Message from the Senior Section

Welcome to the Senior Section, where I am privileged to lead close to 500 pupils and over 60 members of staff, in the last four years of their secondary education at Craighouse. 

Academically, pupils in Year 9 complete their IB Middle Years program (MYP), first started in Year 5. Our Year 10 pupils begin and our Year 11 pupils continue, with the IB Diploma program (DP) methodology, encompassing content from the national curriculum, in preparation for final DP and University entrance exams in Year 12.

Along with the Craighouse Formative curriculum, and many co-curricular activities, we aim to develop our pupils' ability to express emotions, develop critical and reflective thinking skills, personal autonomy, responsibility and positive self-esteem.

Developing such characteristics, both as individuals and through engagement with others, is key if pupils are to make the most of their own future and contribute positively to our world. Life is full of challenges and we must ensure in these last four years, that we have instilled the confidence and resilience to embrace and overcome them.

The Craighouse identity is maintained in Senior through strong bonds with staff, pupils and parents and it is fundamental this connection is maintained with mutual respect and trust.

I look forward to working together with our community as we strive for the best.


Mark Cross


Mark Cross

Head of Senior Section

Matthew Jones

Deputy Head of Section

Ana María Cabrera

Deputy Head of Section

Fernanda Silva

Academic Coordinator

Macarena Jarpa


Nicolás Fortunato


Andrea Alcérreca

Section Assistant


Year 9
A Claudia Frez
B Andrés González
C Leonel Henríquez
D Hugo Cisterna
E Carlos Rañilao
F Mauricio Bustos
Year 10
A Ana María Cabrera
B Francisco Toro
C Macarena Andrade
D Mercedes Paz
E Ignacia Méndez
F Sebastián Sanhueza
Sergio Poblete (Head of Department)
Michael Hernández - Mauricio Bustos
Christian Guzmán -  Alejandra Zumaran
Angello González -   Ángel Fuentes - Leonel Henriquez (PAES Coordinator)
Alfredo Calderón (Head of Department)
Grace Geiger (Coordinator)
Paz Allendes
Carla Chávez
Leyla Alfaro
Danai Tello
Matthew Jones
Carlos Videla
Eduardo Riquelme (Head of Department)
Francisca Yunis - Diego Parada
María Ignacia Méndez - Francisco Toro (TOK)
Carlos Rañilao (PAES Coordinator) - Magdalena Parada
Allison Soto
Physical Education & Sports
Andrés Moreno (Head of Sports)
Elías Santillán -  Felipe Tapia
Christian González -  Douglas Díaz
Mercedes Paz -  Patricio Ortiz
Marcela Carrasco
Philosophy & Psychologist / TOK
 Camilo Fajardo (Head of Department TOK)
Brunilda San Martín (TOK) 

Sofía de la Fuente -  José Peirano

 Claudia Frez
Consuelo Gutiérrez (Coordinator)
Year 11
A Christian González
B Ana Díaz
C Carolina Albertz
D Brunilda San Martín
E Ricardo Solis
F Douglas Díaz
Year 12
A Christian Guzmán
B Alfredo Calderón
C Eduardo Riquelme
D Sergio Poblete
E Francisca Yunis
Viviana León 
Social Science
Sócrates Aguilera (Head of Department)
Ricardo Solís - Claudia Figueroa
Sebastián Sanhueza - Pamela Noveroy
Macarena Andrade - Carolina Albertz
Carolina Hafemann - Graciela Perina
Martín Gaete
Carmen Habinger (Head of Department)
Carolina Valdebenito - Ana Díaz - Elba Saa
Gabriel Santibáñez - Andrés González
Jeannette Toloza  - Mario Brito
Pamela Corrales - Gloria Paredes -  Patrick Lyons
Andrés Chacón (Head of Department)
Visual Arts
Hugo Cisterna (Head of Department)
Silvia Meyer
Technology and Computer Science
José Manzanares (TIC)


Social Service & Experiential Learning
Consuelo Gutiérrez (Head of Social Services and Experiential Learning)
Constanza Tike (Deputy Head of Social Services and Experiential Learning)
Inquiry Centre
Pamela Dragas
Formative Area
María Paz Saumann (Director of Formative Area)
Constanza Rivera - María Soledad Díaz
María José Montané -  María José Maturana

Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme is a demanding and stimulating two-year international curriculum that all our pupils take between Years 10 and 12 .

The Diploma Programme prepares pupils for university and future life, encouraging them to pose complex questions, learn how to learn, develop a strong personal and cultural identity and understand people from other countries and cultures and communicate with them.

The IB Diploma curriculum, complemented and developed in conjunction with the Chilean curriculum, allows pupils to develop complex thinking skills, which will enable them to engage in any field, both personal and professional, upon finishing their education at Craighouse School. 

The complementary work between the IB Diploma curriculum and the national curriculum offers pupils the tools to access university and develop successfully inside and outside university.

After the two-year programme, pupils undergo internal and external assessment (with examinations that are evaluated by external examiners) that measure their individual performance regarding the objectives established for each subject. 

All our pupils sit for the external assessment in English, in order to obtain an English certificate issued by the IBO. In addition, the pupils who so wish, may sit for certifications for all the subjects they have studied throughout the IB Diploma programme. If they fulfil the requirements of this assessment, they obtain a diploma that is recognised by prestigious universities both in Chile and abroad, as a possible entrance exam for higher education.


Asignaturas Diploma IB

Considering how developed technology is today, Craighouse School has decided to make available to families informative blogs, the purpose of which is to provide tools and technological resources that reinforce the knowledge, skills and habits acquired in class.

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