Message from the Senior Section

Message from Head of Senior Section: Mr Mark Cross

Dear Community,

As we close in on 20 weeks with our “online learning” model, Senior teachers and staff continue developing the “next steps” in our teaching and learning systems, aimed at ensuring all our students can continue to reach their potential during these difficult times. An important part of this process was the parent-tutor interviews earlier in the month, where feedback was shared with our students and their families to gain a real understanding of how everybody had adapted to this new methodology. I would like to thank the tutors and our families for the excellent disposition shown over those three days, where we had an outstanding 97% of attendance.

After the recent Government decision to move to “Paso 2 - Transición” in various areas of Santiago, where many of our community families live; there is hope and enthusiasm that we will continue to experience positive statistics in the COVID infection rates. In order for this to occur, we must cooperate with the health and safety requirements and not lose sight of the difficult times experienced from being isolated for such a long period of time.

The permission to circulate from Monday to Friday brings with it a certain “freedom” to attend restricted-numbered gatherings and with that possible “social” temptations. I would like to encourage all our students, with the support of their families, to maintain a careful, safe and conscientious approach in their decision-making during these times.

The more we get this “right” now the greater the chance of continued progression and a possible return to our beloved School campus someday soon. Let’s all play-our-part and stay safe!!!