Education in the Arts is an integral part of the school’s philosophy as it helps develop children’s sensitivity, creative imagination and autonomy, as well as their social and communication skills. In Craighouse, pupils are offered opportunities to develop their knowledge in Visual Arts, Music and Theatre.

The Arts open doors for understanding and connecting to others. It is an excellent pathway for children and young people to become interested and knowledgeable about their own cultural heritage and to learn about and feel something for traditions distinct from their own. Through an Arts education we delve into our collective identity, realize our differences with others and sometimes even discover our common humanity.

Our school community enjoys continuous opportunities to present their work in the Arts. Presentations of theatre productions are often enjoyed by audiences here at school, and sometimes in venues in Santiago and occasionally abroad as well. The visual arts pupils participate in many exhibitions organized by Craighouse and other schools. The yearly Diploma Visual Arts Exhibition is a wonderful occasion for our community to enjoy the outstanding work done by our pupils.


In Craighouse we believe musical appreciation and skill is an integral element of our pupil’s formation. As is the case of other aesthetic endeavours, music helps develop children’s sensitivity, creative imagination, capacity to concentrate and also their social and communication skills. It opens doors for understanding each other and provides a haven for some pupils for whom it is or becomes a central need.

Beyond its place in the school’s curriculum as a subject offered to all pupils from Prekinder to Year 10, the school provides many opportunities to those pupils who would like to further develop their musical ability and talent. Under the direction of our music teachers, pupils are invited to become members of their section’s choir and diverse bands who delight the community on a regular basis during Assemblies, formal ceremonies and events outside the school too.

The Craighouse Music School offers pupils a chance to learn to play a particular instrument and participate in the Craighouse Orquestra. Classes are arranged after school hours and are paid by parents as an extra.

Director of Arts

Mrs María Ignacia Convalía


Head of Visual Arts

Mr Hugo Cisternas


Music Coordinator Primary Section

Mr Andrés Chacón


Music Coordinator Middle/Senior Section

Mr Andrés Jeraldo