys Association.

With the participation of pupils, parents, and old girls and boys, different generations enjoyed this event. It all began with the Year 5 band, made up by Sofia León (Year 5 B), Hansika Daswani (Year 5 D), Josefina Moyano (Year 5 D), Milagros Berriel (Year 5 D), Matteo Rodríguez (Year 5 C), Antonia Caro (Year 5 C), Borja Bauzá (Year 5 G), and Valentina Hermosilla (Year 5 C), who played Bruno Mars’s “Lazy Song”.

Then came the turn of the Year 5 & 6 band, where pupils Helena Campos (Year 6 G), Lissa Costa (Year 6 G), Emilia Aninat (Year 6 C), Magdalena Dacaret (Year 6 D), Sofía Urenda (Year 6 A), Chaewon Yang (Year 5 C), Yabra Aguad (Year 6 E), and José Tomás Apeleo (Year 6 F) dazzled the audience with Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and “Believer”, by Imagine Dragons.

But that was not all, because we also enjoyed the performance by the Year 7 & 8 band, made up by Catalina Maulen, Sofía Masheredjian, Pranav Daswani, Ignacio Rencoret, Emilio Arango, and Pedro Cantolla, who performed “Post Cards” by James Blunt.

Another participating group was the Year 9 & 10 band with pupils Sofía Pastene, Isidora Campos, Rubén Zepeda, René Prieto, Ciro Fernández, Su Wan Shin, Nicolás Aninat, and Lorenzo Acevedo, who played Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” and Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”.

We also enjoyed the performance of one of the IB bands of Year 10 with Coldplay’s “Yellow”. Members of this band were Sofía Pastene (Year 10 E), René Prieto (Year 10 E), Ernesto Hernández (Year 10 E), Raimundo Prieto (Year 10 A), and Sebastián Pérez (Year 10 B).

The last group to play was the Year 11 band with “Antonia” by Gondwana, made up by Martina Jana (Year 11 A), Sofía Garrido (Year 11 B), Benjamín Gabor (Year 11 A), Tomás Altermatt (Year 11 E), María José Rubio (Year 11 B), Tomás Pérez (Year 11 C), Valentina Scarabino (Year 11 D), Agustina Truffello (Year 11 B), and Sebastian Jana (Year 11 A).

Then, two girls performed as soloists, Sofía Lorenzini (Year 11 B), with "Black Horse and a Cherrie Tree" by KT Tunstall, and María Ignacia Carvajal (Year 11 B), with Michael Jackson’s "What About Us".

Finally, we enjoyed a band made up by parents of the Middle Section, who played a mix of songs as opening act for the grand finale: Rush tribute band H-Sur, led by old boy Michael Dumay of the 1990 generation.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the Old Girls and Boys Association for this great event.

Outdoor activities in Year 4

On Friday 7th December the Sports Department organised an outdoor event for pupils in Year 4. It was a special activity, since it allowed the children to take part in activities such as learning to use a compass, learning basic camping concepts and skills, learning to identify risky situations outdoors and deciding what measures to take. They also learned to work as teams around a common goal.

Congratulations to the participating pupils and the organisers!

Recorriendo el Cusco, Valle Sagrado y Machu-Picchu la delegación vivenció las culturas andinas, gracias a los conocimientos y experiencias del Sr. Elorrieta, quien nos llevó a descubrir lugares que no están en los recorridos turísticos tradicionales. Felicitaciones a nuestros alumnos por su compromiso académico demostrado en este viaje el cual, estamos seguros, los guiará “en su camino hacia las estrellas”.

Christmas and Hanukkah celebration

On Wednesday 5th December we had an ecumenic celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah in the Middle/Senior dining hall, organised by the Religion Department. This year, this moment of reflection and fraternity was shared with Jewish Rabbi Ari Sigal, Protestant Pastor Robert Carter, and Catholic Deacon Walter Bauer.

COBS & COGS finished a successful sports year

COBS & COGS, said good bye to 2018 with the celebration of the seven-a-side "Luis Casali Casanave" and their traditional dance. These two events took place at the school on Saturday 8th December. This season saw the first rugby team as champions of the Torneo Nacional de Clubes Top 8 de Arusa, which gave them the fifth star in their history, as well as the triumph of M18 in the Torneo Otoño. In hockey, it was the intermediate category which celebrated first place in the FEHOCH closing tournament, and the under 14 A team which won the opening tournament, as did the under-12 C team.