October 2016

School News N°23 | 2016 | 26 October

Mr Lacey meets with Middle Section Student Council

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


On Wednesday 18th October, Mr Lacey had a special session of Time to Share, an initiative which was created to find out how people are getting on and to share our visions about Craighouse School. During this session, Mr Lacey had breakfast with the Student Council of the Middle Section: Juan Unghiatti, Josefa Sprohnle, Nicolás Greiber, Benjamín Sandoval, Martina Lira and Guillermina Gustavson. The pupils were accompanied by their advisors, Mrs Joyce Bahamondes and Mr Gerardo Hidalgo.

Year 8 pupils meet artist Leonardo Portus

By Carolina Bellei, Art Teacher – Middle Section


On Monday, October 3rd pupils in Year 8 met Chilean artist Leonardo Portus in an activity coordinated by the Visual Arts Department. During this meeting the artist told the pupils all about his work and his creative process, which is centred on architecture, heritage, and society. These concepts are closely linked to the unit that the pupils are currently working on in Visual Arts: “Architecture and Heritage”. The meeting was a great contribution to the pupils’ learning process, particularly in some of the contents that they are covering in class, allowing them to look at Chilean architecture from the point of view of an artist. The students and teachers who attended this activity were very motivated and took an active part in the conversation, which contributed to an atmosphere of educational participation.

Pupil from Craighouse School wins skiing championship

By Olga Godoy, Spanish Teacher – Middle Section 5 Congratulations to Manuel Horwitz from Year 6 D, who won first place in the national junior skiing championship 2016, which took place at Centro Antillanca in Puyehue. With the participation of 13 delegations belonging to Andean skiing clubs, the championship was held on Sunday, October 2nd. 234 competitors from junior categories U12, U14, and U16 classified to compete in the nine races in slalom, kombi race, giant, and super giant ski modalities, which had been planned for this championship.

Cultural tip


Pupils of Craighouse School participated in South American Junior Cricket Championships


Bailey Errey (Year 7E) was Vice Captain for the Chilean team this year and Anirudh Ranganatha (Year 7E) was one of the team’s most valuable run makers over the entire tournament. Chile won all three qualifying games against Brazil, Argentina and Peru and then faced Argentina in the playoff finals. This is the first time since the competition has been running that Chile has made it to the finals. Sadly Argentina were too strong on the day and our Chile team missed the win by just over 20 runs, but it was a brilliant final which went down to the final ball. Bailey finished the amazing tournament held in Poços De Caldas, Brazil, by being awarded the 'Most Valuable Player' award in the game Chile vs. Peru, and then went on to win 'Best Fielder' of the whole tournament which was an enormous achievement amongst the top quality of players from all 4 countries. Amazing friendships were formed, sportsmanship and pride was immeasurable and cricket dreams were played out. It was truly a brilliant week. Congratulations to Bailey and Anirudh!

Craighouse School hosts IB Diploma workshop

By Fernanda Silva, Academic Coordinator – Senior Section 4 This year, Craighouse School and Santiago College organised two workshops of the International Baccalaureate’s Diploma Programme. T first workshop was held in May at Santiago College, and it dealt with learning approaches. The second was hosted by our school from October 11th to 13th and the topic was Theory of Knowledge. 25 teachers from both schools attended these workshops, where the main purpose was to integrate reflections from Theory of Knowledge into various different subjects.

Mr Peter Lacey, Headmaster of Craighouse School, visits London

6 A moving encounter took place on Tuesday 6th September when the Headmaster of Craighouse School, Santiago, visited the Chilean Embassy in London. Mr Peter Lacey was visiting the UK as part of the annual teacher recruitment process. On this particular occasion he also visited St Albans where Mrs Judy Gammie lives, the daughter of the founders of Craighouse School. Mr Charles T Darling and his wife Joan Gibson Craig-Carmichael founded the school back in 1959. Later in 1976 Mrs Darling was awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire) presented by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for her commitment and dissemination of British culture outside Great Britain. During the visit, Mr Mathias Franke from the Chilean Embassy, former Director of Bilateral Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chief of Cabinet and senior advisor to the Chilean Vice Minister of Trade, was reunited with his old school teacher from Craighouse School. This meeting was a touching encounter of good school friends. Since those days, the school has grown immensely to provide education to hundreds of pupils. The meeting organised by Mrs Monica Volpin, member of the executive committee of the Anglo-Chilean Society, seeking cooperation with Craighouse School, whose aim is to support many communities in Chile. Cristian León León, Cultural Attaché, said at the conclusion of the meeting that it was a great pleasure to be able to discuss the possibilities of mutual cooperation; Mrs Magdalena Jones, also present at the meeting, suggested continuing the exchange of information with the school, since she herself is a teacher at the prestigious Epsom College.

Special Edition N°1 | 2016 | 19 October

Craighouse School – Founders’ Day - 57th Anniversary


On Friday 14th we gathered to celebrate the 57th anniversary of the founding of Craighouse School. Our Headmaster, Mr Peter Lacey, addressed the whole school and extended his sincerest congratulations to our distinguished institution, and at the same time thanked all of our excellent teaching staff, and staff in general for contributing to what Craighouse School is today. For the first time in many, many years we were able to have the whole school together, 1886 pupils from Playgroup to Year Twelve, and approximately 280 members of staff. We gathered together to honour our Founders, Mr Charles T Darling and his wife Mrs Joan Darling and thank them for creating this dynamic, diverse, educational institution and community. DSC_1751 We would like to thank them both for their vision in founding Craighouse School, but specially Mrs Darling who as a teacher gave the school her very personal seal. On this occasion we recognised the outstanding contributions made by our pupils, staff, our Old Girls and Boys, our parents and the wider Craighouse Community.

Long service recognitions


We owe the school’s reputation to our teachers, and the work they do with the pupils every day. Each year, they receive a recognition for their effort, dedication, and professionalism, qualities that allow our Educational Project to become a reality. This year, Mrs Agüeda Valdés and Mrs Alicia Murillo, both the Primary Section Teachers and Mrs Marisol Barañao, English Senior Section Teacher were recognised for the thirty years they have been working at Craighouse School.

Founders’ Day School Values Award.

This award is given to those pupils who have been selected as living examples of Craighouse values. In our daily lives at school, we should always strive to follow the values which help us to be a strong community, a learning community, a caring community, a community which honours the values of; respect, responsibility, effort, honesty, loyalty, justice, friendship, solidarity and tolerance. Primary Section DSC_1935
Year 1 D Victoria Hurtado P.
Year 1 A Clemente Aros B.
Year 1 R Cristóbal Schaub V.
Year 1 L Arturo Ávila P.
Year 1 I María Eloísa Salazar P.
Year 1 N Vasco Byrne V.
Year 1 G Mustafa Matondang A.
Year 2 D Isidora Salgado S.
Year 2 A Tomás Hammerer
Year 2 R Juan Andrés Baraqui D.
Year 2 L Matías Pizarro A.
Year 2 I Laura Hurtado P.
Year 2 N Cristóbal Sillano A.
Year 2 G Antonia Urcelay R.
Year 3 D Florencia García R.
Year 3 A Lucas Radrigán S.
Year 3 R Javiera Mora P.
Year 3 L Olivia Boffito C.
Year 3 I Matías Cornejo A.
Year 3 N Valentina Hermosilla R.
Year 3 G Dylan Conradie D.
Year 4 D Vicente Esplugas V.
Year 4 A Maite Urcelay R.
Year 4 R Constanza Quezada F.
Year 4 L Nicolás Pérez S.
Year 4 I Sofía Wood C.
Year 4 N Amelia Cárdenas F.
Year 4 G Nicolás Toso A.
Middle Section DSC_1941
Year 5 A Guillermina Gustavson G.
Year 5 B Jaime Dacaret B.
Year 5 C Santiago Ríos
Year 5 D Emilia Bisquertt B.
Year 5 E Catalina Oelckers V.
Year 5 F Manuela Jordán K.
Year 5 G Victoria Baraqui D.
Year 6 A Pedro Pablo Uribe V.
Year 6 B Sofía Mahuzier S.
Year 6 C Sofía Zahr M.
Year 6 D Magdalena Auil R.
Year 6 E Florencia Pichara H.
Year 6 F Anya Jaederlund F.
Year 6 G Puo-Chuing Yang L.
Year 7 A Ian Sebastián Gause W.
Year 7 B María José Carrizo B.
Year 7 C Nicolás Aninat D.
Year 7 D Carla Bawlitza F.
Year 7 E Manuela Aitken C.
Year 8 A María Gracia Gundermann
Year 8 B Maximiliano Auil R.
Year 8 C Fernanda Castillo D.
Year 8 D Sofía Pastene M.
Year 8 E Fiona Jaederlund F.
Senior Section DSC_1971
Year 9 A Blanca Cruz M.
Year 9 B María Ignacia Carvajal M.
Year 9 C Nicolás Valderrama G.
Year 9 D Sophie Steele D.
Year 9 E María Esperanza Saieg V.
Year 10 A Javiera Fuentes A.
Year 10 B Colomba Paulsen V.
Year 10 C Vicente Tejero C.
Year 10 D Fernanda Pérez H.
Year 10 E Ignacio Lara W.
Year 11 A Tomás Fyfe P.
Year 11 B Florencia Moyano M.
Year 11 C Isidora Bravo C.
Year 11 D Cristóbal Zilleruelo C.
Year 12 A María del Pilar Lira C.
Year 12 B José Domingo Acuña C.
Year 12 C Macarena Castillo D.
Year 12 D Tomás Pérez P.

IB Diplomas - Pupil who achieved 41 points, the highest score ever at Craighouse School.

Raúl Zilleruelo C.

British traditions in memory of our founders


We would like to take up that very British traditions, by placing placing two benches on our new campus in honour of both of our founders. In the ceremony, Mr Edgar Witt, President of the Board of Directors and Mr Rene Jeria President of the Inmobiliaria Craighouse were invited to unveil these first two seats, inscribed with the names of our Founders.

Retiring members of staff

DSC_1883 During this opportunity, Staff members who will retire this year were recognised for their long service to the school. They also received a bouquet of red roses according to the number of years they have worked at Craighouse School. Amongst them, Mrs Marisol Pezoa, Primary Section teacher, who has been with us for twenty-three years and Mrs Alicia Murillo, Primary Section teacher, who has been part of Craighouse School for 30 years.

IB Diplomas

We would like to celebrate the achievements of the Year 12 pupils who obtained the IB Diploma this year. This achievement is a culmination of a tremendous amount of hard work that starts in Prekinder. The Academic Director, Mr Michael Dumbell, mentioned that this week he read a report from UK universities which said “the Diploma Programme is the best preparation for university, enabling pupils to confidently undertake independent study. It develops pupils who have expert knowledge in a number of different subjects, as well as the skills they need for academic success”. The same report also states that, “A high proportion of universities would accept a Diploma Programme student even if they hadn’t completed every aspect of the programme because they appreciate the value of the all-round academic education that the DP offers, and they value the contribution these pupils will make to the university course.” IB Diplomas - Year 12 “A”


José Domingo Acuña C.
Doménica Emilia Ananías C.
Florencia Antonia Capdeville O.
Rocío Natalia Costa M.
Tomás Dragicevic A.
Camila Droppelmann V.
Florencia Escalona S.
Catalina Paz Escudero B.
Antonia Jesús Gil L.
Delfina Candela Gómez M.
Lucía Küster
Andrea Lara W.
Antonia Mayne-Nicholls M.
Teresa Florencia Noguera B.
Diego Salas W.
Sebastián Vergara B.
IB Diplomas - Year 12 “B” DSC_2058
Colomba Andrea Casanueva P.
Nicole Karima Chain D.
Simone Gracie Dattas R.
Catalina Durruty R.
Francisco Tomás Farías R.
Colomba Sofía Jana H.
Florencia Carolina Lueg O.
María Victoria Montan C.
Sergio Silvio Moreno L.
Solbin Nam Lee
Fernando Agustín Pérez M.
Maximiliano Salgado S.
Francisco Sandoval L.
IB Diplomas - Year 12 “C” DSC_2072
Josefina Court D.
María Francisca Deik P.
Vicente Elías Fleischmann W.
Florencia Carolina García T.
Alfredo Tomás Guardiola K.
Nicolás Andrés Neut G.
Tomás Ignacio Pérez P.
Elna Frida Chiarina Petrowitsch K.
IB Diplomas - Year 12 “D” DSC_2094
María Fernanda Abello P.
Victoria Javiera Álvarez M.
Felipe Javier Bodelón C.
Valentina Collado A.
Tomás Raúl Contreras U.
Martín De Oto D.
Javier Andrés Flores T.
Felipe Ignacio Hidalgo P.
Alexandra Beatrice Holmes B.
Martín José Carlos Lenck B.
Claudia María Raggio A.
Catalina Ignacia Saba S.
Marcos Salemme
Carola Walther S.

IB Diplomas – Pupils who obtained A in their Extended Essay.

Antonella Cartoni C. Spanish
Antonia Easton S. Arts
Constanza Pérez G. Biology

IB Diplomas - Pupils who achieved 33 points.

Gala Altermatt L.
Macarena Castillo D.
Valerie Smith
Victoria Van Bavel C.

IB Diplomas - Pupils who achieved 34 and 35 points.

Amalia Paulsen V. 34
Martín Campos P. 35
Magdalena Schnitzer L. 35

IB Diplomas - Pupils who achieved 36 and 37 points.

Santiago Aitken C. 36
Maureen Maremaa D. 37
Daniela Robino S. 37

School News N°22 | 2016 | 13 October

Trip to Machu Picchu: travelling to the history of Perú

By Nidia Sandoval and Sebastián Sanhueza, Teachers of the Perú trip delegation


On the week of September 5th to 11th a group of Senior Section pupils travelled to Perú to visit the city of Cusco. The purpose of the trip was to admire the development of the Spanish colonial influence and learn about the archaeological treasures of the Inca civilisation. We visited the Sacsayhuaman fortress, a magnificent example of the Inca military architecture built with huge stone blocks. In Cusco, we visited the San Cristóbal Square to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Then we moved on to the Sacred Valley, a very important archaeological site. We also walked around the colonial town of Pisac and did some shopping in the market. In Moray we saw huge concentric terraces in the shape of a big amphitheatre. We also visited the archaeological complex of Ollantaytambo, where we saw how the Incas worked with stones. Finally, we saw the “Lost City of the Incas”, Machu Picchu, with its amazing terraces, stairways, ceremonial rooms and urban areas, and we climbed the Huayna Picchu. We are certain that this trip was unforgettable for all the participating pupils.

The poppy campaign begins

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


As is tradition, The Royal British Legion has begun the world poppy campaign, seeking to raise funds for world war veterans. Craighouse School is committed to this cause, and we invite all members of our community to contribute, by purchasing a poppy. The funds will be used to cover one third of the annual expenses of general wellbeing, which the beneficiaries use to obtain a modest increase in their life quality, and whose main purpose is medical expense coverage. The money raised in the poppy campaign in Chile will be used to cover the cost of this support to volunteers and their families in our country.

Pupils in Year 5 conduct storytelling activity

By Edith Casas, Spanish Teacher – Middle Section


Once again, our Year 5 pupils had the mission of taking stories to the Escuela de Lenguaje San Andrés in Lo Barnechea.Thanks to the coordination of CARE and the Spanish Department, the pupils arrived on September 29th to conduct storytelling activities for the children of the school. This activity has a double purpose: listening to stories acted out by children, which helps both the performers and the listeners to live for a while in the magical world of fiction. One of the benefits of listening to stories is the development of the abilities of perception and comprehension. It helps children become more reflective, as these stories always carry a message that allows them to understand how to behave and how to distinguish right from wrong. It also boosts their memory and their willingness to express themselves; it widens their sensitivity and helps them to show their feelings and emotions. Pupils from Years 5 D & E performed “La galleta jengibre”. Pupils from Year 5 G performed “La bruja y el zapatero” and “El zorro y el caballo”. Finally, Year 5 F performed “Juana tomata”. They also danced and musicalized the story “Sammy el heladero”. This was the children’s final reflection: “If we tell stories with happiness and enthusiasm, we hold the children’s attention and they understand the stories and their messages, such as: If you help the environment, the environment will help you. Never throw rubbish on the floor; throw it where it belongs. Work done as a team is better than work done alone.” Congratulations to our pupils for their commitment. It was, without a doubt, an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Rosh Hashanah

By Lorena Sommerfeld, Jewish Religion Teacher

7 On the evening of Sunday, October 2nd the Jewish people celebrated the New Year. This is year 5777. To celebrate, on September 29th the Jewish community of Craighouse School had a liturgy led by Valentina Loli (Year 6 C), Dominique Van De Meirssche (Year 6 C), and Matías Schnitzer (Year 6 A). We were also honoured by the presence of Rabbi Ari Sigal, who gave us all a message and allowed us to listen to the sound of the shofar. After the ceremony, Year 7 pupils Carla Bawlitza, Mariela Cristi, Eitan Epelbaum, Andrés Gerszencvich, and Tomás Jana said some blessings before a meal. We share the round bread typical of this festivity and honey spread on apple for a year full of sweetness. Shanah Tovah Umetukah to all the Jewish community at Craighouse School: a good and sweet year to all.

UK English Study Trip: 2016 generation

By Bernardita Petrowitsch, Head of Delegation – UK English Study Trip


On August 28th, 77 pupils from Year 7 travelled to England for a full English language and culture immersion. The children had English lessons every day, enjoyed tours around several places of cultural interest and had fun with educational activities that helped them to settle in and overcome difficulties. They were also able to learn at first hand about a culture that they have heard and learned about throughout all their school life. It was an unforgettable trip where they all matured and spent a wonderful three weeks with their peers. Congratulations to all the pupils for their behaviour, and a big thank-you to the teachers who were part of the delegation.

Environmental conference: “Clean energy, clean air, clean living”

By Patricia Cruz, Eco Community Coordinator – Senior Section

conference This year we were invited to the annual environmental conference, which the Wenlock School has been organising for a couple of years for students to take part in the British schools’ ecology programmes. This year the conference took place on August 30th and the main theme was clean energy (for transport and travelling), clean air and clean living. Our experience as a team was truly enriching, and we had the chance to attend three presentations: one about clean energy offered by pupils of the hosting school, a second one given by the group “furiosos ciclistas” and a third presentation which was really inspiring offered by Mr Jack Dill (owner of Latitud 90, an adventure tourism company). In this final talk he discussed the environmental situation of our planet and what we must do to reverse it. There were also several fun, outdoor activities in which our ecomonitors from Year 11 took active part. These activities certainly contribute to the promotion of an environmental spirit and help us to exchange ideas and spend time with other groups which are equally committed to this cause. And for myself, as a teacher, it was very important to meet other colleagues and share experiences about what each of us is doing in the schools where we work, which helps us to try and replicate those ideas and projects that have been most successful among our students. A big thank-you to Gabriella Ruz (Year 11 D) and Victoria Armas (Year 11 C) for their participation in this conference, and for their enthusiasm and dedication to Eco Community.

Year 5 G: the September recycling guardians

By Edith Casas, Eco Community Coordinator – Middle Section


During September, pupils from Year 5 G took on the responsibility of looking after our environment, recycling all kinds of materials and taking them to the mobile punto limpio that is assembled the last Wednesday of each month in front of the pergola.

Chess master plays with Craighouse School pupils

By Carlos Valenzuela, in charge of the Chess group8

On Tuesday, September 27th the renowned chess player and great international chess master Mr Iván Morovic visited our school after participating in the World Chess Championship held in Baku, Azerbaijan. There, he did a wonderful job as captain of the Chilean team. As is tradition every time he visits Craighouse School, Mr Morovic played a simultaneous match with twenty of our pupils and selected nine of them for the 2016 Soprole chess finals which will be held on October 8th in Colina. The selected pupils are: Lucas Mc Donnell (Year 10 E) Mateo Ramírez (Year 9 D) Nicolás Donoso (Year 11 B) Milán Tomic (Year 11 D) Cristóbal Zilleruelo (Year 11 D) Iñaki Almendares (Year 7 D) Daniel Hartley (Year 11 E) Agustín Lathrop (Year 11 A) Felipe Galán (Year 11 A)

Pupils participate in hockey tournament in Argentina

By Karla Galán, COBS & COGS Manager

hockey On the weekend of October 1st the third edition of the Mercedario international field hockey tournament was held in San Juan, Argentina, where a group of Craighouse School pupils from COGS took part in the Chilean under-14 and under-16 teams. Congratulations to our under-14 players Antonia Carvajal (Year 7 D), Amanda Durruty (Year 7 D), Maite Lues (Year 7 A), and Elena Ortega (Year 7 D). The under-16 players who also represented our country were Isidora Cabargas (Year 9 E), Francisca González Troncoso (Year 9 C), and Elisa Smith (Year 10 A). Congratulations to all of them.

School News N°21 | 2016 | 7 October

Joan Darling XI and John Jackson XV

By Agüeda Valdés and Karla Galán, Directors The Joan Darling XI – Craighouse SchoolJoan_Darling

We are pleased to invite you to attend The Joan Darling XI hockey match, an initiative which was created in honour of the founder of Craighouse School, as a way of keeping alive and transmitting our shared values, traditions and principles enshrined in the British schools in Chile. Your presence at the inauguration ceremony and match would be an honour for the organising committee. The team is comprised of six players of St Margaret’s School, The Grange School and Craighouse School, who embody and exemplify the spirit of fair play. This team will play against Club Manquehue. You will also be able to watch a game between John Jackson XV and the ARUSA rugby team. The match will be held on Sunday October 16th at Craighouse School sports fields, located in Av Paseo Pie Andino 8837, Lo Barnechea, at 12.00 p.m.

We all smile in the same language: International Day

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


On International Day, a Craighouse School tradition, we celebrated the diversity of cultures and nationalities that are part of our community. This event took place on September 2nd and was organised by the WELCO committee, led by Mrs Cecilia Litrenta, Mrs Paula Martínez, and Mrs María Palacios. This year we had presentations from the following countries: Belgium, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Bolivia, and Syria. Pupils from Playgroup, Prekinder, and Kinder celebrated the different cultures in their classrooms, and they had the chance to try food from Chile and other countries. Pupils from Years 1 to 3 were given a country to research, based on the research units of their planners.

Diversity: pupils visit religious places of worship

By Ingrid Rivera, Teacher of Catholic Religion


On August 29th pupils from Year 7 visited several places of worship. In the context of our Educational Project, which promotes an open-mindedness and tolerance to diversity – religious, in this case, - the students visited a mosque, an orthodox church, a protestant church, and a synagogue. The Religion Department aims to generate significant experiences that will allow our pupils to learn more about different religious options and appreciate their value, thus promoting peace and respect for diversity.

Pupils take part in “life plan” activities

By Constanza Rivera, Counsellor

vida During August pupils from Years 9 and 11 took part in their life plan activities, which are part of the Formative Curriculum. The purpose of these activities is to favour the construction of a life project by reflecting on the type of person they are and want to become, taking into consideration the contribution they can make to society. The activities were highly successful, allowing Year 9 pupils to reach a higher level of self-knowledge, while students from Year 11 were able to focus on the aspects that they would like to include in their life projects, as well as on the challenges involved in this process. We hope to continue with these reflection activities so that our pupils can widen their view of the future and make a sensible choices for their future, in keeping with their own ideals and personalities. Special thanks to the tutors for their commitment. They played a crucial role in meeting the objectives.

SIMCE Year 6

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer3

On October 12th and 13th our pupils will take the SIMCE examinations, which this year include three areas of the national curriculum. On Wednesday October 12th they will sit for the Maths and Spanish writing tests, and the following day they will take the Spanish reading test and the History, Geography, and Social Studies papers. These exams assess pupils’ skills and knowledge described in the national curriculum at all levels up to Year 6, and they include multiple-choice questions, as well as a few open questions.

Colegio Árabe visits Craighouse School for International Day

By María Eliana González, Assistant – Primary Section


As part of the country presentations for International Day, this year Colegio Árabe visited our school representing Syria, cradle of the Mesopotamian civilisation, located in Asia Minor. While pupils from Years 1 L, 2 A, and 3 R researched their history, customs, foods and dances, representatives from Colegio Árabe danced “dabke”, a popular Middle Eastern dance. A big thank-you to Colegio Árabe for spending this very special day with all of us.

Author of children’s books visits Primary

By Katherine Vivar, inquiry centre – Primary Section


On Friday 26th August Mr Mauricio Paredes, author of children’s books, visited the Primary Section inquiry centre to meet the Kinder pupils. In his charming manner, he delighted the whole level and read his book “Matilde, la niña invisible”. Mauricio is a Chilean civil engineer with a great passion for children’s literature. His books have been published in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Spain, Mexico, Perú, Uruguay, and Venezuela. After the storytelling activity, he answered the children’s questions and talked to them, signed autographs and took pictures. Everyone had a lovely time!

Nursery and Prekinder, together around English

By Gloria Pérez, Head of Nursery


As you all know, our institution has a nursery for the children of all Craighouse School teachers. In the context of interaction among children, this year we have begun a pilot plan with Prekinder A, specifically with Miss Macarena González, with the purpose of incorporating English with the younger pupils. We have prepared routines and activities so that the children, together with the teachers, can incorporate English while having fun. This has been a very enriching experience for all, where creativity has been put to the service of our children.