Inquiry Centre

There are two inquiry centres at Craighouse School, specifically designed to make the implementation of the curriculum easier. One of them is used exclusively by Primary pupils and it is located at the very centre of the section. The second can be found in the Darling Hall and it is used by pupils from the Middle and Senior Sections.

Our inquiry centres are the home of a large number of books, specialised magazines and newspapers. We are very proud of the fine collection that has been building up over the years. As a way of encouraging a love of reading and a passion for books that will last a lifetime, our inquiry centres also host activities such as storytelling, visits from renowned authors and illustrators, debating, and short film exhibitions, among others.

These centres excel by their unique design and architecture. They were created with the aim of promoting inquiry, and therefore the space and the furniture are an invitation to our pupils to share and create. The Primary Section inquiry centre is organised around large areas of knowledge so that the younger students can easily find materials for their research, encouraging their questions and their natural curiosity.

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