IB Middle Years Programme

Upon entering Year 5, pupils begin to work on the second International Baccalaureate programme, MYP (Middle Years Programme).

This programme covers the educational needs of pupils in the Middle Section, from Years 5 to 9.

The programme is based on three fundamental concepts that structure pupils’ experience, ensuring that they will fulfil the educational expectations of the national plan, and achieve the Craighouse School pupil’s profile and the school values.

These fundamental concepts are:
** Holistic learning: working with the Areas of Interaction allows pupils to apply and set knowledge, concept, skills and attitudes into context, from each subject to real life. The Areas of Interaction are: Approaches to Learning, Community and Service, Human Ingenuity, Environments, and Health and Social Education.

** Intercultural awareness: pupils are aware of different realities as seen from various perspectives, valuing different communities and cultures and becoming open-minded.

** Communication: open, efficient communication is promoted, as well as a good command of pupils’ mother tongue and a foreign language.

In the MYP model, pupils are placed at the centre and the five areas of interaction are found around them. This aims at favouring the connection between pupils and the real world. Subjects are connected with each other through the areas of interaction. Subjects are found around pupils and the areas of interaction.

The MYP ends with the execution of a personal project carried out by each pupil in Year 9. This project involves the application of everything that pupils have learned during the MYP. A pupil’s personal project reveals his/her autonomy and the application of the skills in the Approaches to Learning area.