Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team is the group of people who lead the school. It is conformed by the Headmaster and nine highly qualified professionals, all with a long history of experience in their respective areas. They represent four different nationalities, forming a team that is strongly committed to the Craighouse School Educational Project.

Together they supervise the implementation of the Craighouse School Educational Project, its values and culture. Whenever necessary, they incorporate the adaptations needed to keep pace with our local and global society and those educational innovations which may empower it.

Headmaster Deputy Headmaster
Mr Peter Lacey Mr Patrick Lyons
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Acting Director of Academic Area Director of Formative Area
 Mr Patrick Lyons Mrs María Paz Saumann
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Head of Primary Section Head of Middle Section  Head of Senior Section
 Mrs Cristina Russell-King Mr Pablo Salvador Mr Mark Cross
Bursar Director of Human Resources  Director of Communications
Mr Jorge Cabargas Mrs María Ignacia Vélez  Mrs María Isabel Sánchez
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