May 2017

Bosque Hermoso camp in Lampa: the Senior Section’s new objective

OC-02 Social sensitivity is becoming increasingly stronger among our pupils. The recent rains that we had in the central area of our country have seriously affected families living in the Bosque Hermoso camp in Lampa. Their homes and all their belongings were damaged by the flood water. To help them, a group of seven Craighouse School pupils have been serving as permanent volunteers, supported by Techo Chile. They have organised a “solidarity crusade” in the Senior Section, raising funds to buy zinc plates to replace the roofs of the damaged emergency homes, and charcoal to dry them. The idea is to work on site on Saturday 20th May. For this purpose, we have invited all members of the community to support this cause with a money donation or by buying a bag of charcoal. We are sure that this crusade will be a big success.

Friendship: this month’s value

amistad He was only a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But I have made him my friend, and now he is unique in all the world – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Pupils received a visit from Sancho Panza

By Heidy Chinchon, Inquiry Centre – Middle Section Sancho The Middle Section inquiry centre received an important visitor: Quixote’s faithful squire, Sancho Panza. Played by Mr José Díaz (actor, teacher and playwright), he was invited by Vicens Vives publishing house to take part in the story-telling of “Érase una vez don Quijote”. Our pupils from Years 5 and 7 had the chance to attend this event; they had fun and were fascinated by Sancho Panza’s exeptional performance.

Culture tip: The Little Prince (play)

principito He is a small man, but he is neither a child nor an adult. He lives on his own planet, Asteroid B612, and while travelling the universe he reaches the Earth by chance, where he finds himself in the middle of the desert with an aviator whose plane has crashed. The pilot is trying to repair his plane and he needs help, and the Little Prince will ask him to draw the picture of a lamb. And he will not give up until he is happy with the aviator’s drawing. When he is satisfied, he begins to tell the aviator of his life visiting different planets where he has met different characters who are part of the adults’ world: a king, a conceited man, a business man, a lamplighter and a geographer, before coming to Earth. Company: Teatro Artes Rolando Valenzuela Duration: 70 minutes Recommended for ages 6 and over Time: Sunday 12 p.m. Tickets: $5,000 (general); $3,000 (children and students) Source:

Nicole Batarce: everything is possible

By Fernanda Silva, Academic Coordinator – Senior Section Nicole On Wednesday 10 May pupils in Year 11 welcomed Ms Nicole Batarce, an old girl from the 2007 generation. Nicole talked, of her amazing study and work experience, which includes having won second place in a world Airbus contest, and having published her own book. She is currently working on the last stage of an MA in Space Systems in France. With her experience, Nicole wanted to motivate our pupils to pursue their dreams, however difficult they may seem, since in her opinion everything is possible with effort and perseverance. She also told our students about how well the IB Diploma programme had prepared her, as well as the excellent level of English learned at Craighouse School. She encouraged them to not let opportunities pass, give their best at all times, and not limit their lives to studying, but to take part in multiple activities. Thank you, Nicole, for this wonderful visit. We have no doubt that you will continue to follow your dreams and reap the benefits.

Travelling book

By Katherine Vivar, Inquiry Centre – Primary Section tbook2 For the third year in a row, we have begun the Travelling Book Bag project in the inquiry centre of the Primary Section. The purpose of this activity is to promote reading in our Year 1 pupils and to involve their families in the love of reading, so that all members of their families come together around books. We invite you to gather around the Travelling Book Bag, open it and share its contents for two weeks. We hope to help all families realise that they play a huge role in promoting a reading habit amongst our pupils. We hope you enjoy this adventure, which has already begun at the homes of several families in our community.

First break in the school year

holidays We wish you all happy, restful holidays. We will see you again on Tuesday 30th May to continue working together.

May: the month of friendship

Amistad (2)_600x397Amistad_600x397 Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month we are working with the value of friendship, a feeling of affection and affinity toward someone, which is expressed through sharing selflessly with him/her. Friendship involves caring about the other person’s wellbeing, helping in case of need, being empathetic and feeling happy for his/her joys, and helping him/her through constructive criticism to be a better person.

Yom Hashoa

By Lorena Sommerfeld, Jewish Religion Teacher yom_600x450 In April, Jewish pupils have had two important ceremonies: Passover and Yom Hashoa. In the latter, which took place on Monday 24th April, we remembered the six million Jews who died victims of the Nazis. The ceremony was attended by our rabbi, who explained the meaning of this commemoration, and led by two pupils from Year 8, Carla Bawlitza and Eitan Epelbaum. yom2_600x450 These two ceremonies are deeply engraved in Jewish life, teaching us about tolerance, respect and freedom.

CARE book fair

By Evelyn Yupanqui, Communications – CARE Processed with MOLDIV CARE delegates in Primary and Middle have organised a new version of the traditional book fair to celebrate World Book Day. This year, our enthusiastic CARE delegates led a day full of creativity and warmth, and managed to raise an important sum to help our associate institutions, as well as promoting solidarity through literature. Thank you to all the families who donated books, and congratulations to our pupils for their participation in this beautiful activity.

Excellent participation in ABSCH athletics tournament

By Ana María Cabrera, PE & Sports Teacher trebu_600x450 trebu3_450x600trebu2_600x450 On Saturday 22nd April Colegio Trebulco in Talagante hosted the athletics tournament (senior and intermediate categories), organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile. A group of girls and boys represented Craighouse School in both categories, where we saw clear improvement in each pupil’s performance, as well as a great deal of effort, commitment and determination. Congratulations to the following pupils, who won first place in their events: trebu4 We also want to congratulate our pupil Ignacio Jáuregui, who threw the javelin 43.14 metres, breaking a record that dated back to 2014. At the end of a very long day, these were the results for Craighouse School: trebu5 Congratulations to all our pupils and teachers who once again showed great performance as well as excellent teamwork and commitment with the school.

Cultural tip: Railway Museum

mff_600x300 Now that we have had a few warmer days, we recommend visiting the Railway Museum (Museo Ferroviario de Santiago), located in Quinta Normal. In this museum you will find a number of historical pieces from the time of steam trains. One of the most interesting exhibits is the presidential carriage, used by Chilean presidents at the beginning of the 20th century. Museo Ferroviario de Santiago Quinta Normal park Subway line 5, Quinta Normal station Access by car via Avda. Portales. Tel.: +56 2 26814627 From Tuesday to Friday / to 10.00 a.m. to 5.50 p.m. From Saturday to Sunday / to 11.00 a.m. to 5.50 p.m. Website:

World Book Day

Libro2_600x450 World Book Day is celebrated each year on April 23rd, a date to remember the death of three great exponents of world literature: Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra, William Shakespeare and Garcilaso de la Vega. At Craighouse School, pupils take part in several activities to celebrate this special day. Our youngest students had their traditional parade, along the school hallways dressed as their favourite book characters. This year they had a special guest: Mr Peter Lacey, who accompanied them dressed as Harry Potter. Congratulations to all the pupils, teachers and parents for their participation and motivation to bring to life some of the best literary characters. Libro1_600x450 In the Middle Section, pupils had a very interesting assembly, where the winner of the writing contest was announced. Jaime Dacaret, from Year 6 E, read his winning poem in front of the whole section. Then, a group of students from different classes performed a play with different book characters who lose their stories because nobody reads them anymore. During their search, they meet a writer who tries to make a new story with all of them, but none of them seems comfortable with this story. Finally, they discover that if the writer can read each of their original stories, they can find their way back to their books. Congratulations to the following pupils: Juan David Ordóñez (Year 6 C), who played Don Quixote, Cristóbal Vidal (Year 6 C), who played Sancho Panza, María Jesús Caldera (Year 8 E), who played Little Red Riding Hood, Isidora Campos (Year 8 E), who played Harry Potter Anya Jaederlund (Year 7 A), who played the Little Prince, and Miss Olga Godoy, who played the writer, and Mr Cristián Tagle, who wrote the script. Libro3_600x450 Finally, the inquiry centre of the Middle Section organised a trivia contest with questions about books and writers for Year 5 pupils. The winners were: Gonzalo Cepeda (Year 5 A), Agustina Osorio (Year 5 A), Nicolás Pérez (Year 5 C), Macarena Errecaborde (Year 5 C), Joaquín Araneda (Year 5 D), Emilia Aninat (Year 5 D), Emilia Barrientos (Year 5 E), Benjamín Díaz Osorio (Year 5 E), Martina Valenzuela (Year 5 F), Pablo Sáenz-Diez (Year 5 F), Domingo Lillo (Year 5 G) and Mateo Charlín (Year 5 G). The assembly for the Senior Section was also dedicated to World Book Day. The English and Spanish Departments worked together organising different activities for them. The Spanish area commemorated one hundred years since the birth of Violeta Parra, sharing periods of her life. Pupils Josefina Rovira (Year 11 A) and Colomba Paulsen (Year 11 B), accompanied by Head of Department Mr Eduardo Riquelme, recited “La defensa de Violeta Parra”, written by her brother Nicanor. Later, teacher Mr Francisco Toro y and pupil Fernanda Pérez (Year 11 D) analysed Violeta’s arpilleras, and pupils Martín Henríquez (Year 11 C), Agustín Hernández (Year 11 A), Matías Garafulic (Year 11 E), Benjamín Ergas (Year 11 C) and Joaquín Escalona (Year 11 C) presented a rap version of the song “Arauco tiene una pena”. Pupil Sofía Pastene (Year 9 E) sang together with teacher Ms María José Maldonado, accompanied by teachers Mr Francisco Carvajal and Christian Guzmán as well as pupil Juan Andrés Guzmán (Year 11 B). In English, Year 9 pupils from Mr Gareth Coghlan’s class Sofía Pastene (Year 9 E), Bárbara Díaz (Year 9 D), Constanza Chahuán (Year 9 D) and María Gracia Gundermann (Year 9 E), as well as pupils from Mrs Nicola Bromley’s debating team Alejandra Moreno (Year 10 A), Josefina Elgart (Year 10 A) and Elliot Zepeda (Year 10 B) read paragraphs from their favourite books, explaining why they liked them.

LAHC in Sao Paulo

By Mr Michael Dumbell, Academic Director lahc4_600x450lahc3_600x450 lahc2_600x338 lahc_597x600 During the week of the 3rd April, two of our Year 10 students, María Ignacia Carvajal (Year 10 B) and Constanza Atala (Year 10 B), took part in the Latin American Heads Conference. This year, the conference was hosted by St. Paul’s School in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The theme of the conference was Creativity. Approximately 80 student delegates from all over Latin America attended the conference. As well as having the opportunity to meet students from other schools and countries, María Ignacia and Constanza attended workshops on such diverse themes as: Leadership The ‘Slow’ revolution Futurology The pupils then worked in small groups to create a ‘product’ from scratch. At the end of the conference, the students gave presentations to head teachers and other delegates about their product. Both María Ignacia and Constanza stated that they learnt a great deal during the conference and that it was a wonderful experience.

100 years since the birth of Violeta Parra

1002_600x450 On Friday 28th April pupils from Year 6 got together at the Middle/Senior inquiry centre where they enjoyed a story-telling activity based on “La niña Violeta” by Francisco Jiménez, to celebrate one hundred years since the birth of Chilean songwriter Violeta Parra. The story was read by the librarian, Ms Pamela Dragas. To learn more about Violeta Parra’s life and work, the pupils worked in groups in different activities. While some made garlands with milestones from the life of the author of “Gracias a la vida”, others wrote a wish on a piece of cardboard with the shape of angel wings, tied them to a balloon and released it to the sky. 100_600x450

Craighouse School pupil represents Chile in important world ski circuit

ski_600x400   Between April 12th and 16th the 25th version of the Whistler Cup took place in Canada. This is one of the largest, most prestigious international ski competitions. Representing Chile in the U14 category, our pupil Manuel Horwitz from Year 7 A participated as the youngest of 133 children who were part of this category. Of the several races in the circuit, Manuel came in 15th in Slalom. In Giant Slalom he fell and couldn’t finish the race, but managed to reach the round of sixteen. Finally, Manuel became the best competitor of his category among Chileans. Congratulations for this important achievement, Manuel!

The Diploma Programme exam process has begun

By Michael Dumbell, Academic Director 7 Through its academic curriculum, Craighouse School meets National Curriculum requirements and the three International Baccalaureate programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP). The latter (DP) begins in Year 10 when pupils are required to choose their subjects, and ends in May of Year 12 with final exams. This year’s generation will begin the 2017 session on April 28th, which will last until May 18th. 80% of pupils are IB Diploma candidates, and the rest will be taking exams which are designed and corrected internally, but which have the same high standards and learning value. Please note that all pupils of the generation will sit for the English exams in order to obtain their IB certificate. All these exams follow very strict regulations and protocols, which range from formal aspects such as times, distance between chairs, use of electronic devices, etc., to personal appearance, attitude when facing the exams, etc. As a way to support pupils during this period, the inquiry centre is at their disposal for personal or group study sessions, and to talk to teachers. Congratulations to our pupils for their great work and commitment, and we invite you to continue to play a leading role in your own learning. We have no doubt that the skills and knowledge that you have acquired during this process will be part of the baggage that will accompany throughout your whole lives.

Impressive turnout for Open Day 2017

open day On April 25th Craighouse School opened its doors to all families who are applying for a place in Prekinder 2018. The admission process includes a meeting at the school where families learn more about the Educational Project and take a look around the facilities, led by Prefects and representatives from the Middle and Senior Student Councils. Many of the attending parents openly appreciated the fact that we showed them all areas and sections of the school. They also highlighted our family involvement and appreciation of diversity, and were very impressed by pupils’ self-confidence, knowledge of the school and standard of English.

Integration Programme: bringing families together

DSC_5193 With the purpose of bringing together all families who are part of the Craighouse School Integration Programme, the Formative Area held a meeting on Tuesday 11th April. The meeting was organised to help parents meet and share all the experiences, achievements, successes and difficulties they have had to face throughout their children’s upbringing and when they joined the school system. Thanks to this meeting, a network of parents was created with the purpose of supporting each other in this task. All participants welcomed and appreciated this activity.

Culture tip for adults: movie lovers

cine If you love the seventh art and would like to learn how to make a short, then this invitation by Corporación Cultural de Lo Barnechea is just for you. They will be conducting a Film Workshop with sessions every Thursday from May 18th to September 7th, from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m. In this workshop, movie director Mr Gabriel Hidalgo (“Una historia de infelicidad”), screenwriter Mr Daniel Castro (“Historia de un oso”), film editor Mrs Soledad Salfate (“Una mujer fantástica”), and actor Willy Semler (“Qué pena tu vida”) will help you make a collective short film. From a practical standpoint, attendants will learn about script, editing, photography, sound and direction. The workshop will end with a public showcase of the short. Source:

Ecumenical service: Passover and Holy Week

By Marcela Acuña, Head of the Religion Department Pasaj  1 In an atmosphere of deep reflection, the three sections of our school had an interreligious ceremony to celebrate Passover and Holy Week, with representatives from the three religions taught at Craighouse Schools: Protestant pastor Mr David Berguño, Catholic deacon Mr Walter Vawer and Jewish rabbi Mr Ari Sigal. In this ceremony our pupils had the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of Passover and Holy Week, the most important celebrations for the Jewish and Christian communities. We celebrated in a spirit of fraternity and unity that transcended each particular belief. We would like to highlight the participation of pupils from Year 6 B, who presented a beautiful video that invited us to reflect on these celebrations in a context of religious openness and a search for the value of love and acceptance of diversity. Pupils of the different sections participated in the choir, as well as in the lighting of candles in each of the assemblies.

Decorating the CARE container

By Evelyn Yupanqui, Communications – CARE Processed with MOLDIV CARE organises several different activities in the Primary Section to encourage the participation of all pupils. In this context, on Thursday 6th April we had our traditional “container decoration” where the youngest of our school, guided by their teachers and our delegates, use their creativity to decorate the containers where each month we collect food to take to our associate institutions. Congratulations to our pupils, teachers and delegates for their participation and commitment in this highly significant activity.

2017 ABS Conference

By Owain Jones, Head of Senior Section 7absch conference Dave Harris and Guy Claxton presented a conference on Friday the 7th of April at Santiago College. In the morning Dave Harris took the session and it was based on leadership and how leaders work together to create a school with a better idea of which direction it is travelling. Guy Claxton’s session in the afternoon was directed more towards the teachers and the focus was on pupils learning through their own eyes and experiences. Both sessions were good but for the leadership team Dave Harris session in the morning was more valuable.