Formative Curriculum

Support to Learning

 In this area, skills and basic contents are developed, in order to strengthen study habit and thus take preventive action in face of academic problems in our pupils.

Emotional Development and Sexuality

 This area deals with issues such as respecting one’s body, emotional ties between men and women, and sexuality. Our methodology is based on reflection, a values-oriented perspective and a preventive approach in terms of health.

Addiction Prevention

 This area develops skills for facing peer pressure regarding drug abuse, and also provides useful information. It focuses on self-care and decision-making.

Leadership and Convivencia Escolar

 This area is also covered during the Form Period. Its objective is to develop a positive classroom and school atmosphere where all members of the community are respected, by choosing class representatives and organising teamwork. Pupils are expected to apply what they learn to their everyday lives.

Vocational Guidance

This area is worked on in Years 11 and 12. Its objective is to accompany pupils’ vocational exploration process and the setting up of a life project. Each of these areas constitutes a unit that is worked on in three to six sessions during the Form Period. By studying the contents included in these topics, pupils can develop skills and values.



Personal, social, emotional development

Development of Values Craighouse School has defined nine values as the basis of its educational proposal, classified into personal values (respect, responsibility, honesty and effort) and social values (solidarity, friendship, tolerance, loyalty and justice). We contribute to the development of values in various different ways: by monitoring the application of the formative curriculum, by coordinating work in the Formative Council and by discussing the subject in Educational Councils. We also work with parents in workshops and meetings, according to the school life stages of their children.
Respect for diversity
Our Educational Project establishes and promotes respect for diversity and the different ways in which faith can be expressed. We firmly believe that respect for diversity contributes to the formative process of our community; therefore, we offer classes for different religious beliefs, as well as an alternative for those pupils whose families do not profess a specific faith. The Craighouse School Educational Project also defines a profile for pupils who are socially active. Hence our community service activities are also designed by the Religion Department, promoting different pupil-oriented initiatives that combine faith and the practice of universal human values.