March 2018

School News N° 3

Reading at Craighouse School

By Sofía Lyons,
Primary English Coordinador

An important academic focus this year at Craighouse School is reading. As part of this initiative we have taken significant steps to increase pupil motivation and engagement, as well as improve reading skills across the school. This week our Primary teachers have been active learners, participating in a training workshop delivered by Mrs Natasha Hayes visiting us from Portland, Oregon, USA that is equipping them with the most up to date, research-based teaching practices in reading instruction. Our students are learning how to enjoy literature and deepen their reading comprehension skills through the implementation of the Reader's Workshop model. Reader's Workshop provides pupils with time to read, book choice, and explicit individualised teaching. To support our reading goals, the school has also made a significant investment in our reading material and our students are benefitting from a wide range of new fiction and non-fiction texts in the Joan Darling Inquiry Centre. We have increased our range of unit of inquiry books, levelled texts and series books. Pupils visit the Inquiry Centre and now get the opportunity to go "book shopping". That means students are able to choose books that they are personally interested in, as well as books that will enable them to work on their individualised reading goal. It is an exciting time for the students, teachers and administrators and we are very much looking forward to seeing our community develop a culture of reading across the year!

Alcohol and drug use prevention

By María Paz Saumann,
Director of Formative Area

On Friday, 23rd February an important workshop was run for all Senior staff and administrators on the theme of drug and alcohol prevention. The workshop was led by Psychiatrist Dr Daniel Martínez, who specialises in addiction. Dr Martínez presented data on alcohol and drug use numbers among young people in Chile, risk factors, and successful intervention experiences in other countries. One of the key elements regarding prevention, mentioned by Dr Martínez, was the concept of wellbeing, and the importance of healthy relationships in a family as protective factors in addictive relations. This workshop opened up a space of reflection that allowed all participants to widen their views and plan new lines of intervention, considering the current context of our youth.

2018 General Parents Meeting

3. Reunión

From March 5th to March 22nd all general parents meeting took place in the three sections.

As stated in our Educational Project, the school and our pupils’ families share a commitment to achieve the development of our pupils’ full potential. Therefore, please note that the attendance to these meetings is mandatory for one or both parents. We want to thank families who attended the meetings, and we invite you all to play an active role in your children’s development and education.

Lost & Found: now a better service

4. Lost

As from this year, the Parents’ Association has decided to add a new position for class representatives: Lost & Found volunteer. With this, we wish to offer a better service to our community with longer opening hours in our storeroom (Darling Hall – first floor). If you don’t know how the Lost & Found works, you can read the protocol in the Parents’ Association website. A big thank-you to all the parents who have already signed up as volunteers. We are certain that your help will be a big contribution to our community. The main objective of our Lost & Found is for our pupils to recover garments or other items which they have lost during school hours or in extracurricular activities that take place on our campus. Since pupils should be made responsible for getting back their lost items, they can visit the storeroom during break (10 a.m. and 1.30 p.m.). Each week, we publish a list of lost clothes and the names of the owners. If an item is not collected within a month, it will be donated or put up for sale. Money obtained from recoveries, sales, and donations is used for scholarships assigned by the Parents’ Association. Over the last few years, Lost & Found has helped four pupils to finish their education at Craighouse School.

Outstanding performance of Craighouse School girls in riding champion

5. Equitación

On Sunday 25th March the Horse Riding Championship was held at El Estribo equestrian club in Batuco, where two Craighouse School pupils won first place (with zero faults) in the two competitions. Congratulations to our pupils Catalina Zúñiga (Year 7 C) and Josefa Acuña (Year 5 A), who are members of the El Relincho equestrian club in Chicureo.

Training courses for teachers: inclusion

By María Paz Saumann,
Director of Formative Area

On February 22nd we had a training course on inclusion for heads, teachers, and administrative staff from Primary and Middle. We had three guests on this course: Mrs Fernanda Niño de Zepeda, Special Needs Teacher and Psychologist with a long experience working with teenagers with Down syndrome; Mrs Pilar Molina, studying Integration at Institución Teresiana, who recently took the PSU; and Alejandra Flores, Psychologist specialising in autism spectrum disorder and in students with academic talent. Staff from the Primary Section had previously been trained in this area, so this time the focus was on the wellbeing of the children in the Inclusion Programme, and they discussed examples of curricular adaptations. The course aimed at Middle Section staff focused on special educational needs, particularly on Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorder. They reviewed the most important characteristics and approach strategies, and shared experiences with integrated pupils from other schools.

Integration day for Year 4

By Loreto Urrutia
Psychologist- Formative Area

This year we designed an integration day for each class, where the pupils were invited to play, talk, and work in groups so they could get to know each other better and spend some time together. From Marth 5th to March 8th we worked with each class, and the focus was on the promotion of friendship, comradeship, solidarity and good manners for everyone. We believe that pupils and teachers alike were able to get to know each other better, participate and spend time together in a different context, contributing to the process of integration in the new classes.

Craighouse School e-mails

By René Jofré,
Head of Information Technology

6 Correos

Today, all pupils from Years 4 to 12 have their own institutional e-mail account. We are thus promoting the use of e-mail as a timely and efficient means of communication with our students. We invite all parents to talk to their children about the correct use of this tool. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the support team at

Where to go? “The spirit of men in Tierra del Fuego” Exhibition

By Elliot Zepeda,
Pupil of Year 11 B

147 photographs by German anthropologist and priest Martin Gusinde are being displayed at the Sala de Arte of the Las Condes Civic Centre (Av. Apoquindo 3300 2nd floor) until the 12th of May. After its journey through Europe and Asia, this exhibition finally arrives to Chile, showcasing one the few records that we have from the kawésqar, selk’nam and yagán people. The huge cultural and historical value that these pictures convey makes it a perfect place to visit. There is no entrance fee and it is open from Mondays to Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

School News N° 2

Calle y Escucha dinner

By Sylvia Lagos,
Student Council Advisor

In the context of the Calle y Escucha programme, and together with the Manos Abiertas group, street monitors of the 2017 Student Council, the Social Service Area, Senior CARE mothers, and old girls and boys, had the privilege of offering a Christmas dinner for homeless people on December 21st. We received and served around one hundred people in the park across Universidad de Chile’s School of Law, and we were truly touched by the faces of people who were happy to receive a meal and some much-needed special attention. All the contributions we received were wonderful: the lights, the children, the gifts, the food, even Father Christmas for the younger homeless children. Together, we were a team working towards one goal: offering a moment of happiness to those who are most vulnerable. I would like to highlight the attitude of each of our pupils, who gave a couple of hours of their time to serve others who, despite being just like us, have not received the same opportunities.

We invite all our community to join Calle y Escucha in 2018.

Seven Intergeneraciones

By Rodrigo Baudrand,
Old Girls and Boys Association

On December 23rd 2017 we celebrate the latest version of Seven Intergeneraciones, which once again brought together a great number of old girls and boys around hockey and rugby, but also around friendship. The 2014 generation of girls won in hockey, while the 2012 generation of boys won in rugby. In the Copa Experiencia, where our most experienced members take part, generation 2000-2001 finally won the cup. The organisation was impeccable and luckily there were no major injuries during the games.

We look forward to everyone’s participation in 2018!

Parents' Association: welcome for new families

The welcome activities for new families, organised by the Parents’ Association, were a huge success. The event took place on Tuesday 6th March at 7.30 p.m. in the pergola. The Parents’ Association, aligned with the Craighouse School attributes – family oriented and caring – invited all new parents to this event to establish participation and integration channels which will allow them to be actively committed to the development of their children.

In a friendship meeting, the new families were introduced to the several activities offered by the school, where the children and the parents themselves can take part.

Middle Section Student Council organises talent show

By Blanca Hernández,
Middle Section Student Council Advisor

On Thursday 8th March the Middle Section Student Council had their first talent show to celebrate International Women’s Day, where they presented the Middle radio project: “la voz de los estudiantes”. After the presentation, each Student Council representative reflected on the event, and together they shared the results of a survey that they had conducted in the section about what it means to be a woman. Finally, a group of Year 8 girls sang a few songs.

Craighouse School old boy donates percussion instruments to the Primary Section

We want to thank Mr Pablo Lagos, old boy of the 1991 generation, who on March 1st arrived at the school with Francisco, his son, on the first day of class in Prekinder. Together they donated three congas, percussion membranophone instruments of African origin, to the Music Department.

Outstanding performance by Craighouse School pupil in motorcycle tournament

Congratulations to Manuel Harrison, of Year 10 A, who on January 21st won first place in the 250 C Class category of the Anaheim California Supercross Amateur race. In the words of his father, “these results place him in a very good position for the Loretta Lynn qualifiers, the most important championship in the United States”.

School News N° 1

Welcome to the 2018 school year

Summer holidays are now a distant memory. The last day of February finally came and school has begun. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our families, specially the new families that are joining the Craighouse School community. As we do every year, we would like to invite each and every one of you to make our campus your own and to feel part of your school: you can make use of the facilities, and at the same time enjoy the surroundings and everything that has an impact in our pupils’ educational development and learning. We wish you all every success for 2018

March: the month of respect

At Craighouse School we have a set of nine values that pupils work with from March to November. These values light up the school life as principles that govern the daily relationships among students, teachers, parents and staff. On the first day of every month, we introduce a new value and invite members of our community to reflect with their families on the meaning of that value. And please don’t forget that our actions are the examples that the smallest ones will follow. March is the month of respect, the acknowledgement and consideration of the value and rights that every individual deserves, as well as society and its norms.

What is respect?
** Respect for oneself: knowing and accepting oneself, doing one’s best to improve.
** Respect for others: respecting all members of the community, regardless of their beliefs, ethnic group, sex, social class, work, nationality and thoughts, both in person and virtually.
** Respect for the educational environment: valuing the Craighouse School community and the community of our country, both in person and virtually.
** Respect for the environment: valuing nature as our only life resource.

Craighouse School recognises the best scores of the 2017 generation

On Friday, March 2nd we had a ceremony to recognise the top scores in last year’s university entrance exam, PSU. Old girls and boys visited the school together with their families to receive a diploma and be congratulated by their teachers and Senior Section pupils. Mr Patrick Lyons, acting Academic Director, told us that “I want to congratulate these young people on behalf of all our community on what they, themselves have achieved through their own efforts. You did a great job with the PSU exams and have earned great opportunities to achieve great things at university and beyond. So, remember, you have what it takes to be successful but nobody is going to hand it to you. So, go ahead and achieve greatness.” Mr Peter Lacey, in turn, congratulated this group of old girls and boys and told them that what matters most is the development of language and maths skills, and that perseverance, responsibility, and dedication will help them fulfil their dreams.

Puntajes Nacionales

Mr Edgar Witt, President of the Board of Craighouse School, and Mr Peter Lacey, our Headmaster, handed out the awards to pupils who achieved an exceptional result and obtained a “Puntaje Nacional”.
In Mathematics: Juan Pablo Contreras González -850
In Sciences: Cristóbal Javier Zilleruelo Cañas - 850.

Highest PSU averages

Mr Peter Lacey, our Headmaster, together with Mr Patrick Lyons, our Deputy Headmaster, handed out the awards to those former pupils who obtained the highest PSU averages:
Felipe Andrés Galán Donoso - 762,5
Camila Victoria Escudero Barra -763
Alejandro López Torres – 764
Javiera Paz Araya Alvarado - 768,5
Sebastián Alberto Pérez Masri - 769
Juan Pablo Contreras González - 771
Sophia Christine Harbst Tassara - 779,5
Daniel Andrés Gutiérrez Fried - 782,5
Josefina Plass Hune - 788,5
Francisco San Martín Cabello - 811

PSU Language

Mr Eduardo Riquelme, Head of the Language Department, and Mrs María Paz Saumann, Director of the Formative Area, handed out the awards to:
Trinidad Sofía Tubino Dowding – 758
Matías Andrés Pérez Pefaur – 758
Martín Eduardo Glenz Cobo – 758
Milan Patrick Tomic Steimel – 758
Francisco San Martín Cabello – 786
Pedro Burstein Molina - 786
José Miguel Zerené Herrán - 786
Josefina Plass Hune - 807
Sophia Christine Harbst Tassara -807
Javiera Paz Araya Alvarado - 818

PSU Mathematics

Mr Sergio Poblete, Head of the Mathematics Department, together with Mrs. Fernanda Silva, Academic Coordinator of Senior, handed out the awards to:
Sophia Christine Harbst Tassara - 752
Agustín Ignacio Lathrop Jalaff - 752
Gabriela Carolina Núñez Cisternas -760
Matías Andrés Pérez Pefaur - 760
Josefina Plass Hune - 770
Diego Nicolás Cisternas Eltit - 770
Cristóbal Javier Zilleruelo Cañas - 795
Ian Orchard Bocic - 795
Felipe Andrés Galán Donoso - 809
Camila Victoria Escudero Barra - 822
Sebastián Alberto Pérez Masri - 822
Tomás Zurita Devoto - 822
Alejandro López Torres - 836
Francisco San Martín Cabello - 836
Daniel Andrés Gutiérrez Fried - 836

PSU Sciences

Miss Carmen Habinger, Head of the Science Department, together with Mr Owain Jones, Head of the Senior Section, handed out the awards to:
Valentina Gabriela Castillo Del Villar - 758
Trinidad Montserrat Franco Vidal - 758
Sophia Christine Harbst Tassara - 758
Francisco San Martín Cabello - 768
Pedro Andrés Becker Jacques - 779
Camila Victoria Escudero Barra - 779
Trinidad Sofía Tubino Dowding - 779
Benjamín Andrés Panza Csendes - 789
Gabriela Carolina Núñez Cisternas - 799
Josefina Plass Hune - 799
Ian Orchard Bocic - 819
Juan Agustín Urzúa Ansaldo - 819
Alejandro López Torres - 830

PSU Social Scienes and History

Mr Sócrates Aguilera, Head of the Social Science Department, accompanied by Mrs Cristina Russell-King, Head of Middle Section, handed out the awards to:
Agustín Ignacio Lathrop Jalaff - 752
José Manuel Morales Deik - 752
Roberto Ignacio Natho Saavedra - 766
Martín Eduardo Glenz Cobo - 804
Pedro Burstein Molina - 815
Daniel Andrés Gutiérrez Fried - 815