March 2016

School News N°03 | 2016 | April 7

U turns in Avenida Paseo Pie Andino

1 After several complaints from many of our parents, the school would like to remind all members of our community that in accordance with traffic regulations, U turns are strictly prohibited in Avenida Paseo Pie Andino, right after the r oad junction. This prohibition is also duly signalled. The speed of vehicles going to Colina-La Dehesa puts your children’s safety at risk.

Car seats: for children’s safety


On March 16th 2016 a change was introduced to law 20,904 regarding an increase in the sanctions for not using safety devices for children in private vehicles.

One of the main modifications is a change in the age of car seat use and the mandatory nature of carrying children up to 12 years of age in the back seat, with a seatbelt.

For the safety of your children – our pupils – we invite you to find out more on

Pupils take part in international cycling event


Primary pupils Noah Holm (Year 1 G) and Oliver Holm (Kinder G) have been invited to represent Chile in the Copa Latino Round 3 and Round 4 cycling competition, which will take place in Santiago del Estero (Argentina) on March 27th & 28th.

We wish these two boys great success, and congratulations on their participation, which will undoubtedly become an unforgettable experience for both of them.

Music school: applications are now open

By César Sotomayor, in charge of the music school

Musica_trazo_FlyerOn Monday, March 21st applications opened for this year’s Music School instrumental lessons. The objectives are for pupils to develop the necessary skills to learn a new instrument, to improve their expressive abilities and their sensitivity, and to take full advantage of the benefits of studying music in an academic environment: concentration, discipline, and reflective thinking.

We invite all members of the community to register for the following lessons:

  • Jazz guitar with Mr Lautaro Mac-Adoo.
  • Classical violin with Mr César Sotomayor.
  • Classical piano with Mr Jaime Pinto.
  • Percussion with Mr Andrés Silva.
  • Transverse flute with Mr Franco Inostroza.

Instrumental lessons are 45 minutes long and they are individual. They take place between 3 and 6 p.m. in the Primary Section (in the pre-school module).

If you would like to register, please send an e-mail to or contact Mr César Sotomayor, Coordinator of the Music School, on +569 97903034. He will inform you of the monthly cost of the lessons, available times and the classrooms where the lessons will be held.

Integration day for Year 2

By Loreto Urrutia, Psychologist – Formative Area


With the purpose of supporting pupils’ integration to their classes, on March 9th we organised an integration day for Year 2. They had the chance to discuss good relationships among classmates, they played, they asked lots of questions to get to know each other better, and they shared a good picnic in the classroom.

The children had a great time, they learned more about their classmates and they reflected on what they can all do to contribute to positive relationships.

Pupils from Year 10 take part in Life Project” activities

By Constanza Rivera, Careers Advisor


On March 15th & 17th the tutors and pupils of Year 10 got together in the latest version of the “Life Project” activities, led by the Formative Area.

This meeting takes place each year as part of a process where pupils work on their self-discovery process, in order to learn more about themselves. This is fundamental because it will help them make appropriate decisions in the future, finding out what they really like, which areas they would like to work in, and how they can contribute to society.

This year, the pupils discussed the main changes they have experienced since they were little, they discovered their interests and motivations, and they also learned more about the skills and talents of their classmates.

The activity allowed us to provide them with important tools for this stage of their lives.

Year 12: official PSU mock exams


With the purpose of providing the best PSU preparation for our Year 12 pupils, we have scheduled two days of mandatory official mock exams for Saturday, April 2nd and 16th. These are the first mock exams of the year, and they are fundamental in that they provide us with a personal and collective diagnoses that will help us plan PSU work for the rest of the year.

On April 2nd pupils took the Spanish and Science tests, and on April 16th the will take the Maths and History tests.

Professional teaching practice for students from the Universidad de Los Andes

By María Eliana González, Primary Section Assistant

8Since 2005 Craighouse School has had an alliance with Universidad de Los Andes, allowing students from the School of Education to do their professional practice in the Primary Section. Since then, we have had the opportunity to meet generations of teachers, some of whom have stayed on at Craighouse School as members of our teaching staff. This year, fourteen students will assist the teachers in the classroom, and they will be observed and assessed by Mrs Josefina Ramírez (Pre-School) and Ezia Valenzuela (Primary), both teachers at the university.

We would like to thank Universidad de los Andes for their trust, and for choosing our school as an institution for the professional practice of their students.

Holy Week - Pesaj

By Marcela Acuña, Head of Religion Department


On Thursday, March 24th the Primary, Middle and Senior Sections celebrated Holy Week (for the Christian community) and Pesaj (for the Jewish community, even though on that date Jewish people celebrate Purim).

In these ceremonies we had the opportunity to share a moment of communion that went beyond the different beliefs present at the school, and we had a rabbi, a protestant pastor, and a deacon, each representing their religion.

This celebration became a live testimony to the belief that unity and fraternity are indeed possible, a reality that can be felt each day at Craighouse School.

Culture tip: “31 Minutos” in a special Romeo and Juliet version


“31 Minutos” is back, this time with an adaptation of the famous Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet”. With their unique humour, rabbit Juan Carlos Bodoque will be playing the role of William Shakespeare to narrate the most classical of all love stories. Starring all the famous 31 Minutos characters (Patana, Juan Carlos Bodoque, Tulio Triviño, and Juanín, among others) this play will be presented in the form of a humorous musical, while faithfully respecting the structure of the original work and its most poetic texts.

With songs that have been specially composed for this version, and a meticulous and fun staging inspired on pop-up books, 31 Minutos wants to bring people of all ages closer – and without prejudices – both to the play and to the most important playwright of all times. It is a story that we think we know very well, but which will certainly surprise us.

The version prepared by 31 Minutos comes with a twist: due to Juan Carlos Bodoque’s debts, grouchy Mr Monster is forcing him to represent his favourite Shakespeare play to pay him back, in five years. As time goes by Bodoque does nothing to put on the show, and when Mr Monster returns anxious to see a fabulous show, he has no clue that the task is right where he left it: at stage zero.



General tickets

$22,000 Preferential seats

$18,000 General seating

$14,000 Side seats

$14,000 Impaired mobility box seat *

Date and time

Friday, 22nd April at 8 p.m.

Saturday, 23rd April at 4 p.m.

Sunday, 24th April at 6.30 p.m.

Duration 50 minutes (no interval)

School News N°02 | 2016 | March 18

Easter: Educating for Peace - 2016


We would like to inform you that during the morning of Thursday 24th March there will be an ecumenical service in all three sections of our school. As stated in our Educational Project this service reflects our commitment to respect and value the different religious beliefs and spiritual development of all our pupils.

Please note that only Year 1 to Year 4 and all Middle Section pupils will have lunch at school and then leave at the following times by their normal means of transport.

Senior Section – 1.25 p.m.

Middle Section – 1.25 p.m.

Primary Section

11.45 a.m. Playgroup, Prekinder and Kinder

1.25 p.m. Year 1 to Year 4

Religious service - Mr Eduardo Rumié


On Wednesday 16th

March Craighouse School held a religious service in memory of Mr. Eduardo Rumié, old boy, parent and President of the Board of Directors of Craighouse School. With a prayer in his honour, once again the Craighouse School community accompanied Paulina and their children Tomás, Ignacio, and Pascal.

Saturday 19th March: Earth Hour

By Agustín Becker, Ecomonitor – Year 8 D


Earth Hour is the worldwide campaign that has mobilised the greatest number of people in the history of humankind for one cause. Millions of people from over 7 thousand countries and 152 countries will join efforts by turning off the light and unplugging non-essential electrical appliances for an hour.

The purpose of this symbolic event is to raise awareness about sustainability and the environmental challenges that we all face. Governments, companies, communities and citizens get together to make their voices heard and take on short-, medium-, and long-term commitments that will allow us to address the global warming phenomenon.

Angelo Debarbieri reaches 9th position in water skiing world ranking

By Karla Galán, COBS & COGS Manager


A great performance in the Moomba Masters was put on by old boy Angelo Debarbieri, who won 2nd place in the Yara river (Australia). This is considered one of the toughest competitions due to its turbulent waters and because competitors don’t get to try out the course beforehand. Despite all difficulties, Angelo faced the best in the world and won second place.

Congratulations, Angelo, for this great feat!

Junior hockey team projected for 2020


In view of the Pan American Hockey Cup to be played in 2020, three Craighouse School girls have been nominated for the under-21 category.

Congratulations to our pupils Paskal Chapuzzeau (Year 11 B), Isidora Cabargas (Year 9 E), and María Francisca González (Year 9 C), all of whom are also members of the COBS & COGS sports club.

Old boys take part in the American Rugby Championship


This year, the Pan American Rugby Association organised the Americas Rugby Championship, in a tournament format. The national teams of Argentina, the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile took part in this championship.

With a format similar to that of the European 6 Nations Championship, the six teams played each other in February and March, without a fixed venue.

After the match against Canada, Chile finished its participation in this tournament, which gave our team the opportunity to play five top-quality games. This was, without a doubt, a very important experience for Chilean rugby, giving us more international contact, which in turn will help this sport to grow and improve in our country.

Among the players were Ítalo Zunino, Matías Nordenflycht, Ignacio Álvarez, Javier Richard, and Nikola Bursic, all COBS & COGS members. Francisco Hurtado, Sports teacher, also played for Chile in the last game against Canada.

Our teacher Mr Elías Santillán was coach of the team.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this great championship.

Parents’ Association welcomes new families


Highlighting a few of our attributes (“caring” and “family oriented”), the Parents’ Association held a welcome meeting for all new families in the school quincho on Wednesday 9th March at 7.30 p.m. The new parents had the chance to learn more about how the association works and what branches and groups can be found in our school.

Cultural TIP: Pedrito y el lobo Teatro Municipal de Santiago


School News N°01 | 2016 | March 10



Summer holidays are now a distant memory, March is here and school has begun. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our families, specially the new families that are joining the Craighouse School community.

This is our fourth year on our new campus, and we would like to emphasise the invitation to actively participate and to be part of your school, enjoy the surroundings and everything that has an impact in our pupils’ educational development and learning and at the same time make use of all the facilities.

Craighouse School recognises the best scores of the 2015 generation

Mr Michael Dumbell, Academic Director


On Friday 4th March, we held a ceremony to recognise our former pupils who attained outstanding results in their PSU examinations. We reproduce part of the speech of our Academic Director, Mr Michael Dumbell: “We are here today to celebrate your excellent PSU results. Those results were the culmination of a learning process throughout your school career at Craighouse. And learning is the important word. That is why you all come to school every day – to learn. But learning is hard work, it takes a lot of effort and commitment”.

“There is no doubt that the students sat in front of us are clever. You do not achieve such high marks on the PSU exams without knowing a lot. But, more importantly, they worked really hard to get those results. It is impossible to get really good at something without lots and lots of practice”

“You have done all the hard work, you can relax now. Seriously, congratulations on your excellent results. I hope they allowed you to get into the university and career of your choice. Good luck at university and we hope that everything that you learned at Craighouse will help you to be successful in your future careers.”

Summer work: a new experience for Craighouse School


From January 4th to 8th a team of 25 people including pupils, old girls and boys who had just graduated, and a few teachers, took part in the first Social Service summer work programme organised by our school.

After learning about the conditions in which locals from Caleta Pan de Azúcar (third region) were left after the floods. Year 12 pupils from the 2015 generation together with Mrs Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning, organised a trip to go and help them. One of the most urgent needs of this community was to have a place where the children could play; they were tired of the same dirt and stones that the place had to offer. They also needed materials for the precarious local infirmary, and a first-aid training course, which were almost unknown to the locals.

Our pupils managed to construct a play area for the children and offer workshops for them, and they themselves gave the first-aid course to a large number of people who showed interest. They spent long hard hours at work, doing everything they could to reach their goal.

We have no doubt that the 2016 summer work was a huge success that sets a precedent in our history of social commitment.

Craighouse School pupils join the national hockey team


From 29th March to 10th April the Junior Women’s Pan American Hockey Championship will take place in Trinidad and Tobago. Among the hockey players who are part of the Chile team is Doménica Ananías, a Craighouse School pupil from Year 12 A, Josefina Cambiaso (old girl from the 2015 generation) and Juliana López (from the 2014 generation).

Congratulations for this important nomination and we wish these girls every success in the games, where they will be representing our country.

Let’s respect traffic signs and assigned parking spaces


We firmly believe that as adults we must act as role models for our children. Therefore, we would like to remind parents that they must respect all traffic signs inside the campus. The right hand lane going down, in front of the main entrance, is to be used exclusively as a drop-off and pick-up zone. From 7.30 to 8.30 a.m. the south side of the plaza at the end of the main access is to be used exclusively as a traffic lane. Only after 8.30 a.m. can it be used as a parking area.

As 8.20 a.m. approaches, there are more cars in circulation; therefore, please use the parking areas below the Primary Section which are open from 7.30 to 10 a.m.

2017 Prekinder admission process


We would like to inform you that the 2017 Prekinder admission process is presently open until March 31st. The minimum age for application is four years old by December 31st 2016.

Please note that vacancies are limited, and the school will therefore give preference to siblings of Craighouse School pupils and the families of former pupils. However, this does not imply that applicants will be automatically accepted.

In order to apply, please bring an original birth certificate, a passport-sized photograph and $43,700 to pay the inscription. The Admissions office is open from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. For further information, please contact Ms Ximena García-Huidobro, phone number: 2 27560230, e-mail:

Culture tip: a tribute to Desideria


Radiotanda is back on air to celebrate a well-loved character: Desideria. The live shows that emulate her genius and the old radio programme are back this month, with Ximena Rivas playing the part of this popular comedian, together with Braulio Martínez and Ángelo Solari.

Desideria is back with feathers, foxes and humour. Radiotanda GAM is reliving the live broadcast of this 20th-century radio classic, with its traditional musical accompaniment and with Ximena Rivas playing Ana González’s unforgettable character.

This show will only be back for six performances, after its debut last year to celebrate 100 years of Ana González. The show will be using original scripts from the show.


From March 10th to 19th

Thursday to Saturday at 7.30 p.m.

Sala A1 - Edificio A, piso 1

General tickets: $6,000 entrada general; students and senior citizens: $4,000

20% off with Club de Lectores El Mercurio and GAM-Lastarria membership.

2x1 for teachers, BiblioGAM members, SIDARTE, ACHS, ADTRES, GESTIONARTE and SINATTAD.

Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 227 Santiago, Chile [+562] 2566 5500