October 2018

Craighouse School – Founders’ Day - 59th Anniversary

On Friday, November 19th, we gathered to celebrate Founders’ Day and the 59th anniversary of the founding of Craighouse School. Our Headmaster, Mr Peter Lacey, addressed the whole school and extended his sincerest congratulations to our distinguished institution, and at the same time thanked all of our excellent teaching staff and staff in general for contributing to what Craighouse School is today.

* We were gathered to honour our Founders, Mr Charles T Darling and his wife Mrs Joan Darling and thank them for creating this dynamic, diverse, educational institution and community.

* We thanked them both for their vision in founding Craighouse School, but specially Mrs Darling who gave the school her very personal seal.

* On this occasion, and in the future we will recognise the outstanding contributions made by our pupils, staff, our Old Girls and Boys and our parents to the wider Craighouse School Community.

Retiring members of staff

Staff members who will retire this year were also recognised for their long service to the school. For this reason, Mr Enrique Aldunate, Campus Manager received a rose plant for his 42 years at Craighouse School.

Diplomas IB

The IB diploma programme is the best and most demanding university preparation course in the world. Therefore, the students who achieved the diploma are "world class". And the fact that almost all the pupils in Year 12 were diploma candidates and that so many of them achieved the diploma means that Craighouse School is a truly world class institution.

The IB diploma programme is officially a two-year course starting in Year 10 and finishing in Year 12. But, in reality, it is a process that lasts fourteen years and starts in Kinder. Everything that the students learn in Primary (PYP) and Middle (MYP) is preparation for the diploma programme at the end of this learning journey. Therefore, in order to achieve the IB diploma, pupils need to demonstrate a great deal of effort and commitment during their whole school career at Craighouse School.

Brunilda A IBYear 12 A

Year 12 B

Osvaldo IBYear 12 C

Sebastián IBYear 12 D

Ana MariaYear 12 E

Long service recognitions

We owe the school’s reputation to our teachers, and the work they do with the pupls every day. Each year, they receive a recognition for their effort, dedication, and professionalism, qualities that allow our Educational Project to become a reality.

Founders’ Day School Values Award

This award is given to those pupils who have been selected as living examples of these values. In our daily lives at school, we should always strive to follow the values which help us to be a strong community, a learning community, a caring community, a community which honours the values of; respect, responsibility, effort, honesty, loyalty, justice, friendship, solidarity and tolerance.

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Pupils take their First Communion

By Rosa Zapata, Catholic Religion Teacher

On September 27th, 114 pupils of Year 5 received the sacrament of reconciliation, an important step before their First Communion, which will take place on Saturday October 6th at the María Madre de la Misericordia parish. The ceremony will be led by father Rodrigo Domínguez Wagner, Priest and Episcopal Vicar in the Cordillera area. We thank the families for their commitment and support.

Young Math Event

On Tuesday October 2nd our school hosted the Young Maths Event, organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH).

Twelve pupils of Year 2 took part in the event, which included participants from Santiago College, Mayflower school, Dunalastair, and Craighouse School.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this fun activity!.

Calle y Escucha

By Ángeles Morales and Silvia Lagos, Social Service – Student Council

As every Thursday, our homeless friends received a meal given to them by pupils of Year 10. Once again, we resumed our everyday activities with the satisfaction of having been able to help them, and feel extremely proud of our pupils, who are very committed with this activity.

Eco Tip

Craighouse School pupil is recognised for his creativity in the ‘Alimenta tu Imaginación’ campaign

We are very proud to inform you that Juan Ignacio Abadíe of Year 3 L received an award in a ceremony held at the Ministry of Social Development on October 9th, for his participation in a nation-wide campaign called ‘Alimenta tu Imaginación 2018’, in which children were invited to write a short story about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Mr Sebastián Villareal, Ministry of Social Development Deputy Secretary of Social Services, was present during the event in representation of the Chilean government. Juan Ignacio wrote one of the thirty stories selected among over four thousand which arrived at the offices of Tetra Pak Chile.

National junior skiing competition

On October 24th to 26th the national junior skiing competition took place in Chillán. Over 260 skiers took part in this tournament, one of whom was Manuel Horwitz of Year 8 A. Manuel won second place in the Super Giant race and third place in the Giant event.

Congratulations, Manuel, for your great performance and your determination in this sport.


Cricket is a very popular sport in England, and our Primary and Middle pupils wanted to learn more about it.

‘Reciclarte’ workshop

In our ‘reciclarte’ workshop, pupils in Years 1 & 2 create works of art made of recycling materials. This time they put on a great show with different objects, demonstrating their creative and manual skills.

Emilio Ready, Year 4N pupil, recommends "Temperate Forest", by Peter Benoit

I recommend this book, because you can see the different parts of the planet that have temperatura forest, and different types of animals and plants like Wolf, squirrels Bulls, bears, deers, foxs and bats. In the book you can saw the stations of the Year like autumm, Winter, summer and spring.

Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff.

This month we are working on the value of tolerance, defined as consideration for and acceptance of other people’s ways of doing things, thinking, and feeling, even if they are different from our own. It means valuing diversity.

Being tolerant is:

* Valuing other ways of being, opinions, religious and political stances and beliefs, as ways of thinking which are as valid as our own.

* Considering other people’s thoughts as something valuable, and respecting them as contributions to our own personal development.

* Acknowledging the importance of knowing and connecting with various cultures, ethnicities, languages, nationalities, etc.

Día de la Chilenidad 2018

In September, we celebrated the traditional Día de la Chilenidad, where we remembered traditions, took part in typical Chilean games, ate delicious traditional food, and reminded ourselves about what it means to be Chilean.

On September 5th & 6th the whole school, from Playgroup to Year 12, relived our traditions, wore beautiful costumes, and joined in with a number of Chilean regional dances.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all sections, the Student Council, the PE & Sports Department, the Music Department, the IT Support area, tutors, parents, and especially our pupils, who organised and took part in all these activities to celebrate our national identity.

¡Viva Chile!

EcoCommunity art contest

By, María Ignacia Convalía, EcoCommunity Coordinator-Primary

In August, Primary pupils took part in an art contest. They had to design a logo to promote sorting out recyclable litter in different containers throughout the section.

The winner was Emilia Romero of Year 3 D, with her creative proposal: “Gatito Tetracat”.

Alianzas in Middle and Senior 2018

On September 6th the Middle and Senior Sections held their Alianzas 2018. At midday the dining hall was filled with pupils anxiously waiting for this new edition of a traditional event.The topic for Middle this year was movie studios, while Senior chose to visit different decades, focusing on music, dances, and important characters.

The alianzas included different challenges and competitions, which tested the pupils’ sports, music, artistic, and culinary skills, among others. Our pupils were able to showcase all their talents!

Eco Tip

International Week

On September 3, 4, & 5 the Primary Section celebrated the diversity of cultures and nationalities in our community, with a fresh, renewed version of International Day.

On Monday, the first activity was an interactive fair, where Playgroup, Prekinder and Kinder pupils received their own passports and “travelled” while visiting each stand. On Tuesday, after having researched a specific country, pupils in Years 1 to 4 presented their findings. And to end this week of diversity, to learn more of each of the cultures in our community, the children had the chance to taste their food and explore their traditions.

A big thank you to every one of you for your support, work and participation in our latest International Week.

We are extremely proud that so many countries are part of the Craighouse School community. Without a doubt, this contributes to making the world a better place.

The Poppy campaign begins

As is tradition, The Royal British Legion has begun the world poppy campaign, seeking to raise funds for world war veterans.

Craighouse School is committed to this cause, and we invite all members of our community to contribute, by purchasing a poppy to remember those who sacrificed their lives so that we could live in peace and freedom.

The funds will help those who have served the British Armed Forces, many of whom are Chilean. The money raised in the poppy campaign in Chile will be used to cover the cost of this support to volunteers and their families in our country.

2018 Youth for peace meeting

¿What can I read?

Laura Schweikert, Year 3D pupil, recommends; “CatStronauts: Mission Moon” by Drew Brockington.

My favourite book is CatStronauts and the Mission Moon, because it is very funny and also I love it because I love cats. The characters are great and the names are funny. I really recommend this book. It is about a problem of electricity, cats are astronauts and they go to the moon for energy and they solve the problem. Read this book! Keep calm and love Cat.