Visit to Madre María de Misericordia Church

Visit to Madre María de Misericordia Church

Pupils will be taken to the Madre María de Misericordia Church on Wednesday, 25th September from 8.30 to 12.00 p.m. for their first confession.

If you agree that your child should receive this sacrament, please click here. This link will take you to a website where you must fill in a form, print it out, sign it and send it as soon as possible to the Middle Section assistant’s office in order to authorise your child to leave the school. Without this authorisation your child will not be taken to the church.

*Please note that e-mails or phone calls will not be accepted.

I understand and accept that all measures will be taken in order to prevent accidents and/or injuries, and I accept that, should any event happen despite all these measures,neither the accompanying teachers nor the school will be held responsible.

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