The best Primary CAS projects

We would like to thank the generation of CAS pupils who worked on creative projects for their Primary Section schoolmates. These are the best projects in each area:

· Storytelling: “La Torre de Acero”, Belén Villa and Pedro Orellana.

· Self-care: Quarantine Calendar, Sara Mandiola and Anirudh Ranganatha.

· Healthy recipe: Cocadas (coconut sweets), Matías Panza and Victoria García.

· Collaborative games: “One-minute crafts”, Constanza Torrealba; “Homemade plasticine”, Valentina Yates, Santos Pasman, & Giulian.

“Sew masks, help us” campaign – reception of face masks

From Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th of August, we completed the second stage of our face mask collection campaign “Sew masks, help us”. Our Craighouse School community, committed as ever, visited the school to take the face masks they had made in June and July. We received a total of 4,430 face masks!

We want to thank everyone who coordinated efforts and arrived at the school representing their class or level to drop off the face masks. A huge thank-you for having worked with your families and for your multiple donations. And of course, we have to mention the people who are part of this project: CARE, the Parents’ Association, Social Service and Experiential Learning, and our Round Square pupils, who worked together with staff members organizing everything.