Earth Day

On Monday, 22nd April the whole world celebrated Earth Day. Craighouse School joined the celebration with pupils and staff members wearing jeans and a green t-shirt to show their commitment to the protection of the environment. That morning, the Primary Section had an assembly attended by authorities from the school and the Lo Barnechea Municipality, who spent time with the pupils and presented the "Cuidemos el Medioambiente en Lo Barnechea" book collection to children of Prekinder, Kinder, and Years 1 & 2.

Visiting members of the municipality were: Victoria Álamos, Head of Environment, Maintenance and Embellishment; María José Barrenechea, Environmental Officer; and Catalina Jullian, Recycling Officer in Lo Barnechea.

You can find more photos of this activity here.

Taking action against pollution

Pupils from all sections working collaboratively in the creation of a project to raise awareness about the impact of pollution on marine life preservation.

Reflecting, Choosing and Acting

Primary pupils fight to protect local biodiversity by building birds nesting houses to preserve local species. They designed and implemented a project that considers 45 houses for our local birds.

Reducing and Reusing

Pupils showing agency after “Ley REP 2018 (Responsabilidad extendida del productor)” was launched and approved. Tires were reused for planting, designing playground games and creating reading areas throughout the Primary section. 

Design for change

Pupils designed their own signage for recycling containers through an art contest