This department groups together professionals from Technology Education and Educational Technology, and their work strives to develop a global view of technology.

Educational Technology encourages pupils to use information and communication technology (ICT) in order to strengthen and develop ICT skills for learning (in Spanish, HTPA).

In the context of today’s society, these skills are “the ability to solve problems related to information, communication and knowledge, as well as legal, social and ethical dilemmas in adigital environment” (Enlaces, 2013).

Our curriculum includes activities where pupils from Playgroup to Year 12 use devices or applications in virtual environments, where technology benefits learning, collaborative work and virtual communication.

Technology Education challenges pupils to look at the world of technology and at the same time it offers them great opportunities to come up with possible solutions to problems that they encounter and learn to assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of those solutions. That is how Technology Education helps our students to become reflective, proactive citizens of the 21st century.

Our main purpose is to motivate pupils so that they learn by doing and, later on, by reflecting on the process they have designed or implemented.