Message from the Middle Section

Message from the Head of the Middle Section: Mr Pablo Salvador

The magnitude of the impact of the pandemic has altered all dimensions of daily life, modifying even the most basic relationships of social interaction. In the educational field, the suspension of face-to-face classes has posed a huge challenge for all the actors involved and has revealed an unforeseen scenario, which our educational community has faced in a very positive and proactive way.

Having this thought in mind, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience, adaptability, flexibility and cooperation throughout this process. A special mention to all the families, community members and staff who have invested many hours throughout the last few months working together and developing their teaching skills in order to develop and adapt our distance learning programme in the healthiest and safest possible way.

An important part of this process was shown two weeks ago in the parents’ interviews, where it was possible to share with each family and learn about how they have adapted to this new and innovative methodology. We are especially grateful to all the families who participated in the interviews, and also to the Tutors, who led these meetings.

Now more than ever we need to work together, to stay strong and aligned in ways that benefit the entire Craighouse School Community. The healthy home/school partnership and family involvement that have been key in the Craighouse Educational Project, have never been more important. As always, we are deeply committed to our pupils and will continue to provide for each one of them with the same devoted care and attention beyond the modality of “Distance Learning”.

Looking for the best and most realistic learning opportunities and in accordance with our methodology, we have modified our Homework Schedule System for the upcoming months. Based on our professional experience, what we have observed in our pupils and the feedback we have received, we are now changing the homework schedule for the second term. The new system will operate on a fortnightly basis rather than weekly, with a goal to provide flexibility and further opportunities for students to actively work on tasks during the interactive sessions. As always, the safety and mental health of our pupils and staff remain paramount in all of our decisions.

These are challenging times for school communities around the globe. There will continue to be much that has to change, but there will be much that remains constant, too; our commitment to our mission and core values, our spirit and sense of community, our high expectations for student learning, for ourselves, and for our programs.

I look forward to seeing you all again as soon as the authorities allow us to go back to our beloved School. At that point I will give you a warm welcome back in person, but until then, stay healthy and safe.