July 2018

Results 2018: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

As a school we are once again proud to inform you of the results of this year´s International Baccalaureate Diploma Examinations. We congratulate each of our pupils in Year 12 who demonstrated their commitment and continual hard work from its start in Year 10 in 2016 until its culmination recently in May 2018.

Craighouse School is the educational institution in Chile with the most International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates and Diploma holders. This year the overall results are as follows:

*79% of the generation were IB Diploma candidates

*76 pupils achieved the IB Diploma

We are very pleased that so many of our pupils, together with their families, decide to face this academic challenge. The IB Diploma is an international qualification which enjoys an excellent reputation for its globally recognised high academic standard. The fact that so many of our pupils achieved the IB Diploma means that Craighouse is a ‘world class’ school. This is something the community at large should recognise and celebrate.

We would therefore like to congratulate all our pupils who obtained the IB Diploma. But, in particular, we would like to highlight the following outstanding results:

Tomás Vergara Browne – 40 points

Maite Auil Rodríguez– 37 points

Valentina Encinas Ramírez– 36 points

Constanza Campos Parra– 35 points

María García Lázaro– 35 points

A percentage of the generation received the highest qualification (A in the Extended Essay):


Isidora Abello Prado

Josefina Rovira Córdova

Max Whiting Gutiérrez

Constanza Campos Parra

Joaquín Escalona Siminic

Thomas Robert Mina


Ignacio Lara Wolf


Martín Hernández Aguerrebere

Congratulations to all these pupils for their hard work and perseverance without which this personal achievement would not have been possible.

Finally, our pupils’ success on the Diploma is also attributable to their teachers, whose dedication and commitment to the continuous progress of each member of the Generation as well as to the Craighouse Educational Project must be acknowledged. As a school, we are profoundly grateful to them.

Pupils attend oral hygiene workshop

With the purpose of encouraging oral hygiene among Prekinder pupils, on June 29th the “Club del Ratón Pérez”, made up by paediatric dentists, offered a workshop for all students of the level. They taught them brushing techniques and explained what illnesses can be caused by not cleaning their teeth every day (cavities). They also discussed the importance good oral hygiene. During the activity the team gave each child a cleaning kit which included an educational sticker for the bathroom with all the steps for cleaning their teeth. When the workshop ended, the teachers received a copy of the song “A lavarse los dientes”.

New technology equipment for our pupils

By René Jofré, Head of Information Technology

Craighouse School considers information and communications technology (ICT) a tool that enables pupils to inquire, investigate, work collaboratively, share information, and communicate with others. ICT is thus a complement to the teaching-learning process that specifically allows pupils to develop their full potential.

In order to promote this view, we have made an important investment in terms of ICT equipment for our students. We have acquired 44 laptops, 138 chromebooks and 7 trolleys to carry the equipment around the school. Chromebooks are laptops that use Chrome OS, developed by Google, which as opposed to Windows, OS X and Linux, are intended to be used in constant connection to the internet and the cloud.

These new devices will be distributed among the three sections, so that all pupils can access them.


By Andrea Niedmann, PE Teacher

We are very proud to inform you that the girls who are part of our volleyball team received an award for their participation and fair play in the Liga Oriente de Vóleibol.

As well as this award, which they won as a team, players Isidora Campos (Year 9 B) and María José Giglio (Year 11 B) were recongised for their commitment to school volleyball.

Craighouse School pupil wins Alpatacal Medal

On July 6th the Alpatacal ceremony was held in the aula magna of Escuela Militar, to commemorate the anniversary of the Alpatacal tragedy, a railway accident that happened 91 years ago.

During the ceremony one of our Year 12 pupils, Manuela Caronni, who is also a prefect, was awarded for her spirit of service and cooperation, representing the values that Craighouse School promotes through its Educational Project.

Pupils in Year 3 take part in foundational experience

By Consuelo Gutiérrez, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning

With the purpose of creating significant bonds with vulnerable children from other schools, and to promote learning, games, and the exchange of solidarity experiences, pupils in Year 3 had their first foundational experience on June 21st and 22nd.

The pupils were accompanied by the psychologist of the Formative Area, the tutor of each class and the Social Service Area team, and together they staged theatre plays and organised storytelling activities. This was, without a doubt, a great experience for all the children who took part.

Talk about Convivencia Escolar

With the purpose of sharing with our community the school’s guidelines in terms of Convivencia escolar, on June 27th and July 4th Mrs María Paz Saumann, Head of the Formative Area, held a series of meetings with class representatives from Primary, Middle and Senior.

Several class representatives were able to attend the meetings, where the school presented its guidelines regarding convivencia escolar and conflict resolution.

We want to thank the class representatives for their participation, and we know that they will pass on the information to their classes.

Congratulations to our Hockey Team – Junior and Senior Categories

After a very long season, the 11-a-side brought back good news for our Craighouse School hockey team. They were the winners of the Junior and Senior categories. The Senior triumph was possible after winning 1-0 against The Grange School in the final game, and winning the shield. The Junior category, meanwhile, beat Santiago College 1-0 and won the category.

Eco Tip

July: The month of justice

Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff.

This month we are working with the value of justice, which we define as ensuring that each person gives and receives what he or she is due, with equity, balance and impartiality, for one’s one good and for the common good.

Acting with justice means:

**Being aware of the external factors that affect a situation and considering them when making a decision.

**Acknowledging other people’s effort, merits and achievements.

New edition of The Shield 2017

On Friday, 13th July during interview day, each family will receive a copy of the new 2017 Shield, our school yearbook that covers topics of interest and a summary of the most important activities that took place during the year.

In addition, pupils of the 2017 generation will receive a special edition, consisting of a personalised copy of The Shield.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who contributes in one way or another to making this historic document a reality.

We hope that you enjoy The Shield with your families.

Pupils participate in Maths and Ingenuity event

Every year, the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) invites all pupils from Years 5 to 8 to a maths and ingenuity event. This year, the host school was Redland School and the event took place on Saturday 26th June.

Our pupils participated with their parents, and together they solved “brain teasers” and maths problems. They were accompanied by teachers Miss Wilma Uribe and Mr Álvaro Góngora.

This fun event was not a competition, but a series of activities aimed at integration among schools, around the subject of of mathematical thinking.

Congratulations to our participating pupils: Karla Gómez (Year 7 C) and Tomás Gutiérrez (Year 7 C), and a big thank-you to their parents for taking time to join their children.

Contest WORLD CUP FIFA 2018

The Middle/Senior Inquiry Centre has organised a contest for all our pupils: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Trivia!

Below you will find the rules for this contest. We kindly ask you to encourage your children to participate.


1.- All Middle and Senior Section pupils can participate.

2.- The answer sheet must be handed in to the Inquiry Centre librarians (Miss Heidy Chinchón and Miss Pamela Dragas).

3.- The due date is Thursday, 12th July.

4.- The winners will be the ones who answer all the questions correctly and guess the first and second places of the World Cup 2018 right.

5.- The prize will be presented to the winner(s) in an assembly during the week of July 23rd.

To download the trivia, press here.

Craighouse School girls join national hockey team tour

Isidora Cabargas, Francisca González Troncoso and Elisa Smith, Senior Section pupils, were invited to take part in the tour to Canada and the US from June 27th to July 14th. These players are members of the Hockey Chile junior team, preparing for the Pan American Games in Lima 2019. We all wish them very success.


Interview Day

We would like to inform you that on Friday, 13th July all sections will have their interview day between parents and form teachers or tutors, whose objective is to analyse and evaluate your daughter/son’s results of the first semester. During the interview, you will also set new goals for the second semester, which begins on Tuesday 24th July.

For the interviews, please consider the following:

** Attendance is mandatory.

** In the Senior Section, parents and pupils must attend the interview.

** In the Middle Section tutors will inform parents whether the child must attend the interview.

** Tutors will send you a note informing you of the interview time.

Pupils receive their bibles

By Rosa Zapata, Religion Teacher – Middle Section

On Tuesday, 19th June pupils from Year 5 received their bibles at the Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia parish in Lo Barnechea. Those pupils are preparing for their first communion later this year. The ceremony was led by father Rodrigo Domínguez, and pupils were accompanied by their families.

This event marks an important step in their catechism, and at the same time it allows them to live the importance of the word of God in the life of a Christian as members of a community.

Middle Section: class representatives and Student Council working session

By Gabriela Sierralta, Psychologist – Formative Area

On Thursday 17th May the Formative Area, together with the Middle Student Council and its advisors Mrs Blanca Hernández and Mr Renzo Cremaschi, had a working session with class representatives of Years 5 to 8. The purpose of this session was to strengthen the leadership of this group of pupils, and to promote collaborative work between the Student Council and the class representatives.

During the session, students reflected on what it means to be a leader and on the importance of putting their leadership at the service of the needs of the community. The pupils were able to get to know each other better and work in teams with a common goal, showcasing their leadership skills in front of other students.

Craighouse School invites you to the Concert of the Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil de Lo Barnechea

What can I read?

Miss Pamela Dragas recommends the following book: La Fiesta del Chivo by Mario Vargas Llosa.

The novel is based on three stories: first comes Urania, a woman who after many years returns to Santo Domingo to visit her father, who was a collaborator of dictator Rafael Trujillo. The second story is that of Trujillo and his closest associates, and the third is pure intrigue and suspense, and it is the central plot of the novel. It is where we discover the plan of some of the characters, who will appear along the story plotting a conspiracy to get rid of the scapegoat.

This novel is a perfect mix of the history of Latin America, filled with suspense, and written in Mario Varga’s Llosa’s clean, fascinating style. He clearly did not win the Nobel Prize in Literature by chance.

This book is perfect for people who enjoy history, for those who want to learn more about countries that have been somewhat forgotten, and for anyone who enjoys good literature.

Cultural Tip

Universidad de los Andes invites the whole family to play at the Museum of Arts.

Más información en www.uandes.cl/extension