Entrance and Exit Protocol

In order to ensure that there is both a formal and safe educational environment, once the general access gates have been closed, entry to Craighouse School will be through the reception area at the main entrance of the school.


Entrance and exit

Classes begin at 8.20 a.m. The clock in the reception area shows the official school time, and arrivals will be determined by this standard.

Once the bell has rung, all access gates to the school will be closed (main gate, Primary Section door and Middle Section parking area gate), except for the door in the reception area. Pupils arriving late must come in through this entrance, where they will be met by the inspector of the corresponding section.

Primary pupils will be taken to the inspectors’ office, where the late arrival will be recorded. Then, Preschool pupils (Playgroup to Kinder) will be accompanied to their classrooms and Years 1 to 4 pupils will go to their classrooms on their own.

Pupils in Years 5 to 12 who arrive after 8.20 a.m. will be met at the reception area by the inspector of their section, who will record the late arrival and authorise them to go to their classrooms.

Each pupil will take a late pass and hand it to their teacher.

Pupils arriving late with no previous authorization must be accompanied by their parents to the reception desk and wait for receptionist to contact the section’s assistant.

Middle Section gate will close at 8.15 a.m.


Parents are requested to make all appointments such as doctors’ appointments, visits to the dentist, medical exams, etc., after school hours so as not to interfere with their children’s educational process. Pupils who do not attend school during the day are not allowed to come to school after hours to collect books, hand in work, talk to teachers or attend extracurricular or sports activities.

All absences from school must be excused in writing to the tutor, as soon as the pupil returns to school.

Absences for more than three days due to medical reasons must be justified with a medical certificate, which must be given to the form teacher or tutor, as soon as the morning the day the pupil returns to school. Medical certificates will not be accepted after that day.

All absences, including those endorsed by a medical certificate, have an impact on the percentage of pupils’ yearly attendance. Pupils must have a minimum attendance of 85% during the year in order to be promoted to the following academic year. Medical certificates do not annul students’ absences, they only explain them.

Special considerations

Special situations will be considered as long as they have been previously authorised by the corresponding Head of Section. To do so, an e-mail must be sent at least 24 hours in advance in order to assess the situation..

Primary Section: headofprimary@craighouse.cl

Middle Section: headofmiddle@craighouse.cl

Senior Section: headofsenior@craighouse.cl

If authorisation is given, pupils may arrive at school not later than 10 a.m. Please note that pupils will not be allowed to enter school after 10 a.m. If they arrive before 10 a.m. they must go to the reception area together with their parents to verify the authorisation, and then go to the corresponding section assistant or the inspectors’ office, where they will be given a pass allowing them to go to class. Pupils will only be authorised to leave the school before the end of the school day in case of an emergency occurred inside the school, in which case they will receive an authorisation slip signed by the nurse, or the corresponding Deputy Head or Head of Section.


We expect all our pupils to come to school with all their belongings every day, which reinforces the value of responsibility and ensures the safety of our pupils by preventing them from receiving strange objects. Neither the guards nor our receptionist are authorised to receive items from home. This includes exercise books, textbooks, homework, written work, backpacks and sports equipment, among others.

Pupils leaving times

Pupils who have not been picked up at their leaving time will have to wait –for their own safety- inside the school (either in reception or in the adjacent playground). In these cases, parents will have to pick them up.

Please note that:

* From Monday to Friday there is no adult supervision before 7.30 a.m.

* There is no adult supervision after 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday.

* On Fridays there is no adult supervision after 4.25 p.m.

* Extra training and extracurricular activities finish at 5.50 p.m. from Monday to Thursday.

* There are no extracurricular activities on Fridays.


Entrance and exit

Parents may not enter school during class time, except if called in for a parents’ meetings or class presentation.

Craighouse School promotes independence and autonomy in all our pupils from a young age. Therefore, in the morning parents are encouraged to use our drop off procedure (stop and drop), organised by the Traffic Brigade. All entrances to the school are supervised by members or our staff until the gates close.

Only parents from Playgroup to Year 2 may take their children to their classrooms, but must leave promptly. In case of late arrivals, they must leave their children in the reception area, where they will be met by an inspector.

Parents and guardians from Playgroup, Pre-Kinder, Kinder, Year 1 and Year 2 who pick up their children must sign the withdrawal list provided by the Class Form Tutor/Teacher.

Parents collecting pupils from the Primary Section at 12.35 or 3.05 p.m. are not authorised to go to other sections of the school as classes are still in progress.

We remind our parents who park in the Primary Section parking zone that the gate is closed every morning at 08.20 a.m. If they need to stay longer, the inspector must be informed.

Interviews with teachers

Parents who have an interview with a teacher must go to the reception area, where the receptionist will inform the corresponding section. They will only be allowed inside the school once the receptionist has located the person who is going to interview them.

Interviews with Headmaster and/or members of administrative staff, Sports Department, Parents’ Association or Cobs&Cogs:

Parents or visitors who have scheduled an interview with any of the staff mentioned above must go to reception, where the receptionist will ask for their names, ID number will give them an identification badge and announce their arrival. This is valid for parents and the general public.

CARE, Centro de Padres and COBS & COGS

Parents working on these committees will receive an identification card. The activities of these groups will be registered and included in the calendars and schedules of the different sections. The receptionist will be aware of these meetings and activities, and will therefore authorise entry to the school.

Craighouse School Former Pupils

Former pupils visiting the school and are not parents and / or guardians, will have to identify themselves at the reception stating the reason for their visit and the section they will go to. The receptionist will inform the Section Assistant or corresponding area to authorise entry.

Visiting hours are from 08.30 a.m. to 4.20 p.m.

General Public

Entrance and exit

On entering the school, all visitors must inform the receptionist who they have an appointment with (except for pupils and members of staff). They will be required to register in the reception area, where their names, I.D. numbers will be registered and they will be given and identification badge.

Please note that any visitor to the school must wear the identification badge at all times.

Entry to the school will also be allowed once the staff member who will receive the visitor has been located; otherwise they will have to remain in the reception area until they can be received.

These norms uphold and promote the values of respect, responsibility, honesty and effort, described in our School Life Guide and in our Educational Project.

We thank you for your support and commitment with our Entry and Exit Protocol, which helps us to promote a learning environment of respect and organisation. This updated protocol will come into effect as of, March, 2021.

Note: This policy may be subject to change or revision due to national contingencies beyond the control of the school.

Updated September 2020