October 2017

Themed career week: "Biological and Life Sciences"

By Constanza Rivera, Careers Advisor – Formative Area

 During the week of October 3rd we had our second themed career week, focused on Biological and Life Sciences.

With the purpose of sparking our pupils’ curiosity and scientific interest, several activities were held, including a demonstration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and a talk on “The new biology: the science of the 21st century”, where they were able to learn about the latest developments on microbial biotechnology. In coordination with the Science Department, the students saw a scientific dome displayed by Loligo, an educational platform (an initiative offered by the education and extension area of Instituto Milenio de Neurociencia Biomédica) aiming at the promotion of scientific culture. Middle and Senior pupils enjoyed a playful approach to neuroscience with videogames, pinball, interactive screens with images of the brain in 3D, microscopes with histological samples, and comics. The activity has led by Mr Patricio Ponce, Biochemist of Universidad de Chile. Finally, we visited a health fair where several universities shared information about their scientific courses through samples and practical activities.

Third edition of the Joan Darling XI

By Karla Galan and Agueda Valdés, Joan Darling XI Directors

On Sunday 15th October the third version of the Joan Darling XI hockey event was held in Concón. The team is made up of pupils of the three oldest British schools in Chile: The Grange School, St Margaret’s School, and Craighouse School. This invitation encompasses values, friendship, and affection for our founder, Mrs Joan Darling. Eighteen players are chosen to represent the spirit that this wonderful woman spread among her pupils. This year we played against SMOG, St Margeret’s School old girls. Representing Craighouse School were Javiera Hernández (Year 12 C), Camila Escudero (Year 12 B), Paskal Chappuzeau (Year 12 B), Isidora Bravo (Year 12 C), Florencia Niedbalski (Year 12 C), and Victoria Armas (Year 12 C). We want to thank this group of girls for proudly representing our school and for always showing our values, both on and off the field.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  March

By Andrea Pardo, Teacher of Primary Section

On September 29th, Prekinder pupils decided to march through the Primary Section, with the purpose of raising awareness in other students and encouraging them to take care of the planet, just as they have learned during this unit: humans need the environment to live. To make this happen, the children created signs, songs, cheers and leaflets. Our goal as Prekinder was to recognise environmental problems, make everyone aware of them and start being responsible in our daily actions. Students clearly fulfilled our expectations. The march caused a great impact on our school community.

Pupils take their first communion

On Saturday, October 14th, in a very moving ceremony, one hundred pupils from our school participated in their first communion at Parroquia Madre María de Misericordia. The ceremony was led by reverend Rodrigo Domínguez, who referred to the fundamental Catholiscs value of all: keeping alive the presence of God and of faith, through mass and communion. This important celebration was beautifully accompanied by girls from the school choir, led by teachers Mr Andrés Jeraldo and Mr Juan Pablo Del Despósito.

Pupil takes part in Panamerican taekwondo Championship

  Congratulations to Diego Galli of Year 6 G for his fantastic participation in the Panamerican Taekwondon Championship held in Lima, Peru, on October 5th-8th. Diego participated in Camouflage Belt in the category for 7 to 13 year-olds, in Formula and Sparring. He won second place in both events and brought back his silver medal to our country. Congratulations once again for this important achievement.

Round Square Conference 

2 RS “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” (Nelson Mandela)

On October 6th our Head of Senior, Mr Owain Jones, and teacher Ana María Cabrera, accompanied Craighouse School pupils Daniela Benavides (Year 11 E), Valentina Encinas (Year 11 D), Francisca González Troncoso (Year 10 C), and Agustín Hernández (Year 11 A) to the Round Square International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. The conference was organised and directed by pupils of the host schools: St Cyprian’s School, St George’s Grammar School, and Bridge House School.

Over 180 schools from at least 40 different countries took part in this event, with the purpose of learning and showing the enormous energy and ability to “make a difference” by bringing together different cultures, countries, and ways of seeing life in peace and harmony, with respect, social responsibility, and the acceptance of differences.

Under the theme of “Unite to ignite the fire within”, the speakers were Lorne Sulcas (an acclaimed photographer who has spent more than two decades studying and photographing Africa’s big cats), William Fowlds (a renowned South African vet who is passionate about wildlife conservation), and Caleb Swanpoel (who could have given up on life after he lost his right leg during a shark attack, but instead turned it into a career), among others.

Without a doubt, this experience left each of the attendants with the important responsibility of passing on Round Square’s message, so as to awaken idealism and the desire to build a better world in our community.

Short film event

By Eduardo Riquelme, Head of the Spanish Department

4 Corto

On Friday 6th October St Paul’s School in Viña del Mar hosted a short film event, organised by the Spanish Departments of the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH). The event allowed pupils from Enseñanza Media to show their work and to talk about literature in the context of audiovisual language as a form of expression, a way of seeing life, culture, artistic expression, and literature in general. Congratulations to the pupils who represented our school in this event: Tomás Soffia (Year 9 D), Carlos Fernández de Heredia (Year 9 D), Bruno Hernández (Year 9 D), and Pedro Letelier (Year 9 D). They spent time with students from other Chilean schools in this event, which allowed them to develop their skills and learning in Spanish.

Craighouse School mail

By René Jofré, Technology for Learning Manager

6 Correos

Nowadays, e-mails have become a timely, efficient means of communication, and they are widely used. In this context, and in view of the current demands in the ICT area, Craighouse School has decided for the first time to provide an institutional e-mail account for each pupil. This initiative began in October with pupils of Year 4, who will be using it while they prepare for their PYP Exhibition.

Nursery teachers offer workshop in Escuela de Lenguaje San Andrés 

8 SC

In the context of cooperation and social support to schools in Lo Barnechea, our nursery teachers Mrs Gloria Pérez and Ms Cynthia Pardo offered a yoga workshop for teachers of the five classes of Escuela de Lenguaje San Andrés. The purpose of this workshop was to train teachers and give them the basic tools and implements so that they can do yoga in their classes. The activity, which finished on August 23rd, may well be the first of many other social-oriented activities in our school.

Water: source of hydration 

By Catalina Salvatierra, Nutritionist

10 Agua

Warmer days are finally here and we are all beginning to hear that we need to take care to be hydrated during the day. But, do we really know what the best hydration source is? The answer is water, and here is why: 1) To avoid sugar and sweeteners * Did you know that there are 7 teaspoons of sugar in a normal soda can, and 5 in a glass of juice? * They both provide calories and quickly increase the sugar in your blood. To control this process, your body releases a large amount of insulin. Frequent intake of sugar can atrophy this system and cause insulin resistance, a common condition among teenagers and adults and the first step toward diabetes and other diseases such as fatty liver. * Light sodas have no sugar or calories, but sweeteners have been found to cause the release of insulin, with the same adverse effects. * Both sugar and sweeteners act at the brain level releasing endorphins, which makes them addictive, just like drugs. 2) To avoid additives * Did you know that soda (particularly the dark kind) contains phosphoric acid? * This nutrient causes a decalcification of bones and teeth, affecting growth in children and increasing the risk of osteoporosis in adults (especially women). * They also contain substances that inhibit the absorption of minerals like iron and zinc, which may cause anaemia, a weakening of the immune system, hair loss, and weak nails. 3) Their nutrients are not worth it * Some soft drinks and juices have added nutrients, but their effectiveness has not been proven. In fact, most of these nutrients will be eliminated through urine without having any effect on your body. * There are 100% natural fruit juices on the market which are undiluted and free of additives. These juices have vitamins but they are high in calories and (natural) sugar, since they contain a lot of fruit. However, since they don’t have the fibre of the whole fruit, the sugar is absorbed quicker, which can lead to excess weight and insulin resistance if consumed frequently. Fruit juice does not replace whole fruit.

Craighouse School – Founders’ Day - 58th Anniversary

On Friday 13th we gathered to celebrate Founders’ Day and the 58th anniversary of the founding of Craighouse School. Our Headmaster, Mr Peter Lacey, addressed the whole school and extended his sincerest congratulations to our distinguished institution, and at the same time thanked all of our excellent teaching staff and staff in general  for contributing to what Craighouse School is today. For the second time we are able to have the whole school together, all pupils from Playgroup to Year Twelve, and approximately 300 members of staff. We were gathered to honour our Founders, Mr Charles T Darling and his wife Mrs Joan Darling and thank them for creating this dynamic, diverse, educational institution and community. We thanked them both for their vision in founding Craighouse School, but specially Mrs Darling who gave the school her very personal seal. On this occasion, and in the future we will recognise the outstanding contributions made by our pupils, staff, our Old Girls and Boys and our parents to the wider Craighouse School Community.

Our founders and their legacy

In honour of our Founders, Mr Lacey announced at the ceremony how the Inquiry Centres are going to be named after our founders. In the Primary Section the Inquiry Centre will be named “The Joan Darling Inquiry Centre”  and in the Middle/Senior Section “The Charles T. Darling Inquiry Centre”. The President of the Board of Directors of Craighouse School, Mr Edgar Witt was invited to unveil both plates and together with the present members posed to immortalize this important moment.

Long service recognitions

We owe the school’s reputation to our teachers, and the work they do with the pupls every day. Each year, they receive a recognition for their effort, dedication, and professionalism, qualities that allow our Educational Project to become a reality. This year, Mr José Riveros, sports fields was recognised for the twenty years he has been working at Craighouse School. Also, the Head of Admissions, Mrs Ximena García- Huidobro was recognised for her thirty five years and Mr Enrique Aldunate, Operations Manager for his forty years at Craighouse School.

Retiring members of staff 

Staff members who will retire this year were also recognised for their long service to the school. They received a bouquet of red roses according to the number of years they have worked at Craighouse School. For this reason, Mr Gerardo Hidalgo, Middle Section Inspector received a rose plant for his 28 years at Craighouse School and Mrs Ximena García-Huidobro, received a bouquet with 35 red roses, equivalent to the years she worked at Craighouse School.

Founders’ Day School Values Award

This award is given to those pupils who have been selected as living examples of these values. In our daily lives at school, we should always strive to follow the values which help us to be a strong community, a learning community, a caring community, a community which honours the values of; respect, responsibility, effort, honesty, loyalty, justice, friendship, solidarity and tolerance. Primary Section Primary

Year 1 D

Joaquín Seminario Llosa

Year 3 D

Maximiliano Smith García

Year 1 A

Dante Corbetta

Year 3 A

Harman Arun Baxani Ahuja

Year 1 R

Valeria Oliva Iturra

Year 3 R

Martín  Adler Vega

Year 1 L

Trinidad Rider Bravo

Year 3 L

Martina Cabezas Vizcarra

Year 1 I

Olimpia Casamayor Miralles

Year 3 I

Taehyun Yoo

Year 1 N

Vicente Arretx Stengel Year 3 N

Cristina Fernández de Heredia Liger

Year 1 G

Iñaki Urcelay  Ríos Year 3 G Amira Dib Díaz

Year 2 D

Dominga Vocke Calderón Year 4 D

Vicente Charlín Astudillo

Year 2 A

Amanda Castro Raffa

Year 4 A

Julieta Del Favero Esbir

Year 2 R Piero Furque Macrobio Year 4 R

Florencia García Cortés

Year 2 L

Martina Pastore Villa Year 4 L Diego Rojas Olivares
Year 2 I Nicolás Caro Gazabatt Year 4 I

Florencia Poli Cabrera

Year 2 N

Matías Hammerer Year 4 N

Emma Purcell Fontaine

Year 2 G Agustina Radich Rodríguez Year 4 G

Pedro Hofmann Undurraga

Middle Section Middle

Year 5 A

Matías Burrull Ibarra Year 6 F Sofía Mahseredjian López

Year 5 B

Joao Alves Costa Mendonca Year 6 G Tomás Rojas Olivares
Year 5 C Macarena Errecaborde Year 7 A

Paula Garrido Ríos

Year 5 D

Isidora Fontecilla Sánchez Year 7 B Dominique Van de Merissche Baumlis
Year 5 E Catalina Caldera Terán Year 7 C

Agustina East Verdugo

Year 5 F

Sofía Simon Llanos Year 7 D Sebastián Juez Peña

Year 5 G

Benjamín Pimentel Jarpa

Year 7 E

Maximiliano Young Coppo

Year 6 A Alirio Milton Catacoli Year 8 A

Ignacia Salgado Seyler

Year 6 B

Isabel Gorchs Year 8 B Victoria Gilchrist Kausel

Year 6 C

Macarena Seminario Llosa

Year 8 C

Constanza Labowitz Urzúa
Year 6 D Trinidad Del Real De Ferrari Year 8 D

Elena Ortega Chateau

Year 6 E Antonio Leal Pellicer Year 8 E

María Jesús Caldera Terán

Senior Section Senior

Year 9 A

Alberto Conejero Ortúzar Year 11 A

Tomás Vergara Browne

Year 9 B 

Roland Vits Zambrana Year 11 B

Ignacia Capdeville Olcese

Year 9 C

Martina Harbst Tassara Year 11 C

Joao Pedro Melo Diógenes

Year 9 D

Fernanda Castillo Del Villar Year 11 D

Valentina Peña Holzer

Year 9 E

Sofía Pastene Martínez Year 11 E

Fernanda Rojas Rodríguez

Year 10 A Pablo Méndez Kuncar Year 12 A

Benjamín Clarke Barrios

Year 10 B

María Ignacia  Carvajal Miranda Year 12 B Roberto Natho Saavedra

Year 10 C

Paula Hernández Jarry Year 12 C Javiera Hernández Jarry
Year 10 D Nayantara Ranganatha Year 12 D

Cristóbal Zilleruelo Cañas

Year 10 E Pilar Gutiérrez Year 12 E

Ki Han Nam Lee

IB Diplomas

The IB diploma programme is the best and most demanding university preparation course in the world. Therefore, the students who achieved the diploma are "world class". And the fact that almost all the pupils in Year 12 were diploma candidates and that so many of them achieved the diploma means that Craighouse School is a world class institution. The IB diploma programme is officially a two-year course starting in Year 10 and finishing in Year 12. But, in reality, it is a process that lasts fourteen years and starts in Kinder. Everything that the students learn in Primary (PYP) and Middle (MYP) is preparation for the diploma programme at the end of this learning journey. Therefore, in order to achieve the IB diploma, pupils need to demonstrate a great deal of effort and commitment during their whole school career at Craighouse School. IB Diplomas - Year 12 “A” IV A

Antonia Sofía Cristi Aller

Zoe Valentina Flögel

Felipe Andrés Galán Donoso

María José Francisca García Bächler

María Del Pilar Hernández Santos

Agustín Ignacio Lathrop Jalaff

Isidora Paz León Morales

Pedro Pablo López Mena

Francisco San Martín Cabello

Catalina Viñuela Méndez

IB Diplomas - Year 12 “B” IV B

María Jesús Budge Mejía

Paskal Antonia Chappuzeau Galán

Trinidad Montserrat Franco Vidal

Martín Eduardo Glenz Cobo

María Jesús Guzmán Vicencio

Florencia Sofía Moyano Moreno

Roberto Ignacio Natho Saavedra

Jacinta Noguera Barthou

Sebastián Alberto Pérez Masri

Camila Andrea Smith Alamo

IB Diplomas - Year 12 “C” IV C 2

María Jesús Acevedo Villouta

Victoria Andrea Armas Martínez

Marco Alfredo Bevilacqua Corredoira

Isidora Paz Bravo Cuchacovich

Agustina Cabargas Rengifo

Martina Cametti Garafulic

Valentina Gabriela Castillo Del  Villar

Juan Pablo Contreras González

Alejandro López Torres

Sebastián Vicente Ma-Shichoy Alvarez

Florencia Andrea Niedbalski Montserrat

Ian Orchard Bocic

Matías Andrés Pérez Pefaur

Carolina Ríos María

María Ignacia Rovira Córdova

Tomás José Salas Walther

Tomás Andrés Valderrama Gallardo

IB Diplomas - Year 12 “D” IV D

María José Cruz Rodríguez

María Trinidad Giglio Larraín

Antonia Andrea Montealegre De Urruticoechea

Daniela Ivonne Nuñez Rojas

Sofía Constanza Pedrero Poduje

Francisca Andrea Robinson Hoyos

Alina Stopello Llobet

Milan Patrick Tomic Steimel

Juan Agustín Urzúa Ansaldo

Javiera Ignacia Vildósola Urrejola

IB Diplomas - Year 12 “E” IV E

Jorge Ignacio Atala Cabrera

Sofía Gabriela Auad Klarian

Pedro Andrés Becker Jacques

Donald Agustín Bennett Montoya

Gerardo Nicolás Cood Monardes

Amanda Dittborn Román

María Del Pilar Lira Cerda

Ki Han Nam Lee

Benjamín Andrés Panza Csendes

Josefa Teresita Ruz Ginouves

Josefa Sánchez Clark

Daphne Esperanza Steele De  la Quintana

Tomás Zurita Devoto

IB Diplomas – Pupils who obtained and A in their Extended Essay. Monografías

Trinidad Sofía Tubino Dowding


Sofía Gabriela Auad Klarian


Sofía Costantino Roger


Javiera Hernández Jarry


Tomás Zurita Devoto


María Del Pilar Lira Cerda

Environmental Systems and Societies

IB Diplomas – Pupils achieved a grade 7 in a higher level subject

Sofía Costantino Roger

Business Admnistration HL

Daniel Gutiérrez Fried

Economics HL

Josefa Ruz Ginouves

Visual Arts HL
IB Diplomas - Pupils who achieved 33 points. 33

Pedro Burstein Molina

Catalina Paz Lafuente Pérez

Alessandra Paci Cordano

IB Diplomas - Pupils who achieved 34. 35 and 36 points. 34_35_36


Javiera Hernández Jarry


June Pearson Rodríguez


Sophia Harbst Tassara


Cristóbal Zilleruelo Cañas

IB Diplomas - Pupils who achieved 37 points. 37


Javiera Araya Alvarado


Sofía Costantino Roger


Daniel Gutiérrez Fried


Josefina Plass Hune

IB Diplomas - Pupil who achieved 39 points, the highest score this year. 39

Trinidad Tubino Dowding

IB results of the 2017 generation

Back in July we received the Diploma results of our 2017 generation. After requesting a review of the results from the International Baccalaureate, we were informed that 74 pupils obtained their Diploma, representing 76% of the candidates. The average pass score was 30 points. Congratulations to all these pupils for their hard work and perseverance, without which these results would not have been possible.

The poppy campaign begins

As is tradition, The Royal British Legion has begun the world poppy campaign, seeking to raise funds for world war veterans. Craighouse School is committed to this cause, and we invite all members of our community to contribute, by purchasing a poppy. The funds will be used to cover one third of the annual expenses of general wellbeing, which the beneficiaries use to obtain a modest increase in their life quality, and whose main purpose is medical expense coverage. The money raised in the poppy campaign in Chile will be used to cover the cost of this support to volunteers and their families in our country.

My visit to a PYP school in South Africa

By Fernanda Castro, Teacher of Primary Section During the September holidays, I went on a trip to visit a PYP school in South Africa in order to learn and see how things are done in such a different culture. Hout Bay International School is a small school with around 500 students and it is the only school in South Africa that works with the same programme as we do. During my stay, they allowed me to visit different classes, observe different teachers, get involved in what students were learning and also see and compare how they plan and organise units. After the visit, it was very interesting to see how things are done in a different way but at the same time all the similarities with a school that is so far away. Hopefully the connections made will end up being an interesting tool to learn from others and work in collaboration with them.

Pupil in Year 8 wins third place in skiing competion 

Congratulations to Juan Ignacio Kuster from Year 8 C, who won third place in the juvenil (under 17) category of the North Face Ski & Snowboard Freestyle virtual contest. In this contest, participants had to show their best ski jumps (freestyle), record them, and upload the video to the contest platform. Congratulations to Juan Ignacio for this great achievement.

New issue of Ruta Literaria 2016 magazine

By Blanca Hernández, Spanish Teacher Middle Section We are very proud to present the third issue of “Ruta Literaria 2016” magazine. This publication includes texts written by our pupils in the Creative Writing extracurricular activity, the winning pieces of the Craighouse en 100 palabras contest organised by the Middle Section inquiry centre, and the winning texts of the magazine’s annual contest. This year’s illustrations focus on the influence of graphic novels and comics. You can access this new edition by RutaLiteraria 2016

Craighouse School teachers present in the ABSCH Expotaller 2017

On Saturday 30th September a new version of the Expotaller was held in Santiago College, organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH). This year, Craighouse School teachers Mrs Cecilia Costa (Science Teacher – Middle Section) and Mr José Manzanares (ICT Adviser –Senior Section) gave workshops based on their teaching experience in the areas of Science and ICT, respectively. This new version of the Expotaller had an impressive turnout, with the participation of teachers not only from the ABSCH but also from other schools in the Metropolitan Region, as well as educators from the north and south of our country. Congratulations to José and Cecilia for their participation.

Pupils receive confirmation

On Saturday 30th September we celebrated a mass at Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia parish, where 29 pupils received their confirmation. After a two-year preparation, our students came to say yes to God with the greatest of convictions, in an atmosphere of deep introspection with their families, friends and Craighouse School teachers. Today we would like to thank all families for the support given to our pupils throughout this process.

Eco tip: Did you know?

8 A 5-minute shower takes up the same amount of water as used by someone living in an underdeveloped country for a whole day. Agriculture uses around 70% of all fresh water consumed in the world. More than 25% of bottled water comes from the same place as tap water. Source: www.ecolisima.com

October: the month of tolerance

1 Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month we are working on the value of tolerance, defined as consideration for and acceptance of other people’s ways of doing things, thinking, and feeling, even if they are different from our own. It means valuing diversity. Being tolerant is: * Valuing other ways of being, opinions, religious and political stances and beliefs, as ways of thinking which are as valid as our own. * Considering other people’s thoughts as something valuable, and respecting them as contributions to our own personal development. * Acknowledging the importance of knowing and connecting with various cultures, ethnicities, languages, nationalities, etc.

Pupils took part of THIMUN Latin America Conference

By Elliot Zepeda, Pupil of Year 10 During the 10th and 13th of August, pupils from Year 9 and 10 of the Senior Section took part in the THIMUN Latin America Conference (The Hague Model United Nations) in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay. The delegation was made up of 15 members, accompanied by Mr. Esteban Calquín, and led by Miss Nicola Bromley. This conference consists of a simulation of the United Nations’ committees, where the participants are diplomats representing a country and debate, in English, about current events and topics that affect our world. Pupils learn about international relations and diplomacy during this process. The Craighouse School delegation represented Ethiopia, Honduras and Turkey, in the Security Council and the Legal, Economic, Human Rights, Political and ECOSOC committees. It was four intense days of arduous and agitated debating that culminated with the General Assembly. All of these activities were preceded by many months of preparation. Many things were learned from this conference and everyone enjoyed it. Our delegation stood out, surpassing all expectations and receiving the organization’s recognition. The delegation is now preparing for the English-Speaking Union’s Debating Tournament between schools of Santiago, and the THIMUN Conference of next year.

Alianzas in the Middle Section

By Blanca Hernández, Middle Section Student Council Adviser This year’s alianzas in the Middle Section had “decades” as the central theme. The colour red was assigned the 1920s, the blacks had the 1950s, the blues had the 1970s, the yellows had the 1980s, and the greens had the 1990s. Pupils were thus able to connect with history and all the major trends that marked those times. This year we wanted to emphasise collaborative work among the levels, from Years 5 to 8, and the pupils received this invitation with great enthusiasm. We had traditional competitions like the parade and the sketch, and we added a few new ones like the “green test”, aimed at raising awareness about the environment; a teachers’ dance; the “guess your decade” quiz, and fan slogans which were a great success. Pupils in Year 8 did a fantastic job leading their colours, they felt empowered and maintained their enthusiasm throughout the preparation period. A key element was the Student Council’s organisation; their members held frequent meetings with the king and queen of each colour to exchange information and motivate their peers. Congratulations to the whole section for their enthusiastic participation on this great day.

Alianzas in the Senior Section

By Sylvia Lagos and Ana María Cabrera, Senior Section Student Council Advisers The central theme in this year’s alianzas in the Senior Section were film studios, Disney, Warner, Universal, Columbia, and Fox. Our focus this year was to increase the involvement of pupils and teachers of the section. For this purpose, we organised an array of competitions, with excellent results. The sketches, which were presented in the evening, were also highly successful, with pupils participating with great enthusiasm. In addition to these competitions, the activities of the Semana de la Chilenidad awarded points to each alianza, which further motivated the pupils to take part, specifically in the traditional Chilean dances. We are very proud of our pupils for their hard work, and we want to thank everyone who collaborated in this huge event.

Eco tip: Did you know?

“Green” or reusable bags help us reduce the number of plastic bags thrown away every day in vast quantities. Plastic bags take four centuries to degrade completely. Source: www.enigmaradio.cl

Interreligious outing

By Ingrid Rivera, Catholic Religion Teacher On Thursday 31st August a group of pupils from Year 7 went on an interreligious outing and visited several temples and churches of different religions. They visited the synagogue of the Círculo Israelita in Santiago, the As Salam mosque, the Santísima Virgen María Orthodox Catholic church, and the Santísima Trinidad Protestant church. The purpose of this activity was for pupils to learn more about these religious sites and the beliefs and rites of each religion, as well as deepening their knowledge in the areas of Social Studies and Religion. But the most important objective was to exercise their respect and tolerance. The pupils were accompanied by their teachers: Mrs Lorena Sommerfeld (Jewish religion), Mrs Leonora Cardemil (Social Studies), Mrs Gabriela De La Cerda (English), and Mrs Ingrid Rivera (Catholic Religion).

Again… Craighouse School wins the ABSCH Senior Rugby XV Shield

By Mark Cross, Deputy Head of Senior Section Our 2018 1st XV successfully defended, for the fourth consecutive year, the ABSCH Senior Rugby XV Shield played in The Grange School on Saturday September 2nd. An intense day’s rugby was played throughout the tournament and the boys were very good in the group stages, convincingly earning their place in the final after victories over St Gabriel's, Santiago College and St John's. The final was played with our traditional rivals from The Grange and after defeat 2 weeks beforehand, the boys were highly motivated to get things right. The final didn't disappoint and despite dominating the game for almost the entire 1st half we suddenly found ourselves down 0-8 at the beginning of the 2nd half. Excellent composure and self-belief saw the boys work hard to get into scoring positions and after a try and conversion it was 7-8 with 5 minutes to play. Constant pressure and dominance saw a penalty awarded close to the posts and this was converted by Lucas Sandoval to see Craighouse School up 10-8 with time almost up. The boys secured possession well, maintained control and captain Ian Orchard sent the ball over the sideline to signal a hard earned but fully deserved victory for our school. My congratulations to all involved throughout the year - the numbers at training were outstanding and this allowed us to be best prepared for the key moments during the tournament.

Rosh Hashanah

By Lorena Sommerfeld, Jewish Religion Teacher On the evening of Sunday, September 20th the Jewish people celebrated the New Year. This is year 5778. To celebrate, on September 5th the Jewish community of Craighouse School had a liturgy led by Carla Bawlitza (Year 8D), songs of Amalia Gerszvenvich of Year 4 B and pupils of Year 8 B Andrés Gerszencvich and Tomás Jana. We were also honoured by the presence of Rabbi Ari Sigal, who gave us all a message and allowed us to listen to the sound of the shofar. After the ceremony, Year 8 pupils Carla Bawlitza, Mariela Cristi, Andrés Gerszencvich, and Tomás Jana said some blessings before a meal. We share the round bread typical of this festivity and honey spread on apple for a year full of sweetness. Shanah Tovah Umetukah to all the Jewish community at Craighouse School: a good and sweet year to all.

Excellent performance of Craighouse pupil in skiing competitions

Congratulations to Santiago Baudrand of Year 8 A, who did a great job in skiing competitions this year. In July, Santiago won first place in border cross in the Bichos de La Parva circuit, and in September he took second place in slope style in the Bichos de Valle Nevado circuit. Congratulations to Santiago and to his family, for their constant support of his development as a skier.