May 2018

Year 12 pupils finish their IB exams

On Friday, May 18th the Diploma examination period for the 2018 generation came to an end. This process was carried out in accordance with the standards established by the International Baccalaureate, and complying with all the formalities of examination protocols.

Congratulations to the pupils, and we hope they take advantage of these holidays to rest and recharge their energy levels, before they begin the final stage of their school education: preparing for the university entrance exam (PSU).

Culinary show in Year 2

By Jimena Manríquez, Spanish Coordinator – Primary Section

As a way of closing work unit “Who we are”, Year 2 pupils put on a cooking display based on the month of the sea, the War of the Pacific, and the value of friendship. During this work unit, pupils also studied different types of text. The children also made reference to the different texts: recipes, informative texts, posters and invitations.

Each pupil impressed us with a creative dish prepared with their families, and displayed it in the Primary Section.

Congratulations to all pupils for the love, dedication, and effort shown in this activity.

Pupils rehearse parade as a tribute to the naval forces

For a second consecutive year, we want to thank parents Mr Diego Salas and Mr Carlos Baudrand, both Marine First Lieutenants of the Yates Naval Reserve, and Mr Carlos Báez, Marine Second Lieutenant of the Yates Naval Reserve. They kindly helped the Senior pupils who will be participating in the parade organised by the Lo Barnechea Municipality as a tribute to the Glorias Navales.

Charles T. Darling Hockey Tournament

By Ewan Butler, Hockey Coordinator

Every year in the month of May, Craighouse School organises the traditional Charles T. Darling hockey tournament as a tribute to our founder. This time eight institutions from the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) took part in the Intermediate and Senior categories.

This is one of our favourite tournaments at Craighouse School, and after a long day of games both teams contested in the 3rd/4th playoff match.

At this early stage of the hockey season both the intermediate and senior girls had some fantastic performances and they have many positives to take from this tournament. Our congratulations should go to all the teams and players who took part and displayed all the qualities we expect from our pupils.

ABSCH cross country

On Saturday, 5th May the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) organised a cross country championship for pupils from Years 7 to 12.

After a long day of hard work and team effort, we would like to congratulate Year 7 category – girls, who obtained the 1st place.

Congratulations to: Sofía Orellana, Isabella Bergman, Rebecca Bustos, Martina Lira, Montserrat Pagola and Ignacia Sierra; and their teacher, Mr Ewan Butler.

Latin America Model United Nations Conference

By Elliot Zepeda, Year 11-B Pupil

During the 18th and 22nd of April our pupils Benjamín Bustos, Fernanda Hola, Valentina Scarabino, Sophie Steele, Nayatara Ranghanatha, Pilar Gutiérrez, Paula Vits, Antonella Del Aguila, Elliot Zepeda and María Ignacia Carvajal, all pupils of the Senior Section, participated in the Latin America Model United Nations Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay, this being their second time in a conference of this nature.

The pupils were delegates for the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia in the different committees that simulate those of the United Nations. On this occasion, leadership roles were selected for chairs and press delegates.

With students from different English-speaking schools all over Latin America, topics that affect our world today were debated and solutions were written in an attempt to solve these problems.

The pupils were accompanied by the English debate extracurricular activity teacher, Miss Nicola Bromley, and English teacher, Miss Kristin Doherty.

The team is now preparing for the ESU debate competitions and other activities that will later be revealed.

Potential pupils trip to NASA

For the first time, Craighouse School has been invited, through the Science Department, to participate in NASA's HASSE space school (Houston Association for Space and Science Education) in Houston, USA. In this opportunity, we will invite Year 8 students (Year 9 2019) and Seniors Section students to participate. This first mission is scheduled for January 21st, 2019 through February 2nd, 2019 in USA.

The programs at HASSE Space School formed in partnership with NASA, are designed with the joint efforts of various NASA scientists, professors, and educational personnel. The aim is to develop students' interest in space science, while enabling the development of skills focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

HASSE Space School offers an exclusive 2-week program that delivers a high-level educational program with an inspiring curriculum that combines scientific and problem solving principles. Based on its unique design of programs, HASSE Space School incorporates problem-based learning, case studies, creative development and management training with an inspired curriculum delivered in an exceptional environment.

This program will give our students the unique opportunity to get close to the experts (NASA astronauts, engineers and scientists) and learn about space, science and project management in exciting locations such as the Johnson Space Center in Houston, the Challenger Learning Center, TxRx Robotics Laboratory, and Rice University.

During this two-week mission, students develop their business and management experience leading a multi-million dollar project, test their problem-solving skills during a challenging Mars missions, and team up to foster collaborative learning.


April was a month of a celebration in the inquiry centre

By Heidy Chinchón, Inquiry Centre – Middle Section

Every year on the 23rd of April we celebrate World Book Day, and this time around we wanted to celebrate Book Week. Each day, for each level we had an important guest linked to literature, and it was a huge success. We invited two renowned Chilean writers (whose books are part of the Spanish reading plan), an important actor and an emerging illustrator.

On April 23rd we welcomed Chilean writer Luz María del Valle, who talked about the characters in her most famous book, “Yacay en las tierras del buen viento”. She also organised a little workshop with the attending pupils, who had to draw their own characters.

On April 24th we received well-known author Camila Valenzuela, invited by Miss Blanca Hernández, who talked about her book “Nieve Negra” and answered lots of questions from her enthusiastic audience.

The following day actor José Díaz decided to let Sancho Panza rest and dramatised an extract from the book “El oro de los sueños”.

We finished the cultural activities on April 26th with talented illustrator Naijem Cepeda, who told us about her inspiration for her drawings and invited our pupils to make their own illustrations.

A big thank-you to the Spanish teachers for their support and participation in these activities, which are so important for all the book lovers of the school.

Charles T. Darling Rugby Tournament

On Saturday 5th May Craighouse School held a seven-a-side rugby tournament, which bears the name of our founder, Mr Charles T. Darling. This event took place at the Craighouse School campus with the Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories. All schools belonging to the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) took part in the tournament.

The long day began at 9 a.m. in the morning and the games continued until past 7 p.m. in the evening. The final match was played in front of a large crowd of spectators.

This was, without a doubt, a great event where fair play and friendship were the star players. The winners of each category were the following:

Junior category: 1st place for Craighouse School Senior category: 1st place for Craighouse School

Congratulations to all the pupils who took part in this great tournament.

May: the month of Friendship

Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff.

This month we are working with the value of friendship, a feeling of affection and affinity toward someone, which is expressed through sharing selflessly with him/her.

Friendship involves caring about the other person’s wellbeing, helping in case of need, being empathetic feeling happy for his/her joys, and helping him/her through constructive criticism to be a better person.

Round Square Conference in Bogotá

From April 25th to May 1st the Regional Conference of America “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges”, was held in Bogotá, Colombia. The main purpose of the conference is to develop an awareness of the importance of peace and unity among nations which have undergone conflicts. This year, Cecilia Evendt and Catalina Zilleruelo of Year 8 represented Craighouse School, accompanied by Mrs Ana María Cabrera, Round Square representative in our school.

Craighouse School pupils win second place in volleyball tournament

On Saturday, 21st April the Newland School organised a volleyball tournament, where our pupils from the mini (Year 7) and infantil (Years 8 & 9) teams took part. The two other participating schools were Everest and Antártica Chilena.

Congratulations to our girls, who won second place in the tournament.

Craighouse School fancy dress parade

Here are some pictures of the Book Week parades.

Book week: Middle Section pupils participate in Santiago en 100 palabras

By Blanca Hernández, Spanish Teacher – Middle Section

Our Middle Section pupils took part in the annual contest “Santiago en 100 palabras”, sending a total of 560 micro-stories. The school with the largest number of stories will win a library of contemporary literature. Congratulations to everyone who took part in this contest and wrote a story. We also want to thank the people from Santiago en 100 palabras, who lent us a box full of activities to promote writing among our pupils.

CARE Book Fair

CARE delegates in Primary and Middle have organised a new version of the traditional book fair to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday, 26th April. This year, our enthusiastic CARE delegates led a day full of creativity and warmth, and managed to raise an important sum to help our associate institutions, as well as promoting solidarity through literature. Thank you to all the families who donated books, and congratulations to our pupils for their participation in this beautiful activity.

2018 Extracurricular activities begin

On Monday, 16th April the extracurricular activities for this year began. In the first week of May we will open the application process for those pupils who want to sign up for a second activity, as long as there are vacancies available.

The most popular activities this year were artistic gymnastics, sports, chess, drama, and robotics, and pupils were very happy with their first lessons.

LAHC in Bogotá

During the week of the 17th April, four of our students, Sofía Pastene (Year 10 E), Martina Jana (Year 11 A) Martín Henríquez (Year 12 C) and Maite Auil (Year 12 A), took part in the Latin American Heads Conference. This year, the conference was held in Bogotá, Colombia, and pupils were accompanied by our Headmaster, Mr Peter Lacey.

LAHC is committed to providing opportunities for students to gain valuable educational experiences, in the widest sense, through a broad range of activities organised by member schools

Excellent participation in ABSCH athletics tournament for year 8 pupils

On Friday 20th April Colegio Trebulco in Talagante hosted the athletics tournament (Senior and Intermediate categories), organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile.

This year, our Year 8 pupils obtained the first place in the Junior Category. Congratulations to the following pupils: Nicolás Larraín, Sebastián Bianchi, Cristóbal Besoaín, José Domingo Basora, Iñaki Bar, Miguel Riadi, Pedro Uribe, Manuel Horwitz, Fernando Gorrini, Viktor Bosic, Martín Toso, Carlos Rodríguez and Fernando López who were accompanied by their teacher, Mr Renzo Cremaschi.

Book week: storytelling for Year 1

By Jimena Manríquez, Spanish Coordinator – Primary Section

As part of the Book Week celebration at Craighouse School, pupils in Year 1 received volunteers from the Centro Lector in Lo Barnechea. Some of the books enjoyed by the children were “La tortilla corredora” by Laura Herrera, “Scruffy bear and the six white mice” by Christopher Wormell, and “Corazón rojo” by Saúl Schkolnik. The latter was read using a kamishibai, a wooden theatre that mixes the magic of words with charming images.

Parents’ Association: meeting for new Traffic Brigade volunteers

On Tuesday 17th April, the Traffic Brigade had a breakfast meeting for the new parents who will become volunteers this year. They discussed their work and explained that their primary mission is to protect the safety of our pupils and help speed up the flow of traffic in the mornings.

Over 900 children took part in the “Juan Pablo Urzúa” festival

By Germán Toro, COBS&COGS Communications

On Sunday, 22nd April the Craighouse School campus was the chosen venue for the fourth version of the ARUSA rugby festivals. One of those festivals is our traditional game in memory of our former player Juan Pablo Urzúa.

Twelve teams came to our fields with their young players and their families. Together, we all enjoyed a day full of activities which finished with a third half in which the players had the chance to spend some time together in an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship.