June 2016

School News N°11| 2016 | June 24

Mr Lacey was invited to give a talk and participate in FIDE

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


The National Educational Congress on Reforms in Education “Where are we?” organised by the Federación de Instituciones de Educación Particular (FIDE) took place at Hotel O’Higgins in Viña del Mar from the 9th to the 11th of June.

As part of the programme, Mr Lacey was invited to participate as a panel speaker on “Challenges presented by the reform programme to heads of schools”, led by former Minister of Education Mr Hosé Weinstein Cayuela in representation of the private schools.

Young teachers from Plymouth University begin their practice in the Primary Section

By Andrea Yara, Deputy Head of Primary Section


Craighouse School will once again proudly host ten young teachers from Plymouth University in the Primary Section. They will be doing their teaching practice until September of this year.

We are very excited about the arrival of all these young teachers, as the blend of British and Chilean cultures will be a great contribution to the learning process of our pupils.

We take this opportunity to thank Plymouth University for their trust in choosing Craighouse School as the place where their students will put into practice all their knowledge and vocation to teach young children.

Foundational experience for Year 3 pupils

By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Services & Experiential Learning


The opening assembly for the initiation of the foundational experience for Year 3 pupils of the Primary section was held on Friday, June 10th.

On this occasion, we were joined by boys and girls from the Santa Rosa nursery school of Lo Barnechea and Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza nursery school of Huechuraba. The aim was to share a morning full of activities, games and a lot of affection. Our pupils were anxious to meet these visitors and suggested all sorts of activities for the event, based on experience with children of the same age in their own families. It turned out to be an unforgettable experience, both for our own children and our guests.

INJUV director visits the Senior Section

By María Paz Saumann, Director of the Formative Area


On Wednesday, 8th June Mr Nicolás Farfán, Director of the National Youth Institute (INJUV) gave a presentation to the Senior Section pupils about the constitution-building process that is taking place in our country.

In his presentation Mr Farfán encouraged our pupils to be part of the process by attending local meetings as well as provincial and regional cabildos. He then answered questions from members of the Student Council and class presidents.

The students left this presentation highly motivated and looking forward to organising a local meeting with classmates in their section.

Pupils from the debate group take part in oral proceedings tournament at UDP

By Francisco Toro, Extracurricular Activity Teacher


On Tuesday, 7th June, pupils Valentina Peña (Year 10 D), Fernanda Pérez (Year 10 D), and Dominique Cavallaro (Year 10 B) from the debate group displayed total commitment in their participation in the 13th Oral Proceedings Tournament organised by the School of Law of Universidad Diego Portales.

This year, our pupils had to take part in a fictitious homicide trial, where they took on the defence of one of the affected parties. During the process they achieved an excellent grade (6.7), which allowed them to stand out from the other participants.

We would like to point out that in order to take part in the tournament, the girls previously had to attend four training sessions outside of school hours, to learn more about the current oral trial system in Chile, as well as a number of sessions with a coach from the School of Law of UDP.

Congratulations to our pupils for their fantastic participation.

Pupils receive their bibles

By Marcela Acuña, Head of the Religion Department


On Tuesday, 7th June pupils from Year 5 received their bibles at the Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia parish in Lo Barnechea. They are preparing for their first communion later this year. The ceremony was led by father Rodrigo Domínguez, and pupils were accompanied by their families.

This event marks an important step in their catechism, and at the same time it allows them to live the importance of the word of God in the life of a Christian as members of a community.

Primary Section ecomonitors visit punto limpio in Lo Barnechea

By Gigliola Falconi, Ecocommunity Coordinator – Primary Section


On Thursday, 9th June, ecomonitors from Years 2 to 4 had the chance to attend a special workshop in the Lo Barnechea punto limpio. During the activities, they learned about the purpose of recycling and how to recycle different materials.

The people at the recycling unit presented a slide show with interesting information about different types of plastic and their uses, as well as Tetra Pak containers and what happens to them once they have been recycled, and the life cycle of glass.

The pupils then made their own purse using a Tetra Pak container and visited the recycling containers themselves thus gaining a much closer view of what it means to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Overall, it was a fun morning for these twenty pupils who were accompanied by Miss Gigliola Falconi.

Culture tip: a perfect little planet


Planetario Chile of Universidad de Santiago invites all families to a very interesting exhibition, where a family from another planet goes on a fun journey around the Solar System. During 38 minutes, you will discover how cold the surface of Pluto really is, explore the cliffs of Miranda moon and shake with storms in Jupiter.

Planetario Chile

Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins N°3349 – Estación Central

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 2 and 4 p.m.

Tickets: children $3,500 / Adults $4,500


School News N°10| 2016 | June 20

Career week

By Constanza Rivera, Careers Advisor – Formative Area


From May 23rd to 27th Year 12 pupils had their career week with different activities aimed to help them choose a career having in mind their expectations for the future.

The week began with the “Life project day”, whose purpose is to reflect so as to gain a better self-knowledge and understanding, all linked to a career choice that is coherent with who you are and who I want to become.

On that first day we enjoyed a special lunch with all pupils from Year 12, as well as tutors and other guests from the school.

In order to help them with their vocational search and to widen their knowledge regarding different professional fields, people working in various institutions offered talks about their areas.

Some of our guests were the Mayor of Lo Barnechea, Mr Felipe Guevara, who talked about how public service became his vocation; Mr Sebastián Bowen, Development Manager at Acción, who shared his valuable experience in social issues; María de los Ángeles Undurraga, old girl and Executive Director at Mujeres del Pacífico, who discussed the various challenges of the world of work; and Ester Valenzuela, Director of the School of Law at UDP, who talked about adolescent criminal responsibility.

Through different activities, such as “Testimonials” and “A closer look at the world of work”, our pupils were able to hear about the experiences of different professionals and also to visit their work places. This gave them a more realistic view of what it is like to work in the career of their interest and a wider vision of the future, considering job opportunities and possibilities of professional development.

Other activities included workshops on public speaking, relaxation techniques and stress management, and games and challenges on site, all aimed at providing help in dealing with the different areas of interest. The week ended with visits to the different campuses of Universidad Católica and Universidad de Chile.

We are very pleased with the results of this career week and we are grateful for all the help given by parents, old girls and boys, and friends of the Craighouse School community, all of whom played an important role in making this a successful week.

Special thanks to the following people for their time and excellent disposition to share their experience with our pupils: Álvaro Moraga, Andrés Bluhm, Antonella Sassi, Beatriz Fried, Belén Peña, Bruno Coulon, Claudio Pérez, Connie Lisboa, Danilo Dragicevic, Emilio Soto, Erika Herrera, Fernando Juez, Francisco Grenee, Francisco Javier Cancino, Ignacio Franjola, Juan Pablo Urzúa, Juan Pablo Zahr, Luis Aros, Mauricio Cabezas, Mónica Ahumada, Mónica Román, Patricia Cisternas, Paula Carrasco, Paula Tejeda, Pedro Becker, Rafael Undurraga, Ricardo Leal, Roberto Weber, Sebastián Dabini, Sergio Galán, Sergio Vergara, Oscar Aitken, Patricia Tissera, Paula Martínez, Jorge Cabargas, Sebastián Lüders, Gonzalo Caldera, Cristóbal Sirhan, Lucivanda Lima, Lorena Isbej , Felipe Cornejo, Eduardo Elgueta, Ximena Jiménez, Arturo Figueroa, Mónica Justiniano, Andrés Raggio, Javier Navarro, Rodrigo Jana, Ariel Casarin, Günther Rochefort, Giselle Pérez, Jorge Sandoval, Geraint Lacey, Jorge Sanhueza, Fernando Calquín and Helen Fritz.

Craighouse School pupil attends final round of Chinese competition

By Aznous Boisseranc, Chinese Teacher


On Friday, 27th May, Amanda Cádiz from Year 11 B who studies Chinese was invited to attend the national final round of the Puente Chino 2016 competition, as a listener. 32 students participate in this competition, in the secondary and university categories. The purpose of the invitation was to encourage Amanda to continue learning Chinese.

This year José Ignacio Álvarez, a pupil from Instituto Nacional, was the winner of the secondary category, while Eduardo Obando from Instituto Confucio UST won the university category of the competition.

Both winners will travel to China to represent our country in the world final that will take place in the next few months.

21st May celebration


Primary Section

By María Eliana González, Assistant – Primary Section

On Friday, 20th May pupils from Years 1 to 4 attended an assembly to commemorate the battle of Iquique and pay tribute to our national hero Arturo Prat Chacón.

During the assembly we received a visit from Mr Arturo Figueroa, school parent and old boy, graduate of Escuela Naval and second lieutenant of the Chilean Navy, who addressed our pupils to tell them his life story.

Based on his experience at Escuela Naval and in the navy, he began to study the life of Arturo Prat, which is similar to the values that he learned as a Craighouse School pupil, such as responsibility when carrying out his duties, effort, solidarity, and loyalty to his country and his fellow men.

Mr Figueroa encouraged our students to follow this life model, to be coherent with their values and to fight, even if “the battle is unequal” (Arturo Prat’s famous words), in the circumstances they will have to face throughout their lives.

Middle Section

By Leonora Cardemil, History and Social Studies Coordinator – Middle Section

On Thursday, 19th May, the Middle Section celebrated 21st May with a very special assembly in which we received three members of the Chilean navy: lieutenant Zañartu, and cadets Galleguillos and Errázuriz.

Our guests gave us a fun historical outline of the War of the Pacific and the Battle of Iquique. They also explained the importance of the navy for our country.

The pupils showed great interest and enthusiasm, particularly when they watched a video with real footage of some members of the navy in service.

A big thank-you to these sailors for taking time to visit our pupils, and congratulations to the Middle Section for their impeccable behaviour and respect for our guests.

Senior Section

By Ricardo Solís, Teacher of History and Social Studies – Senior Section

On Friday, 20th May the Social Studies Department organised an assembly to commemorate 21st May. Mr Ricardo Solís gave a historical outline of the Battle of Iquique and Punta Gruesa, and pupils Ignacio Rumié (Year 11 D) and Sofía Lorenzini (Year 9 B) read letters written by Miguel Grau and Carmela Carvajal, which gave a human dimension to this chapter of our history.

Then, Roberto Natho (Year 11 B) told us what it’s like to be part of a family that is linked to the navy. To finish the assembly, first lieutenant of the navy Mr Hernán Valdés gave a message from the institution regarding the values of this heroic deed for the history of our country.

This was a great learning opportunity for our pupils, and the message was to remember history in order to educate from the perspective of peace among American countries.

Year 8 pupils finish their foundational experience

By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Services & Experiential Learning


On June 13th our Year 8 pupils marked the end of their foundational experience with a thoughtful assembly where they reflected on the main learning outcomes gained from spending time on two different occasions with the old people at Villa Padre Hurtado.

Our pupils had visited the Villa on April 25th and May 25th and had organised activities that had provided a very different morning for the old people. They had organised bingos, card and domino games, and mandala painting as part of their entertainment programme. This year we also painted the houses and tidied up the gardens of the Villa so as to improve the whole environment.

The visit ended with a magnificent mariachi show, where Sofía Pastene delighted everyone with her songs.

We would like to share some of the learning outcomes mentioned by our pupils:

“This experience taught us how to feel at ease with people who live in very different circumstances from ours.”

“We feel that painting houses, tidying up gardens and spending time with the old people has been a learning experience for us.”

“We learned how to respect and help the elderly.”

“We learned to value what we have ourselves.”

Special thanks to each and every one of our pupils for their service to others, accompanied by their wonderful tutors.

Pupils of the 2016 generation begin to prepare for the PSU

By Michael Dumbell, Academic Director


Having finished their IB Diploma exams, on Tuesday June 7th our Year 12 pupils began a period of intensive preparation for the Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU).

We should mention that this is not the beginning of their preparation, since the Craighouse School Curriculum has provided preparation in Mathematics and Spanish throughout the years in the Senior Section, as part of the integrated national curriculum and Diploma programme.

(In the case of Science and History, two hours a week have been assigned to these subjects throughout Years 10 and 11, and four hours a week in Year 12).

Mock exams have been held in each one of the PSU subjects to establish study groups in accordance with the students’ level, so as to allow each one to achieve his/her maximum potential.

Pupils celebrated Mr Lacey’s birthday

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


Last Tuesday June 14th Mr Peter Lacey’s 61st birthday was celebrated.

This year, pupils from the three sections brought him gifts and wished him a happy birthday.

As part of the celebration, over a hundred pupils from Primary and Middle Section, led by Mrs Marcela Barrios and accompanied on the piano by teacher Mr Marc Hetherington, sang songs for our headmaster.

On behalf of the whole school, we wish Mr Lacey a successful year, full of new challenges and new experiences.

Last bake sale

By Evelyn Yupanqui, CARE


On June 27th a new law is to be enforced in Chile, regulating the sale of food in schools.

Nowadays, over 60% of the population is overweight, according to the 2010 National Health Survey. This is a problem that begins in early childhood. According to the Ministry of Health in 2014, 10% of children under 6 and 25% of Year 1 children are obese and 26.5% are overweight. In order to reverse these figures, the law forbids the sale of foods high in critical nutrients, mainly sugar and fats. This is undoubtedly a good initiative.

In order to comply with this law, we will have to put an end to our traditional bake sale, where the Primary classes took turns every Tuesday to sell delicious cakes, buns and pastries, generally homemade by mothers. Over the last few weeks we have held the final bake sales, where Year 1 N reached a record sale in their first and last bake sale. Special thanks to everyone for your participation and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, CARE is evaluating other ways of fundraising so as to keep on with our social service commitments.

Culture tip: “Pequeño Municipal”


As has been a tradition over the last few years, Teatro Municipal de Santiago invites children and young people to the “Pequeño Municipal”, with specially adapted classics of opera, ballet and concerts. It is the perfect opportunity to bring the little ones closer to the performing arts.

There will be special performances for families on Sundays, so that parents can take their children and have a lovely time together.

Teatro Municipal de Santiago
Agustinas 792 – Santiago

School News N°09 | 2016 | June 10

Visit to the Jewish Interactive Museum

By Lorena Sommerfeld, teacher of Jewish Religion


On Friday, May 27th, Catholic Religion Teacher Mrs Rosa Zapata, and Jewish Religion Teacher Mrs Lorena Sommerfeld accompanied a group of 36 Protestant, Jewish and Catholic pupils form Years 9 and 10 on a visit to the Interactive Jewish Museum to follow the route of the Shoah (Holocaust). The aim of the visit was to promote respect for diversity and cultural identity in our pupils, from the point of view of values and social responsibility.

The pupils learned more about the topic in the 360-degree cinema, where they saw some images of the period together with an account of the events that led to the death of 6,000,000 Jews.

In the interactive room they came face to face with ethical dilemmas, where they had to choose an alternative that best reflected their way of thinking. Finally, they listened to recorded testimonials of survivors who later settled in Chile.

We believe this visit was an enriching experience for all those of us who had the chance to take part.

Food sampling in Year 2

By Jimena Manríquez, Spanish Coordinator – Primary Section


As a way of closing the unit of work “Who we are”, Year 2 pupils put on a cooking display based on the Month of the sea, the War of the Pacific, and the value of friendship. During this unit of work, pupils also studied different types of text. The children also made reference to the different text: recipes, informative texts, posters and invitations.

Each pupils impressed us with a creative dish prepared with their families, and displayed it in the Primary Section.

Congratulations to all pupils for the love, dedication, and effort shown in this activity.

Punto limpio” inauguration

By Edith Casas, Ecocommunity Coordinator – Middle Section


On Wednesday, 25th May we inaugurated the school’s new mobile recycling unit. Throughout the three sections we encouraged pupils to recycle the snack wrappings, as well as plastic bottles, bottle tops, Tetra Pak boxes, and tins. We could see that the pupils were really committed with this task. This is just the beginning of our recycling campaign!!

We want to take this opportunity to ask all members of our community for help motivating our pupils to keep their commitment to take care of the environment, collecting these recyclable items in the school until the last Wednesday of each month. That is when they will be transferred to the mobile unit that the Lo Barnechea Municipality will bring to Craighouse School.

This time, pupils from Year 5 D and Ecocommunity helped us to take recycling materials and were very happy and motivated together with Ecocommunity Coordinators Mrs Gigliola Falconi (Primary Section) and Mrs Edith Casas (Middle Section).

And remember: “We are all members of the Ecocommunity”

Trip to Peru: Machu Picchu


The Social Studies and History Department has begun the application and selection process for the trip to Peru, to visit Machu Picchu.

In this trip the pupils will go round the city of Cuzco, visiting the Koricancha Temple, Iglesia de Santo Domingo, San Blas neighbourhood, the main square (plaza de armas) and the cathedral. Then they will travel to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, visiting Awanacancha and the Pisac market. Later, they will go to Moray’s concentric terraces and the Maras salt mines, and they will end the tour in Ollantaytambo, from where they will take a train to Aguas Calientes. Finally, they will reach the wonderful Lost City of the Incas, where Machu Picchu awaits them with its incredible terraces, flights of steps, ceremonial spaces and urban areas.

The trip will begin on Monday September 5th, and the return to Chile is scheduled for September 12th.

For further information, please write to Mr Sebastián Sanhueza at ssanhueza@craighouse.cl.

Cultural tip: Children’s play “Melodías en el aire”


This play for early childhood is full of textures, colour and movement. Balloons, lights, feathers, and a lot of music accompany the characters playing in the plaza where they hear messages and melodies inviting them round the world to the moon, and returning to Chile with a short cueca. The whole event lasts an hour, and in the last 30 minutes the children and their parents are invited on stage to play with the scenery and touch the musical instruments, encouraging parent-child bonding and interpersonal relationships, and ending with the children themselves as part of the story that is being told.

Further information

Company: Aranwa

Duration: one hour

Recommended for children from 0 years of age

Shows: Saturdays at 4 p.m. / Sundays at 12 p.m.

Facebook: Teatro Infantil y familiar UC

Twitter: @TeatroFmiliar