Message from the Head of the Senior Section: Mr Mark Cross

By Mark Cross, Head of Senior Section

As we close in on 20 weeks with our “online learning” model, Senior teachers and staff continue developing the “next steps” in our teaching and learning systems, aimed at ensuring all our students can continue to reach their potential during these difficult times. An important part of this process was the parent-tutor interviews earlier in the month, where feedback was shared with our students and their families to gain a real understanding of how everybody had adapted to this new methodology. I would like to thank the tutors and our families for the excellent disposition shown over those three days, where we had an outstanding 97% of attendance.

After the recent Government decision to move to “Paso 2 - Transición” in various areas of Santiago, where many of our community families live; there is hope and enthusiasm that we will continue to experience positive statistics in the COVID infection rates. In order for this to occur, we must cooperate with the health and safety requirements and not lose sight of the difficult times experienced from being isolated for such a long period of time.

The permission to circulate from Monday to Friday brings with it a certain “freedom” to attend restricted-numbered gatherings and with that possible “social” temptations. I would like to encourage all our students, with the support of their families, to maintain a careful, safe and conscientious approach in their decision-making during these times.

The more we get this “right” now the greater the chance of continued progression and a possible return to our beloved School campus someday soon. Let’s all play-our-part and stay safe!!!

Pre-Kinder 2021 Open Day

2020 has been a very challenging year and we have had to find new ways to continue with our activities. In this context, we had our first virtual Pre-Kinder 2021 Open Day. Parent interviews and applicant assessments were done via Google Meet without any major issues and with a good turnout of families. The mass meeting, however, posed a real problem and the question was, how do we do it? After much planning and organizing, the admissions area was finally able to schedule the meeting with all applying families for Wednesday, 29th July at 7 p.m. They listened to Mr Lacey and Mr Lyons, then they talked to pupils from Middle and Senior, and some families were able to ask more specific questions in different areas of the school. We are very proud of our pupils as they once again had an outstanding role.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Open Day and a big thank-you to the participants.

CAS project: Healthy Living

By Consuelo Gutiérrez, Ricardo Solís, Sylvia Lagos, Carolina Albertz, Jorge Bello, Ana María Cabrera, CAS team

During these months in which we have had to stay home, many of the exercise or sports routines that we used to practice have been affected, and we have all had a hard time keeping up our physical activity. With this in mind, our CAS pupils created fun exercise routines that will allow you to activate your mind and body and help you feel happier and full of energy in the winter months.

3,2,1, Get started on your training!

Click here

Don Roberto’s stories

By Constanza Tike, Deputy Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning

This time Don Roberto shows us his “wellness kit”, which is full of resources that help him to remember good times, feel calm, smile, and connect with comforting emotions. We invite you to watch this chapter together with your family so you can create your own wellness kit.

International Baccalaureate Diploma results – 2020 generation

By Fernanda Silva, Academic Coordinator Senior Section


In this very special and unprecedented year, the International Baccalaureate made the historic decision to cancel the May 2020 examinations worldwide. The IB worked together with universities to provide a valid adjudication model recognised by them, taking advantage of the IB’s assessment methodologies and experience. Students were thus evaluated by the IB and obtained this international qualification.

On July 6th the pupils got their results back. Congratulations to all of them for having taken on the challenge of being IB Diploma candidates, with all the effort and dedication that this entails, particularly in such a challenging year when there was much anxiety and uncertainty regarding the results. Our students have shown strength and resilience during these difficult times.

In general, the results obtained by Craighouse School pupils were excellent: 82% of the generation sat for the DP; and of these, 85% passed the exam and obtained their Diploma, 92% of which are bilingual.

Several subjects stood out this year, and I would like to mention those in which 100% of pupils passed, and whose average results are above the world average:

1. Spanish HL (93 pupils)

2. Business and Management HL and SL (69 pupils)

3. Psychology SL (14 pupils)

4. History HL (8 pupils)

5. Chemistry SL (7 pupils)

I would also like to mention the results obtained in one of the core components of this programme: Theory of Knowledge. After many years, we finally have several pupils with the highest score (A), with a significant increase in the best marks (A and B) and a reduction in the lower marks (D and E).

Congratulations to our team of Diploma teachers who work for their pupils with great dedication every day, committed to their progress and learning, demanding high professional standards.

Even though we hope to see you all soon in a ‘new normality’, I am convinced that these difficult times have made this educational community grow and bring to the surface the strength that each of us has. Now more than ever we continue to be united and committed to promoting the wellbeing and achieving the full potential of each and every one of our pupils.

Art exhibition by Year 9 pupils

By Visual Arts– Senior Section

As part of the unit on architecture, which is included in the Visual Arts academic curriculum, pupils in Year 9 were given the mission to make bird- or pet-houses using 20th and 21st century architects as inspiration.

The activity has been doubly significant since during times of confinement pupils have shown exceptional commitment and creativity in transforming waste materials that they had in hand into functional, architecturally attractive structures. We want to congratulate these pupils for achieving this.

We have set up an exhibition where you can see the work of each student. Please click here:

Recreating a classic movie

By María Ignacia Convalia, Director of Arts

Drama lessons have become a great distraction for pupils during quarantine. Here is a video showing a group of students performing an adaptation of a movie classic: “Dead Poets Society”, by Tom Schulman. Please click here to watch.

Eco Tip

By Analía Pérez, Science Teacher – Middle Section

Nowadays, due to the quarantine we spend more time at home, so we can include new habits. We can begin to separate our organic waste and search for alternatives to turn it into compost. This small action will prevent these valuable resources from ending up in the landfill. In this way, we are SAVING PLASTIC BAGS and HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT!

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