June 2017

2017 generation: IB Visual Arts exhibition

IB On Tuesday 12th June we inaugurated the Year 12 Visual Arts exhibition with a massive turnout and very favourable reviews. But the biggest success of this display was the quality of the works created by thirty-six pupils, which included paintings, drawings and sculptures. As well as the traditional arts, this year a wide variety of techniques were presented, including photography, digital graphics, objectual art, advertising, design objects, etc. All these were made possible thanks to our students’ effort and hard work during the two years since they began their Diploma in 2015. At such a young age, IB Visual Arts pupils have set us an outstanding example of critical judgement and creativity. They showed interest in the social and cultural world around them, and they were curious and inquisitive regarding all phenomena. During this exhibition we were able to recognise the type of pupil that Craighouse School strives to develop, and the type of citizen that this country needs.

Craighouse School parent presented a special conference about gravity

By Mrs María Magdalena Varas, Teacher of Year 4 APO Our inquiry-based educational programme requires educators to be able to stimulate and motivate students’ curiosity and learning beyond what they can experience and see. Mrs Patricia Tissera, Craighouse School parent and Astrophysics lecturer, came to present and teach our Year 4 pupils about how gravitational force works in the universe. Students were able to connect their knowledge about forces with the most amazing pictures of galaxies and star creations. Pupils’ questions went from why gravity doesn’t let us fly to how the moon’s gravity affects us. This experience opened a door to many questions and inquiries that even experts have wondered about for many years. As Craighouse School we believe that we are preparing students to see the future with an action plan so that they will be able to contribute to our society.

Young teachers from Plymouth University begin their practice in the Primary Section

plymouth Craighouse School will once again proudly host six young teachers from Plymouth University in the Primary Section. They will be doing their teaching practice until September of this year. We welcome the following student teachers to these classes: Year 1 R: Annabel Pinniger Year 1 N: Hannah Roberts Year 2 D: Georgia Mc Enery Year 2 L: Devin Read Year 3 N: Marianne Wright Year 4 D: Hannah Monks We are very excited about the arrival of all these young teachers, as the blend of the British and the Chilean culture will be a great contribution to the learning process not only for the  pupils in the assigned classes but also for the whole section. Every year we receive these teachers of Plymouth for approximately three months.  They are assigned to different levels according to their speciality and Plymouth University requirements. We take this opportunity to thank the Plymouth University for their trust in choosing  Craighouse School as the place where their students will put into practice all their knowledge and vocation to teach young children.

Culture tip: a fun winter in Lo Barnechea

cutyural The winter holidays are coming and the Lo Barnechea Municipality, through its cultural corporation, has prepared “fun winter” for children aged 4 to 13. Registrations will be done in groups according to age, and each day they will be attending a different workshop. They will be guided by a monitor, who will be taking care of their needs. Each workshop will also have a teacher and an assistant, in charge of the activities. The workshops include: - Power dance (baile entretenido) - Cooking - Textile art - Filmmaking - Science, technology and robotics For further details, including prices and registration dates, please visit http://www.lobarnechea.cl/new/corporaciones/barnechea_cultura/

Colegio Madre Tierra presents their new service workshop

By CARE Communications CARE As is tradition, on June 13th Colegio Diferencial Madre Tierra had their annual network breakfast, inviting their main collaborators as a way of thanking them for their constant support. Mr Jorge Cabargas, Business Manager, and Mrs Evelyn Yupanqui, CARE representative, attended this breakfast of behalf of Craighouse School. The attendants had the opportunity to experience first hand  the service workshop , whose purpose is to help pupils acquire basic skills in confectionery and protocol, as well as offering them other tools which will help them to serve guests with their lovely smiles in different types of events. We are extremely proud to see the children and the institution making progress every day. We have no doubt that the school gives its pupils the chance to know what they are capable of doing and to develop their talents in different areas of inclusion.

Smiles that fill one’s soul

FAMI In the context of pupils helping to rebuild houses after the forest fires in Cauquenes, a group of students had a pending task: helping the Amaya Labra family. The pupils realised that this family didn’t have a stove and decided to continue helping them. So on the week of 12th June Mrs Felicinda Labra and her husband, Mr Bartolomé Amaya, received a burningwood stove. On behalf of “Cuadrilla seis” we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this cause. “Cuadrilla seis”, made up of pupils Valentina Ruíz De Dulanto (Year 12 D), Amanda Wodehouse (Year 12 D), Philippe Dumay (Year 12 D), Eugenio Duval (Year 12 E), Pascal Beaulieu (Year 11 B), Fernanda Rojas (Year 11 E), María García (Year 11 A), Pablo Méndez (Year 10 A), Juan Pablo Beherán (Year 10 C), Valentina Greiber (Year 10 A) and Francisca González Rodríguez-Peña (Year 10 C), and by teacher Mr Ricardo Solís, helped these pupils channel their energy and materialise their big dream: a family’s smile.

Eco-tip Did you know?

Eco 3 “Recycling an aluminium can provide enough energy to power a TV set for three hours.” Source: www.actitudfem.com

When solidarity makes pupils take action

techo Like every year, on Friday 16th June Techo Chile had their annual collection. This year, the slogan “Luca x Nuca” invited people to donate $1,000 each. A large number of pupils from Years 10 to 12 took action independently and signed up to spend their weekend asking for collaboration out on the streets. Led by Craighouse School old girl Ignacia Baudrand and our pupil Daniela Benavides (Year 11 E) invited their classmates to work as volunteers on the corner of Camino Real and Camino Juan Pablo II. Their goal was to collect $700,000, and they worked in shifts from 6.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. For this group of volunteers, cold and exhaustion were no excuse. All they wanted was to reach their target. They gave their best, and finally managed to collect $975,000. The school feels extremely proud of this fantastic example of solidarity and social commitment. We are certain that every year there will be more pupils who become motivated with different social activities.

Pupils of 2017 generation continue with PSU preparation

5 Having finished their IB Diploma exams, on Monday 5th June our Year 12 pupils began a period of intensive preparation for the Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU). We should mention that this is not the beginning of their preparation, since the Craighouse School Curriculum has provided preparation in Mathematics and Spanish throughout the years in the Senior Section, as part of the integrated national curriculum and Diploma programme. (In the case of Science and History, two hours a week have been assigned to these subjects throughout Years 10 and 11, and four hours a week in Year 12). Mock exams were held in each one of the PSU subjects to establish study groups in accordance with the students’ level, so as to allow each one to achieve his/her maximum potential.

Pupils receive their bibles

By Marcela Acuña, Head of the Religion Department biblia On Thursday, 8th June pupils from Year 5 received their bibles at the Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia parish in Lo Barnechea. They are preparing for their first communion later this year. The ceremony was led by father Rodrigo Domínguez, and pupils were accompanied by their families. This event marks an important step in their catechism, and at the same time it allows them to live the importance of the word of God in the life of a Christian as members of a community.

Eco-tip: Did you know?

Eco 2 “The energy saved by recycling a plastic bottle could provide enough energy to light a 60-watt bulb for one hour.” Source: www.actitudfem.com

Pupils celebrated Mr Lacey’s birthday

ML On Friday June 9th we celebrated Mr Peter Lacey’s 62nd birthday and we also remembered Mrs Darling, who shared the same  birth date with Mr Lacey (on June 10th). This year, pupils from the three sections brought him gifts and wished him a happy birthday. During the 10 o’clock break, the Middle and Senior Sections surprised him in the  playground with a little speech and a gift presented by the Student Councils, while a large group of pupils accompanied by Music teachers Mr Jorge Bello, Mr Juan Pablo del Despósito and Mr Andrés Jeraldo, played Mr Lacey’s favourite song, Delilah, by Tom Jones. Later that day, all of the Primary Section got together in the Year 4 playground where the pupils, led by Mrs Marcela Barrios and accompanied on the piano by teacher Mr Pablo Quinteros, and on the violin by teacher Mr César Sotomayor, sang songs for the headmaster. On behalf of the whole school, we wish Mr Lacey a successful year, full of new challenges and new experiences.

CRAIGpalooza: the day when music took over the school

By Francisco Carvajal, Head of the Music Department CraP Between June 5th and 13th, the Middle/Senior dining hall filled with music during the first edition of CRAIGpalooza. Inspired by the international music festival held in Chile in April, this adaptation allowed Senior Section pupils, teachers and members of the ancillary staff to showcase their music talent. With styles ranging from rock to rancheras, balads and DJs, this festival is sure to become a musical tradition at Craighouse School.

Trips abroad: preparing citizens of the future

v2 As a complement of the academic and formative curricula, our school offers a number of trips aimed at meeting the different interests of our pupils. These trips seek to support and strengthen the academic and formative programmes, favouring pupils’ cultural development so that they can get to know different ways of life, customs, traditions and history. The trips also provide pupils with opportunities in terms of culture, both in Chile and abroad.

Culture tip: a fun winter in Lo Barnechea

cutyural The winter holidays are coming and the Lo Barnechea Municipality, through its cultural corporation, has prepared “fun winter” for children aged 4 to 13. Registrations will be done in groups according to age, and each day they will be attending a different workshop. They will be guided by a monitor, who will be taking care of their needs. Each workshop will also have a teacher and an assistant, in charge of the activities. The workshops include: - Power dance (baile entretenido) - Cooking - Textile art - Filmmaking - Science, technology and robotics For further details, including prices and registration dates, please visit http://www.lobarnechea.cl/new/corporaciones/barnechea_cultura/

Mother’s Day celebration

mama As is tradition, in May our youngest pupils celebrate Mother’s Day with different activities, and they invite their mums to spend time with them for a few hours. This year the celebration took place on May 9th, 10th and 11th for Preschool and on June 6th for Years 1 & 2 We want to thank the teachers who worked hard in encouraging their pupils to make a gift for their mothers or help them learn a song for them. Another big thank-you to all the mums who came to school to celebrate with their children.

Charles T. Darling Hockey Tournament

By Rony Stein, Hockey Coordinator hockey-e1497639187260 Every year in the month of May, Craighouse School organises the traditional Charles T. Darling hockey tournament as a tribute to our founder. This time seven institutions from the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) took part in the intermediate and senior categories. This is one of our favourite tournaments at Craighouse School, and after a long day of games we reached the finals in both categories. The intermediate and senior girls had a fantastic performance and won second place. Intermediate had to face The Grange School, while senior played against Bradford. Once again, we want to highlight our players’ performance. They all gave their very best.


ECO Did you know that you can contribute to the sustainable development of our planet? 10 sustainable commandments 1. Take care of water 2. Save energy 3. Produce less waste 4. Use recyclable packaging 5. Avoid using chemical products 6. Avoid using plastic bags 7. Reuse paper 8. Ride a bicycle or walk 9. Protect flora and fauna 10. Think of sustainability globally and act locally. Source: www.ambienteecologico.esy.es

Craighouse School pupil has an outstanding performance in motocross tournament

moto Manuel Harrison, a pupil from Year 9 A, has had an outstanding participation in a recent motocross tournament held in the United States. According to Mauricio Harrison, Manuel’s father, “in the first race of May 20th in Sacramento, California, Manuel won second place in the 250 category and second place in the 450 category. In the second event of May 27th in Glen Helen, California, he won first place in the 250 category and second place in the 450 category. These results exceeded our expectations by far, and we are certain that Manuel has a great sporting future ahead. Both the team and the sponsors were delighted with his performance.” Congratulations to Manuel for his results and to his family for the unconditional support they give him in every race.

Year 6 pupils attend storytelling activity in English

By Heidy Chinchon, inquiry centre – Middle Section cuenta To finish the World Book Day celebrations, Miss Francisca Van Yurick, IB Drama teacher of the Senior Section, offered a fantastic storytelling activity in English for pupils in Year 6. The chosen book was “The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant)” by British writer Roald Dahl. Miss Fran’s acting abilities and her overall performance had all the children absolutely hooked throughout the activity. They listened carefully and participated outstanding with questions once it was over. We want to thank Miss Francisca and congratulate pupils from Year 6, who are gradually beginning to participate and enjoy the activities organised in the inquiry centre.

Charles T. Darling Rugby Tournament

By Elías Santillán, Rugby Coordinator rugby On Saturday 6th May Craighouse School held a seven-a-side rugby tournament, which bears the name of our founder, Mr Charles T. Darling. This event took place at the Craighouse School campus with the junior, intermediate and senior categories. All schools belonging to the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) took part in the tournament together with The Newland School as special guest. The long day began at 9 in the morning and the games continued until past 7 in the evening. The final match was played in front of a large crowd of spectators. This was, without a doubt, a great event where fair play and friendship were the lead players. The winners of each category were the following: Junior category: 1st place for Craighouse School Intermediate category: 1st place for The Grange School Senior Category: 1st place for Craighouse School Congratulations to all the pupils who took part in this great tournament.

Student Council meeting

By Anita Cabrera and Sylvia Lagos, Student Council advisors – Senior Section CAA On June 8th, Craighouse School hosted the first Student Council event of the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH). We received representatives from The Grange School and The Mayflower School, in a series of activities whose purpose was to share experiences and discuss the role of the Student Council through time in each institution, as well as analysing the possibility of working together in sustainable projects. This was a highly enriching event where our pupils did a wonderful job as hosts, showing their school with pride, contributing to productive conversations and offering interesting proposals for future activities. The attending Student Council advisors also had the chance to meet and get to know each other which was also very valuable. We are extremely proud of the work of our Student Council. They proved to be truly proactive in this challenge.

Culture tip: Corporación Lo Barnechea invites you to

Cuento con faldón: lágrimas de agua dulce

Dato In the context of the month of indigenous peoples, Corporación de Lo Barnechea would like to invite you to a family event on 24th June. It is an oral narration where through the use of dolls and a “blank book” metaphor the spectators are invited to discover the different layers of a large apron and its accessories, which are spread out as a mobile, fun, versatile stage. The story of Sofía is thus revealed, the most sensitive girl in the town of Icuiricui, during a period of drought. Source: http://www.lobarnechea.cl/new/ corporaciones/barnechea_cultura/index.php

June: the month of Honesty

hon Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month we are working with the value of honesty, defined as congruence in a person’s thoughts, words and actions, and acting with integrity and openness. Being honest means: - Respecting other people’s property and resources. - Explicitly acknowledging the authorship of ideas, projects, materials, etc. when they are not our own. - Openly sharing our point of view with others.

Pupils take part in Navy Day parade

By Ricardo Solís, Teacher of History and Social Studies DES On Wednesday 17th May the Lo Barnechea Municipality had its traditional Navy Day (Glorias Navales) parade. The Senior Section of our school was happy to accept the invitation to participate, and a group of 23 pupils from Year 10 was prepared by parents Diego Salas, First Lieutenant of the Navy Reserve, and Second Lieutenant Carlos Báez, Marine of the Reserva Naval Yates, who helped bring distinction and unity to our presentation. The pupils, accompanied by teacher Mr Ricardo Solís and Senior Section assistant Mrs Andrea Alcérreca, arrived at Plaza Arturo Capitán de Fragata Arturo Prat Chacón on the corner of Av. La Dehesa and Comandante Malbec, where the monument of frigate Captain Arturo Prat Chacón is located. With their participation, the school joined the Lo Barnechea community in a civic ceremony that allowed our pupils to meet the other delegations and proudly represent their institution. Congratulations to these pupils for their important participation, and a big thank-you to the two parents who helped make this possible.

The little ones celebrate Earth Day

By María Ignacia Convalia, Ecocommunity Coordinator – Primary SectionDT On 3rd May everyone at the Primary Section celebrated Earth Day. Teachers and pupils took part in several activities aimed at raising awareness about climate change. The children were able to understand what this means, they came up with different solutions within their reach so that they can commit themselves every day to this global cause.

Congratulations, COBS: Champions of the 2017 Opening Tournament

COBS Once again Chilean rugby turned red and blue: the Craighouse Old Boys (COBS) won the final in the 2017 opening tournament. The Old Grangonian fields in Chicureo were the setting for this game in which COBS and Universidad Católica would challenge each other for the title. After an exciting match, the Craighouse School old boys won 27-25 and took the cup home. The team, coached by Matías Cortese, Pablo Vidal and Daniel Romo, showed their great spirit and teamwork. Congratulations to each player and to the community for their enthusiastic support.

Culture tip: José Balmes’ exhibition “Volver a Chile”

DC The Lo Barnechea Municipality invites all members of the community to the great José Balmes’ exhibition “Volver a Chile”. This artist was one of the founders of Grupo Signo, a group that sought to represent reality without imitation, creating new realities, disregarding form and giving way to experimentation. The exhibition presents a selection of intimate pieces from different periods, which show the artist’s need for Chile. A reflection of this is Balmes’ research on the marraqueta as a representation of Chilean society which, together with the rest of the displayed works, shows this return to his roots in the country, seen from a human dimension. Source: www.lobarnechea.cl Centro Cultural El Tranque June 2nd to July 30th Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

An example of teamwork: Operation Contingency

By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Service and Experiential LearningOC After the first rains that affected the central area of our country, a group of Senior Section pupils who work permanently as volunteers in Fundación Techo Chile, led by Anaís Beaulieu (Year 10 A) and Daniela Benavides (Year 11 E), in the context of Operation Contingency, got together to help families living in the Bosque Hermoso camp. They were able to collect a total of $863,730, which will be used to buy zinc sheets for the reparation of twenty-two homes, as well as 46.5 kg of charcoal. On Saturday 20th May this group of permanent volunteers from Craighouse School delivered the charcoal and will now begin to work in coordination with Techo Chile. We would like to thank each pupil and family who contributed to this cause. Once again we are able to see how much we can achieve when working as a team. Finally, a big thank-you to Daniela and Anaïs for encouraging their classmates in this solidarity crusade.

Guess who

By Katherine Vivar, inquiry centre – Primary Section IC In the context of World Book Day, the Primary Section inquiry centre organised a contest for pupils and teachers to participate in the game “Guess who”. A group of teachers hid behind their favourite book, while the children tried to discover who they were. Congratulations to this year’s winners: Benjamín Loli Rado, Year 2 R Borja Bauzá Braun, Year 4 A Amanda Pizarro Bardet, Year 4 N Aintzane Fernández García, Year 4 N

Pupils participate in storytelling activity

By Pamela Dragas, inquiry centre – Senior Section ICS In the context of World Book Day, the inquiry centre extended an invitation to all pupils from Years 8 and 9 to a storytelling event. The activity was led by Mr Andrés Montero, writer and oral narrator, member and founder of Compañía La Matrioska, a group that tells, narrates and disseminates stories professionally. With a long trajectory, both in Chile and abroad, they have travelled all over Latin America with this art. The pupils greatly enjoyed the presence of this artist, whom they listened to with respect. Thank you to Mr Montero for his performance and to the pupils for their participation.

Where to go: 19th European Film Festival in Chile

By Elliot Zepeda, pupil of Year 10 BEC It is a cinematographic activity that from 1998 has taken place in Chile. Its objective is to further European culture throughout the country. The festival is organised by the European Union Delegation and embassies from the continent. For this occasion, films coming from the United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, Hungary and Poland, among other countries, are being presented to the public. Besides just showing movies that include topics of interest for young adults and adults, this activity can also be enjoyed by children, since animated films are being presented. During the month of June, you can go to different places in Santiago to attend this festival: National Cinema (Cineteca Nacional), Matucana 100, Anselmo Cadiz’s House of Culture in El Bosque (Casa de la Cultura Anselmo Cádiz), Advanced and Extension Study Centre in Providencia (Centro de Estudios Avanzados y Extensión). I will definitely be attending this film and culture month. The complete schedule, directions, and more information can be found in the official website: www.festivalcineeuropeo.cl or in their Facebook page: Festival de Cine Europeo. Free admission.