September 2016

School News N°19| 2016 | 6 September

Solidarity week 2016

By Constanza Santelices, Acting Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning


This year we celebrated a new, successful solidarity week in the school. Thanks to the Middle and Senior Student Councils and their coordinated work, CARE’s fundamental support, and the commitment of all members of the school community, we organised activities that allowed us to reflect and have fun around the value of solidarity

The Primary Section enjoyed several activities such as “Getting to know my supportive friend”, “Reading with solidarity” where the children spent time with pupils from another class, “Solidarity concert” led by their music teachers, and “Solidarity break” full of activities organised by CARE.

The Middle Section danced zumba, played volleyball games  and enjoyed a talent show in which pupils from the whole section took part.

Finally, the Senior Section joined in the zumba, and played a spike ball tournament and a hockey match.

At the end of the week we had music bands from Middle and Senior who helped us celebrate the success of each activity through music.

Thanks to everyone’s work we managed to raise a total of $5,207,440. This money will be used to continue to help our three families (Morales Barrera, Olivos Gutiérrez, and Muñoz Trujillo), and support the next edition of summer voluntary work to be held in January 2017.

A big thank-you to everyone who participated, and we look forward to working with all of you once again for our next social activities.

Senior Music Day

By Francisco Carvajal, Head of the Music Department


On August 18th the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH) held the traditional Music Day at Dunalastair in Chicureo.

The idea of this event is that pupils from two schools put on a music show based on an arrangement that they work on independently. They also take part in a music clinic led by professional musicians. Four pupils of the Senior Section attended this event: Juan Andrés Guzmán (Year 10 B), Phillippe Dumay (Year 11 D), Tibor Godor (Year 11 D), and Donald Bennett (Year 11 E).

The chosen genre this year was jazz. Our school was paired up with talented pupils from Santiago College and they played “Cantaloupe Island”, composed by Herbie Hancock. The audience was made up of students from other ABSCH schools in Santiago, Viña del Mar, Antofagasta, and Concepción.

Without a doubt, this was a very significant event that offered our pupils a valuable learning experience.

Year 10 pupils attend sexuality talk

By María Paz Saumann, Head of the Formative Area


As part of the sexual education programme, on 17th August, pupils from Year 10 attended two presentations about sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) during which they were able to ask questions and clarify doubts.

The talk for girls was given by nurse, midwife and Craighouse School mother Mrs Claudia Maldini. Dr Rafael Silva, gynaecologist, was in charge of the talk for boys.

Thank you to Mrs Maldini and Mr Silva for their time, good disposition and enthusiasm.

Communications Director meets with the Chilean Embassy in London

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


Representing Craighouse School, our Communications Director, Mrs María Isabel Sánchez, made a formal visit to the Chilean Embassy in London. You can read more about it here:

Culture tip: Madame Butterfly for children, illustrated opera


Contest: “Craighouse in 100 words”

By Heidy Chinchón, Inquiry Centre – Middle Section


In August, the Middle Section inquiry centre invited all pupils to take part in the “Craighouse in 100 words” contest.

Participants were free to choose the topic and language; the only requirement was to respect the number of words.

We received eighty texts, among which four winners were chosen.

Fourth place: honourable mention

Story: “Insaciable” by Nicolás Greiber (Year 6 F)

Third place

Story: “El mensaje” by Santiago Blümel (Year 6 C)

Second place

Story: “Happily Ever After” by Polina Abramova (Year 6 E)

First place

Story: “Trato Hecho” by Catalina Tala (Year 8 D)

“Él extendió su mano. “¿Trato?”. Ella lo miró. “Trato…”. Cuando lo vio sonreír, supo que había cometido un terrible error”.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest. We hope that that your motivation extends to the second version of “Craighouse in 100 words”.

reUnite 2016

By José Auil, President of the Craighouse School Old Girls and Boys Association


On Saturday 15th October at 9 p.m. the Craighouse School community will get together once more in the school dining hall for reUnite 2016, an annual event organised by the Old Girls and Boys Association.

The idea of this second version of reUnite is to remember the people with whom we spent a big part of our lives, both inside and outside the classroom. Reunions are a wonderful, gratifying experience, and they allow us to remember, laugh, talk, share anecdotes, eat, dance and catch up. It is an opportunity to reconnect.

Those of you who are interested can access the presale on

Craighouse School pupil qualifies for skiing competition

By Alejandra González, Communications Officer


Congratulations to our dear pupil Manuel Horwitz from Year 6 D who over the last few weeks has participated with outstanding success in several skiing tournaments. He recently came in first in the under-14 male category of Copa Clínica Las Condes, in La Parva.

As well as this victory, Manuel has now qualified to compete in the Campeonato Patagónico which will take place in Chapelco, Argentina, between September 5th and 10th.

Congratulations to Manuel for his performance and congratulations to his family for their support, which allows him to devote himself to his passion.

Hearts join through drama

By Evelyn Yupanqui, CARE Communications


On August 9th, pupils from the Middle Section who attend the Drama extracurricular activity, performed ‘Matilda’ at the Instituto Estados Americanos (with whom we have a commitment through CARE), in English. The pupils, directed by their teacher Ms Claudia Rebolledo, put on an excellent performance.

At the end of the week it was the CARE mother’s turn. The teatro de valores group offered a show for the children of the institute, where the value of justice was highlighted.

This is the second year in which we share drama activities with Instituto Estados Americanos, which are part of an integration process between our pupils and children at social risk.