June 2018

Family day celebration

According to the traits that uphold and inspire our Educational Project, the greatest responsibility for a child’s development is the family, while the school is the main partner in this task.

As from this year, we are celebrating families –mother and father- as a whole. Therefore, the Preprimary pupils (Playgroup, Prekinder and Kinder) took part in a number of activities on June 4th, 5th and 6th.

A big thank-you to all the families who joined their children for this celebration.

Pupils of the 2018 generaton continue with PSU preparation

Having finished their IB Diploma exams, on Monday 4th June our Year 12 pupils began a period of intensive preparation for the Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU).

We should mention that this is not the beginning of their preparation, since the Craighouse School Curriculum has provided preparation in Mathematics and Spanish throughout the years in the Senior Section, as part of the integrated national curriculum and Diploma programme.

(In the case of Science and History, two hours a week have been assigned to these subjects throughout Years 10 and 11, and four hours a week in Year 12).

Mock exams were held in each one of the PSU subjects to establish study groups in accordance with the students’ level, so as to allow each one to achieve his/her maximum potential.

iPad programme for the little ones

By René Jofré,

Head of the Information Technology Department

Last year we began a pilot programme in Primary, specifically with our youngest pupils, in Prekinder D and Kinder I, to promote the use of technology in the classroom.

After the success shown in ICT skills for learning, this year we established an official programme to be implemented in Prekinder.

Technology is used as support for learning in different areas, for the development of new skills, for differentiation processes and for strengthening a digital culture.

Deyse Operation drill in case of snow

On June 12th at 11.30 a.m. we had our Deyse drill in case of snow followed by an evacuation of all members of our community.

Our staff and pupils followed our procedures correctly and acted according to our plan. However, as always there are minor adjustments that need to be made. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their behaviour and cooperation, which aims to ensure the wellbeing of every member of this institution.

Eco tip

2018 generation: IB Visual Arts exhibition

On Wednesday 13th June we inaugurated the Year 12 Visual Arts exhibition with a massive turnout and very favourable reviews. But the biggest success of this display was the quality of the works created by thirty-one pupils, which included paintings, drawings and sculptures.

As well as the traditional arts, this year a wide variety of techniques were presented, including photography, digital graphics, objectual art, advertising, design objects, etc. All these were made possible thanks to our students’ effort and hard work during the two years since they began their Diploma in 2015.

At such a young age, IB Visual Arts pupils have set us an outstanding example of critical judgement and creativity. They showed interest in the social and cultural world around them, and they were curious and inquisitive regarding all phenomena. During this exhibition we were able to recognise the type of pupil that Craighouse School strives to develop, and the type of citizen that this country needs.

Sports trip to Buenos Aires 2018

The sports trip took place from June 11th to June 16th, and the group was received, as has been a tradition over the last years, by Northlands School in Buenos Aires. 45 pupils took part in this trip, representing Craighouse School in hockey, volleyball and rugby.

This delegation of Year 8 pupils travelled accompanied by teachers Mrs Ana María Cabrera (hockey), Mr Ewan Butler (hockey), Miss Andrea Niedmann (volleyball), Mr Elías Santillán (rugby) and Mr Renzo Cremaschi (head of delegation).

The success of the tour was the result of a great effort made by all members of the Craighouse School community, giving our pupils an opportunity that they will remember with pride and joy for the rest of their lives.

Young teachers from Plymouth University begin their practice in the Primary Section

Craighouse School will once again host seven young teachers from the University of Plymouth in the Primary Section. They will be doing their teaching practice until September of this year.

We welcome the following student teachers to the following classes:

Year 1 R – Mr Louis Pope

Year 1 L – Miss Olivia Crowley

Year 1 G – Miss Jade Hilton

Year 2 A – Miss Aimee Grierson

Year 2 G – Mr Daniel Waite

Year 3 A – Miss Sadie Spira

Year 4 I – Miss Jennifer Tagell

We are very excited about the arrival of all these young teachers, as the blend of the British and the Chilean culture will be a great contribution to the learning process not only for the pupils in the assigned classes but also for the whole section.

We take this opportunity to thank the Plymouth University for their trust in choosing Craighouse School as the place where their students will put into practice all their knowledge and vocation to teach young children.

What can I read?

In August of 1996, George R. R. Martin had the first book of the series (known as “A Song of Ice and Fire”) published: “A Game of Thrones.” He was not aware of how revolutionary this book and its sequels would eventually become, gaining a place in today’s culture. Although originally envisioned as a trilogy, the series now has five books, countless spin-offs and even several games. The book series’ fame has reached massive proportions up to becoming an international HBO television show with endless merchandise and fans still reading the beloved novels.

The various storylines belonging to the different books are all wildly complex and even have split storylines. In the first book, a many-sided struggle develops in the Seven Kingdoms (the North, The Vale, the Stormlands, the Reach, the Dorne, the Iron Islands and the Westerlands) all eager for the Iron Throne, first built by Aegon I Targaryen as the first king of the Seven Kingdoms or the unification of them: Westeros.

At the beginning of the first novel the throne is claimed by the late King’s (King Robert, house Baratheon) son, Joffrey. Countless claims from different characters lead to a massive struggle of five kings, all fighting over who should rule Westeros. This leads to the War of the Five Kings, which also happens to be the principal storyline of the second and third books.

Obviously there are other components to both books, and the two that follow but mainly the medieval fantasy book series follows the struggles the Seven Kingdoms are forced to endure, whether they be the harsh year-lasting winters, the threats and battles with other divisions of Westeros and the struggles the families have in their own.

This book series covers every possible aspect from neighbouring countries’ disputes to incest to strong female leads to even loving relationships between characters and characters and their pets. Although battlefields and gruesome descriptions of decapitations are in order, there’s a presence of care and love among the characters. Fiery passions, whether these be due to the intense warring or the romance (even among twins).

This book series, due to its highly graphic descriptions, is probably recommended for people above the age of fourteen, maybe even fifteen. An enlightening experience and nonstop entertainment comes from enjoying this remarkable collection of books. Although lengthy books, they are truly fascinating and near impossible to put down. I highly recommend this book series to anyone in search of a fascinating tale of fantasy, power, drama, and even softer issues such as family, love, and a great deal of loss.

2018 generation takes part in career week

By Constanza Rivera,

Counselor – Formative Area

From May 29th to June 1st, pupils in Year 12 had their career week. The aim of this activity is to strengthen the process of our pupils’ vocational choices.

The activities included testimonials offered by professionals (old girls and boys, as well as other guests), practical workshops for each area of interest, visits to universities, meetings with old girls and boys, visits to different workplaces, and a “life project day”. These activities helped our pupils to explore and widen their knowledge regarding different vocational alternatives, and to reflect on their personal stories, motivations, and ambitions.

Special thanks to our old girls and boys, who were very generous in sharing their time with our pupils and giving them an important message regarding their life at university and what to consider when choosing courses in higher education.

At the end of the week, our students expressed their thanks for these activities, which constitute a significant part of the process of making a responsible choice that will fit in with their dreams and motivations.

Integration day in Year 6

By Gabriela Sierralta,

Psychologist– Formative Area

On Wednesday 16th May pupils in Year 6 had their integration day. For the first activity the whole class, tutors included, had lunch at the quincho. Then they went to the fields for several other activities aimed at motivation and promotion of teamwork. To finish, they had a plenary session where the pupils shared their experiences.

During the class reflection time, the students said that it had been an important day for them, which had allowed them to get to know each other better and bond with their classmates.

Middle Section pupils are working in Ecocommunity

By Gregory Lundin,

Ecocommunity coordinator – Middle Section

This year, in the Middle Section we have been working to improve the recycling in the section. We have made new recycling signs and have gathered information of classrooms that do not have recycling bins, especially for paper. In order to solve the problem, we are finding boxes and decorating them for the classrooms. This also follows one of the 5 ´Rs´ of recycling that is to "reassign" a resource from one purpose to another. There is a picture attached below of two of our students delivering a box, designed by the Ecocommunity, to Miss Nicoleta Unghiatti.

What can I read?

Miss Heidy Chinchon recommends the following books:

 For Year 5 & 6 pupils: Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson Roller Girl PortadaResumen Roller Girl

For Year 7 & 8 pupils: Hoja de otoño by Catalina Paz

Portada Hoja de OtoñoResumen Hoja de Otoño

“The way we learn and work in the 21st century” colloquium

On 1st and 2nd June, 2018, our Headmaster, Mr Peter Lacey, and our Deputy Headmaster, Mr Patrick Lyons, went to “The way we learn and work in the 21st century” colloquium organised in Markham College, Peru, by the British Educational Association.

In this colloquium, international guest speakers engaged in learning space design shared their expertise and experience from universities, schools, startups and established companies with specialist sessions focused on technology, environmental architecture, furniture, transforming existing rooms, promoting collaboration and many other areas.

Work and learning spaces for the future need to be designed with a wide range of considerations in mind, from the environmental to the technological, from the physical to the psychological. We work and learn individually and in groups, so we must ensure that the physical space contributes to the ongoing development and needs of the people who use it.

In the past this was an intuitive process, but we now have facts, data and experiences to share. In this colloquium participants broke down the key components to ensure a designed space that supports working and learning in this millennium.

Winter voluntary work in Lota 2018

By Consuelo Gutiérrez,

Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning

From Friday 13th to Wednesday 18th July, a delegation made up by volunteer Senior pupils and teachers will take part in a new edition of the Craighouse School winter voluntary work.

This year we will work with Fundación Súmate of Hogar de Cristo. They will be joining us at Escuela Nuevo Futuro in Lota, Bío-Bío Region.

The heads of the winter work will be pupils Anais Beaulieu (Year 11 A), Daniela Benavides (Year 12 E), and Maite Auil (Year 12 A).

Congratulations to everyone who will take part in this initiative, which will, without a doubt, offer them an unforgettable experience.

Celebration of Shavuot

By Lorena Sommerfeld,

Jewish Religion Teacher

On Friday 18th May pupils from Primary and Middle celebrated Shavout, to remember the presentation of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, and the handing out of bikurim (first fruits).

That day, the children brought their bikurim, which consisted of pasta and legumes. This year, the bikurim were donated to Reshet (a Jewish organisation that helps families in need who are part of the Jewish community), and the Merkaz synagogue.

The morning of Shavuot, we sang and had breakfast together. We read the Ten Commandments and discussed their importance. We also talked about respecting one’s neighbour and helping people in need.

Successful participation old girls and old boys in the South American Games

From 26th May to 8th June the 2018 South American Games took place in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The Chilean delegation did really well and won 132 medals (38 gold, 34 silver, and 60 bronze).


Craighouse School old girls Josefina Cambiaso (2015 generation) and Sofía Filipek (2012 generation) were part of the girls’ field hockey team which won one of those bronze medals.


The Chilean rugby team, known as the “Condors”, won the gold medal and have made it to the Pan American Games in Lima in 2019. One of the players was Craighouse School old boy Rodrigo Fernández (2014 generation) . The assistant coach of the national team is our Sports teacher Mr Francisco Hurtado.


In the athletics team, our former pupil Rodrigo Anguita (2005 generation) had an outstanding participation in the 200 meters and relay 4x100 meters.

Eco tip


June: the month of Honesty

Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month we are working with the value of honesty, defined as congruence in a person’s thoughts, words and actions, and acting with integrity and openness. Being honest means:

* Respecting other people’s property and resources.

* Explicitly acknowledging the authorship of ideas, projects, materials, etc. when they are not our own.

* Openly sharing our point of view with others.

Pupils from the Senior Section participate in meeting and conversation with Nobel Prize winner for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa

By Elliot Zepeda and Fernanda Hola,

Year 11 Pupils

The past 2nd of May, the pupils from the Senior Section, Kieran Conradie, Fernanda Hola, Tomás Mellafe, Mateo Ramírez, Josefa Sprohnle and Elliot Zepeda participated in the meeting and conversation with Nobel Prize winner for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa along with his son Álvaro Llosa in the aula magna of the Instituto Nacional, accompanied by the Head of the Spanish Department, Mr. Eduardo Riquelme.

Over 850 students from different schools in Chile listened to the words of the novelist who was joined by the Mayor of Santiago, Mr. Felipe Alessandri.

The meeting kicked off with a dramatic interpretation of “Día domingo”, a play by the Peruvian writer, and was followed by a fruitful dialogue between parents and daughters/sons in which his journey as a writer and his political life, were discussed.

Pupils take part in Navy Day parade

By Ricardo Solís,

Teacher of History and Social Studies – Senior Section

On Wednesday 16th May the Lo Barnechea Municipality had its traditional Navy Day (Glorias Navales) parade. For a second consecutive year, 30 pupils of Senior Section participated in this ceremony.

Special thanks to the parents of the Reserva Naval Yates: Mr Diego Salas and Mr Carlos Baudrand, both Marine First Lieutenants of the Yates Naval Reserve, and Mr Carlos Báez, Marine Second Lieutenant of the Yates Naval Reserve, who with dedication and professionalism helped bring distinction and unity to our presentation, which portrayed us as an institution that recognises our national values and ensures that our pupils are aware of them.

The pupils, accompanied by teacher Mr Ricardo Solís and Senior Section assistant Mrs Andrea Alcérreca, arrived at Plaza Arturo Capitán de Fragata Arturo Prat Chacón on the corner of Av. La Dehesa and Comandante Malbec, where the monument of frigate Captain Arturo Prat Chacón is located.

With their participation, the school joined the Lo Barnechea community in a civic ceremony that allowed our pupils to meet the other delegations and proudly represent their institution.

Congratulations to these pupils for their important participation, and a big thank-you to our parents who helped make this possible.

First XI Hockey and First XV Rugby Captain and Vice-Captain for 2018

The 2018 hockey and rugby season has begun, and we want to introduce the new captains and vice-captains of both sports.

First XI will be led by Ms Valentina Figueroa as captain and Ms Camila Pinto as vice-captain.

In rugby, the captain for the First XV will be Mr Jorge Araya, and Mr Raimundo Poblete will be vice-captain.

IB self-study

By Patrick Lyons,

Deputy Headmaster

At the end of last year, we joined together as a community to prepare to start the process of the IB self-study. The self-study is a year-long reflective process involving the whole community and is lead at Craighouse by the school’s Academic Director. As our incoming Academic Director, Joanna Cardinal, has a wealth of experience advising schools on behalf of the IB, it was agreed that she would lead the process from start to finish. We therefore obtained a 6 month postponement from the IB in order to start the self-study in August of this year.

We therefore would like to thank those who took part in the launch event last year for their input. Ahead of Ms Cardinal's arrival, we plan to set up the commissions that will guide the process and inform the volunteers as soon as possible. We look forward to an enriching and illuminating reflective experience.

Navy Day celebration

By Jimena Manríquez,

Spanish Coordinator – Primary Section

To celebrate Navy Day (Glorias Navales), pupils of the Primary Section showcased their reciting talent with a poem by Ramón Ampuero called “Quisiera ser como Prat” and their singing skills with the song “Arturo Prat”. The children also reenacted the Chilean hero’s famous exhort, which the audience found very moving. Finally, Arturo Prat’s most notable traits where compared with the Craighouse School pupil profile.

2018 Book Fair

The Middle/Senior Inquiry Centre has the pleasure to invite all the community to the 2018 Book Fair, which will be held on Thursday, 7th June and Friday, 8th June from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. in the Middle/Senior Inquiry Centre.

The objective of this activity is to encourage our pupils and community to enjoy reading and further develop inquiry skills.

We will have eight bookstores which will exhibit the most attractive titles for all ages.

We hope to see you all there!

2018 Extracurricular activities

Now that the registration process for extracurricular activities is over, we have a total of 711 registered pupils.

The extracurricular activities offered by Craighouse School are a contribution to pupils’ personal and social development, by complementing and enhancing the curriculum with various physical, academic, artistic and social benefits. All this will help to make their education comprehensive and significant.

This year we have 17 activities in Primary, 14 in Middle and 8 in Senior.