Institutional Policies

Craighouse School Life Guide

The presentation of the School Life Guide to teachers and parents in 2011 was an important milestone in the development of values. This official document replaces our Discipline Document, and its objective is to guide the Craighouse School Community in the creation of a positive school culture and environment, promoting the development of values. The main changes of this guide have to do with moving from a heteronomous to an autonomous type of education from the point of view of values, as well as emphasising positive behaviours and promoting values that will allow our pupils to reach their full potential. Coordinator of 'Convivencia Escolar' Mrs María Paz Saumann Molina


Policy on emotional development and sexuality education

Regarding emotional development and sexuality education, Craighouse School has created an internal policy that defines the fundamentals and central values in this matter, and that clarifies the school’s position regarding “sensitive” issues; i.e. those that can be harder to discuss and reflect upon with our children or pupils, due to the values that underpin them. This policy has served as an institutional foundation that teachers can use when working on the contents regarding emotional development and sexuality, in classrooms between Play Group and Year 12.



Prevention of drug use and alcohol policy

At Craighouse School we have built our own approach in the creation and implementation of prevention strategies for drug and alcohol abuse. This approach considers prevention as part of our Educational Project, defining an institutional policy around the issue and also developing specific actions within our prevention programme. This policy describes the school’s position and how we deal with drug and alcohol abuse prevention, stating the following: * The school considers it essential to promote values and attitudes that favour the personal development of its students in an environment free from drug use and alcohol abuse. * The school considers the prevention of drug consumption a top priority task for the family, and one that must be shared with the school. * The school expects a personal commitment from each pupil and member of the educational community to help maintain an educational environment free from drug consumption and alcohol abuse. * The school does not permit the consumption of illegal drugs and alcohol on its premises nor during school-related activities. Likewise, the sale of these substances is not permitted on the premises.

The school believes that the problem of drug and/or alcohol dependence can be remedied, in as far as each pupil makes a personal commitment to help achieve it. In a context of strict confidentiality, the school will make special efforts to help those pupils who are found using drugs and/or abusing alcohol, and who together with their families, express their willingness to overcome the problem. The school reserves the right to request evaluations by independent specialists when a pupil is found to be using drugs or abusing alcohol, and to adopt all relevant disciplinary actions for students that violate the regulations established in this Policy.



Inclusion Policy

In 2005, Craighouse School declared in its Educational Project that we accept all members of a family. Consequently, we developed an Inclusion Programme for the children of the families in our community who have special needs so that the Educational Project can benefit the development of their skills. As a school we respect and value differences, and we seek to offer each of our pupils the best significant learning opportunities and possibilities for development as individuals, and we hope to contribute so that in the future each pupil can support their local reality or the global society.