November 2018

Generation 2018; More than a good bye… with you always

Flower Ceremony

On Tuesday, 13th November the traditional Flower Ceremony was held. During this ceremony Craighouse School youngest pupils say goodbye to our Year 12 pupils and give them a rose as a farewell symbol. These flowers also represent the growth of seeds, and how throughout the years great people bloom, with solid values and convictions, which are fundamental pillars that will help them in different moments of their lives.

1.- Year 12 A and their tutor Mrs Brunilda San Martín.

2.- Year 12 B and their tutor Mrs Macarena Andrade.

3.- Year 12 C and their tutor Mr Osvaldo Arce.

4.- Year 12 D and their tutor Mr Sebastián Sanhueza.

5.- Year 12 E and their tutor Mrs Ana María Cabrera.

Flower Cup

Also on Tuesday, 13th November, all Year 12 pupils participated in the "Flower Cup" and shared a lunch with the Headmaster and all the Senior Section teachers.

Year 12 Graduation

grad3graduacion 2

On Friday, 16th November the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony was held at our school. School authorities and invited guests attended the ceremony where one hundred and twenty four pupils from the 2018 generation received the certificate that marks the end of their school life at Craighouse School.

Graduation Dinner

On Saturday, 17th November the Graduation dinner was held. Pupils, parents and teachers of the 2019 Generation had dinner together for the last time.

Robotics team takes part in the First Lego League 2018

By Cristóbal Quijada, Teacher of Technology – Middle and Senior Sections

On Saturday 17th November, pupils of the Robotics extracurricular activity took part in the First Lego League (FLL) 2018. The event took place in Colegio Nido de Águilas and brought together teams from various Chilean schools in a competition that included different challenges for the contestants. The main challenge was programming a robot, and working in group tasks and activities so as to determine how they work as teams and how they develop face the values promoted by the FLL, such as friendly professionalism and competition. Pupils Isabel Fraser (Year 5 D), Lucas Sajama (Year 5 G), Pranav Daswani (Year 7 D), Emilio Arango (Year 7 D), Sebastián Zuñiga (Year 7 D), Santiago Hasbun (Year 7 D), Tomás Malfetano (Year 8 D), Matías Casarín (Year 8 E), and Dimían Córdova (Year 8 E), accompanied by their teachers, Cristóbal Quijada and Sachy Bravo, did a great job representing these values and worked as a team with enormous enthusiasm and professionalism in each challenge.

Francisco Campo visits the school

On Tuesday 20th November we were visited by Francisco Campo, who gave a fun, dynamic talk to our pupils from Year 8 to 10. The main topic was “Inspiration and stress management for good performance”.

Francisco, best known as Pancho, is a Craighouse School old boy who has worked in different areas. He has played professionally tennis, worked as coach for the women’s Olympic team in Barcelona 1992, was captain of the Davis Cup in Qatar and is an environmental activist. This activism led him to work with renowned leaders such as Al Gore and Barack Obama, among others.

Pancho, who managed to captivate our pupils for an hour and a half with his stories and anecdotes, will be back in Chile at the end of 2019 for a summit on climate change, with the presence of important world leaders.

2019 Student Council elections

By Anita Cabrera and Sylvia Lagos, Student Council advisors 2018

A total of four lists with a variety of interesting projects and proposals campaigned for the 2019 Student Council election process. The winning list, with 237 votes, was:

Matías Vásquez

Fernanda Hola

Pedro Holmgren

Antonia Scheller

Benjamín Sandoval

Martina Lira

José T. Rivas

Matías Panza

Congratulations to all these pupils for being part of this process and for wanting to contribute to all of our students’ wellbeing and development.

Craighouse School pupil’s outstanding performance in international ballet competition

We are very happy and proud to inform you that Florencia Scharovsky of Year 4 N and her ballet group took part in the All Dance international contest, which was held from November 20th to 26th in Orlando, US. Florencia’s categories were:

Congratulations to Florencia for this remarkable performance, which reflects her constant effort and perseverance.

Circuito Metropolitano skiing competition

We are very proud to congratulate our pupils Cristóbal Schaub (Year 3 E), Matías Schaub (Year 5 D), Mateo Calgaro (Year 3 E), and Manuel Horwitz (Year 8 A), who put on a remarkable performance in their skiing categories on the “Circuito Metropolitano 2018” competition, and won first place in Copa de Hombres, representing Craighouse School.

Congratulations to our pupils! Thanks to their constant effort and perseverance, they are capable of achieving important goals.

Jorge “Boina” Palma campaign

On Wednesday, 31st October we had an intimate and moving ceremony to give Jorge “Boina” Palma what we managed to collect during the campaign. He was very happy with this contribution, which our Craighouse School community had collected in September.

Our Headmaster, Mr Peter Lacey, officially handed him the money we had raised. The smile never left “Boina’s” face, and after relating the sad story of what had happened to him, he thanked our community for the generous support he has received these last few weeks.

Congratulations to Nayantara for being chosen President of the LAMUN General Assembly

We are proud to inform you that after an interview with the organisers of the Latin America Conference (LAMUN) in Montevideo, Uruguay, Nayantara Ranganatha from Year 11 D was chosen President of the Conference during April 2019.

This is the first time that a foreign student is chosen for this position. Nayantara will be responsible for organising and directing the conference, together with a team made up of five people.

Esta es la primera vez que un estudiante extranjero recibe este rol. Nayantara, será la responsable de organizar y dirigir la conferencia, junto con un equipo formado por cinco personas.

Foundational Experience in Year 8

On Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th October Year 8 pupils visited Hogar de Cristo, where they had the opportunity to spend time with the elderly people and bring them happiness.

The night of Broken Glass

By Lorena Sommerfeld, Teacher of Jewish Religion

In the context of tolerance and respecting diversity, which we want to instil in our pupils, on Friday 9th November twenty-three students from Years 8 and 9, both Catholic and Jewish, accompanied by Miss Denisse Recordón, Miss Viviana León and Miss Lorena Sommerfeld, visited Instituto Hebreo for the 40th commemoration of what is known as “Kristalnacht” .

This activity brought together pupils from different schools, such as Instituto Hebreo, Santiago College, Colegio Alemán, Colegio Tomás Moro, and Liceo Rafael Sotomayor.

The commemoration ceremony was attended by ambassadors of various countries, religious authorities and a few people who survived the Shoah. This year, the ceremony was in honour of Jewish people of all nations who risked their lives to help save the lives of others like them, hiding them or giving them documents that would help them escape death. Among them special mention was made of two Chileans: María Edwards and Samuel del Campo.

We were all shocked by the account of one of these survivors, who was 8 years old that night. She left Germany and arrived in our country. Four years later, she received a letter from her grandmother who had stayed behind in Germany. This was the last letter she would receive, since her grandmother was sent to a concentration camp. As we listened to her letter we were all moved. This survivor talked to our pupils and asked them to always stand up for peace and for respect for all human beings, and to not turn a blind eye to suffering and violence.

Trip to Machu Picchu 2018

By Ricardo Solís, Teacher of History and Social Studies

This trip (now in its forth iteration), organised by the Social Studies Department was made from September 1st to 8th. A group of eighteen pupils from years 9 to 11 took the trip with teacher and Senior Coordinator Fernanda Silva, teacher Ricardo Solís and renowned researcher and teacher from Cuzco, Mr Fernando Elorrieta Salazar.

While visiting Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, the delegation learned about Andean cultures thanks to Mr Elorrieta’s knowledge and experience. He kindly invited us to discover places which are not part of the traditional tours.

Congratulations to our pupils for the academic commitment shown throughout the trip, which we are certain will guide them “on their way to the stars”.

Copa Alemania in Gymnastics – Club Manquehue Artistic Gymnastics


We want to congratulate Tomás Belletti (Year 4B) for his exceptional performance in Copa Alemania, which was held on October 20th at Club Manauehue. Tomás ended up in 7th place out of 70 participants in the individual all-around, and 2nd place in the Manquehue team.

Congratulations, Tomás, for your effort and commitment!

Teddy Bear 2018

teddy Bear

On Thursday 8th November pupils in Playgroup, Prekinder and Kinder took part in an activity with Playgroup children from Escuela de Lenguaje San Andrés, Prekinder from Jardín Infantil Santa Rosa, and Kinder from Instituto de Estados Americanos.

The purpose of this activity organised by the CARE team, Preprimary and Sports was to spend a fun morning promoting interaction among children through games and fun activities.

Cultural Tip

Piano cultural

InterCAS event

By Consuelo Gutiérrez, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning

From October 24th to 27th the national event for all IB schools was held at Colegio Alemán in Los Ángeles, Bío Bío Region.

The purpose of InterCAS is to share the CAS projects which are part of Creativity, Action, Service. This subject is part of the IB Diploma and focuses on arts, environment, sports, and culture, providing a space for integration, participation, and reflection together with pupils form other IB schools in the country.

This year, pupils selected from Year 11 were:

Year 11 A: Anais Beaulieu and Elisa Witt

Year 11 B: María José Giglio

Year 11 D: Ignacio Jauregui

Year 11 E: Sebastián Fuentes

Testimony and main learning outcomes of the participating pupils:

Elisa Witt – Year 11 A

What I learned at InterCAS:

1) I learned about the Mapuche culture, and that they are good people, just like any other group of people.

2) I shared my experiences with other schools about how our social action works.

3) I learned about the importance of teamwork to reach our goals.

4) I learned that if we all work as one, that is, with the same objective, we can make our biggest dreams come true.

Anais Beaulieu – Year 11 A

In my project we worked at Hogar de Cristo building a bookshelf and a desk for the elderly people at the home. InterCAS was a completely new experience for me. We got together with pupils and teachers from all over the country, and shared our past experiences and future projects. I was able to create strong bonds and contributed with my own building, solidarity and socialisation skills, while becoming a more mature person and increasing my desire to make a change in society.

Ignacio Jauregui – Year 11 D

InterCAS was an amazing experience where I met people who were different from myself but who shared a common goal: to make a change for those who need it.

During this event we had the opportunity to share our experiences in CAS and in other voluntary projects where we have participated.

María José Giglio – Year 11 B

InterCAS was one of the most incredible experiences in terms of school outings. I met a lot of new people from different schools, and I was able to join the everyday life of a very good family.

I signed up for the woodcutting workshop and I loved it. I learned a new technique which consisted of carving any image we liked onto a block of wood. We then had to cover the wood with ink and stamping the image on paper. Another part of the workshop that I really liked was meeting pupils from schools which were very different from mine. I made friends with everyone and those friendships are really strong.

InterCAS is a great opportunity for young people to interact with other people living similar circumstances, it helps us expand our group knowledge and learn new values. I recommend it with all my heart.

Sebastián Fuentes – Year 11 E

During InterCAS, where I represented the school, I was very lucky to learn several things:

The first thing I learned was called kamishibai, a form of Japanese storytelling where the story is told with drawings that represent each scene.

I also met pupils from other Chilean schools, who helped me understand why it is important to be involved in social work and taught me how to better organise my activities.

Finally, I was able to understand that when we work with others in an orderly and efficient manner, we can see great results in a short time.

Foundational experience in Year 9

On Monday 29th October pupils in Year 9 had their Foundational Experience. One of the purposes of this activity is to get a closer view of the reality of people living with an intellectual disability, particularly those living in COANIL centres, away from their families and with very basic financial resources. This year, our pupils visited Escuela Los Laureles and Residencia Los Ceibos.

The most important activities that our students worked on during their visit were cleaning and painting the school, weeding the gardens and creating murals in the home.

Artistic gymnastics event

On Monday 29th October the girls who are part of the Artistic Gymnastics extracurricular activity took part in a gymnastics event organised by their teachers, Mrs Paola Castillo, Mrs Marcela Muñoz, and Mrs Patricia Velásquez. The event took place at Saint Andrew’s, and the objective was for our girls to show new methodologies for learning artistic gymnastic skills in different pieces of gym equipment in this discipline.

During the event, there was an environment of camaraderie and cooperation among our girls and pupils from the host school.

Science Fair 2018

By Paulina Olave, Science Coordinator Middle Section

During the science fair held on Thursday, 25th October, pupils in the Middle Section showed all their scientific skills and knowledge by presenting the experiments they had made, based on their own interests.

Simultaneously, students and teachers attended talks on astronomy, renewable energy and recycling technology, given by different speakers.

Pupils and staff also enjoyed interacting with animals (reptiles, mammals, and amphibians) and had fun learning about their features and their importance in the environment.

A few students who are part of the Robotics group were invited to this fair to teach their peers how to programme the robots made by them, and gave them the chance to manipulate them.

As part of the transition from Primary to Middle, our special guests were pupils from Year 3, who visited the rocket-launch exhibition developed by Year 8.

You are all invited to take part in next year’s science fair!

Sports event 2018

By CARE Middle

On Tuesday, 6th November a sports event was held with pupils from Instituto Estados Americanos and Craighouse School, all in Year 6.

The activity allowed the children and sports teachers of their level to spend time together and take part in different activities, like hockey and football games, as well as game stations.

The purpose of this event was to promote and strengthen social bonds through teamwork, concern for others, and sharing our sports fields with others.

A big thank-you for your enthusiasm and collaboration!

Extension of the “Be the Change” recycling campaign


We would like to inform you that, to the success of the electronic device recycling campaign “Be the Change” organised by EcoCommunity in alliance with Recycla Chile, we will extend the collection of electronic devices until Friday, 7th December.

Cultural Tip


Fourth International Theremin Concert

By Elliot Zepeda, pupil of Year 11 B

The theremin is the only instrument that is played without being played. Since its invention in 1920 by Russian musician and physician Léon Theremin, it has captivated many classical musicians and the horror film genre. As mysterious as it is impressive, this instrument has gained quite a lot of popularity among Chileans in the past years, which is why the fourth international theremin concert took place the 16th, 17th and 18th of November at the GAM. On this occasion, artists from the United Kingdom, Austria and Chile performed. I really enjoyed the Austrian rock, free jazz and theremin session Saturday’s session.

Even though the event already took place, if you feel as intrigued and confused as I was the first time I heard about the theremin, I encourage you to check the official website of the event organizers: , as well as some other interesting resources in English I have found: and

Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month we are working on the value of effort, which is defined as the ability to persevere in pursuit of a positive objective, strengthening willpower. Effort implies:

* Striving to give one’s best in each personal project.

* Persevering in the search for solutions to one’s difficulties.

* Overcoming difficulties, being resilient, getting the better of problems, thinking of the solution and not the problem. This is reflected in a conscious, constant work attitude in every area.

Personal project exhibition

By Leonora Cardemil, Academic Coordinator – Middle Section

On Thursday 11th October pupils in Year 9 had their personal project exhibition, which marks the end of the Middle Years Programme. The personal project is a unique opportunity for our pupils, where they are free to choose their area of interest and work independently during the whole process throughout the year. They are able to put into practice academic and emotional skills, which are aligned with our Educational Project.

Round Square International Conference 2018

By Ana María Cabrera, Sports Teacher

As from this year, Craighouse School is a “candidate school” in Round Square, a large network of schools from 50 different countries.

On September 26th the Round Square International Conference (RSIC) was held in Ottawa, Canada, where 170 schools from all over the world took part.

Our Deputy Headmaster, Mr Patrick Lyons, and Teacher Mrs Ana María Cabrera attended this event with pupils Alejandra Moreno (Year 11 A), María Ignacia Carvajal (Year 11 B), Elliot Zepeda (Year 11 B) and María de los Ángeles Morales (Year 11 C). The event was organised and led by students from the three host schools (Lower Canada College, Appleby College and Ashbury College) .

The main objective was to bring together people from different countries, each with their own culture and perspective, to spend time with, understand, and learn from each other, as a way to find inspiration and make a positive difference in their communities and in the world.

Without a doubt, this has been a huge experience for everyone who took part in the RSIC 2018. And now they have a very important responsibility: transmitting what they learned and making Craighouse School understand and ‘be’ a Round Square school, which goes beyond ‘doing’ Round Square, in order to make a significant change in our community and pass it on to the rest of the world.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi).

Bingo 2018

On Friday 5th October the CAS bingo 2018 was held at our school. The purpose of this event is for pupils of Year 11 to raise funds for the 2018 CAS mission, which will take them to five rural schools in Santa Cruz for a week.

This year, the amount raised was $6,000,000 and a total of seven hundred people took part.

We would like to thank all of you, because it was your unconditional help what made this possible. We also want to thank pupils of Year 11, the CAS team and Social Service, who organised this event and were extremely generous with their effort and dedication so we could reach this year’s goal.

Please note that the money raised during the bingo will be used to make infrastructure improvements and organize leisure and academic workshops in the selected schools in Santa Cruz during the upcoming CAS mission, which will take place from December 3rd to 7th 2018.

Year 12 pupils visit PreKinder

Pupils of Year 12 made their traditional visit to PreKinder.

During this activity, the older pupils spent some time with Prekinder pupils in a relaxed atmosphere of solidarity, and comradeship between the two generations.

National Children's Ski Championship


Congratulations to Matías Schaub, Year 5 pupil, who participated in the National Children's Ski Championship, held in Chillán during September. He obtained the following places in the U12 category;

Congratulations Matías!

ABSCH Spanish Department essay event

By Eduardo Riquelme, Head of Spanish

On Friday 5th October the annual “Spanish department essay event” was held at The Grange School, organised by the Spanish departments of the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH). For this activity, a group of selected pupils had to write an essay on a topic presented by the Spanish committee of the association.

Isidora Leal, pupil of Year 11 D, represented our school in every activity of this event, including the round table with Manuel Antonio Garretón, renowned sociologist and Premio Nacional de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales; a conversation with the producers of the academy award winning short “Historia de un oso”; and the opportunity to share ideas with Consuelo Saavedra, noted TVN journalist.

This event is an experience of close contact with different issues and people of the world of culture and humanities, which also enables pupils to strengthen their bond with their peers from other British schools in Chile around reading, dialogue, and writing.

Youth for Peace event

By Marcela Acuña, Head of Religion Department

On Wednesday 10th October, the Youth for Peace event was held in our school, around the theme of “Immigration in Chile: a challenge for our society”. We had a total of 340 pupils, including students from Villa María Academy, Instituto Hebreo, and the whole Year 9 generation of our school.

The purpose of this event was to raise awareness among pupils around the issue of immigration in Chile.

Present at the event was Mr Cristián Gómez Cobo, Convivencia and Territory Officer of the Ministry of Interior’s Immigration Department, as well as immigrant groups from Venezuela, Colombia, and Haiti.

Social Science Conference ABSCH

By Elliot Zepeda, pupil of Year 11 B


On the 9th October, Year 11 pupils Tomás Mellafe, Elliot Zepeda and Elisa Gerszencvich took part in the ABSCH Social Sciences conference at The Wessex School in Concepción, accompanied by the Head of the Social Sciences Department, Mr. Sócrates Aguilera. The day kickstarted with a visit to the historical city of Lota and during the evening pupils shared their ideas among other schools in a round table format. The topic that brought the delegation together was the “Commercial Expansion of Chile at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century”.

In current times where it seems to be that the comprehension of history lacks significance in societies all around the world, conferences such as this one are extremely important, so that in that way, history does not repeat itself.

Pupils of Year 5 visit Escuela de Lenguaje San Andrés

By Edith Casas, Spanish Teacher – Middle Section

On Tuesday 9th October we had a storytelling activity organised by CARE and the Middle Section’s Spanish Department. The purpose of the activity was for our pupils to visit Escuela de Lenguaje San Andrés and read short stories of simple, imaginary tales to inspire the little ones’ imagination and awaken their curiosity.

The two stories presented this year by pupils in Year 5 F and 5 E were adaptations of “The tortoise and the hare” and “The three little pigs”.

Sukkot (outing)

By Lorena Sommerfeld, Jewish Religion Teacher

On 27th September, Jewish pupils in Primary and Middle visited the Círculo Israelita de Santiago synagogue to celebrate Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). We were received in the sukkah (hut) by Rabbi Ari Sigal, who explained to the children what this feast is about, and told them about the huts where the children of Israel lived for 40 years after the exodus from slavery in Egypt.

This beautiful celebration, which is held in a flimsy hut built with natural materials, where it is possible to see the sky from the inside and feel the rain and cold, teaches us about the value of solidarity, of caring about others and being thankful for the blessings that each of us receives in our everyday lives.

Drama festival

By Matías Stevens, Drama Teacher – Middle Section

On October 3rd and 4th, pupils of Year 6 visited the International School Nido de Águilas to take part in a drama festival. During the event they attended a workshop based on improvisation, body control and object manipulation. This workshop was directed by Tryo Teatro Banda, a theatre company who later performed a play based on the immigration of African people to South America, through movement, sounds, dance, and music.

During the festival there were drama workshops with other teachers and theatre actors. Our pupils had the chance to present their own work, a pantomime which they had previously performed at the school and during their tour to Buenos Aires.

Our students were able to enjoy different activities and spend time with pupils from other schools, and they also see the plays put on by pupils from the IB drama group of International School Nido de Águilas and Mayflower School.