November 2016

Special Editions N°2 | 2016 | 29 November

Generation 2016: More than good bye… always thinking at you


1.- Mr Owain Jones, Head of Senior, Maureen Maremaa, Head Girl, the Head Boy, Tomás Contreras, and Mr Mark Cross, Deputy Head of Section 2.-From left to right: Mrs Verena Küpfer, Mr Juan Pablo Garafulic, Mrs Paula Urrutia, Mr Peter Lacey, Mrs Carolina Davanzo, Mr Edgar Witt, Mr Owain Jones. 3.- Year 12 pupils’ band 4.- School choir.

Flower Cup


Also on Tuesday 15th November, all pupils of Year 12 had the sporting event "Flower Cup" and lunch with the Headmaster and all the teachers of the section. 9.- Fields 10.- Lunch 11.- Mrs Ana María Cabrera and Delfina Gómez 12.- Mr Renzo Cremaschi, Mr Mark Cross and Sergio Moreno

Year 12 graduation

grad2 19.- Miss Carmen Habinger presented the following awards: Chemistry to Maureen Maremaa. Physics to Raúl Zilleruelo. Environmental Systems and Societies to Valerie Smith. 20.- Mr Rodrigo Inostroza presented the following award: Psychology high level to Daniela Robino and standard level to Gabriela Elgueta. TOK to Amalia Paulsen. 21.-Visual Arts Department: Mr Hugo Cisterna presented the following awards. Higher level to Victoria Van Bavel and standard level to Solbin Nam. 22.- Music Department: Mr Francisco Carvajal presented the award to Tomás Pérez. 23.- Chinese: Mr Aznous Boisseranc, Chinese teacher, presented the award to Sebastián Vergara. 24.- Drama: Mrs Mónica Trejo, Deputy Head of Senior, presented the award to Nicole Chain. 25.- Religion: Mrs Marcela Acuña presented the award to Maximiliano Salgado.

Year 12 graduation

grad4 31.- Mr Sergio Poblete presented the awards, in: Mathematics higher level to Tomás Pérez. Mathematics standard level to Daniela Robino. Mathematical Studies to Valerie Smith. 32.- English Department. Mr Matthew Jones presented the awards to the following pupils: Language & Literature to Sebastián Vergara and Language to Tomás Cortés. 33.- Charles T. Darling Cup: Mr Edgar Witt, President of the Board of Directors of Craighouse School, presented to Maureen Maremaa the Charles T. Darling Cup who achieved an average of 7 in English during her secondary education. 34.- Award for the Highest Average Grade in secondary education: Mrs Verena Küpfer, President of the Parents’ Association, presented the award to Raúl Zilleruelo for his outstanding average grade of 7. 35.- School Spirit. Mr Edgar Witt and Mr Peter Lacey will presented the awards to the following pupils who represent the spirit of Craighouse School: Delfina Gómez, Raúl Zilleruelo, Macarena Castillo, Nicolás Garafulic, Daniela Robino, Tomás Pérez, Victoria Van Bavel and Martín De Oto. 36.- Mr Peter Lacey and Mr Owain Jones presented an award to honour our Head Girl, Maureen Maremaa, and our Head Boy, Tomás Contreras, for their school spirit, leadership qualities, and their commitment to our community and educational project. 37.- Maureen Maremaa presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs Carolina Davanzo and Tomás Contreras to Mrs Paula Urrutia. And both of them to Mrs Verena Küpfer. 38.- Year 12 pupils

Flower Ceremony


On Tuesday, November 15th the traditional Flower Ceremony was held. During this ceremony the youngest children at Craighouse School say goodbye to our Year 12 pupils and give them a rose as a symbol of farewell. The gift of these flowers also represents the growth of seeds, and how throughout the years great people bloom, with solid values and convictions, which are fundamental pillars that will help them in different moments of their lives. 5.- Year 12 A and their tutor Mrs Carmen Habinger 6.- Year 12 B and their tutor Mr Sergio Poblete 7.- Year 12 C and their tutor Mr Elías Santillán 8.- Year 12 D and their tutor Mr Eduardo Riquelme

Year 12 graduation

On Friday, 18th November the Year 12 graduation ceremony was held at our school which was attended by the school’s authorities. One hundred ten pupils from the 2016 generation received the certificate that marks the end of their school life at Craighouse School. grad1 13.- Prizes 14.- Mr Juan Pablo Garafulic, Director of the Charles T. Darling Educational Foundation, former pupil and Year 12 father 15.- Maureen Maremaa, Head Girl, and Tomás Contreras, Head Boy 16.- Mr Sócrates Aguilera presented the awards in: History higher level to Macarena Castillo Economics higher level to Raúl Zilleruelo Business & Management higher level to Claudia Raggio; standard level to Tomás Contreras 17.- Mr Eduardo Riquelme presented the awards in: Language & Literature higher level to Antonella Cartoni and Gala Altermatt. 18.- Biology: In recognition of academic excellence in the field of Biology, Diego’s brother, Mr José Pablo Peralta, presented the “Diego Peralta Memorial Prize” to Fernanda Abello.

Year 12 graduation

grad3 26.- The CAS Prize: Mrs Constanza Santelices, Acting Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning Project, presented a shield to the following pupils who embody the CAS philosophy and profile: Year 12 A: Lucía Küster. Year 12 B: Camila Holguín. Year 12 C: Francisca Deik. Year 12 D: Claudia Raggio. 27.- The “George Pérez” Intercolour Cup. Mrs Carolina Davanzo presented the trophy to the girls blue house captain, Colomba Jana and Mrs Paula Urrutia to the boys white house captain, Nicolás Garafulic. 28.- Sporting Spirit Cup. The Acting Head of Physical Education and Sports Department, Mr Daniel Romo, presented this year’s awards to: Delfina Gómez and Martín De Oto. 29.- Shield for Best Sportswoman and Sportsman: Mrs Ana María Cabrera, teacher in charge of the Senior Girls category, presented the shield to Colomba Jana. Mr Mark Cross, Deputy Head of Senior Section, presented the shield to Nicolás Garafulic. 30.- Award for Academic Progress: Mr Michael Dumbell, Director of the Academic Area presented the award to Felipe Hidalgo.

Graduation dinner

As in every other year, on Saturday, November 19th we had the graduation dinner, where pupils, parents and teachers dine together for the last time. cena2 38.- From left to right: Mr Owain Jones, Head of Senior, the Deputy Head Girl, Valentina Collado, the Deputy Head Boy, Martín De Oto, and Mr Peter Lacey, Headmaster. 39.- From left to right: Mr Elías Santillán, Mr Sergio Poblete, Valentina Collado, Mrs Carmen Habinger, Martín De Oto and Mr Eduardo Riquelme. 40.- Old Girls and Boys

School News N°25 | 2016 | 24 November

Personal Project – Year 9

By Michael Arington, Academic Coordinator


On Tuesday 25th October, Year 9 pupils opened the doors to this year’s MYP personal project exhibition. A very enthusiastic crowd of parents, siblings, teachers and pupils filled the inquiry centre to view the projects and talk with the pupils about their successes. The exhibition, that remained open for four days, was visited by pupils from Year 4 to Year 8 to see how challenging and rewarding the personal project can be. This year projects continue to show the wide range of interests of our pupils along with their talents, effort, creativity and knowledge. The exhibition showed a range of topics from personal artwork, song creation, mastery of the Rubiks cube, bee protection, historical fiction of World War I, environmental campaigns and many more. Thank you to everyone who was able to visit the fantastic work of Year 9 pupils. Congratulations to them for their work on the final project of their MYP year.

Inter-religious exhibition

By Marcela Acuña, Head of the Religion Department


From October 18th to 21st we had our traditional interreligious exhibition, organised by the Religion Department. This exhibition is testimony of the importance of promoting the values of tolerance and respect for diversity among our pupils, from a religious perspective. The inauguration ceremony was attended by authorities from the three sections of our school, together with representatives of the Protestant, Bahai and Catholic religions. The main topic this year was deities in the great religions and civilisations of the world. Our pupils conducted their research and then presented their results and their own experience of faith on in concrete forms. The round tables were very successful, and our pupils from Year 8 had the opportunity to talk to a representative of the Bahai feith, a Protestant pastor and a Catholic deacon, clarifying their doubts and sharing their points of view regarding our guests’ experiences of faith. This year, a Christian theatre company from Argentina performed a musical play for our pupils from Years 2, 3 and 4, which dealt with the values of respect and tolerance. This play showed us all that it is possible to accept and respect different religions from the world. Finally, on October 18th and 19th pupils from Year 8 put on their own play for the Middle and Senior students that discussed what religious tolerance means nowadays. This play, organised by the Drama and Religion Departments, is a great show of generosity towards our community.

Round Square 2016 international conference

By María Paz Saumann, Director of the Formative Area rs From October 9th to 14th two Craighouse School pupils from Year 11 (Valentina Ruiz de Dulanto and June Pearson), and the Director of the Formative Area, Mrs María Paz Saumann, took part in the Round Square Conference in Chesières, Switzerland. This conference marked the 50th anniversary of the organisation and was attended by 160 schools from 40 countries around the world. The ideals shared by these institutions and which form the basis of Round Square are internationalism, democracy, environment, adventure, leadership, and service. During the conference, our representatives had the opportunity to attend lectures by professionals from different areas who shared their big dreams and the projects they have developed. Among them were an astronaut who went to the moon, a car racing champion, a man who went to the south pole on an expedition, a woman who has worked at the United Nations on the topic of refugees, and another lady who developed a project with Indian women to take electricity to areas where there was none. These topics inspired the debating groups and prompted reflection among pupils. They also enjoyed an adventure day which included trekking in the Alps, and saw various artistic interpretations made by students of the hosting school, Aiglon College, and by some of the visiting pupils, who presented typical dances, songs, and works of art. Taking part in this conference was, without a doubt, an extraordinary experience for our girls, who had the chance to spend time with young people from all over the world and bring their experiences to Craighouse School, which will help enrich our education in the future.

Hockey intermediate: 2016 champions!

By Felipe Tapia, Intermediate coach – COGS cogs We are very happy to announce that the COGS intermediate category has won this year’s opening and closing championships. Congratulations to the players, coaches, and physical trainers who made this victory possible. None of this would have happened without our wonderful staff working at the club. It has been a hard year; nonetheless the intermediate category has always remained in the first places of the general stage, both in the opening and the closing championships. We learned to face the finals in a different way, with greater concentration and a very improved attitude, which leaves us extremely happy, with the cup at home.

Mr Lacey joins pupils in the “Flower flies” workshop

By Gigliola Falconi, Eco Community Coordinator – Primary Section


In October, those pupils who are part of the Eco Community’s “Flower flies” project planted a few species in an area of the school as part of an experiment. Their purpose is to see whether the plants they chose are appropriate for our environment. On Wednesday 26th October, Mr Lacey accompanied this group of pupils in the last stage of planting, where they learned how to take care of the plants. During November, the pupils will be responsible for the watering process.

Time to share: Mr Lacey meets with the Senior Student Council

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer tts On Wednesday, 26th October we had a special Time to Share session. The purpose of this initiative is to get together and chat, to find out how everyone is doing and to share views of the school. In this meeting Mr Lacey had breakfast with pupils from the Student Council of the Senior Section: Josefina Beherán, Victoria Van Bavel, Francisca González, Daniela Benavides, Paula Hernández, and Francisco Hola. The pupils were accompanied by their advisors, Mrs Ana María Cabrera and Mrs Sylvia Lagos. We are very grateful for the commitment of everyone who made this session possible.

Jay McTighe’s conference

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer ubd On Friday 11th November Mr Jay McTighe gave his lecture on “Understanding by design”. The event was held at Santiago College. The school kindly offered their facilities for the conference since we were unable to host it due to the emergency suffered the previous day. The morning session was attended by heads, directors and coordinators of Craighouse School, ABSCH institutions, and private and public schools of the area. During the afternoon session, which was attended by teachers of our school and other institutions, Mr McTighe offered more specific examples of the topic.

Old Girls participate in 2016 World Hockey Championship

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer diab ​T​he U21 Cereal Bar Hockey Junior World Cup​, Santiago Women under 21​ will be held in Santiago​ from 24th November to 4th December​.​ This tournament will gather the best 16 world teams at the Club Manquehue. The national team is led by the argentinian coach Mr Alfredo Castro​.​ Congratulations to Josefina Cambiaso (2015 Generation) and Doménica Ananías (2016 Generation)​, who are part of the national team and former Craighouse School pupils.​ The schedule of the matches is the following: Thursday 24th - Chile v/s England - 8.00 p.m. Saturday 26th - Chile v/s South Africa - 6.00 p.m. Monday 28th - Chile v/s Australia - 8.00 p.m.

Craighouse School joins the Teletón

By Gigliola Falconi, Eco Community Coordinator – Primary Section tel This year, Craighouse School has been invited to take part in a recycling campaign called “27 toneladas de Amor CCU”, together with Teletón and the Ministry of the Environment. Our purpose is to continue to promote recycling at the school, collecting PET 1 bottles of any brand. Please bring the bottles that you have collected at home to the school on Wednesday, 30th November, when the mobile recycling unit will come to Craighouse School. Please remember that the plastic bottles you collect must be empty, clean and flattened, and that the caps can also be recycled. CCU will pick up the plastic bottles from the mobile recycling unit, and if the goal is met they will make an additional contribution to the Teletón. This is a great opportunity to continue recycling and to contribute to the Teletón.

School News N°24 | 2016 | 7 November

Founders’ Day celebration

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


On Friday, 14th October the Parents’ Association, together with the Human Resources Department, organised a special lunch at the Sheraton Hotel to celebrate Founders’ Day. A big thank-you to everyone who attended this event for their presence, participation and enthusiasm.

Craighouse School girls take part in 2016 ABSCH debating Event at St John’s School

By Francisco Toro, Debating Teacher


On October 7th, pupils Fernanda Pérez (Year 10 D), Dominique Cavallaro (Year 10 B), and Valentina Peña (Year 10 D) took part in the debating event organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) which took place at St John’s School in Concepción. Each girl joined one of the teams, which were made up of six pupils from different schools. Our Craighouse School girls stood out for their preparation and attitude when faced with topics such as the influence of technology on the family, and freedom of speech in the media, which had been chosen for this event. Valentina Peña’s team won first place and received a gold medal. Congratulations to all participants for their commitment with this activity and for their kindness in sharing their debating experience with pupils from other schools.

COBS Champions

By Karla Galán, COBS & COGS Manager 6 On Saturday 22nd October Chilean rugby was all red and blue, as the Craighouse Old Boys (COBS) players won the final game of the national Legacy tournament in the intermediate and premier categories. The intermediate team had to play against Universidad Católica in the fields of the Old Grangonian Club and achieved the first place after winning 35-21. Later, at the same fields hosted the final game of the premier category against Los Troncos, from Concepción. After an intense game, the victory went to our players, and the cup was raised by the Craighouse School old boys (37-19). Congratulations to the players for their team spirit, to the community for their wholehearted support, and to Mr Mark Cross, our coach.

Cultural tip


The Joan Darling XI

By Nena Valdés and Karla Galán, Directors of The Joan Darling XI – Craighouse School


For the second consecutive year, The Joan Darling XI took place where girls from The Grange School, St Margaret’s and Craighouse School get together to pay tribute to the founder of our school, Mrs Darling. The girls are selected for representing the values, traditions, and principles promoted by the schools in hockey. On Sunday 16th October we had an inauguration ceremony where special guests and members of The John Jackson XV were present. The women played against Club Manquehue, while the men played with the ARUSA team.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

4 Primary Section By María Eliana González, Assistant – Primary Section On Tuesday 11th October we started out the day with breakfast made especially for all teachers of the Primary Section. Each teacher was given a mug with the words “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.” This special breakfast would not have been possible without help from the Senior Section’s Student Council, who watched the children during break while we celebrated with the teachers. Their help was crucial, and we are very grateful for their cooperation, which allowed us to enjoy that morning. Another big thank-you goes to the class delegates from the Parents’ Association, who decorated the classrooms, and the pupils, who received their teachers with so much love. Middle Section By Susana Pollak, Assistant – Middle Section On Tuesday 11th October, the Middle Section Student Council organised a special assembly for Teachers’ Day in order to acknowledge and show appreciation towards the work teachers do everyday. Afterwards, the teachers shared a special breakfast organised by the section. The teachers were given a little token of gratitude. Senior Section By Mónica Trejo, Deputy Head of Senior Section On Monday 17th October the Senior Section got together to celebrate Teachers’ Day in a special assembly organised by the Student Council to recognise their hard work. After the assembly they all headed to the multipurpose room where they enjoyed a lovely breakfast with a cake that the Student Council donated for the occasion.

Pupils take SIMCE tests

By Michael Dumbell, Academic Director 3 Following the calendar provided by the Agency for the Quality of Education, the institution that applies the SIMCE tests throughout the country, on October 12th and 13th our pupils in Year 6 took the Spanish (reading and writing); Math; and History, Geography and Social Studies exams. Pupils in Year 10 took the Spanish (reading), Math, and Natural Science tests on October 18th and 19th. The Agency has rescheduled the tests for pupils in Year 4, who will be taking the Spanish (reading) and Math exams on November 15th and 16th. We take this opportunity to thank our community for their readiness to face these tests.