Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme is a demanding and stimulating two-year international curriculum that all our pupils take between Years 10 and 12 .

The Diploma Programme prepares pupils for university and future life, encouraging them to pose complex questions, learn how to learn, develop a strong personal and cultural identity and understand people from other countries and cultures and communicate with them.

The IB Diploma curriculum, complemented and developed in conjunction with the Chilean curriculum, allows pupils to develop complex thinking skills, which will enable them to engage in any field, both personal and professional, upon finishing their education at Craighouse School.

The complementary work between the IB Diploma curriculum and the national curriculum offers pupils the tools to access university and develop successfully inside and outside university.

After the two-year programme, pupils undergo internal and external assessment (with examinations that are evaluated by external examiners) that measure their individual performance regarding the objectives established for each subject.

All our pupils sit for the external assessment in English, in order to obtain an English certificate issued by the IBO. In addition, the pupils who so wish, may sit for certifications for all the subjects they have studied throughout the IB Diploma programme. If they fulfil the requirements of this assessment, they obtain a diploma that is recognised by prestigious universities both in Chile and abroad, as a possible entrance exam for higher education.