School News September 2015

N°22| September 25 | 2015

1Birth control talk for Year 9 pupils

By Marlen Figuera, Psychologist – Formative Area

On August 19th and 26th, in the context of the sexuality strand of our Formative Curriculum, we had a talk about methods of contraception for pupils in Year 9. This activity was led by gynaecologist Mrs Andrea Osorio, a school parent of the Primary Section, who very kindly prepared this talk in a very didactic manner. The talk was given in two different sessions because we wanted to divide the level with girls on August 19th) and boys on August 26th.

They were accompanied by their tutors and a member of the Formative Area, which allowed our pupils to discuss and reflect on these issues during form period while the rest of the level attended the lecture.

According to the tutors and pupils, it was a very positive experience that clarified some doubts and brought out into the open the topic of sexuality and the context of love and respect that should accompany it.

2-2AFootball branch wins two cups

In the tournament organised by Dunalastair in Chicureo, the parents’ football teams of our school won the two cups being disputed.

At this tournament, held on Sunday 30th August with the participation of sixteen teams, the Craighouse School representatives won first place in both categories (open category and over 45s).

3New rugby book launch

On Wednesday 26th August Eduardo Moyano and Alexi Ponce launched the book “Psicología del Rugby: workbook para ser un mejor jugador” (“Rugby psychology: workbook for being a better player”), the first publication written by Chilean authors. One of these authors is Craighouse School old boy, former teacher and current COBS coach.

Processed with MoldivCARE celebrates Children’s Day in Huechuraba nursery school

By Evelyn Yupanqui, CARE communications

On the morning of Thursday 27th August, twenty-five pupils, CARE helpers from Years 2 and 4, organised and accompanied by our Primary CARE mothers, celebrated Children’s Day at Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza nursery school in Huechuraba.

This activity was filled with joy and friendship, the CARE helpers made sure that the children from the nursery school had fun with the inflatable games, painted faces, shared snacks and other activities.

We wanted our children to prepare well in advance. With this in mind and guided by the CARE coordinators, the pupils prepared the snacks that they would later share with their peers from the nursery school.

They made sure that each participant had a visible nametag, which contributed to an atmosphere of closeness and familiarity. They also painted the little ones’ faces and helped to feed the younger kids.

We were extremely happy to see our children bond so naturally and develop a spirit of solidarity.

image_2CARE mothers presented new teddy bears

By Joanne Berger, Preschool Inspector

On Monday 17th August the Primary CARE mothers made an important donation to the preschool pupils.

In a very touching ceremony, they handed out two bears per class for Playgroup, Prekinder and Kinder. The teddy bears are given to those pupils who represent the school values, to take them home for the weekend.

Thank you, CARE mothers. And welcome to the Primary Section, teddy bears!

6Craighouse School old boy all set to begin his professional career in European rugby

Our old boy and current Chilean team player Anton Petrowitsch is preparing to begin his professional career in the European rugby. Starting in September, Anton will be part of the Bizkaia Gernika Rugby team in Spain.

We wish him every success in this new stage of his career.

7Harriers race

On Sunday 23rd August Valle Nevado was the perfect setting for the sixth version of the 3 Montañas by K2, a race for skiing and snowboarding pairs that spans the three most important skiing centres in our capital, starting in Valle Nevado, moving on to La Parva and El Colorado and finishing in Farellones, at the foot of the Embudo trail: 23 kilometres of track..

The Harriers winners – from the runners branch – in the 40 to 49-year-old category were Mr Carlos Baudrand (Craighouse School old boy) and Octavio Larraín.

Processed with MoldivInduction for CARE helpers in the Primary Section
By Evelyn Yupanqui, Communications – CAREOn Tuesday, August 25th the Primary Section CARE coordinators worked on an induction process to help with the integration of all the CARE helpers who will take part in the upcoming visit to the Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza nursery to celebrate Children’s Day.

The team helped prepare the children for this meeting, explaining who they would visit, what they would have to do and what team responsibility they would each be expected to perform.

Each pupil chose a specific role for the meeting and they also prepared the snacks that they would take that day.

This integration and motivation activity is aligned with the Primary Section objectives, which consist of exposing our children to realities that are different from theirs, thus contributing to the development of empathy and solidarity.

N°20| September 10 | 2015

1Working hours of administrative offices

We would like to inform our community that due to Independence Day holidays, the school administrative offices will be closed as of September 14th until September 17th, retaking usual functions on Monday September 21st from 08:00 a.m. to 16: 00 hours.

Both pupils and teachers return to classes on Monday September 28th in their regular schedule.

We wish you a very happy holidays and we hope you will all be able to enjoy these days and recharge energy to face the last period of this year.

2Girls from the junior category win ABSCH shield

By Francisca González Troncoso, Junior team captain

As every year, we were very nervous about this tournament, not only because we wanted to win, but also because this would be the last year that our generation would be playing together.

We began the day of the tournament full of expectations, one of which was to win the shield, but we also wanted to have a good time and enjoy the games.

In the first round we managed to beat Dunalastair 4-1 and end in a 1-1 tie with St Margaret’s. These results allowed us to move forward in the first position. Then we had much tougher games, one of which was against Wenlock, but we won 4-0.

The day was almost over and there were four teams left standing. We played semi-finals against St Gabriel’s in a very complicated match, but we managed to win 1-0.

After a very long day, the moment we were all waiting for finally came: the final game.

We had a talk before the match and it was clear to everyone that we had our minds set on winning that shield. And this was clearly the case: on the field we beat St John’s 5-0. The shield was finally ours

What is most important is what we learned throughout the year: fair play, team work, and the notion that all of us are equally important on and off the field. With that mindset, we all went to Mr Lacey’s office to present him this important trophy.

3International Day: we all smile in the same language

It was 8.30 in the morning of Thursday 3rd September and the Middle/Senior dining hall was packed: all Primary pupils, school authorities and parents were there for a new version of the classic International Day.

The parade, led by our Head Girl, Francisca Merino and our Head Boy, Fernando Pimentel, included the thirty-eight countries present at Craighouse School, where the children wore their traditional costumes and showcased their flags. We then enjoyed the presentation of England, Greece, South Korea, Spain, Australia, Brazil and Indonesia.

A big thank you to all the parents who helped in this activity, especially to the mothers who led this crusade: Cecilia Litrenta, Andrea Fosatti, Paula Martínez, María Palacios, Marisel Yezzi, Flavia Oubina and Cinthia Duque. And once again we would like to thank Mr Ángel Torrez for his dedication and willingness to help with the choreographies.

5Future life project activity in Year 11: visualising my project

By Marlen Figuera, Psychologist – Formative Area

On August 25th and 27th pupils from Year 11 took part in an activity at the quincho where the objective was to promote self-knowledge and the development of their future life project, helping them to identify their interests, motivations and coping skills.

The activity was extremely successful, since not only were all the objectives met, but it also became a moment for a different kind of reflection and conversation, allowing us to get to know our pupils better. We want to thank the tutors for their active participation throughout the activity.

Foto de 25-08-2015Future life project activity in Year 9: thinking about my project

By Marlen Figuera, Psychologist – Formative Area

In the morning of August 4th and 6th pupils from Year 9 took part in the future life project activity called “Thinking about my project”. The objective was to promote self-knowledge and reflect on their future life projects and decision-making.

This initiative began last year in the context of the vocational guidance strand, which is part of our Formative Curriculum. It arose in answer to the need to look to the future, where vocational choice is part of a wider project dealing with the type of person I want to be and how I can contribute to society. These activities are held annually for Years 9 to 12, the last four years at school.

The activity was very successful and allowed pupils to learn more about themselves and about each other. They were able to stand back and think in the long-term and discuss their future challenges and what conditions they will need in order to face them successfully.

Special thanks to the tutors for their commitment to this activity and to the pupils for their participation.

6CAS initiative: outdoor classroom

By María Jesús Villalón, Year 4 Teacher

Taking into consideration our school’s surroundings, an original and unique initiative took place: an outdoor classroom. This project was led by a group of CAS pupils (Nicolás Camhi, Martín de Oto, Nicolás Picó and Tomás Contreras, all in Year 10) under the supervision of Mrs Sylvia Lagos, CAS Advisor. The project’s objective was to find a workspace that could make use of the potential that our campus has to offer. They came up with an outdoor classroom that would help pupils to make better connections between their research and on-field experiences regarding different working topics. It is a green, relaxing space, close to nature, which promotes work in different learning styles.

7Beautiful mix: storytelling time and music

By Carola Roa, Inquiry Centre – Primary Section

Last month the inquiry centre organised two different entertaining and engaging activities for Years 1 and 3.

The activities began with “Mr Big’s Week” which was planned for Year 3. Miss Marcela Barrios, the Primary Music teacher, was our special guest, who delighted us with her music.

After a discussion about differences and friendships, the children listened intently to the story.

The book, written by Ed Vere, shows the children the importance of the values of solidarity and friendship and how being different makes us special. The activity ended with the children working in groups to create their own version of the book. Here they used their imagination and writing skills.

In Year 1 the chosen story was, “When I Was Little Like You.” This story focuses on the differences between the past and the present and how inventions have changed our lives. The children were really surprised and excited to learn about the first computer, the original telephone and even the first Walkman.

Thank you to all the children and teachers for sharing this experience with us.

N°19| September 4 | 2015

1Pupils take part in Inter Music Day

By Andrés Jeraldo, Music Teacher – Middle Section

On Thursday, August 20th The Grange School hosted the traditional Inter Music Day, organised by the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH). For this version of the activity, the objective was to perform musicalized works of Chilean poets.

During the event, pupils from the schools put on a music show based on an arrangement that was worked on separately, and also took part in a cueca composition workshop.

Seven students from our Middle Section attended the event representing Craighouse School: Agustina Covalschi, Sofía Pastene, Tomás Valderrama, Sebastián Pérez, and María José Prado from Year 7, and María Ignacia Carvajal from Year 8.

Our pupils worked together with students from Santiago College and performed the song “Mi niña golondrina”, by Zinatel, a musicalized version of the poem “Miedo” by Gabriela Mistral.

The event had a huge turnout, mainly pupils from schools in Región Metropolitana, Viña del Mar, Antofagasta, and Concepción.

Congratulations to the Craighouse School – Santiago College pupils combined presentation. The audience agreed that their performance was one of the highlights of the Music Day.

2Great performance by the Chilean rugby team

Between August 9th and 15th the South American under-19 rugby championship was held in Asunción, Paraguay, with the participation of Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay.

Representing our country was a group of Craighouse School pupils: Jerónimo Thomas, Giovanni Di Battista, Alfonso Escobar and Tomás Contreras (injured). Old boys Rodrigo Fernández, Martín Raddatz and Iñaki De Urruticoechea were also part of the national team.

Led by coaches Mark Cross and Elías Santillán (both Craighouse School teachers) the Chilean team achieved these results:

Chile 32 vs. Brazil 3; Chile 30 vs. Paraguay 6 and in the finals Chile 17 vs. Uruguay 48, which left our country in second place.

Congratulations to the pupils, old boys and teachers for their impeccable performance.

3What is happening in the inquiry centre? Second edition: The fifth by kids

By Carola Roa, Inquiry Centre – Primary Section

“The fifth by kids”, the new newspaper written for the children in the inquiry centre, is proud to publish its second edition.

In this edition, the main topics which we focused on were the environment, sports and a special section dedicated to interviews. Our reporters did an excellent job inquiring and researching about different techniques of recycling materials. In sports, the main news was about the Pan American Games in Toronto and the performance of the Chilean representatives, especially in hockey and gymnastics.

The children are always providing new ideas and suggestions for their articles and contents. They collaborated with each other during the entire process and it has been wonderful to see the pupils motivated and staying focused on the task throughout the process.

4Expo Taller 2015: a celebration of learning

On Saturday, August 22nd the 2015 Expo Taller took place at Dunalastair in Las Condes. This year’s event was called “A celebration of learning”. As usual, the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) invited teachers to share learning experiences with colleagues from other institutions.

Craighouse School teachers Mr Cristóbal Quijada (Educational Technology), Mrs Marcela Barrios (Music), Mrs Denise Aleksander (English), and Misses Lorena Fuentes, Bernardita Domínguez, Bárbara Atkinson and Ana María García (Primary Section) attended the event as audience.

5A big thank you to our community

By Mónica Trejo, CAS Coordinator

On Friday, August 21st we had our 2015 bingo and talent show and I am happy to report it was a huge success. On behalf of CAS, I would like to express my warmest thanks to everyone who participated for their generosity and support, allowing Year 11 pupils to carry out successfully each activity they set out to do.

Pupils begin their CAS subject (Creativity, Activity, Service) in Year 11 full of expectations. This area of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and throughout the year pupils take part in various activities, the last of which is the CAS mission. It consists of supporting vulnerable schools from rural areas from an educational and social point of view for five days (from November 30th to December 4th).

Thanks to everyone’s support we are able to prepare and finance projects such as school workshops, providing new, motivating materials for the pupils of these institutions, as well as infrastructure projects where our contribution helps to improve the schools’ surroundings.

When reflecting on all this with the pupils, we have come to realise that with motivation, creativity and enthusiasm we can go very far and carry out each project successfully.

The CAS team would therefore like to encourage you to continue to help in these altruistic activities and events in the future.

6Please remember to drive carefully – better safe than sorry

We have repeatedly asked all members of our community to drive carefully and respect traffic signs, and we also mentioned the fact that we are role models for our children. Today, however, we believe we must again make this request in the name of safety. A few days ago we saw a driver making a U-turn in an area where that manoeuvre is not allowed, hitting a parent from our school.

Please remember: your safety and your children’s safety depend on how you drive.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

B_PESNew Physical Education and Sports blog

Taking full advantage of the tools offered by technology, we have created a new blog for the Physical Education and Sports Department, in order to inform all members of our community about upcoming matches, training sessions, schedules and results. We invite you all to visit

8Pupils celebrate Solidarity Day

By Soledad Valdés, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning

For Solidarity Day, which we celebrated on Tuesday, 18th August, we wanted to greet our pupils differently so that this important day would not go unnoticed. With this in mind, during Religion lessons pupils from Year 4 made cards with the meaning they gave to the concept of solidarity. That day, teachers and representatives of the Senior Section Student Council handed out the cards at the school entrances in a festive atmosphere full of music and balloons.

And to quote one of the signs prepared for the occasion, “a positive thought can change your whole day”.

9When the Craighouse School seal lasts in time

Source: Craighouse School Old Girls and Boys Association

How difficult it is to understand when we talk about our school’s values. Nonetheless we want to share a story that shows us how the seal survives way past the school stage and becomes a vital part of every old girl’s and boy’s character.

In 2013 Olivia Sánchez, an old girl from the 2010 generation, began working on a pilot project called “UC Engineers Challenging Borders” at the School of Civil Engineering of Universidad Católica. The project involved visiting a school/orphanage in Tabora, Tanzania. The school belonged to the Francis de Sales congregation and they were building an extension to the orphanage in order to provide shelter for more children who were living in extreme poverty.

Between November 2013 and June 2014 Olivia and her team (a group of approximately seventeen Engineering students) took active part in a campaign to raise funds, reaching out to companies and organising a series of activities to finance the trip and part of the building process.

They finally travelled in July 2014 and stayed in Tanzania for a month as part of what would become an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to the success of this trip, the project is underway once again, with a new group of UC engineers looking for ways to finance the new trip.

Culture tip: the best pictures of the Copa América

10The 4th of July 2015 will be hard to forget. That day, our whole country came to a standstill to watch the Chilean football team play the final match against Argentina for Copa América. The ways in which we lived that moment can now be seen in the photography exhibition that AgenciaUno have prepared at Fundación Telefónica.

It is a collection of more than one hundred photos, never seen before, depicting the emotions, details and excitement lived by football fans and players throughout the championship.

Exhibition: “Así lo vivimos”

Photographs from AgenciaUno of Copa América Chile 2015

From August 20th to September 30th 2015

Espacio Fundación Telefónica (Providencia 127)