November 2017

Sunset Music Festival

Foto 1 The Sunset Music Festival, organised by the Craighouse School Old Girls and Boys Association, was a total success. We loved seeing how several generations got together to enjoy music. It all began with soloist Pascale Rumié (Year 8 C) who captivated the audience with her songs, accompanied by her ukulele. After her presentation it was the turn of the Middle Section band, led by teacher Mr Andrés Jeraldo and made up of pupils Su Wan Shin(Year 8 A), Lorenzo Acevedo (Year 8 D), Nicolás Aninat (Year 8 C), Francisco Lueg (Year 8 E), Daniel Hermosilla (Year 8 D), Rubén Zepeda (Year 8 E), Isidora Campos (Year 8 E), Catalina Maulén (Year 7 E) and Vicente Rojas (Year 7 E). Then came the turn of the Senior Section band, made up of a group of pupils of Year 11: Catalina Arecco (Year 11 D), Lucas McDonnell (Year 11 E), Lucas Maldonado (Year 11 D), José Antonio Becker (Year 11 E) and Nicolás Echeverría (Year 11 D), led by their teacher, Mr Jorge Bello. The highlight was Hermanos Lucian, a band made up of old boys from the 1997 and 2001 generation, and to finish we had a Rush tribute band, H-Sur, led by old boy Michael Dumay of the 1990 generation. We would like to specially thank Craighouse School Parents' Association and also pupils who are leading the 2018 Volunteer Summer Works. Both of them played very important parts in the development of this event. A big thank-you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the Association for this fantastic event.

Craighouse School donates computer to Colegio Madre Tierra

Foto 3 As part of the constant support given by Craighouse School to Colegio Madre Tierra, last month we donated an HP laptop as one of the prizes for their yearly raffle. Mr Jorge Cabargas, our Business Manager, was there in representation of our school. We are very happy to be able to help and continue to strengthen our relationship of cooperation and mutual support.

Craighouse School joins the Teletón

On Monday 20th November the heart of the Teletón’s came to visit, and gave each class in Primary and Middle a money box to raise funds for this solidarity campaign which will take place on December 1st and 2nd. We invite all members of our community to contribute in one of the different activities organised by the school, or directly to Fundación Teletón.

National Day of the Evangelical and Protestant Churches

By Viviana León, Protestant Religion Teacher

Every year, Craighouse School organises a ceremony to celebrate the National Day of the Evangelical and Protestant Churches. This year, we had a special assembly on Tuesday 31st October with the participation of pastors from different protestant religions, who told our pupils from Years 1 to 12 the story of how they arrived in Chile. Pastor Nathan Pugh accompanied us with music, while pastor Samuel Lago from the San Marcos Presbiterian Church explained the protestant reform. Pastor Robert Carter was also there to accompany us. Among the parents was Mr Alexander Vomiero, who told us about the values of Martin Luther and his courage, and of how he never abandoned his convictions, not even when his life was in danger. Miss Andrea Yara was also present to explain all about her congregation and their contribution to children’s education through Sunday school. Finally, protestant pupils Sophie Steele (Year 10 D) and Valentiña Peña (Year 11 D) sang a few songs accompanied by Music Teacher Mr Andrés Jeraldo.

2017 Ski Season Awards

By Paulina Aracena, Director of Craighouse SKI Team

On Thursday 9th November at Dunalastair Chicureo, the Association of School Ski Teams (ARSKI) held their final award-giving ceremony for the “parents & children” race. The children were awarded for fair play, then the Year 12 graduates were recognised, and finally came the awards for each school. We are very happy with the results of this 2017 season, which has now come to an end. These were our winning parents & children: Agustín Pineda (Year 2 D) / Andrés Pineda / 3rd place / U10 category Fernanda Pineda (Year 6 F) / Andrés Pineda / 2nd place / U14 category Francisca Kuster (Year 8 A) / Juan Kuster / 1st place / U14 category Catalina Tala (Year 9 E) / Mario Tala / 5th place / U16 category Antonia Pineda (Year 8 D) / Andrés Pineda / 3rd place / U16 category Fernanda Pérez (Year 11 D) / Rodrigo Pérez / 2nd place / U18 category Sebastián Tala (Year 11 A) / Mario Tala / 1st place / U18 category Rodrigo Gil (Year 11 A) / Rodrigo Gil / 2nd place / U18 category Agustín Pineda (Year 2 D) received the Fair Play award for his sportsmanship this season, while Rafael Lira (Year 12 A) was recognised for his outstanding participation and his graduation from the team. At a school level, we ended 4th in the ranking. Finally, we want to thank the school for their support of the ski team.

Congratulations to COGS

This weekend COGS had incredible results in all the categories. On Saturday, 25th November at 4 p.m. COGS Intermediate won the finals of the Campeonato de Clausura against PWCC 1-0. The girls were crowned as the 2017 Super Champions. On Sunday 26th November at 9.30 a.m. at the Alumni Old Friends fields, COGS played against VOG, a match they won 2-1. At 11.30 a.m. they tied against the DOLLS, winning first place and becoming the champions of the 2017 TEA Championship. At the UC fields, Sub14 won against Alumni 2-1 and finished in 3rd place. COGS First lost against UC and finished in fourth place of the Campeonato de Clausura.

Craighouse School pupil among the best Chilean pilots

Year 9 A pupil Manuel Harrison’s performance in the SX final races at Mini OS in Florida, United States, was outstanding. In terms of results, Manuel was the best Chilean pilot and came in 4th in the 250cc B Limited series. In words of his father, Mauricio Harrison, “150 pilots classify for this race but only 45 get to the final.” Congratulations to Manuel for his performance and to his family for their unconditional support in each race.

Craighouse School old girls and parent among the 100 leading women of 2017

For the fifth year Mrs Pilar Zabala of the 1989 generation is among the 100 leading women of 2017, an event organised by El Mercurio and Mujeres Empresarias. Our old girl is currently leader of Holding Pie de Monte, which deals with Universidad San Sebastián and other companies such as Puerto Velero, Inmobiliaria Surmonte, and Chuck E. Cheese’s, among others. Mrs Zabala is not only a Craighouse School old girl and parent; she has also been a member of the Charles T. Darling Educational Foundation since 2015. We extend our congratulations to Daniela Albarrán, an old girl of the 2000 generation who is founder of PuriPOP popcorn company, and parent Alejandra Zárate, General Manager at Invercap S.A.

2017 Glider competition

By Carolina Valdebenito, Physics Teacher – Senior Section

On Friday 3rd November we hosted the 15th edition of the Glider Competition, organised by the Physics Committee of the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) in our sports fields. There are two categories in this competition: flight time for Years 7 to 9, and maximum distance covered for Years 10 to 12. Representing our school were Josefina Meyer (Year 7 B), Amaia Garnham (Year 7 B), Agustín Llona (Year 7 C), Juan Pablo Espinosa (Year 7 D), Martina Harbs (Year 9 C), Florencia Mancilla (Year 9 C), Martín Meyer (Year 10 E), Fernando Batarce (Year 10 E), Santiago Pedrero (Year 10 E), Lucas Fyfe (Year 10 E), and Cristóbal Robino (Year 10 A). A big thank-you to pupils of Year 10 who helped us with this activity. As hosts, we are very pleased with the turnout for this event, with 12 schools and around 200 people attending. Congratulations to everyone!

Teachers attend international congress

From November 8th to 10th professionals of the Information Technology Department in our school took part in the 20th EDUTEC international congress 2017, organised by the Department of Education and the Centre for Investigation and Innovation in Educational and Technology (CIIET) of Universidad de Santiago de Chile. The congress was aimed at academics and professionals, researchers, educators, students, managers, administrative staff and directors in all areas within Educational Sciences. Over the course of three days they took part in conferences, workshops, and round tables. Congratulations to Roberto Henríquez, Sachy Bravo, and José Manzanares, ICT advisors from the three sections, and their Head of Department, Mr Rene Jofré, for their participation in this important event.

Experiencia Fundante in Year 8

By Gabriela Sierralta, Psychologist – Formative Area

The purpose of this experience, begun in 2015, is for pupils to meet and bond with senior citizens from Villa Padre Hurtado, through a series of fun, recreational visits that allow them to talk and get to know each other. Villa Padre Hurtado is currently the home of 150 senior citizens without a home, who live situations of abandonment, poverty, and social vulnerability. The Villa provides integral attention that allows them to have an improved life quality and promotes their autonomy and integration to society. During August and September, our pupils visited the Villa and took part in several activities that they had previously organised with their tutors, with the purpose of making a very special day to these elderly people. They had two bingos with lots of prizes, and a talent show. For the second year in a row, a group of pupils offered their services to the Villa and painted eight houses, as part of the maintenance process, and designed a beautiful little mural. For the first time, a group of students filmed the whole experience. This year, our pupils stood out for their great commitment and participation.

Experiencia Fundante in Year 10

By Constanza Santelices, CAS Coordinator

During August and October pupils in Year 10 had their founding experience, in the CAS framework, whose purpose is for the students to learn about different realities that encourage reflection and the creation of concrete actions to contribute to society. This year, they had to help Fundación Techo in the survey process that they are undergoing with families in campamentos and neighbourhoods, to collect relevant information about their current situation. On August 8th the pupils visited campamento Manuel Bustos, in the Valparaíso Region, where they surveyed around 130 families, inquiring about the main reasons why they live there. The activity allowed our students to have a close look at this reality, spending time with each family in their home and in their surroundings. On October 19th the pupils applied different surveys in Región Metropolitana. These neighbourhoods are made up of families who after long, hard work managed to leave a campamento and now live in permanent homes. This was an extremely meaningful experience that enabled our pupils to visit “housing solution” neighbourhoods and talk to families who have managed to leave behind the precarious reality of Chilean campamentos. The neighbourhoods surveyed were Emati in Estación Central, Nuevo Horizonte in Peñaflor, and Los Robles in Lampa. This activity finished with a moment of reflection, in which the group compared the reality of families living in campamentos with that of families who have managed to get a permanent home, and they discussed the impact that this change has on their everyday lives.

Craighouse School teacher performs at Creamfields international festival

Primary teacher Mr César Sotomayor and his string quartet accompanied DJ Francisco Allendes, who is currently living in Ibiza and part of the biggest underground parties in the world. On November 12th César performed at Creamfields electronic music festival, at the Club Hípico in Santiago.

Congratulations, César, for this brilliant performance.

Generation 2017: More than good bye… always thinking of you


Flower Ceremony

On Tuesday, 14th November   the traditional Flower Ceremony was held. During this ceremony Craighouse School youngest pupils say goodbye to our Year 12 pupils and give them a rose as a farewell symbol. These flowers also represent the growth of seeds, and how throughout the years great people bloom, with solid values and convictions, which are fundamental pillars that will help them in different moments of their lives.

1 1.- Year 12 A and their tutor Mrs Ana Díaz. 2.- Year 12 B and their tutor Mr Pablo Astete. 3.- Year 12 C and their tutor Mr Francisco Hurtado. 4.- Year 12 D and their tutor Mr Ricardo Solís. 5.- Year 12 E and their tutor Mrs Claudia Rojo.

Flower Cup

Also on Tuesday 14th November, all Year 12 pupils participated in the "Flower Cup" and shared a lunch with the Headmaster and all the Senior Section teachers.

2 6.- Fields. 7.- Sofía Auad, Mr Peter Lacey, Mr Sócrates Aguilera, Victoria Armas, Sofía Costantino, Amanda Dittborn. 8.- Mrs Ana María Cabrera, Mr Mark Cross, Mr Daniel Romo and Benjamín Panza. 9.- Mrs Ana María Cabrera, Mr Mark Cross, Mr Daniel Romo and Florencia Nieldbaski.

Graduation dinner

On Saturday, 18th November Graduation Dinner, was held. Pupils, parents and teachers had dinner together for the last time.

3 10.- From left to right: Mr Peter Lacey, Headmaster, the Deputy Head Boy, Francisco San Martín, the Deputy Head Girl, Javiera Hernández, and Mr Owain Jones, Head of Senior Section. 11.- Old Girls and Boys. 12.- From left to right: the Deputy Head Boy, Francisco San Martín, Mrs Ana Díaz, Mr Pablo Astete, Mr Francisco Hurtado, Mrs Claudia Rojo, Mr Ricardo Solís and Javiera Hernández, Deputy Head Girl. 13.- Party. 14.- Party.

Year 12 graduation

On Friday, 17th November the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony was held at our school. School authorities and invited guests attended by the ceremony where one hundred and eighteen pupils from the 2017 generation received the certificate that marks the end of their school life at Craighouse. 4

15.- Mr Owain Jones, Head of Senior, June Pearson, Head Girl, the Head Boy, Ian Orchard, and Mr Mark Cross, Deputy Head of Section 16.-From left to right: Mr Richard Darling, Mr Edgar Witt, Mrs Laura Rodríguez, Mr Peter Lacey, Mrs Pierina Bocic, Mrs Verónica Molina, Mr Owain Jones. 17.- Year 12 pupils’ band. 18.- School choir.

5 19.- Head Girl, June Pearson and Head Boy, Ian Orchard. 20.- Mr Peter Lacey, Headmaster. 21.- Mr Edgar Witt, President of the Board of Directors of Craighouse School and Year 12 father. 22.- Mr Sócrates Aguilera presented the awards in: History standard level to Alejandro López. History high level to Agustín Lathrop. Economics high level to Daniel Gutiérrez. Business & Management standard level to Amanda Dittborn and high level to Sofía Costantino. 23.- Mr Eduardo Riquelme presented the awards in: Language & Literature high level to June Pearson and Daniel Gutiérrez.


24.- Miss Carmen Habinger presented the following awards: Biology Standard Level to Alessandra Paci. Chemistry to Juan Urzúa Ansaldo. Physics to Cristóbal Zilleruelo. Environmental Systems and Societies to Victoria Armas. 25.- Biology: In recognition of academic excellence in the field of Biology, Diego’s father, Mr Diego Peralta, presented the “Diego Peralta Memorial Prize” to Ian Orchard. 26.- Mr Rodrigo Inostroza presented the following awards: Philosophy standard level to Matías Pérez. Philosophy high level to Marco Bevilacqua. Psychology standard level to Alina Stopello. Psychology high level to Sophia Harbst. TOK to Javiera Araya. 27.-Visual Arts Department: Mr Hugo Cisterna presented the following awards. High level to Josefa Ruz and standard level to Trinidad Tubino. 28.- Music Department: Mr Francisco Carvajal presented the award to Donald Bennett. 29.- Mrs Fernanda Silva, Academic Coordinator presented the award for Chinese to Amanda Cádiz and Drama to Florencia Nieldbalski. 30.- Religion: Mrs Marcela Acuña presented the award to Daniel Gutiérrez.


31.- Mr Sergio Poblete presented the awards, in: Mathematics high level to Juan Pablo Contreras. Mathematical Studies to Valentina Castillo. Mathematics standard level to Trinidad Tubino. 32.- English Department. Mr Matthew Jones presented the awards to the following pupils: Language to Vicente Contreras; Language & Literature standard level to Javiera Hernández; Language & Literature high level to Catalina Hurtado and Literature to Josefa Ruz. 33.- Charles T. Darling Cup: Mr Richard Darling, of the Craighouse School founding family, presented  the Charles T. Darling Cup to June Pearson  who achieved an average of 6,98 in English during her secondary education. 34.- Award for the Highest Average Grade in secondary education: Mrs Verónica Molina, President of the Parents’ Association, presented the award to Daniel Gutiérrez for his outstanding average grade of 6,95. 35.- School Spirit. Mr Edgar Witt and Mr Peter Lacey presented the awards to the following pupils who represent the spirit of Craighouse School: Sofía Auad, Pedro Burstein, Vicente Contreras, Antonia Cristi, Amanda Dittborn, Javiera Hernández, Agustín Lathrop, Sebastián Ma-Shichoy, Roberto Natho, Gabriela Núñez, Tomás Salas, Francisco San Martín and Cristóbal Zilleruelo. 36.- Mr Peter Lacey and Mr Owain Jones presented an award to honour our Head Girl, June Pearson, and our Head Boy, Ian Orchard, for their school spirit, leadership qualities, and their commitment to our community and educational project. 37.- June Pearson, Javiera Hernández, Ian Orchard and Francisco San Martín presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs Laura Rodríguez, Mrs Pierina Bocic, Mrs Verónica Molina and Mrs Ann Darling. 38.- Year 12 pupils


39.- The CAS Prize: Mrs Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning Project, presented a shield to the following pupils who embody the CAS philosophy and profile: Year 12 A: Rafael Lira. Year 12 B: María Jesús Budge. Year 12 C: José Manuel Plos. Year 12 D: Gabriella Ruz. Year 12 E: Francisca Cantolla.

40.- The “George Pérez” Intercolour Cup: Mrs Laura Rodríguez presented the trophy to the girls' white house captain, Camila Escudero and Mrs Pierina Bocic to the boys' blue house captain, Tomás Salas. 41.- Award for Academic Progress: Mr Michael Dumbell, Director of the Academic Area presented the award to Antonia Cristi. 42.- Sporting Spirit Cup: The Head of Physical Education and Sports Department, Mr Simon Quick, presented this year’s awards to: Javiera Hernández and Vicente Contreras. 43.- Shield for Best Sportswoman and Sportsman: Mrs Ana María Cabrera, teacher in charge of the Senior Girls category, presented the shield to Camila Escudero. Mr Mark Cross, Deputy Head of Senior Section, presented the shield to Tomás Salas.

Craighouse Day

On Sunday, November 5th we celebrated Craighouse Day, and it was a big success! We had a sunny day and the Craighouse School community spent time together enjoying all the activities that the Parents’ Association had organised for the occasion.

Congratulations to the Parents’ Association and to everyone who was part of this wonderful day.

Experiencia Fundante in Year 3

By Loreto Urrutia, Psychologist – Formative Area

In the context of experiencia fundante, pupils from year 3 visited Santa Rosa de Lo Barnechea nursery school. The purpose of the visit was to get to know their reality and to enjoy some fun activities with them. There were different visits during June, July, and August, and each time the children strengthened their bonds, allowing them to take full advantage of the prepared activities. We are extremely proud of our pupils and tutors, because each year their motivation, interest, and participation is greater, and the quality of the activities is increasingly better. With love and dedication, our pupils organised and prepared several games to interact directly with the children and know more about their interests. During the closing activity we were able to see how much they had all learned, which included the importance of mutual respect, the value of each young child, and the reflections that motivate them to give their best.

Senior Student Council elections for 2018

By Sylvia Lagos, Student Council Advisor – Senior Section

On November 8th we held the elections for the 2018 Student Council, where pupils from Years 8 to 11 participated. There were two lists of candidates and the results were the following: List no. 1: 124 votes List no. 2: 266 votes Null votes: 60 The winning list is the following: President: Francisco Hola (Year 11 A) Vice president: Valentina Encinas (Year 11 D) Secretary: Sofía Pastene (Year 9 E) Academic delegate: Raimundo Poblete (Year 11 E) Communications: Fernanda Hola (Year 10 E) Events: Agustín Hernández (Year 11 A) Social action: Ángeles Morales (Year 10 C) Official collaborator: Josefa Sprohnle (Year 8 B) Congratulations to all pupils who took an active part in this process.

InterCAS 2017

By Francisco Hurtado, CAS Advisor

On Sunday, 8th October Craighouse School took part in the 11th InterCAS Meeting in Osorno, Los Lagos Region. This event is held every two years in Latin American countries. Our pupils Fernanda Rojas (Year 11 E) and Raimundo Poblete (Year 11 E), together with CAS Advisor Francisco Hurtado, attended the event and had the opportunity to experience living in community, doing work and social service. They had a week to learn more about a reality which is completely different from their own. Work and social service is not only about improving infrastructure or undertaking a social improvement scheme; it also contributes to relationships, closeness and a wider view of service to the country on a day-to-day basis, as well as the Latin American union that our pupils experienced. Specifically, they had to do improvement work in a social centre on the Llanquihue lake. The workers of this centre received the pupils every day with typical food, songs, and great conversation, all of which will undoubtedly remain in their memories. They also had some group challenges that brought our pupils closer to a Latin American reality where, at times, the only difference among them was their accent. CAS is a subject that transcends the Craighouse School community: our old boys and girls recall it as an experience that brought their class together, helping them strengthen their relationship and providing an idea of service to the country that allows them to be part of this reality.

Experiencia Fundante in Year 6

By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning

On Monday, 23rd October and for the second consecutive year, we had experiencias fundantes for pupils in Year 6. This year, the purpose was to provide a meeting space through sports for children in Year 5 from Instituto Estados Americanos, and at the same time spend time with them and “live” the values of teamwork, friendship, and comradeship. With the attendance of almost sixty children from both schools, the activity was led by Mr Francisco Hurtado, Physical Education teacher, who together with the sports team and CARE Middle organised a highly successful day. The boys played a few football games, while the girls enjoyed a game of “quemadas” and “tombo”. To finish, everyone had a good snack prepared by CARE. We hope that this activity will spark new initiatives to connect with others through shared interests. A big thank-you to the Sports Department and to CARE for all their effort.

Summer volunteer work 2018

By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning

On Monday, 30th October we had an assembly to launch the 2018 voluntary summer work, where school heads (pupils Maite Auil from Year 11 A, and Santiago Pérez from Year 11 B) invited pupils of the section to sign up. On this occasion, work will be done with 40 students of Years 9 to 12, and the goal is to build five mediaguas for the area of Empredrado, in the El Maule Region. We are very pleased with our pupils’ enthusiastic response to this call, and hope that we will soon meet the five families that we will be working with over the summer.

Father-Son Evening

By Gabriela Sierralta, Psychologist – Formative Area

On Wednesday, 18th October we had our father-son evening 2017 for Years 5 and 7. The purpose was to strengthen the bond between fathers and sons, and to discover how to further enjoy their relationship, in a stage where boys face important changes in their bodies, in how they think, and how they relate. The evening began with group games, followed by activities where the participants could talk in groups. Finally, each father had the chance to talk to his son and share personal experiences. Together, they decorated a mug that will help them remember this meaningful experience. We want to thank everyone who participated for their commitment and dedication.

Experiencia Fundante in Year 4

By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning

The purpose of experiencia fundante for pupils in Year 4 is to help young children in Prekinder and Kinder from Instituto Estados Americanos to learn English. Through a number of fun learning activities, we began our visits on July 21st. Miss Fernanda Quintana, Form Teacher of Year 4, took on the position of process coordinator, in order to identify the children’s most important needs in terms of this second language, and then plan activities accordingly. On August 8th and 9th we shared a learning and immersion activity in English. Our pupils went well-prepared and took with them a variety of materials. Grouped in stations, they organised the activities which included singing, plays, memory games, weather cards, and a pet lottery. The activities were highly successful, and the pupils and teachers alike showed their utmost commitment with the task in hand and with spending time with the children. We are very happy with this experience, which produced a wonderful atmosphere of work and play, reflecting the enthusiasm, dedication, and values that each pupil and tutor shared while they worked.

Technology Event

By René Jofré, Head of the Information Technology Department

On 7th November, Santiago College hosted the 13th Technology Meeting organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH). This year, the event focused on hydraulics applied to simple mechanisms. Juan Ignacio Küster (Year 8 C), Ian Cressall (Year 8 E), and Anirudh Ranganatha (Year 8 E) were present, in representation of Craigshous School. Our pupils were delighted at having taken part in all the activities and spent time with other young people from schools belonging to the association. The activities and the design of the event were a great contribution to the development of critical thinking among our students.

Pupils take part in “Encuentro por la Paz

By Ingrid Rivera, Catholic Religion Teacher – Senior Section

On Monday, 30th October a group of 23 pupils from Year 9 attended “Encuentro por la Paz”, organised by Instituto Hebreo to discuss and reflect on peace and tolerance in Chile. Pupils from Villa María Academy were also present during the event. This initiative is the first in which people from Instituto Hebreo invite other schools to promote dialogue among different religions to encourage peace among young people in our country. We are very grateful for having been invited to take part in this event.

November: the month of effort

Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month we are working on the value of effort, which is defined as the ability to persevere in pursuit of a positive objective, strengthening willpower. Effort implies: * Striving to give one’s best in each personal project. * Persevering in the search for solutions to one’s difficulties. * Overcoming difficulties, being resilient, getting the better of problems, thinking of the solution and not the problem. This is reflected in a conscious, constant work attitude in every area.

Inauguration of Primary sports fields

On Monday 30th October the Head of Primary, Mr Edward Jones, invited pupils from Prekinder to Year 4 to a symbolic ceremony for the inauguration of the two new natural grass fields in the Section. The children were in charge of cutting the three-colour ribbon, and were finally able to run around and play in their new fields.

 Renowned author offers conference for Spanish teachers

By Heidy Chinchón, inquiry centre – Middle Section

On October 25th renowned author Agustín Sánchez Aguilar, with a PhD in Hispanic Philology from Universidad Autónoma in Barcelona, offered a special lecture in our school’s inquiry centre for Spanish teachers and librarians. In the conference he discussed his lecture, “I’d better tell it to you as a story: how to use oral narration to motivate pupils”, which deals with original teaching-learning methods to be used in the classroom. Mr Sánchez Aguilar is noted for his adaptations of classics such as Don Quixote and The Metamorphosis for children and young people. We want to thank Vicens Vives publishing house for bringing him to Craighouse School, and our Spanish teachers for their attendance and enthusiastic participation.

Workshop for parents – Years 7 & 8

By Gabriela Sierralta, Psychologist – Formative Area

On Thursday 19th October the Formative Area organised a workshop for parents called “Building bridges of communication with our teenage children.” The purpose of the workshop was to offer parents of Years 7 and 8 the possibility to get together and talk about adolescence, a period of important changes. These physical, psychological, and social transformations have a strong impact on family relationships, and it is therefore a great time to find new ways of communicating and strengthening trust bonds, which will allow our pupils to be prepared to face this stage of discoveries, joys, and learning experiences. Parents who attended the workshop shared their experiences on how they and their families have been living this stage in their children’s lives. The purpose of this activity was to bring pupils closer to their immediate environment from a geographic and historic perspective.

Parents’ Association donates games to the Middle Section

On Thursday, 19th October our Deputy Head of Middle, Mr Pablo Salvador, received a donation from the Parents Association for all pupils of the section. The generous gift was two ping-pong tables, complete with balls and paddles; two football-tennis nets, and four balls. A big thank-you to the Parents’ Association for this donation. We are certain that our pupils feel really grateful during break!

Pupils plant trees and shrubs in the playground

To mark the beginning of our landscaping project, on Monday 23rd October the Primary Section pupils got together to plant trees and shrubs in the planters that were waiting in their playground. On Friday 1st September, the Primary Section came out in full colours, music, food, traditions, and cultures, in a new version of our traditional International Day. This year’s participating countries were Spain, England, France, Germany, Italy, United States – Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, and Egypt. To mark this special day, Primary pupils listened to a bag-piper who came specially to play for them. After the show in the dining hall, the children enjoyed a culinary display with food from all the different countries present at Craighouse School.

Personal Project - Year 9 

By Michael Dumbell, Academic Director

4 On Tuesday 24th October, Year 9 pupils opened the doors to this year’s MYP personal project exhibition. A very enthusiastic crowd of parents, siblings, teachers and pupils filled the inquiry centre to view the projects and talk with the pupils about their successes. The personal project is an opportunity for the pupils to demonstrate the skills that they have developed during the MYP.  This year projects continue to show the wide range of interests of our pupils along with their talents, effort, creativity and knowledge. Thank you to everyone who was able to visit the fantastic work of Year 9 pupils. And congratulations to the pupils for their effort in producing projects of this standard.

Generation Day

By Constanza Rivera, Careers Advisor – Formative Area

With the purpose of providing a meeting space for the 2017 generation at the end of their school life, our Generation Day took place on Tuesday, 10th October with all of the Year 12 pupils. Led by Mr Fernando Calquín, the group took part in a number of outdoor activities at the San Francisco Lodge Spa. They worked in teams and discussed the value of each team member, as well as their own individual strengths. There was also space for reflection with the pupils’ tutors, where they went through their class history, remembering significant events and discussing the seal they would like to leave as a generation. When the activities were over, the pupils thanked the organisers for this learning experience and talked about the importance of this kind of activity during their final school year.

Mother-daughter evening

By Gabriela Sierralta, Psychologist – Formative Area

On Wednesday, 4th October we had our mother-daughter evening 2017 for Years 5 and 6. This year, the purpose of the evening was to provide a meeting space at a time when girls are experiencing changes in how they think, act, and relate. The activity also sought to help strengthen the mother-daughter bond through meaningful conversations between them. The first part of the evening included a bio-dance exercise in which the participants were invited to connect with themselves and others through movement. Then, they took part in group activities and mother-daughter moments where some very emotional experiences occurred. A big thank-you to everyone who took part in this event.

Eco tip: Did you know?

“Green” or reusable bags help us reduce the number of plastic bags thrown away every day in vast quantities. Plastic bags take four centuries to degrade completely. Source: