July 2016

School News N°14| 2016 | July 27

Winter voluntary work 2016

By Macarena Castillo and Raúl Zilleruelo, Heads of Winter Voluntary Work

With the very important challenge of organising the first winter voluntary work at Craighouse School, we began by putting together a work team from all Senior levels. Our mission: to plan two days of activities for the children of Hogar Koinomadelfia.

We had a very successful food collection campaign to cover those two days, with several work shifts in Jumbo supermarkets. We ended up with four trolleys full of food.

Monday 11th July finally came and it was time to begin our short journey to this home located in Peñaflor, an hour away from the school, where over 80 vulnerable children were waiting for us with open arms. We had carefully planned every activity, but we forgot that children’s minds don’t really work like that. For a moment we felt a bit overwhelmed by the huge number of kids running around and wanting to take part in more than one activity at once.

Craft work with plasticine and paint, football games and the traditional “musical chairs” went on till the end of the day. On Tuesday morning, the children’s high spirits were evident and they were happy to continue playing. It was a calm but fun morning spent making delicious cocadas, while the older kids played an endless game of football in which the girls of the home showed their magnificent sports skills!

We were there for only two days, but we know that we managed to make a difference. Good-bye hugs were long and tight, and the happiness in our hearts will be with us forever.

This was, without a doubt, an unforgettable experience. We were able to witness realities very different from our own, and we gave a bit of our time and skills to help others. Experiences like this make a difference in other peoples’ lives, and at the same time they help us grow and make a contribution to society. However, more than the hep we gave them, what those children taught us and the joy they transmitted is what will remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

A big thank-you to our team for taking time to plan each activity, and to everyone who took part in this first experience of the Craighouse School winter voluntary work. Your support was fundamental in making this a successful experience.

2016 winter voluntary work team: Valentina Castillo, Salvador Lues, Daniela Benavides, Santiago Pérez, Francisca González T., Juan Pablo Beherán, María Ignacia Muñoz, Maureen Maremaa, Macarena Castillo, and Raúl Zilleruelo.

Participants: Camila Pinto, Teodora Doxrud, Valentina Encinas, Vicente Fleischmann, Sergio Moreno, Francisco Sandoval, Elisa Witt, Victoria Van Bavel, Pedro Pablo López, Alejandra Moreno, Amalia Paulsen, Andrea Lara, Carmen Belazquez, Francisca Deik, Josefina Elgart, Elna Petrowitsch, Florencia Escalona, Florencia Lueg, Florencia Noguera, Francisca Campos, Simone Dattas, Valentina Greiber, Josefina Rovira, Consuelo Valdés, Colomba Paulsen, Fernanda Cancino, Fernanda Salgado, Nicole Schwammenhofer, Josefina Collado, Delfina Gómez, Tomás Salas, and Ignacia Rovira.

Teachers: Macarena Andrade, Claudia Rebolledo, Constanza Rivera, Loreto Urrutia, Liliana Poblete, Daniela Vidal, María Paz Saumann, and Soledad Valdés.

CAS bingo invitation

By Ximena Navarro, CAS Coordinator – Senior Section

On Friday 29th July, between 8 and 11.30 p.m., pupils in Year 11 who are doing CAS will have their traditional bingo. The main objective of this activity is to raise funds for the CAS mission, which consists of staying for five days in low-income schools in rural areas, doing different kinds of social and community work, as well as helping with infrastructure repairs and giving educational support.

We look forward to the participation of all members of our community.

Tickets will cost $5,000. During the event there will be binguitos for sale for $1,000, as well as contests and surprise prizes.

Thank you in advance for your participation and collaboration, and we look forward to your presence so that this year’s CAS mission can be carried out successfully.

Flea market in the Middle Section

By Evelyn Yupanqui, CARE Communications

In order to promote the values of friendship and solidarity, and after two years, CARE Middle has re-initiated the traditional flea market, which will take place on Thursday 28th July during breaks.

The idea of this activity is that pupils can donate games that they have at home, so as to make another child happy. What we want is to generate the necessary resources and at the same time raise awareness to help the institutions we sponsor.

This year we will be asking our pupils to donate video games, movies, and board games, all of them in good condition.

Parents of the Middle Section will be helping during the flea market, and we invite them to see this activity as an opportunity to develop empathy and social awareness in our pupils and children.

Craighouse: a certified “green” school

By Edith Casas, Ecocommunity Coordinator – Middle Section

On Tuesday 21st June we attended the Environmental Certification Ceremony, where 42 schools received their environmental certification for 2015. For the second time, Craighouse School was recognised for its eco-friendly practices. The National Environmental Certification System for Educational Institutions (SNCAE) has three categories: basic, intermediate, and excellent.

Ecocommunity coordinators from the Primary and Middle Sections, Mrs Gigliola Falconi and Edith Casas, represented our school and received a certificate, a plaque, and a green flag to represent our condition of “excellence”.

All educational communities were congratulated for their commitment to environmental issues and for incorporating environmental education systematically into their curriculums.

In 2015 we collected data from 2011 to 2014 regarding the following areas where environmental protection was included:

  • Curricular integration.
  • Classwork strategies.
  • Integration of CARE families and CAS project.
  • Open air education: CAS and sports.
  • School management.
  • Environmental committees.
  • Environmental responsibility.
  • Management area.
  • Contact networks.

Mrs Falconi and Mrs Casas, as well as Mrs Sachy Bravo, were responsible for collecting, reviewing, and writing up all the documents required by the Ministry of the Environment, in order to certify the work that Ecocommunity and the Craighouse School community do to promote the protection of our environment.

We are convinced that Craighouse School is slowly beginning to make a contribution to making Chile a sustainable country.

Congratulations to all members of our community for this important recognition.

Cervantes exhibition: 400 years of the Spanish genius

By Pamela Dragas, inquiry centre – Senior Section

On Wednesday 20th July at 10 a.m. the inquiry centre inaugurated the exhibition “Cervantes: 400 years of the Spanish genius”, organised by the Spanish Culture Centre.

This display shows the legacy of Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra throughout history, with special emphasis on his masterpiece, “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha”, with a collection of twenty posters of the knight of the sad countenance.

The exhibition will be open for all members of the community until Friday 29th July.

Our Headmaster is invited to a British Council event

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer

On the occasion of the arrival of the new Director of the British Council in Chile, Mrs Katherine Hutter, Mr Peter Lacey has been invited to attend a reception on Wednesday 27th July to welcome Mrs Hutter. At the same time, the community will bid farewell to Mr Andrew Chadwick, who currently holds the post.

The British Council is an international organisation from the United Kingdom that seeks to foster cultural relationships and educational opportunities.

Australia and China play friendly game at Craighouse School Campus

By Daniel Romo, Acting Head of the PE & Sports Department

On Friday 29th July at 1.30 p.m. we will host a world-class event in our sports fields: the national women’s hockey teams of China and Australia will play a game in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

This match will allow us to see the Australian players in action, now standing third in the world ranking of female teams, and the Chinese, currently in sixth position.

We invite all members of our community to come and watch this fascinating game.

Culture tip: "Romeo and Juliet" - 31 Minutes style

On Saturday 30th July, the Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea will present the famous play “Romeo and Juliet”, adapted by the 31 Minutos team. It will be a fun family activity, completely free of charge.

Rabbit Juan Carlos Bodoque will be playing the part of William Shakespeare, to narrate the most famous of all love stories. The play will be presented as a musical comedy, but respecting the original structure and its most poetic lines.

The songs have been composed especially for this version and the staging has been carefully designed, in order to bring people of all ages closer to this love story and to one the most important playwrights of all times. If you think you know the story well, this version will certainly surprise you!

You can collect your free tickets from Monday 25th to Friday 29th July, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Plaza del Tranque, located on one side of the culture centre (maximum 3 general tickets per person).

Date: Saturday 30th
Time: 5 to 5.40 p.m. (40 minutes long)
Doors open at 4 p.m.
Place: Avenida La Dehesa with El Rodeo
Tickets: free (must be previously pick up) – 3 general tickets per person
Audience: family
Information: 2 2754 3860
Source: http: www.lobarnechea.cl/new/corporaciones/barnechea_cultura

School News N°13| 2016 | July 8

Pupils participate in a live music recording

By Francisco Carvajal, Head of the Music Department


On the morning of Monday 4th July the Senior Section had a very special assembly. Pupils Tibor Godor (Year 11 D), Donald Bennett (Year 11 E), Daniel Hartley (Year 11 E), Sebastián Ma-Shichoy (Year 11 E), and Daphne Stelle (Year 11 E) did a live music recording as part of their internal assessment for the Music diploma.

In a technically IB remarkable presentation, this group of pupils played five pieces of different styles, repertoires, times, and cultures, and the audience greatly enjoyed a top-level musical programme.

The pieces recorded were:

- “Canon a 4 perpetuus” by Johann Sebastian Bach (baroque music)

- “El mercado de testaccio” by Horacio Salinas, Inti-Illimani (Chilean folklore music)

- “Tinku”, anonymous, in Quechua language (Bolivian ethnical music)

- “Autumn leaves” by Jacques Prévert and Joseph Kosma (popular music, jazz standard)

- “Higher ground” by Stevie Wonder (popular music, rock-funk)

Pupils participate in Maths and Ingenuity event

By Bernardita Petrowitsch, Maths Teacher – Middle Section


Every year, the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) invites all pupils from Years 5 to 8 to a maths and ingenuity event. This year, the host school was Bradford and the event took place on Saturday 18th June.

Our pupils participated with their parents, and together they solved “brain teasers” and maths problems. They were accompanied by teachers Mrs Bernardita Petrowitsch and Mr Christian Guzmán.

This fun event was not a competition, but a series of activities aimed at integration among schools, around the subject of of mathematical thinking.

Congratulations to our participating pupils: Victoria Baraqui Year 5 G), Cristina Peralta (Year 6 G), and Martín Iglesias (Year 8 C), and a big thank-you to their parents for taking time to join their children.

Congratulations, Year 6 G!

By Edith Casas, Ecocommunity Coordinator – Middle Section


We would like to highlight an initiative by the tutor of Year 6 G, Miss Kattana Rodríguez, who organised a contest to motivate her pupils to recycle. The idea of “Ecoreto Craighouse” was to encourage children to make eco-friendly bricks.

The class managed to make 37 bricks, exceeding the goal they had set for themselves.

Congratulations for their commitment with the environment. We hope that other classes and tutors can imitate this fantastic initiative!

And remember: We are all Ecocommunity.

TDIWinter Social Service voluntary work 2016: all set

By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning

On July 11th and 12th a group of pupils of the Senior Section and their teachers will take part in the first session of winter social service voluntary work of Craighouse School. This initiative, organised by the area of Social Projects and Experiential Learning, seeks to bring a moment of joy to children of the Koinomadelfia home in Peñaflor.

The team, led by Macarena Castillo (Year 12 B) and Raúl Zilleruelo (Year 12 A), has worked hard organising the activities, so that the group can make the most of those two days.

We wish this group of pupils great success in this challenge.

Pupils visit Parque Aguas de San Ramón

By Nicole Carrasco and Paulina Saavedra, Teahcers – Middle Section


On Friday 1st July pupils from Year 6 visited Parque Aguas San Ramón. It was a highly successful experience, where the children had the opportunity to demonstrate their sports skills, relax with their classmates, connect with nature and take care of the environment.

The group did trekking for approximately 7 kilometres, with scheduled stops to learn about the flora and fauna of the area. They also visited the place where the femur of a 15 thousand year old stegomastodon had been found. After that they enjoyed a well-deserved lunch break near the waterfall.

The pupils made the most of this experience, and were happy to spend time with their classmates and teachers. They were able to disconnect from their daily routines to enjoy the outdoors in a place as energising as the mountain, and some of them promised to come back and repeat the trekking experience with their families.

Preprimary celebrates Father’s Day

By Andrés Gaete, Music Teacher – Primary Section


On June 20th to 22nd pupils from Playgroup, Prekinder and Kinder celebrated Father’s Day.

This year, as an exception, we received the father of one of our pupils, Michel Gosen (Prekinder L), who accompanied the music show with the tenor sax in a lovely version of the 50’s classic “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King, made popular by John Lennon.

The children sang along lustily at the tops of their voices, accompanied by sax and guitar, while their dads sat by enjoying the fun.

New design: The Shield 2015

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


On Friday 8th July, interview day, each family will receive a copy of the new 2015 Shield, our school yearbook that covers topics of interest and a summary of the most important activities that took place during the year.

In addition, pupils of the 2015 generation have been given a special, personalised copy of The Shield.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who contributes in one way or another to making this historical document a reality.

We hope that you enjoy The Shield with your families.

Culture tip: Snow White for the whole family (story-ballet)


From Wednesday 13th to Sunday 24th July Teatro Municipal de Las Condes will be presenting Snow White, a story-ballet show. Suitable for the whole family, it promises to be a fun choice for those who stay in Santiago during the winter holidays.

For further information, please visit www.tmlc.cl.

Tickets: $5,000 (stalls)

Duration: 50 minutes

School News N°12| 2016 | July 1

Successful local meeting with pupils for constitution-building process

By Constanza Rivera, Careers Advisor – Formative Area


On Tuesday 21st June we attended a local meeting organised by one of our pupils, Victoria Van Bavel, in which 26 pupils from Years 9 to 12 participated.

For over three hours, the attendants reflected and discussed the main issues of the constitution, as well as its principles and values, rights and duties, and relevant institutions.

We believe that this valuable civic exercise allowed them not only to learn more about the constitution and its pillars, but also to realise that their opinion – and that of their classmates – is important for building a better country.

Celebration of Shavuot

By Lorena Sommerfeld, Jewish Religion Teacher


On Monday 13th June pupils from Primary and Middle celebrated Shavout, to remember the presentation of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, and the handing out of bikurim (first fruits).

That day, the children brought their bikurim, which consisted of pasta and legumes. This year, the bikurim were donated to Reshet, a Jewish organisation that helps families in need who are part of the Jewish community), and the Merkaz synagogue.

The morning of Shavuot, we sang and had breakfast together. We read the Ten Commandments and discussed their importance. We also talked about respecting one’s neighbour and helping people in need.

Workshop for parents – Years 1 & 2

By Loreto Urrutia, Psyshologist – Formative Area


On Tuesday 14th June a group of parents of Years 1 and 2 attended a workshop called “Strengthening resilience in the family”.

During the workshop we talked about the attitudes, values, and actions that helped each family member to be more resilient. We also discussed how a positive attitude combined with realism is useful for dealing with difficult situations.

Finally, the attending parents shared significant experiences lived by their own parents, “resilience agents” who gave them strength and confidence. These experiences now serve as inspiration to promote these skills in their children.

Spanish Department creates “reading phones”

By Francisca Troncoso and Rocío Puig, Spanish Teachers – Primary Section


The Spanish Department of the Primary Section has set up “reading phones” for all pupils from Years 1 to 4.

With two PVC elbows and a piece of plumbing pipe, a phone handset was made, that allows children to listen to their own voice while they read out loud. This helps them to make a self-assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

The pupils have shown great enthusiasm in using these “reading phones”, and they enjoy what they read even more than before!

Pupils take part in the national collection of Techo Chile

By Ximena Navarro, CAS Coordinator


On Friday, 10th June pupils from Year 10 began their CAS activities for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. In this context, pupils from Year 10 D took part in the national collection of Fundación Techo Chile, an institution that our school supports with several activities, and whose purpose is to help families and children in the programmes that operate throughout the country: “decent housing”, “recovering spaces”, and “opening up roads”.

The CAS programme also gradually integrates parents and advisors to these activities, since they give valuable support to our pupils throughout their learning process. Therefore, parents of the class were also invited to take part, and they were very generous in coming to help their children. We would like to thank the all parents, particularly Mrs Paulina Hargreaves, Mrs Sonia Alvariño, and Mrs Bernardita Villouta, and teachers Gloria Paredes, Gerardo Hidalgo, and Sebastián Sanhueza (form teacher) for their participation.

During the activity, our pupils had the opportunity to ask for help, spend time with others, devise strategies and serve in different corners of Lo Barnechea, thus becoming more fully aware of the issues of inequality and solidarity. It was a very satisfactory day that ended successfully for pupils and parents alike and was felt to be a great experience for all.

Primary Section pupils baptise the mobile recycling unit

By Gigliola Falconi, Ecomonitor – Primary Section


The youngest pupils of our school were truly impressed when the mobile recycling unit arrived at Craighouse. They named it “the green centre”, and they will now wait anxiously for the last Wednesday of each month, when they will take plastic bottles and Tetra Pak containers to be recycled.

Culture tip: Audio-visual Interactive Museum