September 2018

A decade as an IB continuum school

By Joanna Cardinal, Academic Director

There are only 7 schools in Chile authorised to implement three IB programmes, and Craighouse School is one of them. Craighouse was first authorised to offer the Diploma Programme in 1991 and became a continuum school in 2008 by adding the Primary and Middle Years Programmes. The IB is an inherent part of the school, and, as we near the end of our first decade as a continuum school, it is fitting to reflect on why IB programmes are such a natural choice for Craighouse.

The Craighouse School profile is based on the IB Learner Profile:

Our Educational Project specifies that we aspire for our pupils “to become agents in the creation of a better world”; the IB mission statement states: “The International Baccalaureate® aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect”. (

Just as Craighouse has a strong tradition of service, each IB programme requires students to undertake service activities. Such action should be derived from the curriculum, and the aim is for students to gradually develop their skills so that they can initiate service activities themselves.

In short, the IB and Craighouse share similar goals and values. Furthermore, the programme frameworks provide the means through which we can integrate national requirements, skill development and the holistic, values-based education which is the hallmark of Craighouse School.

New books for the inquiry centre

By Pamela Dragas, Senior Section Inquity Centre Officer

We would like to inform you that new books have arrived at our Middle/Senior inquiry centre. They all belong to different genres in order to satisfy the variety of tastes among our pupils. These books are already available for loan, so students can enjoy something fun to read.


By Pilar Gutiérrez, pupil of Year 11 E

On Friday, August 31st a Model United Nations conference was held at our school, where students from The Grange School, Mayflower, Redland, Wenlock, and Craighouse took part. This was a simulation of a real United Nations conference, organized among students and hosted by various schools all over the world. Students debated topics regarding the question of Israeli occupation of territories including East Jerusalem, the deterioration of women's rights in Afghanistan, and the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic. Throughout the entire day, they were able to share different points of view, defending the position of different countries. The high level debates were very fruitful, and impressed many teachers and school staff. This activity encouraged students to be more open minded, develop public speaking and critical thinking skills, as well as allowed them to bond with people in their committees.

Thank you Miss Nicola Bromley, MUN director, for all your hard work, as well as our students that participated and helped with the organization.

¿What can I read?

Laura Iommi, Year 4N pupil, recommends; “A Pig called Francis Bacon” by Stephen Measday.

I would recommend the book “A pig called Francis Bacon” to all the Class because it’s the story of a pig and a girl. It’s a very nice book.

Francis Bacon is a very intelligent pig that speaks more than two languages, but doesn’t speak pig language. Francis Bacon lives in a laboratory and the girl Lucy Russo its encharged of feeding pigs. She befriends with Francis. The favourite book of Francis was “Oliver Twist”. This pig was smarter than Lucy!

Craighouse School pupil’s outstanding performance in ballet competition

We are very happy to inform you that Florencia Scharovsky Abut of Year 4 F and her ballet group took part in the 16th Latin American Dance Championship, where they performed a classical ballet piece, “Les Puppets”, and won 2nd place.

Our warm congratulations to Florencia for her constant effort, commitment, and discipline. We want to wish her great success in her next challenge: the All Dance international contest, to be held in the United States in November.

Calle y Escucha

By Sylvia Lagos, Senior Section Inspector

In the context of the Calle y Escucha activity organised by the social action area of the Senior Student Council, each Thursday different classes of the section go to the corner of Pío Nono and Bellavista to offer food to homeless people.

Food collected in Senior allows us to carry out this activity, which feeds our soul and cheers our heart.

Congratulations to our pupils!

Rosh Hashana

By Lorena Sommerfeld, Jewish Religion Teacher

On the evening of Sunday, September 9th the Jewish people celebrated the New Year. This is year 5779. To celebrate, on August 31st the Jewish community of Craighouse School had a liturgy led by pupils of Year 5, Amalia Gerszencvich, Colomba Scheller, Tomás Greiber, Yair Epelbaum and Noé Ergas.

We were also honoured by the presence of Rabbi Ari Sigal, who gave us all a message and allowed us to listen to the sound of the shofar.

After the ceremony, the pupils before mentioned and Daniela Bawlitza and Amaya Tolosa said some blessings before a meal. We share the round bread typical of this festivity and honey spread on apple for a year full of sweetness.

Shanah Tovah Umetukah to all the Jewish community at Craighouse School: a good and sweet year to all.

Ruta Literaria: new issue

By Blanca Hernández, Spanish Teacher – Middle Section

Ruta Literaria magazine is celebrating its fourth anniversary with its newly launched 2017 edition. This is a space for members of our community to read and publish literary and non-literary texts such as stories, poems or opinion articles, which originate in the extracurricular workshop that the pupils attend. In this new issue you will find stories, poems and micro stories about supernatural creatures.

We want to remind you that this year we have launched the Ruta Literaria contest, under the topic “A story made with books”. You can take part by sending your stories to until 26th October 2018. The winning pieces will be published in the 2018 edition of Ruta Literaria.

You can check out the 2017 edition here:

Eco Tip

Values at Craighouse School are seen as principles that guide the relationships and activities of pupils, teachers, parents, and staff.

This month we are working on the value of loyalty, defined as adhering to the personal principles and values that allow us to honour the commitments that we have consciously taken on with other people or institutions.

Being loyal means:

*Being faithful to our principles and to those of the Craighouse School community.

*Being able to confront or report those conducts that go against our values or the values of the community, particularly if those conducts result in damage or harm to someone.

CDP and parents make important donation for the Primary Section

We want to thank the Parents’ Association and Primary parents for the generous donation they made for the Playgroup playground.

The Parents’ Association bought beautiful new flooring, as well as grass for the garden and rubber for the children’s entertainment. Parents of the section, in turn, donated a playhouse and bicycles to make break time even more fun.

A huge thank-you to these parents for their generous contribution, which has had a big impact on our pupils’ happiness!

Year 12: beginning to say goodbye

The end of the year is slowly approaching, and pupils in Year 12 are taking part in a number of activities designed to make their final months in the school truly unforgettable. One of these activities was a special breakfast with their parents and tutors on Wednesday 22nd August.

Opportunities like this give the 2018 generation the chance to enjoy their final stage at Craighouse School to the fullest.

Pupils receive confirmation

On Saturday 25th August we celebrated a mass at Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia parish, where 34 pupils received their confirmation.

After a two-year preparation, our students came to say yes to God with the greatest of convictions, in an atmosphere of deep introspection with their families, friends and Craighouse School teachers.

Today we would like to thank all families for the support given to our pupils throughout this process.

Music Day!

By Jorge Bello, Music Teacher

On Thursday, 16th august we celebrated Music Day, a musical activity that brings together all members of the Association of British Schools in Chile (ABSCH). This year, Craighouse School hosted this concert, where 16 delegations from the ABSCH took part.

The event was organised by the Music Department, and the main concept was Latin American Rock (Argentine and Chilean). Pupils from the different schools played some classics like "Hojas de Té" by Los Tres, "Huellas" by Joe Vasconcellos, "Buscando un símbolo de paz" by Charly Garcia, and "Entre caníbales" by Soda Estéreo, among others.

This was a wonderful experience for our students, who gave a remarkable performance with "He barrido el sol" by “Los Tres”, together with The Grange and Wenlock.

Extracurricular activity: Astronomy

Eco tip

Solidarity Week 2018

By Consuelo Gutierrez, Head of Social Service and Experiential Learning.

For the third consecutive year Craighouse School celebrated Solidarity Week, with the purpose of raising awareness among our school community about the importance of solidarity and how to care for others. It is a space for communication and hearing about different experiences carried out by our pupils.

The money raised this week will be used to finance winter and summer voluntary work 2018-2019 in Lota, Bio Bio Region. This year, the sum was $5,581,686. We want to thank each section of the school, as well as CARE for their essential support, and all members of the Craighouse School community for being part of this cause.

In the Primary Section the CARE team organised several activities such as ‘solidarity walls’, games to strengthen comradeship and teamwork, and explanatory videos about solidarity, among others. In Middle and Senior there was a ‘solidarity fair’ with exhibitors from different foundations linked to the world of social work.

Many thanks to everyone! We are sure that we will continue working together for more social activities.

Liga Oriente volleyball finals

By Andrea Niedmann, Sports Teacher – Primary Section

On Friday, 10th August Liga Oriente had their volleyball ‘mini’ finals at Estadio Israelita. Eight schools took part in this event, where Craighouse School won the ‘fair play’ cup for the first semester. María Victoria de Amesti of Year 5 F also received an award for sports merit.

The 2018 UK English study trip has begun!

As is tradition, on August 26th pupils from Year 7 began their UK English Study Trip 2018. The group, led by teachers Mrs Bernardita Petrowitsch, Mrs Andrea Rendic, Mrs Paulina Saavedra, Mr Pablo Salvador, Mr Javier Yoacham and Mr Andrés Jeraldo, will be attending “Bell” for almost three weeks, until they return on September 15th.

We wish them every success on this trip, which we are certain will be an unforgettable experience.

Author Ana María Güiraldes visits Primary

By Gabriela Garín & Rocío Puig, Spanish Teachers – Primary Section

We are happy to inform you that on August 23rd we had the privilege of receiving renowned Chilean writer Ana María Güiraldes, who visited Year 3. Mrs Güiraldes’ granddaughter, Dominga Vocke, is a pupil in Year 3 D.

The students thoroughly enjoyed listening to her stories and learning of her first approach to literature. They had the chance to ask questions, like ‘Why did you decide to become a writer?’ ‘Is your story Mi Ciruelo true?’ ‘What would you have liked to do if you hadn’t become a writer?’ ‘Why did you want to be a Spanish teacher?’ and ‘Can you recommend a book?’

Ana María kindly answered all the children’s questions and left them amazed by the wonderful world of reading and writing.

Thank you, Ana María, for spending generous time with our Craighouse School pupils.

Craighouse School ski team results in parent/child race

By Paulina Aracena, Ski Team

On Sunday, 26th August the Association of School Ski Clubs (ARSKI) held the parent-child race, where our ski team children took part with their parents, representing our school.

The results were good, with several medals obtained by parents and children:

The award ceremony for parents and children will be held in October. We will soon inform you of the results.

Our congratulations to Catalina Tala, of Year 9 E, who won third place in the race organized by Colegio Santa Cruz in August, representing Craighouse School.

We are very pleased with all these results.

¿What can I read?

Martina Escudero, Year 3D pupil, recommends; “Hansel and Gretel” by Brothers Grimm.

My favourite book is Hansel and Gretel because is a fantasy book and I love that types of books. The authors are the Brothers Grimm and they are my favourite authors.

The book is about two kids that were called Hansel and Gretel. Their mom was bad and wanted to leave them in the forest. After she leave them at the forest, they find a house made of only candies and they decided to eat them because they were poor and very hungry … the story to be continued…you should read it! It’s really good!