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The best Primary CAS projects

We would like to thank the generation of CAS pupils who worked on creative projects for their Primary Section schoolmates. 

  • Wed, 05-01-2022

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  • Wed, 17-11-2021

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  • Mon, 08-11-2021

Local biodiversity

 In 2019 an activity was held to provide nesting houses which native bird species can use during their reproduction periods. During 2019, each class built and painted a house, and then placed them in locations near the school. The birdcages are monitored to check if birds are using them.

  • Fri, 15-11-2019

Environmental Committee

In 2009 EcoCommunity was formed, a new community of environmental leaders motivated by their passion and activism in the protection of the environment. 

  • Tue, 05-11-2019


Craighouse School has been certified by the Sistema Nacional de Certificación Ambiental de Establecimientos Educacionales (National Environmental Certification System for Educational Institutions) with the “excellence” level.

  • Fri, 01-11-2019