School News June 2015

N°13 | June 25 | 2015
End of the vocational week – Year 12 1 By Marlen Figueroa, vocational counsellor From May 25th to 29th Year 12 pupils had their vocational week with different activities that help them build “My life project” and help them with their vocational choices. Part of these activities was a series of motivational thematic talks where the objective was for pupils to become aware of the dynamic nature of vocational guidance throughout their lives. We received María de los Ángeles Undurraga, an old girl and executive director of “Mujeres del Pacífico”; Kenneth Gent from “Momento cero” consultancy firm; and Francisco Covarrubias, dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Mr Covarrubias discussed the characteristics that professionals should have in a globalised world. For the second consecutive year pupils took part in “A morning in my future”, where they spent time with professionals from their area of interest, and where they visited all the campuses of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Pupils also participated in the “My life IV project” activity, where they reflected on their future life, and on death. Self-understanding was encouraged through a retrospective look at their own history and at the same time opportunities were offered for identifying their vocation. We would like to thank parents, old girls and boys, and Craighouse School friends for their cooperation in making this week once again a complete success. We hope we can continue providing elements that favour the construction of “My life project” for our pupils so that they can make responsible and informed professional choices.
Music Department adds violins to the Primary Section 2 By Francisco Carvajal, head of the Music Department A new programme from the Music Department is in place as from April 15th: learning to play the violin as a basic instrument for the symphonic orchestra for pupils in Years 1 and 2. This programme seeks to stimulate and explore the early development of musical skills such as language, rhythm, identification of heights, fine motor skills and musical appreciation. During this stage, the study of music in general and the violin in particular has huge benefits in terms of artistic and academic performance, as well as human development, promoting the personal and social values described in our Educational Project: effort, respect, responsibility, honesty, tolerance, solidarity, justice, and friendship. Our pupils also have the possibility of progressively developing concentration, perseverance, patience, self-esteem and self-knowledge, and they improve communicational skills with their peers. Our students’ progression encourage us to continue growing in terms of ideas and projections towards creating the goal of the Craighouse School orchestra.
Pupils begin trip to Florida Day School 3 On Wednesday 17th June began the sports-cultural trip to Florida Day School in Buenos Aires. In charge of this delegation is Mr Pablo Salvador. Together with teachers of Drama and Physical Education & Sports, Mr Salvador will accompany our pupils in their hockey and rugby matches, and their drama presentations. This trip is now a tradition in Year 6, and it is the first of many tours that the school organises for its students. It is a huge contribution to their emotional and social development, and it becomes a very important experience in their lives.
Middle Section pupil takes part in art exhibition for the first time 4 At only 12 years old, Arturo Figueroa from Year 6 A participated in his first art exhibition. “De la raíz a lo alto” is the name of this collective sample being shown at Parque Bicentenario. Arturo is part of the RBK ART workshop, where he has shown tremendous progress in the development of new techniques, while learning how to express himself through painting. Congratulations to Arturo for this important milestone.
Remember: you are an example for your kids 5 Going back to the campaign organised by the Parents’ Association, “You are their example”, we invite you to remember this premise at all times. In each action, in each attitude, in everything we do, we are teaching our children how they should conduct their lives. When you respect the car queue, you are teaching your children that you must also respect, for example, your place in the lunch line. If you drive you car while on restriction, you are telling them that it is okay to break the rules. If we respect others, we can expect them to respect us.
Workshop: “Inquiry in the MYP” 6 From June 8th to 10th staff attended the workshop “Inquiry in the MYP”, led by Argentine teacher Mr Alejandro Elia, a lecturer certified by the International Baccalaureate. In this workshop, he gave an in-depth discussion on the MYP educational framework and how to give participants the opportunity to use and assess a wide range of inquiry models found in modern constructivist classrooms, which can be perfectly adapted to the MYP. Participants were able to further explore these models in the context of their own school environments, teaching styles and ways of implementing the curriculum.
Culture tip: Pablo Neruda’s “La Chascona” 7 At the side of Cerro San Cristóbal we find one of the houses belonging to Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. “La Chascona”, a name that reminded him of his wife Matilde Urrutia’s red hair, this house-museum invites visitors to walk around the different intimate spaces that the poet liked to create in his homes. Among the collections of this museum we find an interesting art gallery showcasing works by Chilean and foreign artists of all times. You will also see a collection of African wooden carvings and another of furniture and other objects by designer Piero Fornasetti. Source: Fundación Neruda Tickets: general: $5,000 / students: $2,000 Open from Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fernando Márquez de la Plata 0192 – Barrio Bellavista Providencia
Special Edition | June 18 | 2015
SOLIDARITY WEEK 1 By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Service & Experiental Learning Dear members of our community, We are very happy to inform you that thanks to the huge effort made by the community we have greatly exceeded the goal that we had set for the solidarity week at Caleta Pan de Azúcar, with a grand total of $9,209,590. Over the last few weeks, those thirty families in need were put at the centre of our activities. We were able to put ourselves in their shoes and work with their wellbeing in mind. We started on Monday with intensive sports activities. The Middle Section organised a football tournament among different levels where Year 7 was the winner. The Senior Section watched and supported the pupils who played a friendly hockey and football at the fields. 2After the holidays, we began with the music day: pupils and teachers displayed all their talent with songs like “Los caminos de la vida” (Vicentico) and “Sueños” (Diego Torres), among others. Yummy Wednesday was full of delicious sopaipilas with pebre and powdered sugar. Everyone wanted a bite, but only a few were able to try them, since they sold out very quickly. Thanks to the Ángel Torrez dance academy we had our Zumba Thursday. Teachers and pupils from the Middle and Senior Sections danced zumba, and at lunch time that day, Middle Section pupils put on a special music show with songs by Maroon 5. And lastly, we gathered everyone in a spectacular closing party where we gave the families from Caleta Pan de Azúcar the big news: we had reached the goal. 3On behalf of all residents of Caleta Pan de Azúcar, we want to thank the Middle and Senior Student Councils, whose members organised all the week’s activities together with their advisors; the Primary, Middle and Senior teams; Mr Ángel Torrez, a school parent; the different departments and their teams; the Communications Department; pupils, staff and different areas of the school; and CARE for their love and commitment. This achievement is the work of all of everyone! 4
N°11 | June 11 | 2015
Year 9 pupils present their peace declaration 5 By Marcela Acuña, Head of the Religion Department As part of the activities that make up the Education for Peace programme, organised by the Religion Department, on Monday, May 18th Year 9 pupils presented a manifest for peace made by them, where they declare their desire to create an atmosphere of peace in our community. This activity closed the first period. Additionally, the pupils and teachers that are part of this project discussed what they learned and the challenges that they proposed to reach that longed-for peace. As a symbolic act, the students handed in the document to Mrs María Paz Saumann, head of the Formative Area.
Traffic Brigade: a big thank you to all volunteering parents 6 Today we would like to publicly recognise to the work done by the volunteer parents of the Traffic Brigade. Every day, a group of parents arrive to school at about 7.30 a.m. and help pupils to get out of their parents’ cars quickly, therefore ensuring that the drop-off zones are respected and traffic flows faster inside the school. Until now, the Traffic Brigade have only operated in the Primary Section. Now, however, we have realised that the volunteers in the Middle/Senior drop-off zone, were able to drastically decrease the early-morning traffic jams. These parents reflect our families’ commitment to the community.
Year 12 pupils finish their IB exams 7 On Friday, May 22nd the Diploma examination period for the 2015 generation came to an end. This process was carried out in accordance with the standards established by the International Baccalaureate, and complying with all the formalities of examination protocols. Congratulations to the pupils, and we hope they take advantage of these holidays to rest and recharge their energy levels, before they begin the final stage of their school education: preparing for the university entrance exam (PSU).
IT teachers present at Google 1 By René Jofré, Head of the Information Technology Department On May 19th & 20th the second Google EdTechTeam Summit Featured Google Education took place in our country, with the participation of Google Education experts Mrs Mónica Martínez and Mrs Holly Clark. Roberto Henríquez, Sachy Bravo and José Manzanares, Craighouse School information technology advisors, were selected to be members of the team of Chilean trainers. This event takes place in the most important cities of the world, with the objective of promoting the integration and use of Google Apps for Education for children regardless of their level of education. During the event, the advisor worked with different Google tools with teachers from different Chilean schools and showed effective ways to use this technology in the classroom, discovering new methodologies and learning how to take the best advantage of the tools offered by Google. Congratulations to Roberto, Sachy and José for this important presentation. We are certain that this was an unforgettable experience and an enriching way of expanding their knowledge.
Solidarity Week 2 We would like to inform you that some activities of the Solidarity Week were postponed until the return from holidays. Consequently, activities planned will be held between Tuesday June 9th and Friday June 12th. We invite you to support this campaign.
Culture tip: Museo Interactivo Mirador 3 For the upcoming short holidays, a good option is to visit the Museo Interactivo Mirador with the whole family. In no less than three hours, visitors can hardly tell the difference between this museum and an amusement park. Through their own amazement, creativity, curiosity and imagination, they learn how the world around us works and what secrets lie behind everyday science. Schedule and rates Tuesday to Sunday, from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Adults: $3,900 Children under 12: $2,700 Avenida Punta Arenas 6711, La Granja