School News July 2015

N°15 | July 22 | 2015
Rotorua Boys High School visited our school 1 By Gareth George, Head of Physical Education & Sports On Saturday 4th July we welcomed Rotorua Boys High School (New Zealand) to Craighouse School. Many Craighouse families hosted the Rotorua boys in their homes for the weekend, which I am very grateful for. Our visitors were privileged to be in Santiago for Chile's historic Copa América victory and I’m sure they enjoyed an evening to be remembered, watching the game and witnessing the celebrations afterwards. It gave the New Zealand boys an insight into the culture and passion for sport here in South America, especially football.Upon arrival at school on Monday morning, the Rotorua boys treated our other visiting school (Florida Day School, Buenos Aires) to a performance of the Haka, much to the Argentinians’ delight. They then enjoyed a cultural tour of Santiago before returning to school for the afternoon. The Middle Section witnessed something special during their lunch break, when the Rotorua boys sang some Maori songs and performed the Haka again in the Darling Hall.The afternoon matches against the Intermediate and Senior sides were well-supported by the rest of the school, along with many old boys, girls and parents. Both matches were well-contested and the Craighouse School boys showed great commitment and spirit; however, the pace, skill and conditioning of the New Zealand boys proved too much and our visitors won convincing victories in both games. Rotorua Boys is currently ranked in the top four rugby schools in New Zealand, a country dedicated to the sport, so we at Craighouse School have had a great opportunity to play against and learn from a fantastic rugby school and nation. The Craighouse School boys were a credit to themselves, their families and the school throughout the visit and we wish the Rotorua boys the very best with the rest of their South American tour.
Extra, extra! The Fifth from the Kids 2 By Carola Roa, Inquiry Centre – Primary Section Our geography club has been working on something different during the last month, a newspaper for the Primary Section. The first edition of “The Fifth, from the Kids” came out on June 6th. It included news and other topics such as geography, astronomy, school activities, life style, healthy habits, etc. The group has been working very hard from the beginning on this project. The first step was choosing their own topics and once the topics had been decided, the children were ready to interview teachers, classmates or whoever they would need to speak to. Generally two children wrote their own version, and then the best parts were taken and put into a combined report. It has been wonderful to see them so enthusiastic and happy to learn about different techniques, which have helped them to write their articles. The group is diverse in ages and interests, but they have been able to work really well in teams, sharing ideas, discussing topics and contributing new ideas on how to make the newspaper better. The next edition will include different ideas and stories to share with all of you. Thank you so much, children!
Buin Zoo visit – Year 2 3 By Bernardita Domínguez, Teacher “Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius”. Edward O. Wilson On June, Thursday 25th our long-awaited trip to Buin Zoo finally arrived. We were all excited as we had been learning all about animals and habitats in the third unit of inquiry: Sharing the Planet”. At 9 o’clock, with jackets on and holding our snack bags we boarded the buses heading to Buin. Around 10 o’clock we finally arrived at the zoo where we were divided into groups. The guides were very nice as they gave us special passports with our names. After a 10-minute talk about the rules and codes of behaviour, we started the adventure accompanied by our teachers and guides around different areas of the zoo. We were able to observe all kinds of animals, talk about their characteristics and make connections between their characteristics and habitats. The tour lasted two hours and at the end our guides gave us special diplomas. Sadly, we had to say good-bye. At 12.15 some of us were getting a bit hungry so the teachers decided it was a nice time to have lunch before going back to school. We found a great spot to sit down while Mr Mark and Miss Melissa went back to the buses to get our packed lunches. As soon as they came back with the food we began to eat and after that we had a little time to play. At 1 o’clock and after we had cleaned up the lunch area, we headed back to the buses and went back to Craighouse School. On the bus, some of us decided to chat a little more, while others preferred to take a well-deserved nap after all the walking and fun. Finally, at school we had time to talk and reflect about the visit.
Pupil from Year 4 has an outstanding performance in artistic gymnastics 4 Our pupil Tomás Rojas, from Year 4 I, has performed impeccably in the artistic gymnastics events where he has participated throughout the year. In the Autoclub Cup held in Antofagasta this past weekend, Tomás won gold medal on the pommel horse, parallel bars and jump; silver medal on floor exercises and bronze medal on the all around, children’s category. Congratulations to Tomás and his family for their commitment to sports.
Mothers from the CARE values theatre perform a fable Processed with Moldiv During the last week of class before the winter holidays, the CARE values theatre group presented a fable inspired on this month’s value: justice, as a way of closing the first semester. The play was presented to the youngest pupils of the school, from Prekinder to Year 2. We want to thank Miss René for her special participation, playing the role of a delightful cow that demands justice. For Years 3 and 4 the closure of the semester was celebrated on Thursday 9th July with the play “Escenas de Justicia”, an age-appropriate piece focusing on the same value.
Teachers in constant training 6 Constant training is one of the aspects that is most valued in professionals of different areas. Specifically in education, it prepares teachers to become leaders in the education system, allowing them to take active part in improving their pupils’ learning outcomes. Updating contents and different specialisations give us the opportunity to have top-level teachers. We therefore want to congratulate Primary teachers Miss Josefina Guzmán and Miss Macarena García, and our assessment advisor for Spanish and Social Studies, Mrs María Pilar Fernández, who have successfully completed their post-graduate courses. Josefina did an MA in English Language Teaching at Universidad de Los Andes with the INICIA scholarship. Macarena did an MA in Educational Psychology at Universidad de Los Andes. María Pilar finished her MA in Curricular Innovation and Educational Assessment at Universidad del Desarrollo. Congratulations to these three teachers for this great achievement.
COGS: under-19 champions in the 2015 opening championship 7 On Sunday, July 5th at 5 p.m. the San Carlos de Apoquindo stadium turned red and blue with the field hockey opening championship finals, where COGS players faced Universidad Católica. In a clear reflection of how they had been playing throughout the season, COGS took the cup home. Congratulations to the winners, who are pupils from Years 11 and 12, as well as old girls from the 2014 generation: Antonia Gil, Antonia Mayne Nicholls, Bárbara Bodelón, Bernardita Cambiaso, Camila Hernández, Catalina Escudero, Catalina Durruty, Colomba Casanueva, Colomba Jana, Constanza Villablanca, Daniela Robino, Delfina Gómez, Francesca Dinali, Francisca Campos, Florencia Capdeville, Ignacia Pérez, Josefina Cambiaso, Juliana López, Maite Alliende, Noel Otero, Tamara Lues, Valentina Collado and Valentina Gálvez.
N°14 | July 7 | 2015
Craighouse School says farewell to an outstanding former pupil Mr. Carlo de Gavardo 1 On behalf of the Craighouse School community, we would like to express our most sincerest condolences to the De Gavardo family on the loss of their son, Carlo, an old boy of the 1987 generation. Carlo de Gavardo will forever be remembered as a caring humble man who was always concerned about others. In the centre of his life were people, whom he always treated with a smile and a word of support. We will remember him as one of the greatest sportsmen in the history of Chilean motorcycling. He was the first to compete in the most extreme motorcycle race of the planet (Paris-Dakar), and he was one of the promoters for this competition to be held in South America. His story dates back to 1986, when he began competing and won the Chilean Enduro championship on nine different occasions, in 1993 he began competing internationally, taking part in the Enduro World Series in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1996 he was the first Chilean to officially compete in the Rally Dakar in the motorcycle category, coming 17th. Up until 2004 he took part in this rally every year. Among his most important achievements are the titles won in Enduro, the bronze medal won in the Enduro World Series in 1994, the fair play award granted by the International Olympic Committee in 1996, and fourth place in the Master Rally Paris-Moscow-Beijing in 1997. But without a doubt, his greatest achievement was the third place obtained in the Rally Dakar 2001 and the fifth place in the Rally Lisbon Dakar 2006.
The inquiry centres are open from 7.30 a.m. Inquiry2 Since last year, our inquiry centres have been opening their doors at 7.30 a.m., so that pupils who arrive early can meet there before their first lesson. Various activities have been taking place in the inquiry centres, to encourage pupils to experiment and inquire according to their personal interests. Therefore, once again we invite all students and parents who arrive early to visit our inquiry centres. As well as waiting for the first lessons in a safe and warm environment, you can take your time to enjoy this place and borrow books to take home.
Yoga children visit Prekinder 3 This year, the school nursery has implemented a Yoga workshop for the children in order to develop concentration, encourage imagination and promote learning and thinking. This workshop has been so successful that they visited the Prekinder A classroom to share a Yoga session. Congratulations to Mrs Gloria Pérez, Head of the nursery, for this great initiative and for sharing it with pupils of the school.
Students in professional practice: Plymouth University – England 5 Una vez más Craighouse School tiene el honor de recibir a siete estudiantes de la Universidad de Plymouth, quienes harán su práctica en nuestra sección hasta fines de septiembre de este año. Dos de ellos ya han terminado sus estudios y se quedarán con nosotros hasta diciembre. 1° Básico I: Hanna Maese, mención en Ciencias 1° Básico G: Felicity NG, mención en Arte y Diseño 2° Básico I: Jonny Durringer, mención en Educación Física 2° Básico G: Emily Conibere, mención en Educación Física 3° Básico A: Dom Quick, mención en Matemáticas 4° Básico D: Jonathan Howlett, mención en Matemáticas 4° Básico I: Charlotte McGiff, mención en Computación e Informática. La llegada de estos jóvenes nos alegra mucho, ya que la mezcla de la cultura Británica y Chilena, será un gran aporte para el proceso de aprendizaje de nuestros alumnos.
CARE tallarinata 5 By Evelyn Yupanqui, Communications Department – CARE On Friday 5th June we had the 2015 tallarinata at Colegio Diferencial Madre Tierra, in Lo Barnechea. This yearly activity allows CARE to support this school by donating pasta and sauce for the event. We want to thank the Parents’ Association at Madre Tierra and all members of the Craighouse School community for being there once again to take part in this wonderful activity.
Pupils go trekking 6 By Andrés Jeraldo, tutor of Year 6 F On Friday 26th June, Year 6 pupils had a day of trekking in the Aguas de San Ramón area. Teachers Elisa Ortiz, Daniel Romo, Ian McFarlane and Andrés Jeraldo were in charge of the delegation. The pupils had the chance to spend the day in a natural environment and identify the native species in that area like the quillay, as well as learning more about the ecosystem, climate change and the healing powers of some native species.
Astronomer visits Year 3 7 By Charlote Richards, teacher of Year 3 In Year 3 we have been learning about planets through inquiring, researching and watching short documentaries. This week Luiza Melo's father, Claudio Melo, who works for a European organisation for astronomical research as an astronomer, visited our school. He was able to show us how planets are formed and he helped us to appreciate the different sizes of the planets and the importance of each one. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Then on Thursday we visited the Museo Interactivo Mirador (MIM). The students enjoyed investigating with different materials and experimenting with light, sound and movement. They were able to relate their scientific investigations in class to their experiences at the MIM.
Culture tip: FamFest, an invitation for the whole family 8 If you are wondering where to go with your family, we invite you to visit FamFest is an international family film festival organised by Centro Mori, which this year will be hosting its eighth version during the winter holidays, from July 11th to 26th, including functions in different theatres and neighbourhoods. There are more than ten theatres offering family shows. For more information, visit the website