Protocols for cases of accusations of agressions and/or violation of pupils’ rights

In coherence with our Educational Project, one of our aims at Craighouse School is to provide all members of our community with a safe environment where their integrity is protected. Our School Life Guide, together with our Formative and Academic Curricula, promote a culture of respect among all members of the school community.

However, we must be alert to any possible situations within this community, and which transgress its rules and values, put the safety of one of the members at risk, and physically or psychologically harm our pupils.

In this document we describe the procedures that the school will follow through a series of protocols, whose purpose is to protect the integrity and privacy of each pupil, without revealing their situation to the community, nor any possible sanctions, if applicable, as per the School Life Guide. Information regarding sanctions or formative measures will only be given to the families involved, and only with respect to their own child.