July 2017

Inauguration of the new pergola

pergola On Thursday 29th June, the board of directors of the Charles T. Darling Educational Foundation, the school and the Parents’ Association inaugurated our new pergola. The ceremony was led by Ms June Pearson, our head girl, and Mr Ian Orchard, our head boy, who thanked the 2016 and 2017 administrations of the Parents’ Association who, with support from all parents of the school, made this dream come true so that the pergola could become a more friendly space for our community. Representing the Foundation, director Mrs María José Cohen thanked all parents of the school for a job well done. The pergola project was developed by architect Mrs Carolina Auger and designer Ms Fanny Auger, who declared that “the pergola was conceived as an open space for all members of the school community, including pupils, teachers and parents.” The existing trees in the area were surrounded by concrete benches which also serve as tree pots. “We also included lighting fixtures so the space could be used at any time,” added the professionals. In technical terms, after defining the requirements and once the school had finished the drainage works in the area, the levels were measured and the terrain was compacted, respecting the slope for the evacuation of rainwater. Electrical cords were then channelled and the patio was paved. The final stage included installing the concrete pieces and the imported furniture.

Interreligious exhibition 2017

By Marcela Acuña, Head of the Religion Department expo With the purpose of sharing an experience that could go beyond our own faith, the Religion Department held the 7th interreligious exhibition to encourage tolerance. The exhibition is the result of an inquiry process carried out by our pupils, and this year’s main theme was the sacred books of the major religions of the world. The inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives from the Bahai, Jewish and Protestant religions, and of the Gideons association. They all shared their testimonies, as did María Jesús Caldera, pupil of Year 8 E. We also enjoyed Jewish music thanks to the participation of Cantor Ariel Bogiel and Rabbi Ari Siegal. This year we invited other schools as well as authorities from different religions. We received pupils from Colegio Hebreo, who took part in round table discussions and conversation groups with our own students, as a clear example of tolerance, getting past the barriers of different faiths. Finally, the younger pupils were fascinated with a ventriloquist who invited the group to acknowledge the presence of values that transcend a particular religion. We are certain that these initiatives help us to build dreams in our community or a more caring, more fraternal world. This is the starting point to create further opportunities for dialogue with other schools and religious organisations.

Craighouse School girls hand Mr Lacey the hockey shield

hockey On Saturday 1st July we had the ABSCH hockey tournament. The Year 7 and Intermediate categories played at Santiago College while the Year 8 and Senior categories had their match in our campus. These were the final results: The Year 7 category won second place after losing the penalty shootouts against Dunalastair Valle Norte. The Year 8 category meanwhile were not able to classify. The intermediate category lost the final game against The Grange School and the Senior girls won the final game 3-1 against Santiago College. Accompanied by Mrs Ana María Cabrera, their trainer, the girls visited Mr Lacey in his office on Tuesday 18th July to hand him the shield. Congratulations to all our girls for their dedication, especially to the First XI for winning such an important trophy.

Eco-tip 1

eco A good shower – and not a long bath – can save up to 7,500 litres of water each year. Choose a short, 5-minute shower and turn off the water while you soap up. A constant, persistent dripping tap wastes 12,500 litres of water each year. Source: www.encartesaludaldia.com

Sports-cultural trip to Buenos Aires 2017

By Pablo Salvador, Deputy Head of Middle Section FDS The sports-cultural trip took place from June 28th to July 5th, and the group was received, as has been a tradition over the last years, by Florida Day School in Buenos Aires. 59 pupils took part in this trip, representing Craighouse School in three disciplines: hockey, rugby, and drama. Our pupils did very well in all three, and were received with great hospitality by the hosting schools. As well as Florida Day School, we also visited St John’s, Northland, and St Mathew’s School, and achieved excellent results in sports as well as great drama performances. This delegation of Year 6 pupils travelled accompanied by teachers Mrs María José Pilasi (hockey), Mr Rony Stein (hockey), Mr Matías Stevens (drama), Mr Francisco Hurtado (rugby), Mr Matthew Keyte (rugby) and Mr Pablo Salvador (head of delegation). The success of the tour was the result of a great effort made by all members of the Craighouse School community, giving our pupils an opportunity that they will remember with pride and joy for the rest of their lives.

Craighouse School pupils receive medals from the Chilean Physics Olympics 2016

By Carolina Valdebenito, Physics Teacher – Senior Section fisica On Thursday 29th June at 4.30 the awards ceremony for the 2016 Chilean Physics Olympics – where a group of Craighouse School pupils participated – was held in the hall of honour of Universidad de Santiago. The Chilean Physics Olympics has become one of the most important activities promoted by SOCHIFI to contribute to the development of Physics in our country. This event first began over two decades ago, and countless members of the Chilean academic community have worked to promote the development of young talents. In this ceremony, Mrs Mónica Trejo, Deputy Head of Senior, accompanied old boy Raúl Zilleruelo who won a silver medal – at a national level – while representing Year 12 2016, and pupil Cristóbal Zilleruelo who won bronze level at a national level when representing Year 11 2016.

Where to go: “Bodies” exhibition in Santiago

By Elliot Zepeda, pupil of Year 10 B collage bodies A real trip inside the human body, showing real bodies and organs, has become a world-renowned exhibition, which will be shown at Mall Florida Center until August 13th. There is an important educational value in this exhibition that allows children to understand the complexity of our organism, and for older pupils as well: for example, I, being an IB Biology student, feel that it made me have a better understanding of the body’s anatomy. Tickets cost $4,000 and the exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, and from 11 a.m. to 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. (It is recommended to go between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m., or from 6.30 p.m. onwards, for a better appreciation of the exhibits). For further information, please go to the official website: www.bodies.cl.

July: the month of justice

just Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month we are working with the value of justice, which we define as ensuring that each person gives and receives what he or she is due, with equity, balance and impartiality, for one’s one good and for the common good. Acting with justice means: Being aware of the external factors that affect a situation and considering them when making a decision. Acknowledging other people’s effort, merits and achievements.

2017 generation takes part in career week

By Constanza Rivera, Counsellor – Formative Area Semana From May 30th to June 2nd, pupils in Year 12 had their career week, where they met with Craighouse School old girls and boys to hear about their work experience and how they faced the moment they are now living. We would like to highlight the participation of Mrs María de los Ángeles Undurraga, old girl and Executive Director of “Mujeres del Pacífico”; Mrs Pilar Zabala, old girl, Business Engineer leading the “Pie de Monte” holding; and Mrs Paulina Vodanovic Rojas, Lawyer for the Undersecretariat of the Armed Forces, who discussed the topic of women in today’s world of work. The pupils also had the chance to meet Craighouse School old boys Mr Vladimir Glasinovic, Manager of the “Nueva Alameda Providencia” project and Director of the Santiago Metro; and Mr Pablo Viollier, Law graduate, public policy analyst at NGO “Derechos Digitales”, who shared their experience in the public sector. The week ended with the activity “A closer look at the world of work”, where pupils met different professionals and heard their stories while visiting their work places. This gave them a more realistic view of what it is like work in the career of their interest, considering the area of work and possibilities for future development. Special thanks to Mrs Mónica Román, Mrs Pilar Zabala, Mrs Daniella Galli, Mr Antonio Valdés, Mr Ernesto Hernández , Mr Edmundo Ruiz, Mr Giorgio Coggiola, Mr Pablo Holmgren and Mr Andrés Baeza for having kindly received our pupils in their work places and for showing them the reality of each of their professions.

Pupils from Year 8 take part in the Outdoor Education Programme’s first activity

By Pablo Salvador, Deputy Head of Middle salida-8 While a Year 8 delegation flew to Buenos Aires for the sports tour at Northlands School, the group that stayed back in Santiago visited the Challenge Centre at Latitud 90, a place designed for experiential learning, where participants develop their teamwork abilities to the fullest and exploit their communication skills to get through the different stages of the challenge using strategy and good coordination. The pupils, accompanied by teachers Mrs Cecilia Costa and Claudia Lyon, as well as the Deputy Head of Section, Mr Pablo Salvador, had to finish a series of events including a zip-line, climbing, trapeze, wall, balance platform and travesía baja. These fun activities marked the opening of the Outdoor Education Programme at Craighouse School.

Pupils take part in regional robotics event KimünBots

By José Manzanares, Robotics Teacher robotica On Saturday 24th June a team of pupils of the Middle Section, together with their teachers Mrs Cristóbal Quijada and José Manzanares, took part in KimünBots, a regional robotics meeting, which was held at Campus San Joaquín of Universidad Católica. Our pupils were there with 24 teams from the Metropolitan Region. The purpose of this event was to complete two challenges, where the judging team would evaluate the robot test, programming, teamwork and problem solving. Congratulations to Tomás Malfetano (Year 7 D), Dimian Córdova (Year 7 E), Matías Casarín (Year 7 E), Victoria Trejo (Year 5 C), Martín Oliva (Year 6 E), Emilio Arango (Year 6 G) and Rubén Zepeda (Year 8 E). A big thank-you to the students for their excellent participation in this event and to their parents for their support.

Parents’ Association organised a talk about the safe use of social media

 cdp Technology moves forward at a very fast pace, and adults have to be up to date with what happens in social media, their children’s favourite tool for communication and participation. In this context, the Parents’ Association together with the Technology for Learning Department and the Formative Area organised an open meeting for all members of the community to discuss the safe use of social media and technology. The event took place on Tuesday 13th June at 7.30 p.m., and as special guests we had Mrs Jeanette Illanes PDI inspector, and Mr René Jofré, Technology for Learning Manager. During the meeting, they talked about how to use social media safely.

Father’s Day celebration

papa As is tradition, in June our youngest pupils celebrate Father’s Day with different activities, and they invite their dads to spend time with them for a few hours. This year the celebration took place on June 20th, 21st, 22nd and 27th. We want to thank the teachers who worked hard in encouraging their pupils to make a gift for their fathers or help them learn a song for them. Another big thank-you to all the dads who came to school to celebrate with their children.

Craighouse School pupils celebrate Techo-Chile’s anniversary

techo On Tuesday 20th June, Techo-Chile held a dinner in Espacio Riesco to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the foundation. As is tradition, Techo volunteers were in charge of the dinner service, and our pupils Daniela Benavides from Year 11 E José Manuel Morales from Year 12 B were there to help serve the guests, as a contribution to the foundation. Congratulations to our pupils who each and every day show great social commitment to the foundation’s cause.

Pupils have outstanding participation in Regional Athletics Championship

atle The weekend of June 24th the National Sports Institute (IND) held the Under 12 Regional Championship of School Sport Games at the Mario Recordón athletic track. This year, our pupils Elena Ortega (Year 8 D) and Felipe Pérez (Year 8) were there to participate. Elena won third place in the 800-metre race and fifth place in long jump, while Felipe won second place and a silver medal in the 80-metre and 150-metre race. We must point out that both pupils had to compete against other young athletes who have been training for quite some time, whereas Elena and Felipe have only spent a few months training at the sports club of Universidad Católica. For the championship, our pupils decided to compete wearing their school shirt. Congratulations to Elena and Felipe for this important achievement.

Pupils committed to recycling

reci In May, pupils of Year 6 E and their tutor, Miss Blanca Hernández, were in charge of recycling. This consisted of collecting all recyclable materials and taking them to the mobile unit that the Lo Barnechea Municipality brings to our school on the last Wednesday of each month. Many thanks to the tutor and her pupils for their commitment and hard work, specially to the eco-monitors of that class, Blanca Victorero and Antonio Leal.

Eco-tip: what is an ecological footprint?

pie It’s the impact that a person, institution or country has on the planet, expressed in the number of hectares of biologically productive land and water required for: providing all the material and energy resources consumed, and absorbing all the generated waste. That area is necessary for: - producing plant food and growing pasture for animals. - obtaining food and other products from the sea. - generating energy. - urbanising, creating infrastructure and work centres. - areas for biodiversity and forests for CO2 absorption. Source: www.ambienteecologico.esy.es