September 2017

International Day: we all speak the same language

ID On Friday 1st September, the Primary Section came out in full colours, music, food, traditions, and cultures, in a new version of our traditional International Day. This year’s participating countries were Spain, England, France, Germany, Italy, United States – Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, and Egypt. To mark this special day, Primary pupils listened to a bag-piper who came specially to play for them. After the show in the dining hall, the children enjoyed a culinary display with food from all the different countries present at Craighouse School.

Craighouse School representatives in the Chilean U20 rugby team

R We are very proud to inform you that a group of Craighouse School representatives are part of the Chilean U20 rugby team, currently participating in the 2017 World Rugby Under 20 Trophy, in Uruguay. They are: pupils Vicente Contreras (Year 12 C) and Tomás Salas (Year 12 C), and old boys Alfonso Escobar (2015 generation), Nicolás Garafulic (2016 generation), José Ignacio Escobedo (2016 generation), Martín De Oto (2016 generation) and Diego Salas (2016 generation). Alfonso Escobar is also team captain. We wish the Chilean team great success.

Greek Pottery Class

By Bernardita Domínguez, Teacher of Primary Section GREDA On Friday, August 25th, a group of Year 3 pupils participated in an activity organised by Catalina González, an Art teacher, mother of Pedro Carreño from Year 3 D. She kindly offered to teach our children the interesting technique of modelling with clay since we are currently doing the 4th Unit of Inquiry in which children are discovering how ancient civilisations used artistic expressions in their daily lives. Therefore, children designed and made their own ancient Greek vases. They had fun during this learning experience by working with Catalina and showed enthusiasm while working collaboratively with their classmates. This was a very meaningful opportunity for our pupils and for this mother by being part of their children’s learning process.

Year 7: Social Studies outing

SOC In the framework of curricular outings and taking advantage of the location of our campus, the Social Studies Department of the Middle section organised an exploration of the hill adjacent to the school. On Thursday 31st August, Social Studies teachers Mrs Leonora Cardemil (Coordinator of the Middle Section) and Mr Sebastián Sanhueza, and the Deputy Head of Section, Mr Gregory Lundin went exploring with pupils of Year 7. The purpose of this activity was to bring pupils closer to their immediate environment from a geographic and historic perspective.

Craighouse pupil wins a drawing and painting contest

By Lorena Sommerfeld, Jewish Religion teacher 9.2 Congratulations to Martin Weis, pupil of Year 5 G who was one of the four winners of the drawing and painting contest for children organised by the Fobeju Foundation, where the central theme this year was inclusion and unity. Fobeju is a foundation that awards scholarships to Jewish children in need of financial assistance in order to study. Every year they organise this contest to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. Pupils from Years 5 and 6 take part, representing the different schools where Jewish religion is taught. Once again this year, Craighouse School pupils took part in the contest representing our school, and as on previous occasions, we have had the honour of being among the winners. This year, Martín Weis was among those who received a prize. His card has been printed and will be one of the models sold in the foundation to mark the Jewish New Year. Congratulations to Martín and his family for this prize.

Eco tip: Did you know?

ECO Recycling a ton of cardboard would be equivalent to preventing 8 square metres of land from being used as landfill. Source:

Traffic Brigade: an example of commitment

brigada_transito We are constantly saying that the school and families must keep a harmonious relationship, and this is why today we want to publicly express our gratitude to the parents who are part of the Traffic Brigade. It’s not easy to be up so early helping other parents to make sure that their children get out of their vehicles quickly and safely. It is hard, but we are sure that positive attitudes will always prevail, like the message we are giving our children: to help and respect others. We want to take this opportunity to make two requests to our community: let’s value and respect the job that our brigade members do every morning, and let’s be part of this team. If you are interested in joining the Traffic Brigade, please write to

iPad programme for the little ones

By René Jofré, Head of the Information Technology Department TIC On August 8th, the Information Technology Department began a trial programme in the Primary Section, specifically with the youngest levels: Prekinder D and Kinder I, to promote the use of technology in the classroom. We carried out a plan related to working with iPads to support the methodology of learning stations, in the classes of Miss Ana María García and Lorena Fuentes. Technology will be used to support Math and English lessons, and will help in the development of new skills, in differentiation processes, and in strengthening a digital culture. These and other initiatives are part of the programme designed by the Information Technology Department that seeks to bring technology to everyday life in the classroom, within a context of safety and education.

First science fair in the Middle Section

By Paulina Olave, Science Coordinator – Middle Section FC On August 18th the Middle Section organised their first science fair, where pupils interested in Natural Science, Chemistry, Physics and Biology had the chance to participate. In groups, the students conducted and presented an experiment to their classmates, showing scientific thinking skills. The pupils also attended a scientific talk about global warming given by Dr Alex Ortiz, of Universidad Católica. Congratulations to these students for their excellent participation!

Craighouse School teacher will do an internship in Finland

PO From October 6th to 16th Mrs Paulina Olave, Science teacher, will be doing an internship in professional growth for teachers MISIÓN STEM 2017, which will take place in Finland. Paulina had applied for this internship in July and after going through the different stages of the selection process, was finally accepted. One of the scheduled activities is a visit to Saunalahti School, which is considered the best school in the world thanks to its presence at the top of the PISA rankings since it opened in August 2012. Paulina will be working in the classroom with the Finnish curriculum, focusing on special educational needs. Paulina will also visit the University of Jyväskyla, where the best teachers of Finland receive their training. There, she will learn on site how students prepare to become teachers. We are certain that this will be a unique experience and that upon her return to Craighouse School, Paulina will be able to pass on what she learns. Congratulations for this great achievement, and all success to Paulina.

Workshop for class representatives and Student Council

By Gabriela Sierralta, Psychologist – Formative Area Directivas CAA On Monday 7th August, the Formative Area and the Student Council of the Middle Section held a workshop with class representatives from Years 5 to 8. The purpose of this activity was to strengthen the leadership of this group of pupils and promote collaborative work among the Student Council and class leaders. The pupils discussed what it means to be a leader and what they can do to show it. They also got to know their peers better and worked as a team with common objectives, putting their leadership abilities into practice. The session was led by Student Council advisors of the Middle Section, Ms Blanca Hernández and Mr Gerardo Hidalgo, and by the psychologist of the Formative Area, Mrs Gabriela Sierralta.

September: the month of loyalty

solving_loyalty_equation Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff. This month we are working on the value of loyalty, defined as adhering to the personal principles and values that allow us to honour the commitments that we have consciously taken on with other people or institutions. Being loyal means:
  • Being faithful to our principles and to those of the Craighouse School community.
  • Being able to confront or report those conducts that go against our values or the values of the community, particularly if those conducts result in damage or harm to someone.

Year 12: beginning to say goodbye

3-01 The end of the year is slowly approaching, and pupils in Year 12 are taking part in a number of activities designed to make their final months in the school truly unforgettable. One of these activities was a special breakfast with their parents and tutors on Wednesday 23rd August. Opportunities like this give the 2017 generation the chance to enjoy their final stage at Craighouse School to the fullest.

Chilean writer visits Playgroup

IMG_4733 Mrs Ana María Güiraldes, famous Chilean author of children’s books, visited Playgroup B to read stories to the youngest pupils of our school. This activity was possible because Mrs Güiraldes is the grandmother of Matías Vocke, a pupil of that class. She also generously donated four of her books to the inquiry centre of the Primary Section, so that all pupils can enjoy her stories. A big thank-you to the Vocke family for this activity, particularly to Mrs Güiraldes for spending time with pupils of our school.

Results of the second event of the ski team

On Sunday 27th August we had the second and final event of the ski race of schools belonging to the Association of School Ski Teams (ARSKI). Craighouse School are recognised in each category (boys/girls – 1st to 5th place), we congratulate the following pupils: 71-01 This year we also had a race for parents and children, and the results will be published in the course of the next few days. Congratulations to all the pupils and their families for their effort, shown in training every Sunday, and for such a great representation of our school. The 2017 season is now finished.

Eco tip: recycling paper

8 What type of paper can I recycle? Printing and writing paper, Newspaper, Manila envelopes or folders, Phone books, Catalogues, brochures, magazines, and books, Paper files and folders, Advertising, Paper packages, Self-copy paper and thermal fax paper. What type of paper can’t I recycle? Laminated paper, Toilet paper, Adhesive paper Tetrapak Source: www.