School News August 2015

N°18| August 27 | 2015
Literary appreciation and creative writing workshop 1 By Juan Pablo Contreras O’Brien, Head of Senior Section This workshop began on Monday, July 27th after a group of pupils had voiced their interest in literature. The objective is to develop their skills and sensitivity to appreciate world literature, react to it and create their own pieces of writing. There are currently ten Senior pupils attending the workshop, and they meet every Monday after class.
Students of Plymouth create Mathematic Club 2 By Dominique Quinn, Teacher of Maths Club In Maths club we did a lot of work with manipulating mathematics and numbers! Firstly we reflected on how the children felt about their own Maths ability, their strengths and weaknesses. Then we did a few different activities trying to be creative with the Maths the children already knew. There was a dice game on place value, a times table game, algebra games (which were impressively completed by some children). Some children managed to make 100 using the numbers 1-9 and all four operations, fantastic mathematicians. Mr. Jon and I are very excited for next week’s club and challenging the children's abilities further!
Pupils attend educational technology meeting 3 By Sachy Bravo, Educational Technology Advisor – Middle Section On Friday, August 7th pupils Fernando Batarce and Sebastián Jana of Year 8 E attended an Educational Technology meeting organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH), which took place at St John’s School in Concepción.The idea was to program a videogame that dealt with taking care of the environment. The game is now available for the St John’s community.We are certain that this was a very enriching experience for our pupils, since not only they experiment with different computer resources, but they were also able to spend some time with pupils and teachers from other schools.Congratulations to Fernando and Sebastián for their commitment and for representing Craighouse School.
Reading group 4 By Felicity NG, Teacher of Reading Group The initiative of our reading group focuses on helping pupils achieve a concrete understanding of text; more specifically non-fiction books. We read selected books that engage students through a range of fine stories. With this in mind, we aim to hone children’s abilities to visualise narrative and experience how a narrative contains technical literary impact. Ultimately, we want to promote the importance of listening. We strive for children to recognise the importance of listening as a gateway to inspire meaningful and enriched learning.
The Senior Section inaugurates the 2015 alianzas 5 By Juan Pablo Contreras O’Brien, Head of Senior Section On Wednesday, August 5th the Student Council, together with pupils of Year 12, launched the 2015 alianzas with an assembly for all members of the community. These year’s topics have to do with Spanish, Science, History and Philosophy, and they include historical figures related to each of these subjects. Wearing impeccable costumes, the pupils paid surprise visits to younger classes and took them to the dining hall, where the launching would take place. Dances, songs and videos marked the beginning of this process, which will end on September 9th & 10th.
Skiing season begins 6 By Paulina Aracena, Skiing Branch On Sunday, August 16th we had this season’s first skiing race with the participation of children from the ski team who obtained excellent results representing our school. We are extremely proud of all of them. The following pupils won medals: Nicolás Tyszka : 1st place - snowboarding Matías Shaub: 1st place Catalina Tala: 1st place Sebastián Tala: 1st place Antoni Tyszka: 2nd place Fernanda Pérez: 2nd place Agustín Ruíz: 2nd place Catalina Kuster: 3rd place Additionally, two special needs children from our community took part in a skiing programme designed specially for them. Fernanda Pastene and Tomás McDonnell were able to enjoy a lovely day in the snow. It was very exciting to see them practice this sport.
Successful friendship sale – CARE Processed with Moldiv By Evelyn Yupanqui, Communications – CARE On Tuesday, August 18th, a date when we celebrate Solidarity Day, the Primary Section organised its traditional flea market with the participation of all children and CARE delegates from Prekinder to Year 4. Pupils had great fun buying toys and accessories that their schoolmates had previously chosen and donated, while the CARE delegates once again showed a wonderful spirit of solidarity, empathy and enthusiasm. The funds raised with this activity will be used for the various activities we have with the institutions we sponsor.
Culture tip: A country that reads is a country that dreams 8 “When we read or listen to a story we create a space of intimacy between the person who reads and the person who listens. When parents, siblings, grandparents or teachers read to a child, they create an emotional intimacy, because when they read they are also saying, ‘I read to you because I value you and love you’.” National Council of Culture and Arts Today’s world is visually enticing. Everything can be admired and even “touched”. In this context, we must continue to promote reading in our children every day. Sharing a book with our children allows them to develop fantasy, to create a common space and become more familiar with letters, as well as improving their vocabulary. As part of the programme “Chile Lee”, the Chilean Government has created a campaign called “A book a day” where all parents are invited to read with their children. We invite you to visit the website, where you will find a series of texts to share with your little ones.
N°17 | August 20 | 2015
New work experience in the Sheraton Hotel Santiago 1 From the beginning of July our Daniel Foot, a student from Year 12, D, started his work experience in the Sheraton Hotel Santiago which he carries out each Friday from 08:00 to 13:30. The main aim is to show and project his work skills which is why he is carrying out duties in different areas of the hotel. He is starting work in the Housekeeping area, after which he will go to the Lobby Bar, and then finishing by working as a bell boy. We thank the hotel for this opportunity and congratulate Daniel for his commitment and enthusiasm on facing each new challenge.
Year 12 starts second stage of interdisciplinary elective workshops 2 The second stage of interdisciplinary elective workshops started on the 11th of August for all year 12 students. The choice of courses on offer varies between, painting, sculpture, photography, music, artistic expression and gastronomy amongst others. The workshops are held each Monday and Wednesday from 15:00 to 16:25 and end on the 16th of October.
Students take part in Gareth Pugh event 3 By Marcela Barrios, Primary Section Music Teacher and Charlotte Richards, Support Teacher of Year 3 As is now a tradition in the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) a “Gareth Pugh” music event was held. This event has been held for several years now in tribute to the late teacher of English. Gareth Pugh, who arrived to Chile in the 90’s to work as a music teacher was a great lover of the arts and especially of Music and Drama. His work was a notable contribution to the British Schools; which is why every year we commemorate his death with a musical event. This year the event was held at Santiago College to which eight schools belonging to the ABSCH in Santiago and Concepción were invited. Each school was represented by eight Year 3 students, accompanied by two teachers; who worked the whole morning in their specialties and ending with a wonderful presentation all together in the afternoon. The theme this year was Lake Chungará and its fauna (Condors, Vizcachas, Quirquínchos and Parinas). This activity is an opportunity for getting together where the children experience the values of friendship, solidarity and responsibility. The children spent the day preparing for a final production in front of their parents and teachers in the afternoon. Some of the children were making the costumes for the show, and others were dancing, singing and acting. It was a fabulous day and everyone enjoyed their activities with the other schools that attended. Many parents attended the afternoon performance which was entertaining, vibrant and well delivered by everyone who contributed to the show. We thank the host school for their hospitality and congratulate our students for their outstanding participation.
Year 5 Parents: How to handle the subject of sexuality with the children 4 By Francisca Cabrera, Special Needs Teacher and Gabriela Sierralta, Psychologist of Formative Area On Thursday 30th of July a talk was held on “How to talk about sexuality with our children at this stage in their lives”. The talk had the aim of recognising the leading role that the family has in the sexual education of their children. The presentation also focused on the importance of creating moments of meaningful understanding by way of listening and being available for your child when they raise concerns regarding this subject. Details were also given during the talk of the aims and methodologies on the subject of emotions and sexuality in the Year 5 Formative Curriculum which started to be covered in the hours of the class council during this semester.
Culture tip: Granjaventura 5 Granjaventura is located in the high part of La Reina, a park which the whole family can participate in educational activities in the open air. Inspired by similar park in cities in Europe, it has different activities such as The Tree House, The Enchanted Valley, and the Burmese of Tyrolese bridges. It is an invitation for the whole family, without leaving the city, for their children to interact with domestic animals, find out about an organic garden or see a greenhouse. Alcalde Fernando Castillo Velasco n°11.095, La Reina, Santiago. From Monday to Friday $4,500 – Weekends and holidays $4,900 Mondays from 10:00 to 18:30 Tuesday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:30 Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10:00 to 18:30
N°16 | August 3 | 2015
A big thank you to everyone! 1 A delegation from the Middle and Senior Student Council made up of pupils Camila Holguin, Sanke Yunge, Paula Hernández and Francisca González, together with Miss Sylvia Lagos, Student Council advisor and Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Projects and Service, visited the families of Caleta Pan de Azúcar to give them the fishing equipment the school collected during Solidarity Week. From July 20th to 23rd, these girls represented our community and spent some quality time with families of the area. It was undoubtedly a very enriching experience. According to Soledad Valdés, “We were warmly welcomed by the families, who gave us the opportunity to get to know them better and to learn more about their life stories. We were able to see who was behind the huge effort made by the Craighouse School community and how necessary their fishing equipment was necessary for them. They were extremely generous, not only by opening up the doors of the caleta and their homes, but also by making us feel like part of their families. We cannot find the words to describe their gratitude to the school, but please believe us, everything we did was well worth it. A huge thank you once again to everyone for your contribution to the campaign. Each solidarity pin and raffle ticket allowed us to support a whole community.”
Fire company visits Prekinder pupils 2 By Fernanda Castro, Teacher of Prekinder R. On Tuesday 21st of July, firemen from the “Catorce Compañía J.A.S. Jackson, The British Commonwealth Fire Company” came to visit Prekinders as an activity to start the unit How we organise ourselves. A mixture of mature and young firemen came to show how they help people and also the different materials they use in order to help as many people as possible. Pupils from the seven Prekinders had the opportunity to spray water with the hose, rescue a person as if they had had an accident and also feel what it was like to be inside the fire truck with the sirens going. In order to thank the firemen for the visit, all pupils and parents collected money, so as to help the unit with their needs, raising a total of $193,000. We thank all the volunteers who came to school for teaching us and showing us the great job they do in order to help all the community.
Sensory-motor experiences to strengthen writing skills 3 By Liliana Poblete, Special Needs Teacher – Formative Area During the month of July Year 1 pupils worked in the Formative Curriculum learning strand. One of the activities designed to strengthen fine motor skills was working with shaving foam. The children were able to explore the different sensations that come from touching the foam, in a fun, motivating activity that allowed them to strengthen skills and contents in a hands-on experience. Another element they worked with was body awareness, which allowed the children to gain a better perception and awareness of their own bodies. One of the ways to do this is by doing a massage with a Pilates ball, offering a wonderful relaxation experience for the children.
Workshop for teachers: “Creating inclusive classrooms” 4 From July 20th to 22nd Uruguayan teacher Aparicio Ilundain, a lecturer certified by the IB, offered the workshop “Creating inclusive classrooms” (“Creando aulas inclusivas”) During the workshop attending teachers reflected on the concepts of differentiation and inclusion in the context of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate. This workshop focused on practical processes that lend themselves to differentiation to be worked on in the classroom, as well as on the development of tools and strategies for planning and assessing MYP units.
An example of self-improvement 5 By Evelyn Yupanqui, Communications – CARE One of the institutions sponsored by CARE is the Magone Foundation, which receives socially at-risk children and offers them a caring home where they can grow and overcome their difficulties. They show us today a great example of perseverance. On Thursday, 9th July Juan Cárdenas, the eldest son of the foundation presented “Alquimia”, his first exhibition, at the Lo Barnechea fire company. CARE has been supporting this foundation for years, so we feel extremely proud of Juan’s artistic achievement The exhibition was a huge success. The artist presented twenty-five works, nine of which were sold during the event. The money will be used to finance Juan’s studies in an art academy. This is clearly a very significant personal achievement for the Magone family, and a great example of self-improvement for all of us.
Workshop for parents: “Stimulating social skills” 6 By Loreto Urrutia, Psychologist of the Formative Area On June 16th we organised a workshop for parents of Years 1 and 2 called “Stimulating social skills: how they are related, how to support and promote them during this stage.” In the workshop it was suggested that in order for children to develop social skills, first they need to feel fully integrated and able to control their bodies, integrating their sensations and perceptions. Then they must acknowledge their emotions, express them and regulate them. Finally, children look for rules with which to organise their experiences, explanations and interpretations of reality. Children need to learn to understand the rules of living in society in order to overcome the difficulties they face and develop a sense of self-sufficiency in order to join the group. They also need to learn to take turns; to be part of a group; to cooperate; to understand other people’s perceptions, thoughts and emotions; and to understand and consciously manipulate rules. Attending parents took active part in this workshop, discussing questions and sharing their experiences with the group.
Culture tip: World Press Photo 2015 exhibition 7 Fundación Telefónica invites everyone to an exhibition of the best press photos of the world in the World Press Photo 2015. From July 31st to August 30th visitors will be deeply moved by a selection of 145 photographs that were part of the 58th version of this international contest. This exhibition also marks the official opening of the Month of Photography, organised by the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes. More information: Free of charge Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and holidays (except mandatory ones) from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Providencia 127 - Providencia